Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 7 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 7

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 7

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 7 

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 7 English Subtitles

Twenty years ago, in the woods late at night, someone dug a grave and buried Hyun-joo's body. In 2018, Kil-young studied photos of teenagers who died before going to the local police station. He only avoids the wrath of his boss, who is angry that he can't find him, thanks to Detective Go's quick wit in pretending that he's with him but can't come to the phone because he's too busy beating up a criminal. Ha!

 Kil-young meets with the police chief to ask about Hyun-joo, and it turns out that his personal relationship with him is that he used to be on his mother's team when he was a rookie. She was the one he had called for backup that night. Kil-young asks if they're looking for Hongjoo since he's listed as a suspect in his mother's case file.

 The police chief insists that the statute of limitations has passed and the only testimony they have at the time is that of a security guard who claimed to have seen the two girls together the night Hyun-joo disappeared. But the guard has retracted his statement, saying he was confused.

Kil-young intends to investigate Hong-joo, not caring if Hong-joo is a congressman or the daughter of the then school director. He pleads with the police chief to tell him where the guard is now so he can investigate, but the police chief cautiously says that as much as he respects and admires Kil-young's mother as a detective, her mother ended up being wrong in her hunch. Looks like he's more afraid to investigate Hong-joo because it could mean he could lose his job.

 Yoon tells Hwa-pyung about Hong-joo's connection to Sharing Hands and the victim she recently entered. Hwa-pyung is at the police station and follows Kil-young, asking if he found a suspect for Hyun-joo's case. Even though Kil-young tells him not to interfere, Hwa-pyung insists that it has something to do with Park Il-do, then asks if he heard about Hong-joo.

 He explains that Hong-joo is connected to the people who just got possessed, but Kil-young is only surprised to hear Hong-joo’s name, since the congressman is a suspect in Hyun-joo’s case. Once again, everything seems to tie back into Park Il-do.

Yoon visits Pastor Yang, who thinks the young priest needs more information about Sharing Hands. But Yoon instead asks about Hong-joo, revealing that she is connected to those who have been possessed by Park Il-do. Reverend Yang scoffs at the implication that Hong-joo is also possessed, since she's a devout Christian and an active member of Sharing Hands. Yoon is surprised that Hong-joo often visits the church.

Hwa-pyung and Kil-youthful stop at Hyun-joo's grandma's home. Ha, Kil-youthful obliges Hwa-pyung's falsehood that they are journalists, since he's out of his purview and doesn't have the position to examine. Grandmother reveals to them that she never accepted that Hyun-joo fled, in light of the fact that she was a decent young lady who adored her family and home. Grandmother likewise uncovers that Hyun-joo is hard of hearing. 

Hwa-pyung inquires as to whether Grandmother has seen Hong-joo previously, however Grandmother doesn't think so. He doesn't see any other individual dubious either, yet recalls the analyst who used to visit them consistently — the investigator was the one in particular who trusted Hyun-joo didn't flee. Grandmother murmurs as she uncovers that the analyst passed on the job, and Kil-youthful realizes the lady was discussing her mom. 

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Hosing his attitude, Kil-youthful examinations his mom's case notes. Hwa-pyung circumspectly inquires as to whether he's alright, and Kil-youthful says that dealing with the case felt like some sort of heavenly discipline for the adolescent frenzy the night his mom passed on. 

He gets word that the watchman who at first affirmed he saw Hong-joo with Hyun-joo that evening is presently remaining in a psychological emergency clinic because of serious distrustfulness — he accepts somebody attempted to kill him. Could that somebody be Hong-joo, who unquestionably ventured into the congregation entryway? In spite of faltering briefly, he entered the hallowed structure without his skin being singed. He bows down to implore, as Yoon quietly watches from behind the congregation. 

Hwa-pyung and Kil-youthful go to the psychological clinic to meet the gatekeeper, Kim Noh-seok. He was in the locked ward, and overlooked them as he sat in the corner, drawing something on the floor. Kil-youthful spots a photograph of Hyun-joo close to him, inquiring as to whether he recollects and what happened the night he vanished. 

Noh-seok says nothing, and the medical caretaker intrudes on that Noh-seok hasn't actually spoken in years, since his suspicion is with the end goal that he accepts he'll be killed on the off chance that he talks. Kil-youthful and Hwa-pyung draw nearer to perceive what Noh-seok drew, and it's a sketch of an individual with their right eye wounded. Hwa-pyung inquires as to whether Noh-seok has seen Park Il-do, and afterward shows the man a photograph of Hong-joo. Noh-seok begins hitting quickly. 

