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synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 2 Part 2

synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 2 Part 2 

Head Joo raises oxygen levels.

They breathe oxygen and drink water that is different from us. The oxygen they breathe is 15 times higher and they drink water from the Antarctic ice melt. Due to high oxygen levels, the stress level they have to deal with is also higher. Of course, the stress they have is different from each other.

Seo Hyun is doing yoga class.

Hiso did a jump rope.

Jinho rubbed the 500 million won the lottery. Seo Hyun saw it. Jinho sighed. Has anyone won the lottery?

Ji Young is in her study.

Jungkook swims.

Some of them carry as much secret as the air they breathe.

Mom tried to unlock the blue diamond but couldn't.

Even though the oxygen level they were breathing was already high, some people were still acting stifling.

Seo Hyun is driving

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Jakyung approached Hiso. He felt like he was under stress. Hiso was surprised. How could he know? Jakyung said that he read about it in his article. Hiso jumps rope when he's stressed.

Hiso laughed and confirmed. Jakyung brought up that Hiso has become the wife of a conglomerate, wouldn't it be better to do sports that are more appropriate for his class? Hiso was surprised. Why the conglomerate wife? He will protect what is his. It's very difficult here. This is one of them. He complimented Jakyung's swimsuit and then left.

Seo Hyun goes to her art building. Remember the conversation with my father. He wanted to sell the shares in the company that his father had inherited to start his own art business. Seo Hyun admits that she doesn't want to deal with culture and art just because her position looks special. He didn't want to do business with it but wanted to create new value. That will be the focus of his later leadership.

Seo Hyun looked as if there was a pair of ballet dancers on stage. There are serious singers too. He smiled. A second later he was crying. Remember that incident. He asked someone not to see them again. The man reached out his hand to stroke his hair.

He wondered. Are you okay too?

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Hiso drinking with Jakyung scene

Hiso drinking with Jakyung scene

Hiso drinks with Jakyung. While eating he confessed that he was curious about her. Who is the real Jakyung? He asked if he could ask something personal? Jakyung agreed. Hiso asks if Jakyung is married?

Jakyung answered not yet. Hiso felt that he must have loved. Jackson confirmed. He once loved someone half to death. Hiso then asked if he had forgotten that person? Jakyung answered not yet. Even though time had passed, he couldn't forget it.

Hiso continued to ask why did Jakyung break up with him? Jakyung claimed to have loved the sun with its wings that easily melted. Hiso claimed to know the story. That's the story of Ikaros. He thought the story was very romantic. He feels that Jakyung is cool and invites him to toast.

After that Hiso asked again, did the person who hurt him also remember him like this? Jakyung admits that he doesn't know. Hiso asked again, like Jakyung, did he ever regret his love?

Jakyung admits that he never regrets loving him but if he goes back to that time, he will make another decision. I don't know why Jakyung saw Hiso's wedding ring. Hiso finished and would not ask again. It was so and left him.

The scene of Hiso approaching him with a smile and then hugging him

The scene of Hiso approaching him with a smile and then hugging him

Ji Young in her room has finished her work. Hiso approached him with a smile and then hugged him. Ji Young wants to kiss him and instead smells that Hiso smells of drink. After drinking.

Hiso told him that he had finished drinking with the new tutor. He tells Ji Young to sleep in another room tonight. Ji Young refuses. He wanted to accompany Hiso to work.

He then picked up Hiso and carried him to his room. Kyung watched. He seemed to be waiting while tapping his finger.

Hiso is getting ready with So Young next to him. Soyoung asked if Hiso had found a new tutor background? Hiso responded casually. Seo Hyun had checked until she chose it. Soyoung felt that it was like Jakyung was hiding something.

Hiso thinks secrets are secrets. Soyoung told that Jakyung came to Cadenza when the maids gathered yesterday. She lashed out at the Headmistress and said don't order her. Soyoung was horrified to see it. He's a little weird.

Hiso also feels that Jakyung is very free. He advised Soyoung not to complain. Later habit. It's not normal like this. Soyoung doesn't know. What do you mean by habit? Hiso made it clear that because of the story Soyoung gave, he wanted to ask her to tell something else.

Soyoung asked for an example. Hiso asked him to check the new tutor properly and report to him if there was anything strange. He becomes wanting to ask you to do that. Soyoung also wanted to help him.

Hiso patted his feet and felt that Soyoung really understood what he was saying. Soyoung judged that Hiso was not at all alert. He trusts other people too much. But according to Hiso, that was his way of living. He never really betrayed people. Once he trusts someone, they change to keep my trust. Hiso put on perfume and smiled at his reflection in the mirror.

Hiso, who wanted to go, met Jakyung and offered him to come too. His niece, eldest grandson, his fiancé came today. He offered to see her with the eyes of a woman. They need to gather a lot of opinions.

Jakyung wanted to follow Hiso who walked first. Soyoung warned that Hiso asked her to watch from afar. Don't go to dinner at the same table.

