Synopsis Of Drama Mine Episode 1 Part 3 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 1 Part 3

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Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 1 Part 3

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 1 Part 3

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 1 Part 3 English Subtitles

Yuyeon was cleaning the dishes. Boss Joo comes and sees him yawning. Incidentally, this time Yuyeon couldn't rest because she wasn't used to the feeling there. Boss Joo says that the specialist air looks boring, so visitors who come will feel that the workplace there is unacceptable. He recommended that Yuyeon try to rest well regardless of whether you need to take medication or not.

The scene of Yuyeon wiping the plate

The scene of Yuyeon wiping the plate

Yuyeon agrees. Boss Joo then, at that point, tells him what Yuyeon's obligations are for now. He would welcome and accompany every visitor who came to Cadenza, tidying up the guest rooms on the main floor, the stairs on the next floor, and Young Master Suhyuk's room since he came home today.

Yuyeon seemed strange to hear the term young expert. Boss Joo clarifies Suhyuk's structure in the Han family to be called a young expert. Yuyeon recently laughed. He thought it was funny that the summons actually existed in this world.

Boss Jo rebukes him viciously. He emphasized that this was an alternate world from the one Yuyeon had encountered outside. Here the difference between a representative and a supervisor is very clear. He would be hurt if he wanted to think about it. Yuyeon apologized and vowed to remember everything.

Mother is taking care of her peacock. He then, at that moment, saw Jakyung pass by. Weird. He refused to see her.

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Jinho and Jinhee were talking about getting the father position. Both offers were inadequate. Jinhee asked his brother to support him because he thought he was more qualified than Jinho.

Jinho himself intended to leave everything to Suhyuk. Jinhee didn't think much of it that Suhyuk was only 26 years old. What's more, before Suhyuk took office, he needed Jinho to make him the ruler. He forbids Jinho to offer it to Ji Young because Ji Young has Hajun. In addition, the father also loves Hiso very much. They both got stuck thinking about everything.

Yuyeon went into Suhyuk's room and made his bed. After he finished, he ran out of steam and finally nodded there.

Suhyuk finally returned home. The workers welcomed him like his father and mother. Jinho quickly hugged him but Seohyun just stared at him. Suhyuk gave him a respectful gesture, so did Seo Hyun.

After entering, Seo Hyun suggested Suhyuk go up to his room.

Yuyeon who was sleeping in Suhyuk's room finally woke up. Hustle and bustle. He then, at that moment, rushed out and surprisingly passed Suhyuk on the stairs. The two of them face each other. Yuyeon who was carrying the clothes container left first while Suhyuk watched. Oh my gosh, he smirked.

The server set the dining table under Seo Hyun's management. Web optimizer Hyun calls Yuyeon and advises her to get acquainted with mom. He warns that mom doesn't care about the noisy commotion.

Yuyeon agreed and said goodbye.

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Mom is talking to Suhyuk. Yuyeon came and greeted him on Seo Hyun's orders but was shouted at. It Su Hyuk was taken aback. Grandma then, at that point, spoke in a softer tone and advised Yuyeon to come out. Yuyeon was also dumbfounded. He looked at Suhyuk then, at that, agreed and left.

Scene Hiso walking with Ji Young and Hajun for dinner

Scene Hiso walking with Ji Young and Hajun for dinner

Hiso goes for a walk with Ji Young and Hajun for dinner. Even though their father was at the emergency clinic, they always held family dinners. Hiso thought that there couldn't be a party because Hyowon's eldest grandson had just returned to Korea. Seohyun is also very understanding. He was sure that he had arranged everything.

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Hiso then, at that point, discussed Hajun's new coach and asked him if he liked him? Ji Young herself needs to see the exhibition first. They both believed that this time it would last quite a while. He asks Ji Young to treat him well. Try not to act subjectively. Just don't be nice to him. Ji Young agrees.

Without them knowing behind Jakyung watching the three.

Family dinner led by mother. When all the food was served, everyone was prepared to ask questions before eating. I prefer not to ask and just have to destroy the rights. He even thought of converting to Buddhism so that he would not meet his partner in heaven later.

Hiso even joked with his mother. Is it safe to say that you believe you will go to heaven? I am annoyed. Hiso had been fighting him recently. Hiso continued with the mother who recently consistently considered herself before Suhyuk and Hajun. Mom didn't scream.

Ji Young asks if he visited Grandpa at the clinic? Suhyuk agrees. He went straight to the clinic when he showed up. He even went to see Doctor Kim.

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