Yoon welcomes Hong-joo as he leaves the congregation, presenting himself as the meeting minister and communicating interest in his association with Sharing Hands — adding that he saw her as of late in his old neighborhood. It's all well mannered indefinite quality, yet when he goes to leave, Yoon obtusely inquires as to whether he places his confidence in God, and not Satan.

Hong-joo prays in the church

Hong-joo prays in the church

Hong-joo gazes at him briefly, then, at that point grins and says he did. Yoon holds out his hand for her to shake "farewell," – a hand likewise enveloped by a rosary. He looked at her, however didn't contact her hand as she revealed to him she'd see him around. 

Hwa-pyung is certain that Hong-joo is Park Il-do, however Kil-youthful advises him not to make hasty judgments dependent on the lean proof of an insane man. He calls attention to that assuming Park Il-do had Hong-joo that evening, for what reason didn't Park Il-do have a safety officer as well, killing the gatekeeper so he was unable to affirm. Hwa-pyung answers that Park Il-accomplish doesn't work like that, furthermore, Hwa-pyung still accepts that Park Il-do is included. 

At the point when he gets back to his own police headquarters, Detective Go protests at ensuring him the entire day. She enlightens him concerning the new data with respect to his mom's old case, and he cautions Kil-youthful not to stumble into difficulty since that is not the case at this moment. All things being equal, it was her mom's old case - she was unable to disregard it. 

Analyst Go is additionally amazed that the excellent presume Kil-youthful is a senator, since they can't contemplate contacting Hong-joo without proof. He cautions Kil-youthful that they'll be terminated in the event that they explore, and Kil-youthful moans, letting it be known's a predicament, particularly when their solitary observer is deranged. 

Yoon calls Hwa-pyung — who was following Hong-joo's office — and the two men meet. Yoon uncovers that he saw Hong-joo the previous evening and he doesn't know Hong-joo was moved by, he went to chapel and supplicated. He inquires as to whether Hwa-pyung truly trusts Hong-joo was the superb suspect in Hyun-joo's passing, and Hwa-pyung informs him concerning Noh-seok, emphasizing that he actually trusts Hong-joo is claimed by Park Il-do. 

The hypothesis is that Hong-joo killed one more young lady and covered her in the forest, which is the way she met Priest Choi, since that is the place where she committed suicide. Park Il-do chooses to move from Priest Choi - a criminal needed by the police - to Hong-joo, a secondary school understudy who can keep away from doubt. 

By all rights, Kil-youthful needs to abandon the case since it's not his purview, but rather he's finding a lady, Han Mi-jin, who used to be companions with Hyun-joo. Mi-jin mindfully says that she knows nothing, and advises Kil-youthful to leave since he's bustling running his eatery. 

However, she looks stressed when she later checks to ensure that Kil-youthful is truly absent, and her better half inquires as to whether all is great. Mi-jin shrugs, however observing some happy secondary school understudies make her anxious, and she reveals to her significant other to deal with the café while he goes to rest with their little child. 

He sat at the bus station, out to lunch. His child nearly got on the transport without him, yet Yoon tenderly halted him. Mi-jin thanks the minister for ensuring her child doesn't leave without her, however her face freezes when Yoon uncovers that she was there as a result of Hyun-joo. Hwa-pyung and Kil-youthful remain with him. 

the trio are discussing something

the trio are discussing something

Hwa-pyung tells Mi-jin that they discovered Hyun-joo's body a couple of days prior, and Mi-jin separates in tears. The triplet goes with Mi-jin to her home. As her child plays in his room, Mi-jin uncovers that she's hushed up with regards to that evening for the beyond twenty years. 

Mi-jin had been hanging tight for Hyun-joo outside the school so they could head back home together like they generally did, however when Hyun-joo didn't come out, Mi-jin went inside to discover him. He finds that Hong-joo shouted and hit Hyun-joo. Mi-jin stows away as she watches her companion furtively take on Hong-joo's maltreatment. 

Hong-joo continues to arrange Hyun-joo to respond to her, however Hyun-joo attempts to escape by pushing Hong-joo away and runs for it. Hong-joo gets the more youthful young lady by her hair and pulls her back inside. Then, at that point Hong-joo gets a seat and hammers it on top of the young lady. Hyun-joo doesn't move, and scared, Mi-jin runs outside, where she's gotten by Noh-seok, the safety officer.

Through her wails, she tells Noh-seok what occurred. However, when he goes to examine, he returns and, somewhat befuddled, says that all is great and that Mi-jin should return home, cautioning him not to mention to anybody what he saw. 

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Mi-jin begins to cry when she concedes she was reluctant to converse with the police after Hyun-joo vanished, since everybody said that Hyun-joo had fled. Everybody aside from Kil-youthful's mom, who passed on the prior night Mi-jin could meet the analyst and give her declaration. 