Hiso returns again and invites them to leave. Jakyung is married. It will work there only.

Ah Rim, the girl who wants to be matched with Suhyuk, comes to Hyowon. And the maid who got the job of welcoming him was Yuyeon. Chief Joo teaches Yuyeon to bow her head 30° when meeting guests and her guide to the house and then opens the door for her.

Yuyeon did as she was taught. When entering the house, Suhyuk just happened to come down from his room. Ah, Rim greets him but Suhyuk focuses on Yuyeon instead.

Finally, Ah Rim meets the other family members. For grandmother, he gave a gift in the form of a bag. He asked the Japanese designer, Eriko Matai, to make it right away. Grandma took it and thought it was very beautiful.

Ah, Rim also gives a gift to Seo Hyun and calls her mom. Seo Hyun saw that the ancient wine had to be obtained from an auction. Ah, Rim confirmed. He hears that Seo Hyun loves wine so much that she thinks she has it all. Seo Hyun compliments Ah Rim and thanks to her. He would put it in the middle of his winery.

After that Ah Rim gave a gift to Hiso. He and his mother are his fans. The pen was signed by Julianne Moore. He knew Hiso was a fan. Hiso felt bad. Ah, Rim doesn't need to prepare a present for him either. Make his flatter.

And Jinhee Ah Rim gave him limited edition jewelry set from Gino's collection this season. Jinhee was delighted to receive it. That's very rare.

Ah, Rim then looked at Su Hyuk. Seo Hyun doesn't know if tonight can repay her gift but she asks Ah Rim to enjoy it. While looking at Suhyuk Ah Rim admitted that seeing his face was a gift for him.

Jinhee returned to looking for Hiso's fault. He quipped Hiso who had just experienced it. He's not engaged. He was the first and last person not engaged in their family. That's bad history.

Hiso denied it with a smile. It's not a bad history, but a legend. Why do we tie each other up? Are they not confident?

Yuyeon and Suhyuk smiled at that.

Ja Kyung is heating the milk. Hajun came home with Soyoung and went straight to the room. Ju Kyung follows him and shows Hajun's writing that he read earlier. What poetry is that? Did Hajun write it?

Hajun grabbed it and scolded Jakyung. Who said he could read? Jakyung admitted that he accidentally saw it because it was open on his desk. He asked why Hajun wrote it? Anyone bullied him? Has someone from school or this house ever hurt her? Soyoung secretly watched them.

Hajun said that it's rap song lyrics. He likes the rapper, Tanya. It's from the new song. He wrote the lyrics to remember. He admits that it is easy to remember when he writes.

Jaehyun laughed at that. He admitted that he had guessed wrong and was grateful.

Meanwhile, Ah Rim eats with the women in the Han family as well as Suhyuk. I don't know why Suhyuk keeps watching Yuyeon who is serving dessert.

Ah, Rim compliments the champagne sugar ball he ate. Seo Hyun is relieved that Ah Rim likes her. Hiso asks is Ah Rim jryemu Suhyuk in America? Ah, Rim confirms and tells that they met at the Boston chess club.

The mother confirmed that Suhyuk was the champion of the chess competition. Ah, Rim tells that he likes her not because of her chess game. Suhyuk didn't seem interested in her, that's why he was hooked. She started to have feelings for him.

Mother complains that all the men in her family are like that. They have no interest in women. He advised Suhyuk not to be like that next time. Mom has finished eating. He felt full. Doctors told him to go for a walk after eating to live a long life.

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Hiso offers to walk together

Hiso offers to walk together

Hiso offered to walk along. While glancing at Suhyuk he continued that it was only for women. Ah, Rim agrees. When he arrived, he saw the garden there was so beautiful.

Jakyung accompanied Hajun to eat. He even put food into his bowl. Soyoung is still supervising work. Seeing Jakyung love Hajun made her relieved.

Ah, Rim took a walk while holding mother's hand. They passed the peacock too. Hiso suddenly got a message from Soyoung telling him that it seemed that the tutor loved Hajun with all his heart.

Very early in the morning mother called Hiso and told him to come to him right now. Hiso said yes but he wanted to have breakfast first. Mother even yelled at him and asked him to come right now.

Ji Young comes and guesses that Mom asked Hiso to come. Hiso agreed but he wanted to have breakfast first. His temper was still at ten now but had become eight in an hour. Ji Young guesses that in 2 hours it will be number six.

Hiso denies it because in two hours his temper will rise to 15. Ji Young agrees. He understood the meaning. Hiso was curious. Why did Mom call him there?

Ji Young gets a call. Looks like bad news. Office bulletin board? Nuna Why?

Hiso also checked his cell phone. The incident when Jinhee had a tantrum at the bakery made the news. Ji Young then left.

Seo Hyun also saw the news. He smiled. He thought Jinhee was very troublesome. His secretary offers to call the PR team but Seo Hyun refuses. No need. Let it be. He then left.

