Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 5 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 5

Netgenz - Synopsis | Watch Drama The Guest Episode 5 English Subtitle – If you are bored and need to watch Korean drama, you can see the explanation below, also read the Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 1-16 English Subtitle [ END].

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 5

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 5 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 5 English Subtitles

Kil-young watches tiredly as the police try to clear text and metaphors from the Minsang crime scene. It's hard for Detective High to believe that Hwa-pyung participated "at will," just as he participated "at-will" in Young-soo's case. Kil-young is exhausted and says he doesn't understand either.

 Min-sang leaves the house, walks up to the tall detective, and orders him to send the police. Everything that everyone was worried about, he was upset. Kil-young points out that his son killed someone, but his mother doesn't care. He just wanted the police to leave him and his neighbors.

 At the cheap noodle restaurant, Hua Ping is waiting for Qi-Liang. When he arrived, he told him that Yin was also on his way to meet him. He decided to leave before arriving. He doesn't like priests. But he gave Hua Ping a bag of medicine and a bandage on his injured hand.

 Hwa-pyung says he'll buy him dinner, so he takes the bag and returns it, but Hwa-pyung takes it from him. He couldn't drive a taxi right now, so he had to save as much money as possible.

 He asks how the case is, Kil-young thinks, because of his mental state, Min-gu will be given a lighter sentence. He added that during his years as a detective, he was often seen by others, but it was hard for him to believe what he had seen recently.

 Asked if "Park Eldo" is really an influencer. Hwa-pyung confirms this and explains that Min-gu and Min-sang's hatred of women didn't come directly from Park l do, but the abuse of their children by their mother and Park l do only contributed to the hatred they already had.

 Kil-young wants to know which is worse: a demon who has a man like Park I do, or a mother who was raised for two men. He asks Hua Ping why he spent so much time tracking down Park I do's a ghost when there are already terrible humans in the world. She had just told him that someone had to stop Park I do. Also, this is personal.

 As he got up and left, hoping to avoid Yin, Hua Ping thanked him for saving his life. again. Kil-young warns him that if he keeps doing this, he might die.

Kil-young meets Yoon outside the noodle restaurant. He greets her politely and continues to walk away, but she thanks him for the help. After all, he refused, he only worked as a detective. But he turned around again, wondering if he had seen Yin before.

 He points out that they met in shame that night, but he means before that. When he asks if he goes to church, Kil-young curtly tells him that he hates churches. Then he turned and left.

 Yoon and Hwa-Pyung come out to talk about Park Ildo and Priest Choi. Yoon refuses to believe that his brother belongs to Park I do, but Hwa-pyung knows better, which may be due to his mental feelings. He reveals that Yoon became an exorcist priest to find Father Choi and save him.

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Hwa-pyung warns Yoon that Park I do is looking for him, repeating what the devil in Youngsoo said to look for his brother. When Hwa-pyung shouts a warning behind him, Yoon refuses to believe it and walks away. If Yin sees Pastor Choi, he asks Yin to contact him.

 At home (and in casual attire!), Yin stares at her priestess skirt. Then he took the family portrait from the desk drawer. He showed it with his parents when he was a child, but when he opened the folded photo, his brother was standing next to them, smiling.

 Park Hwa-pyung is outside Yoon's house, watching him thinking that Park I-do, as priest Choi, will visit Yoon at night (because the devil really doesn't want to go to the church where Yoon spends during the day). Yook Kwang is also there, complaining that Hwa-pyung keeps dragging him into this mess. But when Hua Ping said that Yu-Guang could go home, the shaman replied that his friend couldn't be taken care of on his own. Oh.

Young-so researches the findings of human skulls

Young-so researches the findings of human skulls

 Unless you get a call from your boyfriend and give you a reason to leave. However, Yook Kwang was worried that if Park Ildo came while he was away, Yoon would not be able to perform the exorcism, as Yoon would have to do it on his own brother. Hwa-pyung shrugs and says that they should at least give it a try, but the ambiguity worries Yook Kwang, and he goes to help his girlfriend anyway. that!

 When Hua Ping was on duty, he thought about the deaths of his mother and grandmother. He sat alone in the car, looked into the back seat, and saw the large knife in his bag from his last step.

 It started to rain not only on Hua-ping's car but also on the field, pedestrians hiding in the bushes were surprised to find human skulls.

 In the morning, it was still raining. Yoon gets out of Hwa-Hyung's car, Hwa-pyung falls asleep but stops when he receives a call from Pastor Yang. When Yin heard what the other priests had said to him, he froze.

