Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 8 Subtitles English

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 8

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 8

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 8

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 8 Subtitles English

Hwa-pyung wakes up in an angry voice revealing to him that “This is all a direct result of him,” but it's not Park I do — it's just his criminal friend talking in his recess. Kil-young and Yoon stop by the police headquarters and discourage Hwa-pyung from being arrested; indicating that this was the result of him acting so recklessly.

Hwa-pyung protects himself because he truly believes Park I do is in Hong-Joo, and he will effectively cast out the evil soul. Yoon asks why Hwa-pyung is so fixated on Park I do – they all lost their families to such a bright soul, but as it turns out, Hwa-pyung was just possessed when he was young.

Instead of answering, Hwa-pyung advises them to watch out for Hong-Joo. When Yoon and Kil-young leave the police headquarters, Yoon says they should keep Hwa-pyung in prison to his advantage, because it would be safer that way.

Obviously, Yoon chose to work alone. Kil-youthful suggests that they need Hwa-pyung to help them sort out who's tickled, Yoon loudly says he'll find himself.

Criminal investigator Go notes his accomplice's protesting attitude, teasingly asking if it has anything to do with anyone. He replies that this is the result of two fools, really. Ha! But at that moment he is confused when his manager advises him to turn over all his data regarding Mi-jin's case to the nearest specialist.

Kil-Young is furious that all his efforts will go to waste, but he's not in a situation to compete — even though he has a chance, fighting to keep Noh-Seok from killing Hyun-Joo twenty years ago. , regardless of what different experts say. It's hard to fight the sane notion that Noh-Seok killed Mi-jin to hide his guilt from then on.

Cleric Yang welcomes Yoon to dinner (and Yoon watches him intently as the old minister prepares a glass of soju). Cleric Yang gets some information about Hwa-pyung, and Yoon protests that he doesn’t know why Hwa-pyung is so fixated on Park Il-do, arguing that—not at all like Yoon and Kil-young—Hwa-pyung didn’t lose the whole group. his enthusiasm.

The more established minister cautiously turns Yoon around, enlightening him about Hwa-pyung's possession that left his mother suffocating and his grandmother hanging herself. Yoon is stunned since Hwa-pyung never referred to him. Then, at that moment he asks Reverend Yang to help him meet with Hong-Joo.

Kil-young is waiting outside the police station.

Kil-young is waiting outside the police station.

Yoon asks him to drop the charges against Hwa-pyung, but Hong-Joo muses that he investigated Hwa-pyung and his experiences, and needs to know who this “Park Il-do” is. The minister gently explains Hwa-pyung’s possession as a child and all that comes with it, but Hong-Joo sneers at the possibility that Hwa-pyung accepts that he was moved.

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Hong-Joo says that she won't drop the charges because she doesn't accept that Hwa-pyung — who she calls crazy — would do anything to not find him once again. Yoon takes charge of Hwa-pyung, revealing to him that Hwa-pyung might be a little shaky, but that he basically has his eye on Yoon. Then, at that point, Yoon reveals to him that he has the option of preventing Hwa-pyung from going to the columnist with his hypothesis that Hong-Joo is related to Hyun-Joo's death.

The dire press danger is enough negotiating concessions for Hong-Joo — or enough to convince him that Yoon will control Hwa-pyung — so he drops the charges. Ok, he looks really happy to see Kil-young sit tight for him outside the police headquarters.

He is stunned to understand that his opportunity is a result of Yoon, as he expects that Yoon doesn't need anything to do with him. Kil-youthful still cautions him to avoid Hong-joo, advising him that if he winds up in jail once more, he will not have the option to get Park Il-do. 

Hwa-pyung heads back home, somewhat tipsy from the lager Kil-youthful got him. He understood the vehicle was following him so he halted and confronted the driver. It was one of the fellow thugs brought with him. The criminal cautions Hwa-pyung to let Hong-Joo be — or disaster will be imminent. 

Yet, Hwa-pyung says that the criminals should quit following him — or disaster will be imminent. He calls Kil-youthful, telling him about his new stalker, yet he simply repeats that Hwa-pyung should avoid Hong-Joo. 

