Synopsis Of Drama Mine Episode 3 Part 3 English Subtitles

Synopsis Of Drama Mine Episode 3 Part 3

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Synopsis Of Drama Mine Episode 3 Part 3

Synopsis Of Drama Mine Episode 3 Part 3

Synopsis Of Drama Mine Episode 3 Part 3 English Subtitles

Jakyung took Hajun on a pony. At first, all was great. Until the pony that Hajun was riding drew near to one more pony and turned wild until it gained out of influence from its mentor. The pony kept on running out. 

Jakyung quickly got on his pony and pursued Hajun's pony. Hajun who was terrified cry. Jakyung requested that he quiet down and held the rope firmly. 

What's more, when it was extremely close, Jakyung bounced and pushed Hajun off the pony. Accordingly, they fell together. Jakyung's hand was harmed and Hajun was oblivious. 

At Hiso's home, he wasn't quite hanging tight for Hajun. Not long after that Hajun got back home with Jakyung. They giggled cheerfully. Hiso asked Hajun's riding class yet Hajun recently said everything seemed OK. Indeed, even Jakyung said that Hyun was acceptable at riding. He even before Hiso set out to advise Hajun to go rest. 

Hiso needed to follow Hajun yet Jakyung halted him. He requests that Hiso goes to Hajun's English class field trip because Hajun isn't feeling acceptable. He will go with Hajun. 

Hiso wasn't sure the thing Jakyung was saying by any means. His mom should be adjacent to his child. Jungkook is settling the score more. He asserts that Hiso can't help. Hiso was getting irritated. Jakyung contemplated that he was an expert mentor? 

Hiso welcomes Jakyung to converse with him for some time. Hiso plunked down first. Ja Kyung came. Hiso asked what he implied. Jakyung referenced with regards to what befell Hajun at school. Hiso says thanks to Jakyung because he adores his child to such an extent. In any case, as indicated by him, Jakyung has crossed her limits as a mother. He requested that Jakyung keep his demeanor. 

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With a tragic face, Jakyung revealed to him that Hajun was in torment. What's more, he imagines that regardless of how great Hiso is, she's not his genuine mother. Hiso couldn't keep concealing it. His marriage is just 6 years of age yet he has an 8-year-old child. Do you think the world won't know? 

What Jakyung said drove Hiso significantly madder. He doesn't have a clue where Jakyung heard it from. Be that as it may, he will secure his child paying little heed to the world. He won't ever disclose it. Since supposing that he did then Hajun would be harmed. 

Jakyung chatting Hajun

Jakyung chatting Hajun

Jakyung questions that Hiso can truly secure Hajun. Imagine a scenario where his mom was as yet alive. Hiso underlined that she was Hajun's genuine mother. Even though his organic mother passed on in a mishap, I am as yet Hajun's genuine mother. I will ensure Hajun. Regardless, Hajun is my child. At the point when he feels torment, my heart harms like it's being damaged. 

Hearing everything made Jakyung unfit to talk any longer. Particularly when Hiso said that he could do anything for Hajun. He can persevere through any affronts and put-downs for the good of him. That is the reason he asked not to tell Hajun everything. 

Jakyung expressed gratitude toward him and said he would go on the field trip. Hiso just appeared to be befuddled by what happened before.

Yuyeon met Seo Hyun and returned the check she got before. Website optimization Hyun would not like to take it. He was certain that Yuyeon would require him soon. 

From that point onward, Seo Hyun met the server who whined about Yuyeon and Suhyuk. He mentioned to her to say what she was advised to tell mother as well. 

No man needs to grimy his own hands with blood. No one knew at the time that blood would sprinkle on everybody's hands. 

Hajun is doodling. In any case, when Hiso entered he promptly hopped onto the bed and covered himself in the cover. Hiso drew closer and presented to arrange seared chicken without any other individual knowing. He will ask the safety officer at the front to pass it. 

Hajun would not like to and denied his mom to do it. Hiso tenderly asked his child not to belong if he actually required time. 

After that Hiso masterminded blossoms. Can't center. He even recollects what Jakyung said. Consider the possibility that Hajun's mom was as yet alive. Huh… 

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Hajun recalls the time he had a mishap while riding. Jakyung was harmed yet said it was OK as long as Hajun didn't do any harm. Hajun fails to see why Jakyung resembles that even though she's not his mom. 

Jakyung requested that Hajun stay quiet. Hajun doesn't have the foggiest idea. From his mom as well? Jakyung concurred. He said Hajun's mom would be tragic on the off chance that she realized Hajun was at serious risk. Hajun who knows nothing concurs. 

