Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 4 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 4

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 4

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 4

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 4 English Subtitles

 At the dump, Hwa-pyung confronts Min-gu, believing that he was the one who attacked the woman in the monkey taxi. Min-gu's older brother, Min-sang, chimes in and asks what they want Min-gu to do. When Yook Kwang starts to explain the property, Hwa-pyung finds a flyer sharing his hands with Pastor Yang on the cover.

 Realizing the priest, War-burg Ping asked why they had to have him. Min-sang defends himself and orders them to leave, but Hwa-pyung asks if he recognizes Min-gu's vague and possessive symptoms in strange behavior. The brother threatens to call the police, but Yu-Guang apologizes and escorts Hua Ping.

 They also believed that Ming Gu must be possessed. Yook Kwang recognizes the look in Hwa-pyung's eyes and refuses to participate, reminding Hwa-pyung that his attempt to shoo Young-soo away nearly killed him. At least Hwapyung let Yook Kwang agree to stay and look after Min-gu.

 Kil-young is still following up on all the CCTV footage that night, and finally finds a woman's shop hailing a taxi. The grocery store owner recognized the woman and told Kilyoung that she was one of the locals buying snacks for her daughter.

Kil-young uses the convenience store credit card records to get the contact information of the woman Ahn Yoomi. He finds out that Yoomi doesn't have a job or doesn't even make phone calls, which is weird for her. When Kil-young goes to Yoomi's house, no one answers the knock on the door. Kil-young can see the inside of the movement and screams that it's the police.

 A girl cautiously opens the door after confirming that Kil-young is a policewoman. She is Yoomi's daughter. When Kil-young realizes that not only has he left the girl alone all night because her mother has not gone home, Kil-young's voice becomes softer and the girl also needs a urostomy bag.

 The girl said it was strange that her mother didn't come home after leaving work, but the neighbors checked on her. Kil-young reassures the girl that there is no problem, but because Inspector Go calls, he can no longer continue the investigation. They found the culprit in the case in the corner of the roof. When

 Kil-young arrives, the gangster pulling out a knife and throwing it at another detective, who carefully pulls away. Then the thug jumps from roof to roof, and Kil-young follows behind him, manipulating him while scraping his arm with a knife.

 Gao Tan was angry at Qi Yang's reckless behavior. Catching bad guys doesn't mean you have to risk your life. But Kil-young doesn't have time to discuss the matter, so he must continue to investigate the missing woman and the taxi. His partner warned him that his habit of getting into trouble quickly would one day get him into serious trouble. Detective also suspects that all the evidence centers on Hua Ping's statements, warning him that he may not be as honest as he claims to be. Agent Gao advises Ki-Liang to stay away from Hua Ping, but Ki-Liang can't help investigating whether this means he can save a woman's life and bring the killer to justice.

Hwa-pyung follows Priest Yang in Sharing Hands. The priest was surprised that Hua Ping remembered him after so many years. Hua Ping asked Father Yang if he had heard of Father Cui and added that he was looking for a young priest and that he was really looking for Pu Yi Erdo, and this spirit was attached to him.

 Father Yang said that since that night he never saw Father Cui again, and that was the night he stopped being an exorcist. He refuses to talk about it, hoping to forget what happened.

 Continuing to discuss new things, Hwapyung asked his trash brother. Remember your priest said your charity supports them. Hua Ping said frankly that he believed one of his brothers was possessed. Pastor Yang is a little surprised and tells Hua Ping that Sunday was abused by his mother as a child, worsening his personality disorder.

 Ming Gu also attempted suicide, Father Yang suggested counseling. Hwapyung is still determined to drive away. He then asked the priest if he knew about Father Choi's younger brother and explained that Park Ildo was looking for this younger brother.

Hwa-pyung talking to his grandfather

Hwa-pyung talking to his grandfather

 Father Yang doesn't know why Father Cui (or Park Yierduo) wants his sister, and Hua Ping reasons that it's to kill him. Father Yang said that if there was jealousy or hatred among his brothers, then the spirit could use this hatred to take advantage of it.

 Mention the subject of brothers in the trash. Father Yang explained that Gu was afraid of running away, as were his siblings when their mother abused them. Because of that, Minggu was annoyed to be the only person who was molested by his mother.

 In the junkyard, Sunday squeezing logs with a screwdriver, muttering to himself, talking about how his mother abused him in the past. This really upsets Min Sang and he asks him to stop. But Mingu asks his brother why he ran away, leaving Mingu beaten by his mother.

 Ming Gu's eyes looked evil, he squeezed the screwdriver tightly, stood up threateningly, and shouted like his mother: "You bastard! You don't deserve to die! You are not my son! Die!"

 Ming Xin panicked. As he leaves the room, he falls into Yu-Guang's arms, as he is still taking care of his siblings. Yook Kwang agrees to help him and calls Hwa-pyung.

