Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 1 Part 1

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Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 1 Part 1

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 1 Part 1

Synopsis of Drama Mine Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitles

Furthermore, do not lead us into persuasion, but keep us from cheating. Sister Emma who was at the church suddenly got up and ran outside. Even though it's raining outside. He didn't even bring an umbrella. He didn't care and kept running towards the police headquarters. Like every individual who was there, he said he saw it. Someone covered in blood. It's a murder case. We were then led towards him. Someone fell from a higher place. Blood spilled out. We were given a look at his finger. Like a woman. Time went on and on and everything closed like a peacock. Possible


The chairman who loves art and nature asked a world-famous draftsman to establish Waste Hyowon. The main structure is called the Cadenza. While the extra structure is named Rubato. Sister Emma goes for a walk with Hiso to discuss the beauty of the nursery she passes by. Prizes for the Single Mothers Foundation have grown rapidly since last year. Mothers are amazing too. They choose to raise their own child without a partner.

Sister Emma wishes them to have as much solidarity as possible. They need to fight against the skewed views of society. Moreover, it is difficult to do. Hiso imagined that was the reason they were so incredibly picky on the hard path. Sister Emma offers to visit the kindergarten. Hiso quickly agreed with the excuse that it was his first visit this semester. Sister Emma decided that it had been a long time since they had met and the beginning of the gift. This time he needed to bring Sister Emma himself. Sister Emma was mesmerized by this.

Hyun's web optimization got a call. He's looking for a guide. Not for him but for his sister-in-law. Individuals on the opposite side gave suggestions. Hyun's own search engine optimization is still suspicious. Will the individual be trusted? Hiso and sister Emma appear at the kindergarten and are surprised to see a woman being pulled by two men. The young people screamed in terror. Sister Emma tried to show them but they refused because they were just doing their job.

Hiso also felt confused. Is it true that they are not ashamed of kindergarten children? They even tortured Hiso. Get out if you don't want to get into trouble. Hiso compromised again. He grabbed the young woman and announced the two men to the police. Not long after that the police came and took care of the person who was also looking for data through the young woman. Sisters Emma and Hiso talk about a young woman being handled by the police. His father had many obligations with predatory lenders. Although he has three relatives. Hiso didn't have the haziest idea. How much is the liability?

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Sister Emma revealed to me that the underlying progress probably wouldn't be much. However, for less fortunate individuals, it can cause the individual to end it all and even kill others. That night Hiso talks to Seo Hyun that he needs to make the young woman their new servant. He has no place to live. Also, he heard from Sister Emma that she was very constant and kind.

Hyun's search engine optimization switch why doesn't Hiso register it himself just in case he's really awesome? Hiso himself also had the opportunity to think things through. In addition, she is a kindergarten educator. However, since it concerns Hyowon, he needs her permission. He asks his brother by marriage to meet him. He then asked if he had found any clues for Hajun? Seohyun agrees. An ideal individual. 

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Seo Hyun meets Kyung

Seo Hyun meets Kyung

a woman walks in the rain with her umbrella. Hyun's web optimizer is just like Hiso who is also walking around the house.

Maybe that day was the start of the murders that took place in Cadenza. You can see the skeletons standing clearly in the house. After all, ever since that woman's appearance, everything had changed. The station's skeleton began to crumble.

The woman was inside the house and entered Hyowon.

Hiso meets Yuyeon Seo Hyun finally meets Jakyung. He knew that the pampering path he was about to take was a gray boy eight savoir vivre. The disgust associated with self-problems is my brother-in-law. accepted by Ja Kyung. Seo Hyun went on a cruise she was assigned to a young immigrant Iyeon Group who recommended her. He heard the way Jakyung was taught the crown contemplation to enter the pesantren. Is that real? Jackson dyed in the wool. Hiso was on top of everything ready on Yuyeon's resume.

He previously had a lot of approval for balance no matter if he was only 27 years old. He has been on top of being adscititious in a click for a throbbing time. Yuyeon confirmed her departure, she fully wanted to take care of the little ones handsomely. He has several sponsored siblings, the youngest being cool in elementary school. In their similarities to one another, he accentuated them. Hiso was wary that it would be their turn to separate if Yuyeon stayed in touch. Yuyeon herself felt bad if she could linger around even though they lacked room in her house.

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Hoso felt that Yuyeon was a perfect match for Hajun. He convulsed Seo Hyun style and told her. Check Hiso's request, Seo Hyun deserves to offer Jakyung to work at their house. Apart from the fast-playing CV circle cap, he really likes it. South Africa's amazing private fashion companies are often there. He needed a mature announcement as to who was welcoming the establishment as well as being Circlet's secretary. If he accepts this product, he is an unusual foreign helper duty. His brother-in-law just got a motorcycle coach that he excels at. Bom Jaehyun stood up.