Yoon goes to a psychological medical clinic to discover more data about Noh-Seok, particularly who was the last individual to visit him. The medical attendant reveals to him it's Kil-youthful and Hwa-pyung. The day after they visit, Noh-Seok goes down one of his standard ways, however seems as though he's in a fit as he hits and shouts at something not in the trees. 

While examining where Noh-Seok saw something awful, Yoon gets a call from Kil-youthful. He tells about Noh-Seok and his conviction that the man ran over Park Il-do when Noh-Seok went out for a walk. Unintentionally, around then Hong-Joo was visiting the area going to an occasion somewhere else. 

Perhaps it was anything but an incident? In any case, the solitary way for them to decide whether he has is to affirm that Hong-Joo is visually impaired in his right eye. Furthermore, they can't manage it like Hwa-pyung. 

Discussing Hwa-pyung, he rests at his granddad's home. Grandpa stresses that Hwa-pyung doesn't look well, and contemplates whether Hwa-pyung has young lady issues. Hwa-pyung moans that he got unloaded and that he thought he had won the person's heart, however, they fled. Are... is it true that we are discussing his association with Yoon? Since I trust so. 

Hwa-pyung additionally has inquiries concerning when he was had as a kid, however, Grandpa fires them. Their lunch is hindered when a neighbor asks Grandpa to see his grandson, as he accepts his grandson is moved by. 

Grandpa discloses to her he's presently not in the shaman business and makes do with him when he quickly says it like when Park Il-do went to the town twenty years prior. Grandpa at last shows him out, yet Hwa-pyung should be interested, particularly since he named Park Il-do. He visits the lady later, who wonders about how well she is developing. 

In any case, Hwa-pyung is interested with regards to his grandson's side effects. The lady clarified that the young lady could see things that nobody else could, particularly the spirits of the dead. All the more as of late - and a significant reason for concern - is that the granddaughter as of late addressed the entryway with blade close by, notice that something horrible was there. Besides there's nobody at the entryway.

Hwa-pyung attempts to visit the young lady, however,, the young lady's mom is irritated that Grandma has sent what she believes is another shaman, and asks Hwa-pyung to get lost. At the point when Hwa-pyung remains outside the high rise and shouts to grandmother, a man remaining outside, waving at the window, is abruptly killed by a falling stone. 

This is really Kil-youthful's ward, and he and Detective Go show up at the scene to explore. At the point when Kil-youthful understands that one of the observers is Hwa-pyung, he hauls her to the side to converse with him in private. 

He requests to realize why she's there, and he educates her concerning the young lady Park Il-do might have had — it was his dad who just got killed. 

Hwa-pyung tries to visit a girl

Hwa-pyung tries to visit a girl

Essentially that gives Kil-youthful one more reason for his examination, as he and Detective Go ask his mom, Lee Hye-Kyung. Kil-youthful says that as per witnesses, her better half waved to his girl when she passed on, and requested to meet the young lady. However, the lady would not move and requested the analyst to leave. 

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uncovered that Hye-Kyung and her better half regularly squabbled, particularly over the issue of their girl, and that they had been living independently. Investigator Go thinks that it is odd that Kil-youthful is so centered around the kid, however,, thinks that it is significantly more peculiar when a CCTV film shows Hwa-pyung visiting the condo minutes before the man passed on. 

Kil-youthful attempts to conceal for Hwa-pyung and diverts analyst Go of doubt at Hye-Kyung's odd response to their inquiry. Hye-Kyung examines where her significant other kicked the bucket, understanding that he is standing right under their overhang. 

Apprehensive and stressed, he took the paring blade from his girl's hand in an endeavor by the young lady to cut the apple. Grandmother shows up, persuaded that her girl-in-law kicked the bucket since her granddaughter, Seo-Yeon was moved by, Hye-Kyung shouts at her mom to let her be. 