Min-sang tells Hwa-pyung that ever since he fell in love with a girl who rejected him, Min-gu has been acting weird recently. Her sister said that the girl used to work at the cafe, but had not seen her recently. This is not a good sign.

 Kil-young returns to Yoo-mi's house and gives her daughter oatmeal, worried she hasn't eaten all day. He starts asking the girl if she knows her relatives, but suddenly Yumi appears. He came home without incident. Yoomi says she has an emergency situation to deal with, which keeps her away from home.

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 An angry Kil-young calls Hwa-pyung and tells him that he can't see clearly because he saw the woman who died in the trunk is actually alive. Hua Ping couldn't believe it, because he saw it clearly in his vision. Kil-young refuses to listen to him anymore, even though he starts talking about another girl that Mingu likes. Kil-young bluntly tells him not to call her again and hangs up.

 Realizing that the police won't help him, he turns to his next option: Yin. The priest did not agree to Hua Ping's desperate plea, he said that there was a process to follow, and he would not help Hua Ping to exorcise the demon tonight. But Min-sang is there too, and he pleads with his brother, who persuades Yin to return to the dump with them.

 They arrived. Yu-Guang, who had been watching Sunday, looked at them when he came back and said, "See you later!" He had another promise. Hwa-pyung is in disbelief, and assumes that Yook Kwang just wants to avoid dealing with a powerful spirit. . At least Yook Kwang performs a quick ritual to protect Hwa-pyung from being possessed by a spirit.

 They went to the junkyard office where Bengu was. Yoon stares intently at Mi-Ngu, who convulses without looking at him. Yoon reaches for his holy bag, takes out a piece of cloth, and asks to see Yoon's hand. Slowly releasing the young man's fist, Yin put Bu in Sunday's hand.

This time Ming Gu looked at him, but Yin started to leave as soon as he packed his luggage. Hwa-pyung follows him, demanding to know why Yoon didn't continue the exorcism. Yin Leng Leng explained that it was because Ming Gu wasn't possessed. There was a hidden cross on the cloth, but Ming Gu didn't react.

 Yoon says Mingu doesn't need an exorcist, he needs a healer. The only problem with Ben Gu is that he has a nervous breakdown. This was a common problem Yoon had during his years as an exorcist priest. People will insist that their loved ones are possessed by demons, but their loved ones are just mentally ill.

 Hwa-pyung claims that Min-gu is possessed because he has someone else's vision that Park Ildo has, and he knows that his sight must be Min-gu's. However, Yoon is stubborn and insists that she doesn't belong to him, and tells Hwa-Pyung to let the police handle him.

 At that moment, a crow flew straight at them and hit the car window. They both see the blood on the window and the crow's lifeless body. Then suddenly, all around them, crows started falling from the sky and landed all over the trash cans with a loud thud. Hua Ping and Yoona looked at each other. It seems that Yin can be sure that he has something.

 Detectives Gao and Ji Ping have dinner, and he is happy to know that Ji Yong is out of the taxi case. Inspector Gao is now convinced that Hwa-pyung is a crazy follower, so he'd better stop getting in touch with him. They ask for a bottle of shochu, but when the woman brings it to the table, Detective Go says it's odd that the maid wears long sleeves on such a hot day.

 He jokes that he should have tattoos to cover himself, but reminds Kil-pyung that Yoomi wore long sleeves too when Hwa-pyung visited her. It means that Yoomi is also trying to cover something up, it's not a tattoo.

 Kil-young rushes back to Yoomi's house and asks to see the doll. There are clear signs that Yoomi has been kidnapped, and Kil-young realizes that Yoomi has been kidnapped. Yomi tearfully confessed, and the man who brought her took her ID and cell phone and threatened to kill her and her family members if she called the police.

min-sang who gulps down a gallon filled with water

Min-Sang who gulps down a gallon filled with water

 Yoomi could only escape by kicking the suitcase when Hwapyung caused it to fall and break. He was still bound and gagged, trying to escape, and when his captives started following him in another car, he hid behind a tree. The man called out to him, but with that sinister demonic voice. Yoomi only remembered that it was a garbage dump. He didn't see the man's face.

 At the dump, Hwa-pyung ties Mingu to a chair, and Yoon begins the exorcism. Mingu screamed and twisted his reins, threatening to kill everyone. The lights above went out, leaving only the Yin candle visible. Min-gu's brother says that when Yoon continues to do exorcism, he'll get a lantern.

 Yoon and Hwa-pyung watch Mingu carefully, but Yoon says that Min-gu isn't answering prayers, which means he's not in a trance yet. Hua Ping took out Father Cui's photo, greeted Sunday, and asked if he had seen the priest. But Yin grabbed Hua Ping's arm. Surprised, he asks Hwa-pyung why he has this photo.