Jinho was drinking again. Seo Hyun met him and told him that now the writing was gone but the victim contacted the reporters. Jinho complained about his sister's attitude.

Suddenly Jinhee called. Jinho showed it to Seo Hyun like asking permission can he answer it? Seo Hyun told Jinho to let Jinhee finish it himself. This is the problem he created.

Jinhee's scene went berserk because no one wanted to pick up the phone

Jinhee's scene went berserk because no one wanted to pick up the phone

At his house, Jinhee was furious because no one wanted to pick up the phone. He angrily threw away all the food on the dinner table, his plates, and the things behind him.

Her husband, who was laughing, was grabbed at the same time with a kettle of water until his forehead bled.

Mother was also very panicked because no one came even though she had called. Chief Joo who is waiting for mom reassures her that they will arrive soon.

Jinhee came and asked if mom had seen the bulletin board? He was annoyed that Jinho and the others didn't pick up the phone.

Hiso came. Mom told him to come out and stop everything. Hiso tries to tell mom that the violence scandal can't be covered up, but it's resolved with an apology. He suggested that Jinhee apologize sincerely to the victims first.

Jinhee was even angry. He said the b#r#ng$3k wanted to destroy it, not only on the official site but also to journalists. Why should he apologize to the person who hates him the most?

Hiso turned around. How could he like you with that incident? He was angry because he didn't accept it. Don't accept what?

Jinhee doesn't want to be blamed but instead blames his employees who don't work well. Hiso advised Jinhee to maintain good manners with others. How would he feel if someone threw cream buns at him?

Even the mother is angry. Who dares throw cream buns at my daughter? Hiso tells his mother that they are also the most valuable children in his family.

Jinhee sat down and finished giving them the money instead. Finish with money. Mother told Hiso to meet the reporters. They just want to meet Hiso. Hiso seemed unsure. He reminded his mother that he would break the ten rules of the daughter-in-law of this house. He took back what ibj said before. "You are not allowed to interview with any media."

Mother complained about Hiso's attitude. Since when did he obey the rules in this house? Hiso finished. He was going to meet the reporter. Although he wasn't sure this matter would be solved with his appearance. Jinhee asked Hiso to still have to solve the problem until the end. Hiso reminded that he was not the culprit involved in this. The case will be finished if you apologize to him.

Jinhee emphasized that he didn't want to. Hiso advised Jinhee to immediately consult a doctor. If he continues like that, he could go to jail instead of a hospital.

Hiso wants to go. Mom and Jinhee together snapped at him. Hiso all said mother too. Mom wanted to curse Hiso but Hiso quickly left. The mother then told Jinhee to be polite.

Hiso is on his way to meet the reporters

scene Hiso is on his way to meet the reporters

Hiso is on his way to meet the reporters. Soyoung, who was with him, wondered why the reporter wanted to meet Hiso? Hiso admitted to learning something from the eldest son-in-law in Hyowon yesterday. He should not be afraid and silent before trying something. He would meet them first. If they refuse, they will be considered evil. It was easy for him to make decisions when he thought about their position.

Hiso finally met the reporter. They have all the cameras ready. Hiso sat casually and poured mineral water into glasses and asked them to start now.

The reporter asked for something sensational to cover it up. Hiso emphasized that he didn't want to exchange information. He had come to hear his reasons for wanting to meet her. The reporter finally admitted that he was actually banned by Hyowon's public relations team. About his son. There are rumors that she had an eight-year-old child when she was only six years old.

Hiso only responded with a smile. He understood what the reporters meant when they wanted to exchange the news for the cream bread case. The reporter told him that he could cover up the case if there was one. He confirmed that his son was 8 years old. Hiso put down his glass and confirmed. He was married for six years, and his son was eight. He asked if the journalist had a child? The journalist agreed.

Hiso continued that his mother died when he was 18 months old. Then, he met his real mother and had lived happily for six years. Even though he may know I'm not his real mother, but we're so close that blood ties don't matter. But… suppose this story is in the newspapers… Have you ever imagined how hurt that child was? Try to think of the child as your own child.

The reporter couldn't say anything. Hiso told him to report the cream bread case as he pleased. Rich people must learn not to be arbitrary to employees. Times are modern, such behavior is ancient.

Hiso got up and left. Until outside he had stopped. He put on his glasses and continued walking again.

Sister Emma is with Mr. Kim. Through his HT, Mr. Kim informed that Sister Emma would arrive in Rubato in two minutes.

Sister Emma asked Mr. Kim. Does he have a religion? Mr. Kim said that he was a fan of Jesus. He mentioned food and felt that temple food was delicious. Sister Emma thought the food must be healthy because they were vegetarian.

Mr. Kim told him that he didn't go to church. He is in direct contact with Jesus. It seems the church is creating too much distance between us and Jesus. Sister Emma laughed at that. He felt that Mr. Kim was funny. He asked if Mr. Kim enjoyed working there? Mr. Kim even asked back. Did Sister Emma become a nurse because she was happy about it? He sure didn't. He felt that way too.


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