A couple of days after Hyun-joo vanished, he went to converse with Noh-seok regarding what occurred. Yet, Noh-seok irately enlightens her not to talk regarding this is on the grounds that "he" may hear them. The watchman shouts at him to quiet down, as "he will" kill them on the off chance that he says anything, adding that was the explanation the female analyst kicked the bucket. 

Noh-seok attempts to choke Mi-jin, however she splits free and flees when the gatekeeper hollers at her to keep silent or "he will kill you." Mi-jin says she was too frightened to even think about doing anything from that point onward, deciding to accept that Hyun-joo fled in light of the fact that it was the most secure alternative. 

Mi-jin's child breaks the desolate mind-set by going into the parlor to play with his toy emergency vehicle. As Mi-jin holds her child, she admits that she's been pondering Hyun-joo since that day, feeling regretful that she never made some noise with regards to her companion. He muses that it seems like karma that his child is additionally nearly deaf, as Hyun-joo. 

Outside, the triplet examine their alternatives. Kil-youthful says that no observers can affirm, however Hwa-pyung couldn't care less, in light of the fact that he actually demands that Hong-joo is Park Il-do. Kil-youthful doesn't trust him, however asks what he would do in case he was directly about belonging. Yoon says that he and Hwa-pyung will take over since the expulsion includes — they needn't bother with the police. 

Incensed, Kil-youthful calls attention to that Yoon continued attempting to show him out despite the fact that he needed to get Park Il-do however much they did. Yoon demands that it is excessively hazardous, advising him that Park Il-do is a barbarous and severe soul. Kil-youthful says that he shouldn't stress over her, yet when Yoon calls attention to that what befell his mom might have happened to him, he's prepared to battle the priestess. 

Hwa-pyung intercedes, advising them that they don't have the opportunity to battle one another. Incensed, Kil-youthful asks Hwa-pyung in the event that he knows some other exorcist ministers — he's finished with Yoon and won't work with him any longer. He gets in his vehicle and leaves.

Irritated, Hwa-pyung reprimands Yoon for pushing Kil-youthful away, advising him that they need his assistance to get Park Il-do. Yoon shouts at him, asking Hwa-pyung in the event that he feels remorseful too for putting Kil-youthful in harm's way. 

Hwa-pyung shouts that he feels frustrated about every one of them, yet that will waste their time with regards to getting Park Il-do. He begs Yoon, advising them that they are so close — all things considered, Park Il-do is in Hong-joo. Yoon is as yet not persuaded that Hong-joo is moved by, Hwa-pyung is unyielding, and will demonstrate it when he draws near enough to Hong-joo himself. 

Hwa-pyung slips into the Sharing Hands occasion that Hong-joo joins in. He radiantly presents himself as one of his political allies, however coming from a similar old neighborhood. Then, at that point he "guiltlessly" inquires as to whether he caught wind of the missing young lady's body being found, contemplating whether he knows the young lady who passed on. 

At the point when Hong-joo says she doesn't, Hwa-pyung is stunned, and says that Hong-joo works at the school the young lady joins in. Hwa-pyung then inquires as to whether he knows the name "Park Il-do." His grin vanishes, Hong-joo gazes at him briefly, then, at that point leaves without an answer. 

Yet, she all grins again when Yoon welcomes her. He was glad to see the minister, however delayed when he offered him a rosary as a badge of appreciation for everything he did at Sharing Hands. He favored it with a petition and held it out to him. He considers it Hwa-pyung and Yoon observes eagerly – however his skin doesn't consume! 

Grinning, he said thanks to him for the gift. All signs highlight him not being moved by, reality that Hwa-pyung will not acknowledge. Nonetheless, they gain from Priest Yang that there is something many refer to as "complete belonging," in which a devil, in the wake of assuming control over the body for quite a while, can stay camouflaged in light of the fact that sacrosanct things don't influence it to an extreme. There would be no chance of knowing whether the individual was overwhelmed except if the devil chose to uncover himself, and any endeavored expulsion could require years. 

Hong-joo staggers out of the washroom, seeming as though she's been hurling. He looked lazy and wiped out as he glanced in the mirror. He pulls out Yoon's rosary, shouting as he breaks it into pieces. 

Hwa-pyung is not really set in stone to defy Hong-joo and cause him to uncover that he knows Park Il-do. Yoon normally brings up that it's difficult for some arbitrary individual to move toward an amazing representative. Yoon repeats that they need to decide with conviction whether he has. 

yoon reminds hwa-pyung not to kill

yoon reminds hwa-pyung not to kill

Recollecting that everybody claimed by Park Il-do lost their sight in their right eye, Hwa-pyung says they should see whether Hong-joo can see through that eye. Assuming he can't, they can show him out!

