Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 6 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 6

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 6

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 6 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 6 English Subtitles

The nursing staff takes the bloody woman Jin Yunxi to the hospital, but Hua Ping refuses to be demoted to the police station to warn Ki-young's "sun" in Yunxi. Kil-young tells him not to participate in policy matters, but as he gets dragged into the police station, Hwa-pyung asks him to pay attention to Yoon-hee.

At the station, officers believe that Hwa-pyung and Yoon attacked Yoon-hee based on passerby's testimony. Hwa-pyung doesn't even blink when he plays the story about going to the same church as Yoon-hee. He explains that he's just a friend who cares about his mental health, so he brings his pastor Yoon for a consultation.

Yoon looks uncomfortable with Hwa-pyung’s lies but reluctantly admits that he gave Yoon-hee some advice (it’s true). The police still couldn't believe it and ordered them to stay while they did a background check.
Yoon complains that Hwa-pyung can't stop lying, and this is all due to his provocation of Yoon-hee. He's still worried that Yun Hee will get into an accident to help him if they don't show up, but Hwa-pyung is sure that Kil-young is on high alert.

You're right because Kil-young is in the hospital with detectives Go and Yoon-hee. Kil-young asks why he lied last month saying that he didn't call his girlfriend Jong-ryul because phone records show that he was in touch with her the day he disappeared.
Yoon-hee insists that she doesn't remember, but Kil-young insists, insisting that Kil-young killed her and left her body somewhere. When the detective starts to leave, Yun Hee sits down and screams that he didn't kill her.

The detectives assume there is a mental health issue, but Kil-young disagrees. He didn't go into details, just telling Gao Tan that he wanted to stay and take care of Yun-xi. However, the nurse hears from Yun Hee that Jong-ryul is waiting for her near her apartment.
The detective comes out to do the same, but Qi Yi can't help but remember that Hua Ping had warned that Yun Hee might do something dangerous, so he orders Detective Gao to go back to the hospital and do his own investigation. Detective Gao complained that he had searched the apartment parking lot by himself.

He finds a car covered by a sheet of paper. When he lifted the cover, there was a corpse sitting in the back seat. It's Zhong Li.
Kil-young runs back to the hospital, but Yoon-hee has disappeared.
Hua Ping, who was still waiting at the police station, saw the vision from Yun Hee's perspective. He visited Jongryul's workplace at night and the only person there was the supervisor he tried to kill. She doesn't know who he is but agrees to lend her his cell phone.

Jong-ryul is leaning in the back seat

Jong-ryul is leaning in the back seat

When he gave it to her, he stabbed her with an opener and told her she was the first office worker he was going to kill. Then she put on her red lipstick and started whistling.

At the police station, Hua Ping also blew the same whistle. Yoon tries to get his attention, but Hwa-pyung is too lost in his vision. Hwa-pyung pinches Yoon's throat and the other cops try to intervene, but his demonic powers through psychic hallucinations are too strong.
Kil-young comes in and tries to get Hwa-pyung to change it. Hwapyung told what he saw in the vision and warned him that Yoonhee was planning to kill all the office workers when he went to work in the morning.

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Kil-young tells the other two to go home and let him handle it, but Hwa-pyung insists they catch Park I do together. Kil-young insists vehemently that it has nothing to do with Park I do, he just wants to catch the person who killed Jong-ryul.
Hwapyung reminds him that Kil-young is a part of him, like it or not, because Park Ildo killed his mother. Kil-young grits his teeth to warn Hwa-pyung not to mention his mother then turns and walks away. Yoon believes that everything is for the best, because if Kilmuda is dragged to find Park Indo, he may be in danger.

Yoon and HwaPyung broke into Yoonhee's apartment illegally. This fact made Yoon look very uncomfortable. But Hwa-pyung says that before Yoon-hee kills more people, they should learn more about Yoon-hee, which is the quickest way. They find many happy photos of Yun-xi and Jong-ryul, which makes them wonder what darkness is in his heart, whether he will be possessed and will kill his girlfriend.
When they heard someone at the door, they were stunned. He was Yun-xi's friend, and he was just as surprised to see them. Hwa-pyung asks him about Yoonhee's mental health, but only when Yoon puts on a reassuring priest costume and gently reveals that he's spoken to Yoon-hee before, does his friend admit that Yoon-hee is having a hard time. Time was because Zhong Li was bullied at work.

