synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 5 Part 2 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 5 Part 2 

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synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 5 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 5 Part 2 

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 5 Part 2 English Subtitle

Hajun is on his way home with Jakyung. When he got home he saw his mother but did nothing. Even more according to Jakyung who told him to go to the room.

Hiso followed Jakyung after Hajun wasn't there and confirmed that Jakyung had come to Waste Hyeon. Jakyung admitted that it was because he was close to the head maid there. He didn't know what Hiso wanted to know, why didn't ask him directly. Hiso argued that he wanted to confirm it himself.

He sat down and claimed to have heard from Hajun about Jakyung saving him. Jakyung relaxed because that was his job. Hiso quipped that Jakyung should have reported to him. And that's why he couldn't trust Jakyung. He thought Jakyung felt guilty that he couldn't protect Hajun so he didn't dare to report.

Hiso put the horseshoe necklace on the table then got up and asked why Jakyung gave it to Hajun. At first, he didn't want to answer. Until Hiso kept pushing. Jakyung, who really loves Hajun, doesn't want him to get hurt. As long as he rides a horse, his collar always protects him.

What Hiso regrets is why Jakyung asked Hajun to keep it a secret from him. Jakyung admitted that he had expected Hiso to be that sensitive. He emphasized that Hajun was different from other children. He loved Hajun more than anything. Just like Hiso who loves Hajun even though not his real mother.

Suddenly, Jakyung apologized for being too late and promised to be more careful. Forgiving Hiso asks Jakyung not to keep secrets from Hajun anymore because secrets can make their relationship special.

Seohyun was in the gallery discussing the incoming artwork with her secretary. After he finished he saw the news about Choi Suzy having a meeting with a special invitation.

I don't know why he keeps thinking about it. He even thought about it when he got home. Jinho approached him and expressed his curiosity as to why Seohyun was with him. Seohyun didn't want him to be a director, didn't love Suhyuk, and didn't love him. But why does Seohyun live with him?

Seohyun told that everything Jinho mentioned would be revealed if they divorced. Seohyun threatened to send Jinho to rehab if he drank and acted stupidly again. They will meet Ahrim's family. She also could not appear alone as a stepmother.

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Seohyun was in the gallery discussing the incoming artwork with her secretary.

Seohyun was in the gallery discussing the incoming artwork with her secretary.

Jinho was surprised that Suhyuk was willing to get engaged. Seohyun insists that Suhyuk must want to. For Jinho's sake.

Jinhee was followed by reporters who forced him to do an interview. At first, Jinhee ignored him. Until the reporter asked him to confirm about Hajun who was not Hiso's biological son.

Hiso was still not calm. Soyoung thinks Hiso hasn't eaten because Ji Young hasn't come home yet and offers him to eat. Hiso asked for a red apple.

Seohyun called Hiso and asked him to come. The two of them sat together. Seohyun asked the progress of what Hiso was looking for yesterday. Hiso himself felt like something else was blocking him. He wondered what Hajun's biological mother would be like. Only their mother-in-law had ever seen her.

Jakyung himself was at a bar.

Seohyun said that Hajun's mother came to bring Hajun when Ji Young was in England. Mother forbade Hajun's mother to come and shut down all access. He was locked up in the Gwacheon Villa during a DNA test. No one knows what happened, or who he was with. Hiso thought that Hajun's mother had an accident after that. Seohyun warned that if Hiso wanted to reveal what happened to Hajun's biological mother then their mother would not help him at all because it was against family morals.

Hiso then said goodbye. Seohyun guessed that Hiso thought Jakyung was Hajun's biological mother.

Jakyung remembers when he was pregnant. He met the nurse after climbing many stairs.

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scene of Ji Young coming to see Jakyung.

scene of Ji Young coming to see Jakyung.

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Ji Young comes to see Jakyung. Yes, they have a relationship. The two of them held hands. Jakyung orders drinks for Ji Young. Ji Young asks how Jakyung feels about meeting Hajun. Jakyung is feeling crazy.

Ji Young brings up Jakyung who was kicked out by Hiso. Jakyung who is Hajun's mother is determined to take everything that belongs to her. My child. My man. All the time I lost Ji Young thinks being her tutor is enough. Don't be tempted by more than that.

Jakyung didn't want to follow what Hiso said because he was the one who gave birth to Hajun. Because of that right, he intended to tell Hiso. Ji Young warns that it will hurt Hajun. Don't hurt my son. Jakyung said that Hajun is also his son. Jakyung asks Ji Young why she let him into her house so easily.

Ji Young thinks her child will grow up to perfection if raised together by Jakyung who gave birth to her and Hiso who raised her.

Hiso goes to his mother and asks about Hajun's birth mother. Mother is angry. And inadvertently, my mother said that Hajun's mother was still alive. The mother continues to refuse when Hiso asks for the name or photo of her child's mother. Mom even relates that Hiso said that because he was annoyed with him that Ji Young wasn't chosen as director.

Not finding what he was looking for, Hiso took Jakyung's comb and Hajun's toothbrush. Looks like he's about to do a DNA test. But I don't know why a second later he changed his mind.

Mother returned to her room. And Hiso's guess was right. I have a photo of Hajun's mother. He took it in his safe and tore it up. After that, he called Joo's head and asked the name of the horse girl who was going out with Ji Young.

Chief Joo doesn't know because at that time he went to Germany to accompany his father on horseback. And when he returned there was Hajun in Cadenza. Chief Joo offers to find him as well as the date of his death but mom refuses and tells him to take out the trash.

When he wanted to throw out the trash, Joo's head even saw Mr. Kim and Kyung Hye who were joking while cleaning the stairs. Even more surprised to see the one in the trash.

Hiso brought Hajun's favorite food but Hajun didn't see it at all. Especially when Hiso showed Jakyung a horseshoe necklace and asked why Hajun kept it a secret. Hajun felt that his mother didn't have to know everything about him. He claims that his mother doesn't know anything and asks him to leave because he wants to be alone.

Hiso then went to Ji Young's study. He looked at Hajun's birth certificate. There is only Ji Young's name as his father. He then sees Ji Young's horse riding photo. He wears a horseshoe necklace like the one Jakyung gave to Hajun.

Jinhee felt very uneasy. He then called Mr. Im.

The cafe waitress Jinho was flirting with at that time came to see him. Seohyun apparently found out from her secretary's report. The secretary offered to fix it but Seohyun forbade it. Like a food chain system. Let nature run its course. She will be just a mistress.

It turned out that Seohyun was with Kyunghyee. He warns her that the place is like a beautiful forest and asks her to be careful with her mouth if she wants to survive.

Ji Young comes to a place. Dark. He dropped the bag containing the money down. Two people inside a circle of fences fought afterward. They beat each other until one was seriously injured. Oh, it's scary to see. Surprisingly Ji Young smiled happily to see him.

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