All things considered, Grandma sneaks Seo-Yeon out of the condo so they can get together with Hwa-pyung and Yook Kwang. Hwa-pyung advises the young lady that she used to resemble when she was more youthful, because she can see spirits as well, and afterward asks what she can see. 

Hesitantly, Seo-Yeon depicts the main soul she has seen at any point ever, a lady in old garments. Yook Kwang reasons that Seo-Yeon is moved by will require an expulsion.

But Seo-Yeon says she's never seen a soul, and it's not at all a worrying soul, not at all what she's seen lately. They continued to chase him with knives in their hands. They advised him to help them kill everyone, and if he did, he would be confirmed. Hwa-pyung asks who he will confirm, and Seo-Yeon says, “Park Il-do.”

That's enough to send Hwa-pyung to Yoon and, despite the fact that Yoon doesn't want to talk to Hwa-pyung, he can't ignore the way a young woman can be moved by Park Il-do.

At the police headquarters, Kil-young gets some information about his division from his partner. Kil-young points out that most of their bickering is fixated on their girl, and asks if there's something wrong with Seo-Yeon. Hye-Kyung screams that their little girl is fine.

For a while, Yoon and Hwa-pyung are with Seo-Yeon and her grandmother. Yoon carefully tests to check if Seo-Yeon is moved, the young woman doesn't respond to the cross she's holding. Yoon keeps checking him for the spirits he can see, and Seo-Yeon reveals that it all started months earlier.

He had previously seen a worrying soul returning from school - remaining across the street and staring at him, raising his sword. Then, at that point, the others remained outside the apartment complex and tried to follow him to the elevator. Also, most of these are currently out of his condo. However, he usually ran and smuggled - they never actually broke into his house.

Yoon verifies that Seo-Yeon is currently being transferred, not yet dominated. Hwa-pyung is reassured, arguing that he's worried about the possibility that Seo-Yeon will kill his father. When Yoon sees Hwa-pyung cheerfully comforting Seo-Yeon, he remembers what Pastor Yang said about Hwa-pyung's family who died when Hwa-pyung was transferred.

Website optimization Yeon tells Hwa-pyung and Yoon that her mother can't believe Seo-Yeon can actually see spirits. He added that he could see the soul of a young woman following her father, but he advised her not to tell anyone. It was his parents' bickering over a certain soul that kept his parents isolated.

Hye-Kyung shows up at the house at once and is angry that Grandma brought a minister and Hwa-pyung (whom he accepted as a shaman) to see the girl. He opens the entrance and yells at them to get out, but Seo-Yeon out of nowhere starts to step back in trepidation. He could see a smiling soul outside the entrance.

they are discussing park I do

they are discussing park I do

Understanding that he can see spirits, Hwa-pyung transfers the data to Yoon, who grabs the young woman and advises her to leave. In any case, Seo-Yeon suddenly yells at Yoon, asking him to let seriously go of his hand.

Yoon squeezes his cross against the young lady's head and she shouts as she tumbles to the ground, her skin consuming. With Hwa-pyung's assistance, they rapidly drive the young lady away, accepting that the soul she just saw is before long entering her. In no time, Seo-Yeon gets back to her old self and is astonished to see her mom there. 

Hye-Kyung can hardly imagine how her girl is moved by, Yoon offers to discover an exorcist minister since he's not actually permitted to play out a full expulsion. Hwa-pyung inquires as to whether he's seen Hong-joo previously, however, neither mother nor little girl met the representative, and they've never known about Sharing Hands. 

That absolutely places a flaw in their "Hong-Joo is Park Il-do" hypothesis. All things considered, Yoon advises Hwa-pyung to avoid it. In any case, obviously, Hwa-pyung can't. What's more, not because of his fixation on Park Il-do, but since the young lady helped him to remember when he was a youngster and Park Il-do had him. 

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Yoon stresses that Seo-Yeon may have killed her dad, yet Hwa-pyung demands that he is blameless. The genuine inquiry is if he trusts this is because he believes it's valid, or because he would not like to concede that a had kid can kill a relative - as he presumably did as a kid himself. 