A friend explained that Jongryul quit his job when he and Yoonhee were planning to get married. Yoon and Hwapyung realized that Yoonhee wanted to avenge her boyfriend who actually committed suicide.
Detectives go to Jong-ryul's old office and investigate separately. Kil-young warns the detective. Watch out, because Yoon-hee is dangerous (though she doesn't explain why).
Gao Tan looked around the empty office carefully, no one was there. Yun Hee, who was present, appeared behind him and grabbed his neck.
Yoon and Hwapyung go to the office building, when Hwapyung starts whistling, Yoon realizes that he and Hwapyung are lost. Hwapyung's vision shows Detective Go lying on the ground, bleeding from his neck. Oh no!

Yoon finally shakes Hwa-pyung out of a trance, and they rush to the office even more anxious. Yoon calls Kilyoung and warns him that Detective Go is under attack. Hwa-pyung tells him not to enter the building.
But Kil-young remembers what happened to his mother twenty years ago when young Hwa-pyung gave him the same warning. Without hesitation, he ran up the stairs and came to Zhong Lu's office. He found the guard dog lying on the ground, panting. Still alive!
Kil-young asks for support, but before the call connects, Yoon-hee catches him and the two women fight. Yoonhee may have demonic powers, but we all know Kil-young can defend herself in supernatural battles.

a priest is treating someone who is in a trance

a priest is treating someone who is in a trance

Even so, Yoon-hee manages to overpower Kil-young and knock him out. Yun-xi whistled in a terrible tone and dragged Kir-yan down the corridor, who was unconscious.
In an empty room, Yun-xi ties up Qi-Liang and his boss. Yun-xi tells them that she will kill everyone when they start work in the morning. The plan is to kill everyone in the company.
Yoon-hee reveals that Jong-ryul was bullied and harassed by his colleagues. Jong-ryul ends up being unable to accept all the cruel messages sent by his comrades, as well as the cruel messages Yoon-hee receives from her demonic text messages. One night after Zhong Lie called Yun-xi, Yun-xi returned home to find that she was in the bathtub with a cut on her wrist.

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He also tries to kill himself by jumping off the building, at that moment a demon comes and enters the distraught Yun Hee with a text message. They told him to kill everyone who caused his girlfriend's death.
Kil-young asks if Park Il-do made him do this, and a furious Yoon-hee angrily says that this will be the last time Kil-young says that name. He decides to update his plan and kill everyone immediately instead of waiting for the morning. He picks the supervisor first, and when he lifts the box cutter to the man's neck, Kil-young frantically rolls over & writhes on the floor, pushing Yoon-hee away from him. Furious, Yoon-hee kicks and stomps Kil-young, laughing viciously as she reminds Kil-young that people who intervene always end up in the end, no matter what (you know, her mother). But just as Yoon-hee raises her knife to cut Kil-young's throat, she hears Yoon and Hwa-pyung's voice calling for Kil-young.

Yoon-hee's eyes grow wide when she realizes that "bastard & priest" is here. Dropping the knife, Yoon-hee ran down the hall and out of the building. Hwa-pyung and Yoon chase after him, Yoon being the slightly faster one as Hwa-pyung pauses to head the other way. He has supernatural speed and stamina on his side, though, and Yoon eventually has to stop to catch his breath. Hwa-pyung cuts Yoon-hee in his taxi using the run. It's a punch that focuses on hurting another human, but the possessed Yoon-hee gets back up and grabs Hwa-pyung, throwing him on the hood and strangling him. Yoon catches them & presses a cross around his neck, which causes Yoon-hee to writhe in pain and pass out.

