Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 9 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 9

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 9

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 9

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 9 English Subtitles

In a shocking montage of CCTV footage, Seo-yoon is found in the elevator of her high rise building, facing a divider — but an appearance in the elevator mirror shows her turning around and leaving. He walked alone in the area, the street lights off as he passed. Moved by every spirit he allowed into his house, Seoyoon grinned incoherently.

The triplets appeared in Seo-yoon's attic, clearly past the point of no return. Persuaded that Seo-yoon was overwhelmed, they looked through the environmental elements. Yoon asks who Seo-yoon hates the most, since that's probably where she went. Hye-Kyung demands that there is no good reason for her little girl to be moved, she is stunned when the triplets advise her that her partner is moved.

Hye-Kyung starts to cry, blaming herself for everything that has happened. He finds that Seo-yoon told him two months earlier about seeing people with knives. Hye-kyung had stopped her, but now she understands that Seo-yoon killed her father because she could only see an evil spirit possess her.

As they head outside to look for Seo-yoon's appearance, initially Kil-young considers the police to reveal to them that Seo-yoon was the one who killed her father, but Hwa-pyung takes the phone from him. He argues that the young woman was honest because she had no idea what she was doing, and that it led to her being blamed for her father's death that would eliminate her.

Kil-youthful points out that Seo-yoon killed her father – a mistake remains a mistake. Hwa-pyung eagerly demands that despite the fact that Seo-yoon didn't know who he was, the point at which he thought he killed spirits, he knows now, and living with the aggravation of information is pretty disciplined.

However, Kil-young gets tired of Hwa-pyung and leaves, warning him that he's still an analyst and can't watch when mistakes are made because Hwa-pyung asked him to.

Yoon, who at the time was watching the other two compete, jumps after Kil-young. He's still angry, saying that he doesn't want to get Seo-yoon, but that he actually has to obey the law. Nonetheless, Yoon informs him of Hwa-pyung's youth possession, cautiously recommending that Seo-yoon help Hwa-pyung to remember himself when he was a child and blamed for the deaths of his mother and grandmother.

In a frightening montage of CCTV film, Seo-yoon is found in the lift of her skyscraper, standing up to the divider — yet the appearance in the lift reflect shows her turning and leaving. He walked alone nearby, the streetlights off as he passed. By and by moved by all of the spirits he allowed into his home, Seo-yoon smiles in indefinite quality. 

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The trio appear at Seo-yoon's space, clearly it's too far to turn back. Convinced that Seo-yoon was overpowered, they glanced through the natural components. Yoon asks who Seo-yoon scorns the most, since that is presumably where she's going. Hye-Kyung requests that there is anything but a decent reason for her daughter to be moved by, she is shocked when the trio prompts her that her life partner is moved by. 

Hye-Kyung starts to cry, blaming herself for all that has happened. He uncovers that Seo-yoon unveiled to him two months earlier concerning seeing people with sharp edges. Hye-kyung had ended him, yet by and by he comprehends that Seo-yoon killed her father since she can simply see the detestable spirits having her. 

As they head outside to search for Seo-yoon's appearance, Kil-young beginnings considering the police to unveil to them that Seo-yoon was the individual who killed her father, at this point Hwa-pyung snatches the phone from him. He fights that the young woman is straightforward because he doesn't have even the remotest clue what she's doing, and that makes him blamed for his father's downfall that will annihilate him. 

Kil-young raises that Seo-yoon killed her father — a bad behavior still a bad behavior. Hwa-pyung vivaciously requests that regardless of the way that Seo-yoon didn't have even the remotest clue who she was where she thought she killed spirits, she knows now, andlive a disciplined life.

Nonetheless, Kil-energetic is worn out on Hwa-pyung and leaves, advised him that he's at this point an investigator and can't keep a close by eye when a bad behavior is executed because Hwa-pyung asked him to. 

Yoon, who was by then watching the other two battling, floods after Kil-energetic. He's at this point angry, raising that he might not want to get Seo-yoon, yet he quite to stick to the law. In any case, Yoon educates him with respect to Hwa-pyung's childhood possession, gently suggesting that Seo-yoon helped Hwa-pyung to recall herself when she was a child and was blamed for the passings of her mother and grandmother.

the trio is chatting in the car

the trio is chatting in the car

Leaving to what he needs to do, Yoon gets ready for an improvised removal by binding Seo-yoon's hands in a cross-weaved tissue, saying 'sorry' to the young lady that it may hurt. Utilizing the rosary as another cross, he started to implore while putting his hands on Seo-yoon's head. 