 Hwapyung woke up complaining about the rain, I don't know why Yoon woke up so early. Seeing Yoon’s shocked expression, Hwa-pyung asks what’s the matter, Yoon reveals that they have found his brother, Father Choi. Or at least his body, because it was a skeleton found by passers-by.

 That will definitely change things, and Yoon returns to his hometown. The forest is now a crime scene, and the police have barred all journalists from entering.

Young-soo's excited screams remind us that Father Cui is on his way to see his brother, and the medical examiner reveals Father Cui's skeletal remains. Yin looked at him and the invisible identity card, clothes, and cross on his body, and explained that this must be his brother's body.

 The coroner's decision was suicide because the spinal cord was severed and there were ropes nearby, presumably he was hanged. Priest Yang was also there and gently told Yin that suicide was a common way to possess people.

 Yoon feels great but points out that his brother's body was found buried deep in the ground instead of hanging from a tree.

 Hwa-pyung talks to the traveler who found the skeleton, trying to get more information about Pastor Choi’s body. He plays a small-town boy and wants the boy to talk.

 The grocery store took bribes and revealed that he wasn't even sure why he went to the area while hiking. The man said that he almost felt pushed, but thought that as long as the rain and dirt were swept away, the skeleton would open.

 Kil-young receives a warning from his boss to stop being a traitor and leave a case that's not his. Detective Gao tries to defend him, noting that thanks to Kil-young, they were able to catch the suspect and prevent more deaths, but his boss isn't satisfied with his stubbornness.

 Received a call from someone and froze when he heard a voice on the other end. This is the police chief of his hometown, judging by his reaction, he is his relative (probably his father). He apologizes for not talking to her for a long time and asks how he is. Kil-young is still frozen and barely able to speak, but says he'll come and take a look.

 Yoon and Pastor Yang are trying to get more information about their brother's case, but this is still under investigation. When they left the station, they met board member Park Hongzhi. He greeted Father Yang kindly and asked about his "sharing hands" charity.

 Yoon watched him closely, but when he told young priest Hongjoo how lovely, beautiful and generous she was, and how much he valued her position on the charity board, Father Yang almost laughed.

 He met the police chief at the station. Ask about the bodies they found and explain what they think is suicide. She tells him to stop the investigation because he doesn't want to expose his hometown to negative publicity, but the police chief carefully explains that this was a very popular case twenty years ago, so it was impossible to avoid talking about it.

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 Suddenly, Hongzhu convinced him to stop the investigation. He also shouted at his staff and then became dangerous, which made me very attracted to the police chief. He orders her to stop the investigation and reminds her how much he has helped her over the years. Avoiding eye contact, he obediently agreed.

 A depressed Hwa-pyung named Yook Kwang, complaining that he's been obsessed with tracking down Father Cui for years, discovers that Father Cui has been dead the entire time. He believes that Park I do should be transferred to a new owner before Father Choi's death, which means that Warburg Ping must now find out who Father Choi said twenty years ago.

 Yoon sits in the dining room and doesn't move to listen to the gossip of the couple talking about the murder of their family by Pastor Choi 20 years ago. There were rumors that this family must be related to a mad sect. Priest Yang told Yin not to go private, and Yin said that he had been dealing with rumors all his life.

 The priest who poured a large glass of soju, when Yin asked the older priest if he was drinking again, he caught him. He anxiously walked towards the excited Father Yang on the bus to make sure he was fine, but Father Yang wondered if Yin would be okay alone. Before the bus

 departing, Yin En asked Father Yang to answer the question he had been avoiding answering: Why did his pious brother fall unconscious and kill his family?

With a sigh, Father Yang said that Yin's younger brothers were not devout believers, they were Yin's parents. They were people who wanted Yin's brother to become a priest against his will. Father Yang believes that Yoon's brothers must hate them because of this. This is the portal where the demons possess him.

 But he assures Yoon that Pastor Choi loves his family, especially his sister. Father Yang blamed himself for taking Father Cui that day, and his voice disappeared.

 Yin asks to know what he means, and Father Yang reluctantly explains that he and Father Choi will expel a shaman boy possessed by Park I do. Father Yang added that a grown man's son recently visited him to look for Yin. It was said that this man had a prophecy that Father Cui was looking for his sister. Yin asked who this person was.