 Both men are exhausted, but Yoon reveals he will look after Yoon-hee so Hwa-pyung can study Kil-young. Hwa-pyung returns to the office building & frees Kil-young & the terrified supervisor from their bondage. They also find Detective Go, who is fortunately still alive. Yoon takes Yoon-hee to an empty warehouse which he quickly sets up as his exorcism chamber. She ties it to the table and assigns her holy items for the ritual. Yoon-hee wakes up and tries to get into Yoon's head, asking if he blamed Hwa-pyung for what happened to his brother. He hissed that he would die for example Priest Choi and his parents. He bursts out laughing, but Yoon continues to focus on preparing his holy items. He was about to silence her, though, when he suddenly exploded that everyone around him would die - "He's just like us." Yoon stops because that's what Young-soo told him during his exorcism.

Yoon demands to know what he means, but suddenly Yoon-hee starts crying frantically – this time there's no devilish sound when she says it hurts. Blood starts flowing from his wrist & Yoon tries to untie him, but he jumps up & grabs his neck to strangle him with his supernatural powers. Hwa-pyung saves him by pushing him away according to Yoon-hee — strangling him is only in his mind. He's still tied to the table, but he almost convinces Yoon to free him. Hwa-pyung scolds him for being so confident that he can handle everything on his own, even though the demons are getting into his head. Yoon insists he's fine, but Hwa-pyung & Kil-young jump in to help restrain Yoon-hee as Yoon is able to carry out a vicious exodus.

 With her devilish voice, Yoon-hee laughs that they all hate each other because they blame each other for what happened in their family.. He scoffs that they would actually work together. Yoon briefly tells Kil-young not to look Yoon-hee in the eye and quickly starts the exorcism. Hwa-pyung demands to know more about Park Il-do — where he went after Priest Choi died, and his connection to Sharing Hands. But a furious Yoon-hee angrily screams that she will kill her grandfather. Cut Grandpa's cough at his house. Oh no! Yoon-hee continues to grin as she reveals to the trio that they're all going to kill each other, but Yoon orders the other two not to listen to the possessed woman.

 Yoon-hee writhes in pain as Yoon prays & presses the cross against her skin, which is burning. Kil-young can't stop feeling sorry for Yoon-hee's way of hitting & screaming in pain. Finding a weak spot in the three, Yoon-hee focuses her attention on another woman, begging her to save her. Hwa-pyung screams in Kil-young not to give up as Yoon continues to pray, but Kil-young looks hesitant. Yoon-hee's soft voice grows rough as she screams in Kil-young to free her or she will kill him like his mother. Suddenly Yoon-hee's voice changes again – now she sounds like Kil-young's mother, revealing to her that she should never have been born & should have died using her mother dead. Hwa-pyung screams in Kil-young not to fall for the devil's trick, and Yoon-hee beats him until he passes out. Blood seeped down his body. Yoon gently asks if Yoon-hee can hear him.

 The woman turns to face him, like the devil in that he wasn't there - Yoon-hee wanted to die when her boyfriend died, but the devil saved her, so Yoon-hee is theirs. When Yoon-hee hits, Sakura yells at him not to give up on himself, choosing to live. "Think of your baby!" Kil-young is shocked to learn that Yoon-hee is pregnant, & Hwa-pyung talks that they found out about the information according to Yoon-hee's friend. They must save Yoon-hee so that they too can save her unborn baby. Hwa-pyung shows a photo of Yoon-hee enjoying using Jong-ryul, telling him that he can't die, be strong for his son. They continue the exorcism, & Yoon-hee starts spitting up water when she screams Park Il-do's name. Flashing lights.

Suddenly he sat up & spat out the water genre. The exorcism is over. They save Yoon-hee — and the baby. In the morning, the trio sat outside after someone else had been taken to the hospital. Yoon-hee is likely to go to jail for attempted murder, but Hwa-pyung insists that Yoon-hee is innocent. His actions were caused by Park Il-do. Kil-young demands to know more about Park Il-do, wondering if he was really responsible for his mother's death. He decides that they need to catch him, because he turned innocent people into murderers.

Kil-young is checking a box

Kil-young is checking a box

 Hwa-pyung warns him that if he goes down this path, there's no turning back, but Kil-young is determined. Yoon said it was too dangerous for him. Park Il-do is a spirit - only an exorcist has to deal with.Kil-young stubbornly tells Yoon to understand that he's going to help her – after all, he's been a part of this, whether he likes it or not. Hwa-pyung can't believe they have the energy to fight like this after what they've just been through, but Yoon firmly insists that he'll sort it out himself & walk home.