Web optimization yoon wriggles and weeps for her mom as Yoon asks, requesting the spirits to leave her. He hacks until he drops, and Yoon gets him. His eyes opened, and, as yet having, he got some information about individuals he saw remaining behind him. 

His folks, shrouded in blood - alongside his sibling, Imam Choi. Yoon is totally shaken when Seo-yoon proceeds, in her sweet honest voice, to reveal to him that they all disdain him for enduring. Out of nowhere Seo-yoon yelled in her wicked voice that she deceived them all. 

Astonished, Yoon eases off, dropping his rosary. He gradually twisted down to get it, contemplating the cross, however when he remained back up, there was a frightening look in his eyes. 

Kil-youthful continues to beat on the entryway, however Hwa-pyung stops, lost in sight. He saw every one of the spirits gradually encompassing Yoon. 

Web optimization yoon discloses to Yoon that he is at this point not an exorcist cleric and will be ousted for breaking his promise, hence losing the assurance of his confidence. He also would before long kick the bucket, very much like his sibling did. Website optimization yoon cautions him that, beginning today and proceeding with consistently from here on out, it will feel like he is as a rule mercilessly cut. 

Website optimization yoon keeps on clarifying that the second time she experiences a soul, she will get cut injuries all around her body, and her tissue, blood, and soul will spoil. The third time they met, he would kick the bucket. 

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In the mean time, Hwa-pyung's daze shows Yoon encompassed and assaulted by every one of the spirits as they over and again utilize their blades to cut him. All at once, the entryway opens, and Yoon shows up, possibly to promptly implode when the entryway lock closes after him. 

Oblivious, Yoon was raced to the emergency clinic. Kil-youthful pauses while Yoon is in the ER. Hwa-pyung, still in the storm cellar looking after Seo-yoon, faults himself for what befell Yoon. All things considered, he is the person who continues to drive Yoon into this wreck notwithstanding the entirety of Yoon's reservations and want to follow convention. 

A thump on the cellar entryway stands out enough to be noticed, and Seo-yoon murmurs that Yoon, Hye-kyung, and Seo-yoon will before long pass on as a result of Hwa-pyung. Truth be told, everybody around Hwa-pyung will bite the dust. 

Hwa-pyung calls Yook Kwang, asking for help. Yook Kwang races to the emergency clinic and discovers Kil-youthful holding up external the ER. He can't play out the expulsion at the emergency clinic, so stresses that Yook Kwang joins Kil-youthful in the sitting area.

hwa-pyung found a knife

hwa-pyung found a knife

Yoon awakens in a clinic bed. He looked somewhat befuddled by his environmental factors, then, at that point peered down at his hands, which were canvassed in blood. He removed his shirt to uncover his whole chest. Panting in torment as blood overflowed from his chest, he peered down at his wicked hands. 

However, it was only a fantasy (or a horrible bad dream), and Yoon in a real sense awakens in a frenzy, grasping his bloodless chest that gives no indication of injury. Kil-youthful and Yook Kwang hurry into the room, clarifying that he dropped. However, Yoon doesn't recollect what occurred and restlessly gets some information about Seo-yoon. 

Kil-youthful guarantees him that Hwa-pyung is watching him and orders Yoon to remain behind until he can finally relax. Regardless of resembling he's in aggravation, Yoon demands that he needs to go or probably Hwa-pyung and Seo-yoon will be at serious risk. 

In the storm cellar, Hwa-pyung persistently sits outside the entryway, which unexpectedly opens. Web optimization yoon murmurs that Yoon and Hye-kyung just passed on, and Hwa-pyung begins strolling to the entryway — yet Kil-youthful snatches him by the shoulder, barely making him fall into a soul trap. 

Yook Kwang was additionally there, helping support Yoon. Hwa-pyung is irate that they brought Yoon back into the cellar, yet Yoon demands. Notwithstanding looking insecure on his feet, Yoon says that he will play out an expulsion. On the off chance that they didn't accomplish something now, Seo-yoon would most likely bite the dust. 

Notwithstanding, his soul is excessively strong, and he asks Hwa-pyung for help. Recollecting that killing a secret crow in Young-soo's home takes soul power, Hwa-pyung and Yook Kwang search Seo-yoon's dad's vehicle for a comparative secret thing. 

Hwa-pyung tracks down a huge blade under the seat, and Hwa-pyung encloses it by paper, profoundly fixing it with one of his shaman ceremonies. When he did, the prison entryway squeaked open. 