 Hwa-pyung spends the night with his grandfather and happily tells him that it's because he has some free time. But Grandpa knew that Hua Ping was thinking about Father Cui. He angrily tells Hwa-pyung to stop looking for Park I do.

 Grandpa doesn't care that Hua Ping wants to prevent Park I do from asking others, he only cares that a powerful spirit has another grandson. Hwa-pyung assures grandpa no, he was a weak kid then. Park Ildo is gone now. But Grandpa turns things around and insists that Hwa-pyung stop looking for Park I do.

Young-so researching the crime scene

Young-so researching the crime scene

 An angry Hwa-pyung leaves his grandfather and heads to the crime scene where Pastor Cui's body was found. He wasn't the only one, as Yoon was also standing in front of the place where his brother's body was buried. He imagined Pastor Choi hanging from a tree.

 Hwa-pyung finds him, Yoon asks why he's there. Hwa-pyung says he doubts the cause of Father Cui's death and wants to investigate without the police present. Yoon, annoyed, grabs Hwa-pyung by the neck and yells that Hwa-pyung is the reason his brother is possessed. Hwa-pyung agrees and fully accepts Yoon's mistakes.

 The flashlights on their faces distracted them. Kil-young orders them to leave to avoid arrest for disturbing the crime scene. Hwa-pyung complains that this isn’t even his jurisdiction, but he shoves them into a very familiar place with Yoon’s old house.

 Hwa-pyung wants to know why they're there. Kil-young explains that a family was murdered here twenty years ago, including a policewoman passing by. The policewoman died while helping her youngest son escape.

Gil-young becomes Yin and insists that his brother was the one who killed everyone. Yoon defends the reason she wants to know and says her mother was a policewoman who died to save her life.

 Yoon stares at him dumbfounded, as Kil-young says angrily that he has never forgotten that night and has been trying to hunt down the killer for years. This is the main reason why he became a detective. When he admitted that he wanted to be the one to catch him, his eyes were full of tears, but he knew he had died twenty years ago.

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 Hwa-pyung interrupts him and tells him that Pastor Choi wasn't the killer. Park I do is the owner of Pastor Choi. An angry Kilyoung tells him to stop him with Park Rita’s stuff, but Hwa-pyung stares at the house and explains that when he was a kid, Park Rita possessed him and Father Choi tried to help him.

 So he went to this house to see the young priest, but he couldn't enter because he was a little scared. One woman stops, assuming she's been tortured, to investigate. Kil-young realizes that Hwa-pyung is the boy.

 Hwa-pyung’s voice shakes, and he admits that he was the reason Kil-young’s mother broke into the house until she died 20 years ago. Kil-young slaps him across the face and knocks Hwa-pyung down. He just looked at her sadly and raised his fist to hit her again. He's willing to accept his punishment, but Kil-young gets back in the car and drives away.

 He relived the night when he saw his mother alive last night when he was a moody teenager and refused to talk to his mother. Mom apologizes for being late to pick her up at a friend's house because she was busy with a case, then assures young Kil-young that she won't forget that today is Kil-young's birthday.

 Kil-young stubbornly continues to ignore his mother and treats her discreetly, even though his mother stops the car to check on the boy in the middle of the road. Mom assures Kil-young that she'll be right back.

 Adult Kil-young sits at the police station confused, staring blankly. Gao Tan brought him food and told him he didn't have to go back to work when he returned to his hometown. When he put the noodles in his mouth, he casually told Gao Tan that he had found the person who killed his mother, but he was already dead.

 Detective Gao is happy for him, as he knows that tracking down his mother's killer is his life's goal. But Kil-young keeps covering his face, trying not to cry, thinking that if his mother wasn't mad at him because he was too busy on his birthday and didn't have time to pick him up from school, he wouldn't be going to school. a friend's house. House. They won't be there tonight. On the street.

Kil-young starts to sob as he blames himself for his mother's death.

 Hwa-pyung returns to his grandfather's house and sees the old man asleep. Grandpa wakes up and says he hasn't slept well since that night twenty years ago till now. Every time you close your eyes, you think about what else you could have done. He blames himself and adds that Hwa-pyung’s mother was so young and full of energy that she was the one who should have died.

 Hwa-pyung tells him not to talk nonsense, but grandpa says Hwa-pyung should forget about it and live his own life. It's not that the dead can come back, they all know how terrible Park I do is. If anything happens to Hwa-pyung looking for Park Ido, Grandpa will kill himself because Hwa-pyung is his only goal in life.