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 Hwa-pyung is all for cooperating and convinces Kil-young he'll persuade Yoon. She offers to give him a ride home, telling him he has to go to the hospital first so he won't worry his family will show up with multiple wounds. Hwa-pyung sighs that he has no family. Kil-young reveals to him that she used to wonder why her mother lived a dangerous life like a detective, barging into dangerous places without thinking about what it meant to her daughter. Kil-young now realizes he did the same – if he had a family, they probably wouldn't like it either. Hwa-pyung silently apologizes for being a boy on the street twenty years ago, but Kil-young points out that if he wasn't there, Yoon would have died. What he regretted most was that he stopped him from entering the residence, because perhaps he could do more than just watch his mother die. Remembering the night his mother died when he was possessed, Hwa-pyung muses that maybe he should have died right then and there.When he comes home, Hwa-pyung checks on his Grandpa, making sure that he's okay. He is. Wow. Then Hwa-pyung glances at the Sharing Hands booklet.

Meanwhile, Yoon gets word from his parish that he is now banned as an exorcist because he hasn't followed the proper exorcism mechanism. Alone at church, Yoon hears Yoon-hee's voice, reminding him that everyone near Park Il-do will die. Yoon tries to center himself in his faith by praying, but just then his phone buzzes. It's Hwa-pyung, asking for help. Yoon stops the Priest Yang – who puts a little whiskey in his coffee. Yoon is concerned about Priest Yang's drinking, but the older priest assures him that it's only for medicinal purposes. Yoon isn't there to discuss Priest Yang's hidden alcoholism, but Sharing Hands and his relationship with possessed people. Priest Yang insists that it is impossible for Sharing Hands - a voluntary church charity - to use Park Il-do. Yoon hesitates, then asks Priest Yang if he often hears things when he used to be an exorcist. The older priest admits that it is not uncommon to hear things or have hallucinations as an exorcist, as the soul is getting damaged as he comes into contact with demons, eg slowly being eaten.

 He tells Yoon that he should stop chasing the demons he is so close to, but Yoon says he has no choice. He asked for Priest Yang's donation. Hwa-pyung tricks Yook Kwang into going with him to the place where Priest Choi died – something Yook Kwang wouldn't do, because he knows how dangerous Park Il-do is. Reluctantly, the shaman follows Hwa-pyung into the forest. He carefully surveys the site where Imam Choi's body was found, performing rituals for the deceased. Yook Kwang freezes when he realizes that the spiritual realm is blocked from him – but he has the same vision he did that night when he tried to drive Young-soo away, when he saw himself dead, covered in blood, in his house. Suddenly Yook Kwang starts digging the ground, and finds another corpse. Back at the police station, where Hwa-pyung & Yook Kwang are being held under suspicion. Yook Kwang insists that they are completely innocent, a mere shaman & someone psychic, and that the spirit brought them into the body. Yes, it's not suspicious. The body is revealed to be that of high school student, Song Hyun-joo, who went missing twenty years ago.

 Ohhh, it's the same missing girl using Kil-young's mother that's being investigated, and the reason she was so late to pick up Kil-young that night. Kil-young pulls out a box of old memorabilia according to his cupboard. Inside was a record of his mother's old troubles. Kil-young flipped through them, stopping at the name: Park Hong-joo. Meanwhile, Yoon looks through Priest Yang's Sharing Hand's information collection, & stops when he sees a photo of Hong-joo using Young-soo & the trash page brothers. Hong-joo serves food to homeless people through the Sharing Hands shelter, giving an interview to the press about how much she cares for the homeless. When a reporter asks for photos, asking Hong-joo to hold hands with homeless people, the councilor is a little reluctant until one of his favors sided with him. He then whispered something in her ear, & the smile of her vanishing photo disappeared. He's furious to learn that Hyun-joo's body has been found, and throws a fit in the shelter's kitchen, knocking out pots & pans until his hands start to bleed.

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