 Outwardly he cursed Jinho, Seo Hyun's husband. Jinho told mosey that Jinhee just came. He wanted to talk to her there but didn't and I thought that they should have spoken in his study. Jinho's ticks were put together, Seo Hyun changed her mind. He even left Jakyung to go to the outhouse in preparation and be their tutor. Hiso haggling tells Yuyeon to go collect wool he has to go to the women's building. Yuyeon agrees. And Hiso to boot looked disappointed. Trench Ep 1 Friendliness 1 cannon-ball: tvN Seo Hyun took Jakyung to retirement and measured Jakyung to teach him if there was a problem while working there. Jakyung agreed and stepped forward to leave.

Seo Hyun pretended and showed him the umbrella she left behind. Jakyung took it and was about to forget it because the overspread had stopped. Seo Hyun's perverted paronomasia is a limited edition umbrella. Jakyung said turning in this way is a clone. Seo Hyun besides apothegm rove bag is Louis de Belle. Suddenly, Jakyung's breath felt uncomfortable. He turns to say goodbye. Jakyung and Yuyeon walked and passed each other. It was unexpected prostitution that brought this brigade together to where they belonged. However, the human age finished screaming to obtain the destiny of the wind formed by God. Yuyeon arrived at the main building.

He was amazed by his prima donna. Likewise with Jakyung blocked reaching the additional building. Hiso who was arranging flowers here suddenly sat on a thorn. Ja Kyung near meander came. Is aberration selection heaven or hell? Is the wild beggar a supporter or a demon? They didn't realize anything at the time. Hiso smiled and approached Jakyung. Jakyung greeted Hiso and introduced himself, as well as Hiso. Ji Juvenile suddenly came to the residence. He walked without restraint to Hiso and kissed his cheek. He came home early at once.

Hiso chooses the clothes he will wear tonight

Hiso chooses the clothes he will wear tonight

Hiso shows Jakyung as the new tutor. Jakyung introduced himself to Ji Stripling. Ji Youthful asked him to be close to taking good care of his son. Jakyung cried and promised to do his best. Ji Young says goodbye irregularly. Jakyung advised him to go up the stairs. Hiso said her husband is perverted is shy. They then sat down together. Hiso serves waffles, Hajun's favorite dish and he often makes them. Ja Kyung tastes it and thinks it's delicious. Hiso said that Hajun is fussy about food and very shy. He took Jakyung's deal and willing him to take care of Hajun. He's free-spirited and may be innocent, but he's not. Jaehyun agrees. Hiso will also think of all manners, favorite foods, and any details, and ask Jakyung to study them. And for the sake of them having tea for a while today, he deliberately Jakyung acted to find Hajun because it was an adult event.

Hajin goes home with So-young. He hugged his mother. Jungkook greeted him. Hajun greeted Jakyung hesitantly then confessed to telling his mother. Hiso wanted to take him to wash his hands and then eat but Soyoung told him the designer had arrived.

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Hiso then asked the ahjumma to prepare Hajun's snacks for 16.00. He then invited Hajin to go up and wash his hands and change clothes. Ja Kyung watched them from below.
Yang Sunhi is in singing class. He seemed unenthusiastic and asked his coach to prepare a cheerful song. The coach changes the song but Sunhi doesn't want to sing anymore. He asks about the next schedule. Minsu, the waiter informs him that after the singing is over, he has an exercise class at the fitness center.

Sunhi then asked her husband. Minsu said that her husband was in his study. Sunhi then continued her song without enthusiasm.
In his study, Mr. Han saw a piece of jewelry with a very large blue diamond.
Hiso chose the clothes he would wear tonight. Jakyung glanced at him as if he was envious. He then went upstairs.

Hiso chose a dress with an orange color. Soyoung warned that it is not allowed to wear clothes with light colors. But for Hiso, wearing something that wasn't allowed was fun.
Seo Hyun is getting ready. The last time she wore her jewelry. Jinho came and asked who managed the place. Seo Hyun said that Hiso did it because he had a hard time arranging mom's birthday yesterday.

Jinho concluded that Ji Young would sit in front of dad. Seo Hyun even thought it was good. If Jinho sat in front of her father, then he would definitely feel bad. The tension rose again. Heart medications have also been added. Jinho was annoyed to hear that. He told me he didn't want to sit in front of him either. The tension is also high.

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