Kil-youthful and Yoon go into the room, and Seo-yoon, in a panicked voice, says that Hwa-pyung has discovered the thing. Without a second thought, Yoon approaches him and by and by ties his hands with his tissue – however this time there is no expression of remorse. The spirits inside him shouted in agony and outrage. 

Decently well with heaving in her mouth, Seo-yoon shouts as loud as possible while Yoon and Kil-youthful coercively take her to the clinic. One of the medical attendants stops them, dubious with regards to the kid in the coat kicking and shouting, yet Kil-youthful reflects off his identification and says it's police business.

Since Seo-yoon was had when she thought her mom loathed her, they needed to show her that her mom actually cherished her, which is the reason they took her to her mom's emergency clinic room. Kil-youthful concerns that Yoon may play out an expulsion, and when Seo-yoon turns her look to him, she abruptly grips her chest and stoops in torment. 

All things considered, he ready for an expulsion, this time total with a legitimate sacrosanct thing. Yet, she looked shaky as she put on her took and spread the heavenly water bottle. He formally starts the expulsion, doing combating his own aggravation to go to Seo-yoon. 

In the neglected region, Hwa-pyung begins beating the blade in his ownership with an enormous mallet. With each swing of the sledge against the sharp edge, Seo-yoon hacked as though she was unable to relax. Kil-youthful looks discouraged as he watches the young lady battle. 

Understanding that Hwa-pyung can't break the blade, Yook Kwang pushes him to the side and, with the shaman petitioning God for the detestable soul to disappear, he swings the sledge – and the blade breaks! 

As the blade broke, Seo-yoon spat out salt water. Kil-youthful attempts to run an interruption with the medical attendant being referred to, who is stressed over the shouting young lady, so Yoon can finish the expulsion. Yoon advises Seo-yoon to see her mom who took a chance with her life to attempt to save her. 

Hye-kyung awakens and sees Seo-yoon. She pitifully gets down on her girl's name, and Seo-yoon's shouts go to cries as Yoon completes his petition. The medical clinic lights streaked on and off. 

Kil-youthful is joined by Hwa-pyung and Yook Kwang, who keep thinking about whether pounding blades works. They go into the clinic room, where mother and girl embrace one another, crying as they each assume liability for what occurred. Yoon sits in a seat, sweat-soaked and depleted. The lights returned on. 

Toward the beginning of the day, Kil-youthful drives the children home. Indeed, he drives Yoon home while Hwa-pyung dozes in the front seat. He stresses over Yoon and says he ought to have the medical clinic ensure he's truly OK, however Yoon demands he's fine and advises him to let Hwa-pyung rest since it probably been a long, tiring day for him. 

Hwa-pyung awakens when he gets back in the vehicle. He's amazed that Yoon is gone, and moans that he didn't get an opportunity to apologize for making him go through the expulsion. Be that as it may, Kil-youthful impolitely apologizes to Hwa-pyung, clarifying he caught wind of what befell him when he was a kid. 

Hwa-pyung protests that Yoon has a motor mouth, and Kil-youthful continues to apologize for every one of the mean things he said to her during different cases. At the point when Hwa-pyung says it's bizarre for him to express such pleasant things, Kil-youthful growls at him to fail to remember what he said.

Yoon and Hwa-pyung indeed visit Seo-yoon to perceive how she is getting along. He says he can presently don't see spirits, and Yoon concludes that he is fine at this point. He inquires as to whether he actually loathes his mom, and Seo-yoon discreetly says that she feels remorseful for being liable for all that occurred. 

yoon is in pain

yoon is in pain

Hwa-pyung delicately discloses to him that he has no pity, since it wasn't his issue. Website optimization yoon brings up that assuming he was an ordinary child, none of this would have occurred. Hwa-pyung advises him that he used to be very much like him, and that his family passed on when he was moved by the very soul that had his dad. 

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At the notice of Park Il-do, Seo-yoon says he is startling and just has one eye. Hwa-pyung and Yoon take a gander at one another in shock and energy when they inquire as to whether Seo-yoon has seen Park Il-do. 

Website design enhancement yoon says she can't recollect, in light of the fact that she just saw her once, when her dad went to visit her. He nods off in the vehicle and awakens to see his dad in the little passage, remaining before Park Il-do. Be that as it may, only a look was sufficient to make the young lady stow away in dread. 

The group is staggered to understand that somebody really saw Park Il-do, and Hwa-pyung proposes they take him to meet Hong-joo, since he can affirm that Hong-joo is truly claimed by Park Il-do. Yoon fights, recommending it would be a lot for Seo-yoon who's experienced so a lot is as yet in shock. 