Analysts Go and Kil-youthful are as yet sifting through the CCTV film to discover who killed Seo-Yeon's dad. Investigator Go thinks that it is odd that Hwa-pyung keeps appearing at the location of this peculiar case, and he gets goosebumps when Hwa-pyung calls at the perfect time. Criminal investigator Go discussions about him. Ha! 

Hwa-pyung needs Kil-youthful's assistance to find a lady who might have passed on regarding Seo-Yeon's dad because the soul that Seo-Yeon portrays possibly seems when her dad is driving. 

In the interim, Yoon carries the authority expulsion minister to Seo-Yeon. Different clerics don't trust Seo-Yeon is moved by, she doesn't respond to her test. At the point when Yoon discloses to him that he's affirmed the young lady's ownership, different clerics reproach him for working external the authority ward rules and performing expulsions without authorization, very much like his old coach, Priest Han. 

Yoon feebly fights that he didn't actually oust the young lady, and begs different ministers to remain because he realizes this soul will just wind up killing the individual it winds up having. In any case, different ministers don't have Yoon's foolishness and advise him there's no reason for remaining behind until the congregation can authoritatively affirm Seo-Yeon's possession.

Hwa-pyung — nervously holding outside — angrily reveals to Yoon that he's tired of the many ridiculous standards and conventions imposed by the congregation. Yoon replies that these standards and standards are important and that the organization takes its appointments seriously, and that expulsion is definitely not a game.

Hwa-pyung says that Seo-yeon might die and will find someone else who will save her, but Yoon surprises him by saying that he will save her.

At the police headquarters, investigators sift through Seo-yeon's father's phone. They thought it odd that, not exclusively, there was no indication of him selling his partner, but that he rarely texted or called anyone. Nonetheless, they discovered that he would go to the same place every day and take selfies.

Kil-young visits the scene, crash site quick entry and exit according to the big pennant requesting any data from possible observers. He discovers that his victim is a young woman wearing clothes similar to the soul of a woman who will follow Seo-yeon's father.

Yoon and Hwa-pyung return to the condo with Yoon's holy item bag. Ah, Hwa-pyung suddenly gets frustrated about Yoon, emphasizing that if the wardroom sees this eviction, he could be dismissed. Yoon smoothly says he will deal with himself.

Kil-young calls to enlighten them about Seo-yeon's father being engaged in a quick in and out accident. He thought that it was strange that he would visit places that were fast in and out consistently, and that he would then head over to his little girl's house and wave at her through the window.

Search engine optimization yeon is asleep when she hears a thud in the window. But there was no one outside, yet the thud was still there. Search engine optimization yeon screams for her mother, saying that it's trying to get inside. When Grandma goes to the gallery to research, Seo-yeon yells at her not to open the window.

Grandma assures Seo-yeon that no one is there, but when Seo-yeon peeks from the gallery, she sees a soul smiling at her, holding a knife. Website optimization, yeon rushed to the bag stored under the bed and opened it, finding a large rock. He frantically explains that this is the best way to dispose of a soul, and Hye-kyung understands that Seo-yeon killed her father, believing him to be a soul.

In the security room, the three watch a CCTV film of Seo-yeon's father entering a tall building, something he does periodically despite already living there. They watch a movie about the man standing terrified in the hallway, while Seo-yeon says she saw a spooky ghost left outside their condo.

Hwa-pyung understands that when Seo-yeon sees a soul, she really sees a soul that has her father. He was the one who stayed out of his school and who followed him home.

This all most likely started when he killed the young woman quickly in and out. However, if he bites the dust, the spirits Seo-yeon is currently looking at are searching for another body—and the body of a fortune teller child is the ideal vessel.

Hye-kyung and her mother are still shocked by the revelation that Seo-yeon killed her father. Web optimization, yeon unknowingly watched them as the two women spoke in calm and restless voices until she heard a thud at the entrance. He answered, but there was no one there - nothing for us to see.

However, for Seo-yeon, many spirits fill the entrance, asking to be allowed in. They followed him into the room.

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