 In the morning, Yoon is sitting in the waiting room of the crematorium, waiting for his brother's ashes. There, he also finds Hwa-pyung.

 Hwa-Pyung wonders if Yoon can end his case like this. Pastor Choi commits suicide and wants to know where the rest of the Yoon family are. Yoon Cooly explains that everyone thought his brother was the killer.

 Yoon admits that he became a priest to save his brother. Unless your brother is dead. Sighing, he says that might be for the best because even if Yoon could perform an exorcism, his brother should know that he killed their parents.

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 Yoon confirms that Hwapyung believes Park I do has his brother and then asks what they must do to find the soul. Hwa-pyung warns Yoon that if he takes this path, he won't be able to continue his normal life.

 Late at night, a woman walked to the roof of a tall building. He stood on the windowsill and looked down. He received a text message and saw it appear as if he was talking to someone. He asks what he should do and the mystery man tells him to kill.

He went to a restaurant and a group of office workers went there after drinking. She put on red lipstick and followed the drunken officer into the basement. His high heels ticked behind the man and the lights flickered.

a woman in a white dress and long hair

a woman in a white dress and long hair

 He turned around, the woman looked gloomy, her long hair in a white skirt stared at her, and she took out a large knife from her bag. The man started to run but fell. He grabbed his hair and was about to cut his throat when he heard a group of drunks approaching. He fled before seeing what happened, and the man was unharmed.

 Detectives Gao and Ki-Yong are working on a new case. They were investigating a possible murder, but there were nobodies. The bloodstains they found in the apartment had been carefully cleaned.

 They decide to take their girlfriends to interrogate the same woman who is about to commit suicide, and then they are persuaded by Satan's text to try to kill someone else. The woman said softly that she broke up with her boyfriend a few months ago, so they haven't spoken recently. I didn't know I was lost.

 Kil-young looks at him suspiciously. Agent Go asks all the questions, but when he explains that he doesn't know anything, the women look very confused. Kil-young is sure he's hiding something, but Detective Go says he's probably still excited about the breakup.

 Yoon receives a call from another parish asking him to speak to a young woman who thinks so. It was the woman before. Yin asked her what symptoms she had and the woman explained that it felt like someone was watching her in the dark, whether it was day or night.

 I would suddenly find him in a strange place, not knowing how he got there. She also receives a text message from a mysterious person saying that they got her number from a man. Information kept telling him to kill. But when I looked at the phone the next day, there was no news.

 Yoon gently asks if he would consider talking to a psychotherapist. The women ask Yoon defensively if he trusts him. Yoon says that he thinks women should talk to doctors than exorcists. When he turned to leave the church, Yin asked who gave him his number.

 The woman said she didn't know who he was, but she remembered his name: Park I do.

 At the same time, Detectives Qi Liang and Gao continue to investigate the mysterious missing person Jiang Zhongli. They stopped at the man's workplace. The supervisor is the man the woman tried to kill last night. The supervisor explained that Jongryul resigned for no reason about a month ago.

 Kil-young asks the boss if he knows that Jongryul has a girlfriend, but no one really knows Jongryul. He only worked there for six months and was not around anyone. Phone records show that on the day Jongryul disappeared, he was talking to his girlfriend. This meant the woman was lying, so the detectives decided to talk to her again.

 In her bedroom, the woman texts the mysterious demon, asking him to kill again. He says he can't do it, but demon-texter says he is an idiot, if it was him, he would have killed himself.

The woman burst into tears, then lifted her head, walked over to her dressing table, and carefully applied blood-red lipstick. He filled his bag with knives and left the apartment where Yin and Hua-ping had just arrived.

 He yells at her to take him aside, saying Yoon is a worthless orphan. He then threatens Hwa-pyung, telling him that his grandfather will die soon, as will his mother and grandmother. But that's the only proof, and Hua Ping calmly asks where Park I do is.

 When he panics and tries to protect his wallet, Hwa-pyung takes it from him and finds a flyer handing out his hands. He wanted to know where the steering wheel had come from, and the woman suddenly fell to the ground.

 Yoon rushes to help but screams that these people are hurting him. The unconscious man catches Yin and Hua-ping, and the woman flees back to the apartment. Her cell phone rings. Yao-wen said he would kill everyone.

 Detectives Go and Kil-young arrives and find Yoon and Hwa-pyung arguing with the police and passers-by that they weren't trying to harm the woman. But he walked out of the room, his wrists bleeding, like a demon raving inside him.

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