In the city, Jakyung continued holding his chest, not realizing what to think. 

Ji Young goes for a stroll and stops to take a gander at the mother peacock. Jinho was there as well. He truly comprehends why Ji Young gave him the administrative role. With a grin, Ji Young said that it was the right provider for her. The world will be quieter in case everything is in its place. That is the place where you are currently. 

Jinho fails to really see what Ji Young means at this point and thinks that Ji Young expects to take him one day. Believe he's incredible? Even though he is brilliant, the world doesn't go how he needs it to. 

Ji Young remained silent. He tapped Jinho's shoulder and left. An irritated Jinho reviled him yet Ji Young didn't mind any longer. 

Sister Emma came to meet Hiso. Seeing her face, Sister Emma promptly realized that Hiso was in a difficult situation. Hiso tells that Hajun has been strange of late. Sister Emma grinned and felt that for Hiso, Hajun was everything. 

Ja Kyung came. Hiso acquaints sister Emma with Jakyung. Sister Emma moved toward Jakyung and requested him to take great consideration from Prince Hajun. 

Hiso says thanks to Jakyung for what he did today and requests that he take a couple of vacation days since he will deal with Hajun. Jakyung would not like to. He said as of late Hajun was touchy. Hiso remained silent else. Sister Emma discovered the circumstance weird. He believed he had heard the voice of Jakyung. One giver he assembled would not go to conferences and visit the establishment. 

Hiso scolds Jakyung

Hiso scolds Jakyung

In his room, Hajun was taking a gander at the collection gift from his mom. He needed to pay attention to it yet Jakyung abruptly came and prohibited him. He said in case you're pitiful you ought not to pay attention to miserable tunes.

Jakyung then, at that point, gave an accessory to Hajun. Horseshoe jewelry. He said the jewelry could bring the best of luck. Availability will avoid it if Hajun wears it. Somebody gifted this to me. I didn't have the foggiest idea about this jewelry could return to you. Would you like to acknowledge it? Hajun gestured. 

From that point forward, Jakyung embraced Hajun for quite a while. Hajun likewise appeared to be befuddled why his coach abruptly acted that way. From that point onward, Jakyung let go of his arms and requested the name of the child who was disturbing him at school. 

Jakyung went to Jiwon's mom's home wearing a red dress and umbrella. He gave two hard slaps to Jiwon's mom. 

Search engine optimization Hyun watched from above how her representatives moved a seat that was broken in the wake of being involved by a young lady around then. Maybe the distinction between craftsmanship and furniture is the number of individuals it takes to move it. 

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His secretary comes and shows the information on the day. It was accounted for that he was sorry for the absence of lucidity in the portrayal. Haha, yet that is not what it implies. Could this news facilitate Jinhee's cream bun embarrassment? Or on the other hand perhaps… I'll be reproved for controlling the media? 

Suhyuk saw Yuyeon cleaning the railing. He strolled over to her and disclosed to her that she wasn't home today. On the off chance that Yuyeon can't rest, she can rest in her room. 

Yuyeon rejects and guarantees that it will not occur. Deal with yourself while I'm nowhere to be found. Eat and rest soundly. Yuyeon reminded that they are not companions. 

Suhyuk grinned. I didn't say we were companions. Both grinned. Suhyuk then left. However, that is it. It's sweet. 

Hiso was furious after getting the call. He then, at that point, met Jakyung and admonished him for meeting Jiwon's mom. He underscored that it was his work, not Jakyung's. Try not to be late. 

Jakyung advised Hiso to do it right. Love Hajun with heart, not with the mind. Mother really would not act objectively. Hiso doesn't comprehend and inquires as to whether Jakyung at any point had youngsters? I was so enthusiastic before that individual that I felt embarrassed. Notwithstanding, does a guide like you reserve the privilege to carry on like his mom? Is it accurate to say that you resembled this at your past work? Is it accurate to say that you are mindful that your activities have exacerbated things? Control yourself! Try not to go excessively far! You're simply a representative. I need to reexamine everything, would you be able to in any case be here. 

Jakyung suddenly looked down and apologized. Hiso questioned it. He didn't realize that Jakyung was actually saying 'sorry' or trying to say it to avoid any inconvenience.

Increasing the situation Hyun returns home and checks where Yuyeon and Suhyuk met last time. Just before painting the situation blurred. It seemed they were surrounded by a situation at that time.

Individuals from the Hyowon Group are gradually becoming dark. Dark is blended in with white, and white is stained with dark. Right. Everything occurred without them knowing.

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