Yoon uncovers that he no longer has the position to perform expulsions. Baffled, Hwa-pyung brings up that Yoon actually has abilities and capacities, so it's absurd that not really settled to adhere to chapel rules when life may be in question. Yet, Yoon is firm, and Hwa-pyung protests that he'll do it without anyone's help, then, at that point. 

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In the interim, Kil-youthful attempts to get Hyun-joo's post-mortem results. However, the police boss won't disclose to him anything, irritated that he stuck his nose where it doesn't have a place, and uncovers that Noh-seok got away from the psychological medical clinic the previous evening. 

Yoon indeed goes through every one of the Sharing Hands flyers and tracks down that Sharing Hands has worked intimately with the psychological clinic since the foundation was established. 

Noh-seok takes a taste of water at Mi-jin's eatery. He wasn't there, fortunately. However, her better half is somewhat irritated by Noh-seok and the manner in which he continues to rehash "You shouldn't have considered me that evening." Mi-jin's significant other calls to keep an eye on her, and listens in on Noh-seok, so presently he realizes that Mi-jin is home. 

Hwa-pyung is lost in a daze, and his viewpoint shows somebody moving onto Mi-jin's overhang and glimpsing inside, watching her rest while her child plays in his room with his toy rescue vehicle. In any case, the sound of the toy blends with the sound of a genuine emergency vehicle driven by Hwa-pyung's taxi, which tosses him out of his dream. 

Noh-seok barges into Mi-jin's loft, yet he overlooks the kid — who, having lost his hearing, doesn't see that there's any other person in the room. Noh-seok takes a blade from the kitchen and Mi-jin awakens, requesting to realize who was there. At the point when he saw what it's identity was, he rushed to his child's room and locked the entryway. 

Gripping his child firmly to his chest, he delayed until there was just quietness in the parlor. Circumspectly he moved toward the entryway, then, at that point shouted in dread as the blade wounded through him. At the point when Noh-seok ruthlessly hacks his direction through the entryway, Mi-jin shrouds her child in the wardrobe. 

Kil-youthful stops at the café, inquiring as to whether her significant other has seen a weird man as of late. Mi-jin's better half portrays Noh-seok, so Kil-youthful hurries to Mi-jin's condo, showing up simultaneously Yoon does. In any case, they're past the point of no return — very much like Hwa-pyung, who simply gazes at Mi-jin's cadaver and Noh-seok, the last of which has penetrated his right eye. 

Yoon understands that the child should be some place, and they discover him looking out of the cabinet. Yoon races to impede the kid's perspective on the gore, embracing him firmly. 

Police showed up to research the crime location and removed the body. Noh-seok's body is as yet dribbling with seawater. Kil-youthful's watch as the solitary observer in the last case her mom chipped away at is taken. 

The threesome who looked as Mi-jin's better half cried in distress clung to his child. Hwa-pyung chooses to assume control over issue and kill Hong-joo before more guiltless individuals pass on. 

Yoon gets him, advising him that in the event that he kills a had individual, he's no greater than a devil. Hwa-pyung indignantly brings up that every other person has passed on in light of the fact that they didn't make a move. At the point when Yoon attempts to hinder him, Hwa-pyung hits the cleric and leaves. 

Kil-youthful hollers at them for behaving like juvenile children, yet a stressed Yoon discloses to him they need to stop Hwa-pyung. 

Hwa-pyung goes somewhere Hong-joo gives a lecture. He held up in the passage until he was separated from everyone else. He shouts at her to let him be the point at which he settles on the decision, believing she's one of his helpers, however is amazed to see that it's Hwa-pyung. 

With disturbed eyes, he inquires as to whether he killed Mi-jin and Noh-seok. Irritated, she advises him to leave, requesting his associate as Hwa-pyung approaches him. Hwa-pyung requests to know why he killed such countless honest individuals, yet he continues to shout that he's insane and for her to let him be. 

Hong-joo laughs at his demand that he's Park Il-do, and when he inquires as to whether he's visually impaired in his right eye, she smiles at him, disclosing to him he found out about him, the insane child who killed his family. In any case, Hwa-pyung gets her and covers her left eye, contemplating whether she can see it. 

Not really settled to finish what he couldn't twenty years prior, Hwa-pyung gets a blade from his sack. All of a sudden, Hong-joo's assistants surge in, and, detecting a death endeavor on their chief, divert Hwa-pyung as he shouts Park Il-do's name at Hong-joo. Yoon and Kil-youthful likewise come, and Hong-joo simply smiles at them.

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