Be that as it may, Seo-yoon, hearing them, presented to do as such. Hwa-pyung, appropriately rebuffed by Yoon, says that he doesn't need to. Website optimization yoon demands, since she needs to assist them with discovering the soul having her dad. As they hang tight at the congregation for Hong-joo, Yoon tells Seo-yoon that she can in any case pull out. In any case, Seo not set in stone. 

Hong-joo shows up and generously welcomes Yoon, then, at that point gets some information about the young lady taking cover behind him. As Seo-yoon sticks to Yoon, she gazes dread at Hong-joo. Afterward, Seo-yoon reveals to him that she didn't see Park Il-do, however that there was a secondary school understudy with a grisly head following Hong-joo. 

Hwa-pyung is disillusioned that Hong-joo isn't possessed by Park Il-do and is rather just followed by Hyun-joo's soul. The triplet are as yet persuaded that Hong-joo should be associated with Park Il-do somehow or another. 

Late around evening time, Hong-joo shows up at a long passage. A crow fell dead at his feet, yet he carefully kept strolling. He saw something toward the finish of the passage and ran towards it. The lights glint when the figure shows up, and Hong-joo grins rapturously as Park Il-do uncovers himself.

She reveals to him that she needs to express gratitude toward him actually for all that he accomplishes for her, however that something is as yet pestering her - specifically, the unfortunate triplet. 

Hwa-pyung requests that Yook Kwang play out an expulsion on Seo-yoon to eliminate her capacity to see spirits. Despite the fact that the expulsion implies Seo-yoon will not have the option to assist them with finding Park Il-do, she'll basically get the opportunity to carry on with an ordinary life — something Hwa-pyung never experienced. 

Afterward, Kil-youthful reveals to him that Seo-yoon will be charged for her dad's demise. He inquires as to whether Hwa-pyung is frustrated, however he simply shrugs and says the police ought to do what they need to do. He guarantees her that Seo-yoon will get over him in the end, however he discloses to her nobody can get over something like that, regardless of how long passes. 

Alone in his room, Yoon tumbles to the floor in torment, as his body by and by feels like it's been cut. A thump on the entryway made him lurch to his feet. Hwa-pyung protests that Yoon took too long to even consider replying, then, at that point says he looks awful. Yoon said he just had a virus. 

Hwa-pyung attempts to push the talisman into Yoon's pocket, and the two men wrestle as Yoon brings up that he's a Catholic minister and Hwa-pyung is attempting to get him to wear the shaman's special necklace. Hwa-pyung answers that Yoon was assaulted by a soul, and he was simply attempting to help. 

He then, at that point protests adding that he feels remorseful that Yoon was harmed in light of the fact that Hwa-pyung continued constraining Yoon to play out the expulsion. 

Yoon says he didn't play out an expulsion only for Hwa-pyung, then, at that point swallows down the lager Hwa-pyung offered him. To Hwa-pyung's astonishment (since he knows Yoon as a minister is soaked), Yoon clarifies that he is parched. Oh dear, that is not a decent sign. 

Hwa-pyung explains to him that Seo-yoon is at this point that she won’t see spirits, saying that it’s better to help than to use her to find Park Il-do. All things considered, he realized that it was so hard to live as a mystic youngster. Then, at that point she admits that she utilized her capacity one final chance to check whether her family is near, however she discloses to him that she can't see anything. 

He snickered to himself, since he was saying 'sorry' to his mom and grandma constantly. Hwa-pyung contemplates whether they've avoided him, or then again if Seo-yoon can't see anything since he's been in a daze as well. 

Hwa-pyung begins to raise the genuine explanation he's there, however Yoon is out in front of them, previously accepting that it's with regards to his sibling, Pastor Choi. 

He shows Yoon the things that are on Priest Choi’s body, and Hwa-pyung’s eyes startle with a ring. He requests to know why his mom's wedding band has a place with Priest Choi. 

Somewhere else, a man in messy and worn out garments strolls down a back street. He halted when he heard somebody following him and holding the blade stowed away in his coat. In any case, it was only an alcoholic financial specialist, and the battered man made the alcoholic man falter innocuously. 

The worn out man slipped into the once-over hotel and slipped into his room, ensuring nobody was following him. He locked the entryway and began lighting a candle, uncovering every last trace of his little room was shrouded in different strict stuff. 

He bowed down to implore, however the lone words he could see were "Park Il-do." A photograph on the man's work area is of Hwa-pyung as a kid with the remainder of his family — yet Hwa-pyung's face is ripped off.

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