 Suddenly, the candles are lit and the office is completely dark. Ben Gu's brother appeared with a flashlight, and Ben Gu left! Yoon and Hwapyung are surprised that he can escape from the chair, but Mingu suddenly grabs Yoon from behind and points a knife to his neck.

 Hwa-pyung asks Min-sang to tell his brother to calm down, but Min-sang doesn't respond.

 At the same time, Yoo-mi reveals that her captor spoke as if she was talking to herself. Yoomi told him to stop the car and let him out, but as soon as he got out of the car someone else got out of the trunk and caught him. Kil-young realizes that they are looking for two criminals or two brothers, to be precise.

At the dump, Hwa-pyung suddenly sees a man grab Min-gu's hand and force him to cut Yoon's neck. The person who actually owns it isn't Mingu but Min-sang, and he's content with Hwapyung's withdrawal from overly realistic visions. Fortunately, this is what Min Sang wants. Yoon is still alive, and now Min sings bond with Yoon and Hwa-pyung.

 Kil-young runs into the trash. He calls Hwa-pyung, but Min-sang answers and quietly listen to Kil-young to explain everything Yoo-mi told him. He could hear panting in the background and realized he wasn't talking to Warburg Ping, so he ran to the dump faster.

 Min-sang poured a sip into the bowl of water, admitting that it was difficult for him to stay calm when Yin prayed because it was too sick. Min Sang who was in a trance suddenly bent down, took out a lot of metal spikes, and heaved a sigh of relief. Then he turned his attention to Hua Ping and asked why Hua Ping kept following him.

 Ming Gu Xiuguang, Min Sang kicked and knocked his sister to the ground. The trance starts screaming that he's going to kill Ben-gu and then asks where the car they used to move the body is. When Min Sang says that his younger brothers should be beaten so they can learn to obey their brothers and sisters, Min Gu shudders in fear.

 Then the possessed man turns his attention to Yoon, looks at Yoon, and says Yoon should listen to his brother so that the cop doesn't die. This really surprises Yin, but when Hwa-pyung looks at him, he hides his reaction. Surprised, Hwa-pyung asks if Yoon is Pastor Choi’s brother, but Yoon wants to know how Hwa-pyung knows his brother.

 Min Sang returns to the office with a bloody bat. He walked to Yin and gestured with his hand to tell Yin not to leave the school. It was exactly the same as Pastor Cui that night twenty years ago. Yin retreated in fright, but he had nowhere to hide.

 Hwapyung suddenly shifts his body between Yoon and Min-sang, and when he asks them why they can't see that he's actually possessed, he catches the man's attention. The demon inside said that it was because Min Sang hugged them and wanted to kill everyone because of the hatred and hatred he had tortured since he was a child.

 When Hwa-pyung mentions Minsang’s mother, the flashback shows mom threshing wood-like Min-gu and then waving her homemade wooden stake at the children who were playing happily in the living room. When she reveals that their mother repeatedly beat them, locked them up, and stabbed them with her stick, Min Sang starts to cry.

But when Hwa-pyung asks if this is why the brother hates women so much, the devil inside laughs. Min Sang says that the death of the first woman was an accident. Ming Gu was rejected by the woman he liked, it hurt so much that he wanted to hit him, but killing the woman, Minsang had to help him cover-up. At this time, the demon entered Min Sang's body.

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 Hwa-pyung recounts the use of the word “we”. When the inner demons argue that they are actually "one", the angry Minsang stops. Min-sang leans forward and asks Hwa-pyung how he feels monitoring their lives with his eyesight, and letting them feel the cruel feeling of cutting their bodies together.

 But Hwa-pyung keeps asking when Min-sang met Park Ildo. The soul inside Min-sang screams that Hwa-pyung will never know because they will kill him first. As Min-sang raises his wand to kill Hua-ping, Kilpin enters with his wand and knocks Min-sang out.

 He hit him repeatedly with a stick until Mingu caught him to protect his brother. So he turns his attention to her and hits her with his stick until Hwa-pyung screams that the person he should follow is Min-sang. Min Sang walks away, but Kilmuda is forbidden to follow him because Min Sang punctured the tire with a screwdriver.

 He returns to the office and removes Yoon, Hwa-pyung, and Min-gu's handcuffs. He says that Min-sang ran away and asks for the keys to Warburg Pincus. Yoon still has his eyes wide open, wondering why Hwa-pyung has a photo of his brother and keeps showing it to the witch. Hua Ping said he would explain later.

 Now, they needed to know if Ming Gu knew where Min Sang might be. But all Mingu could do was cry and scold his mother. Compared to Kil-young's usual "beat them" attitude, Hwa-pyung tries a softer approach. He realizes that Min-sang knows that Yumi is alive and knows where she lives because Min-sang has Yumi's ID card.

 Yoo-mi tries to persuade her daughter to take medicine, but the girl refuses until Yoo-mi agrees to buy her candy. Though nervous about leaving the house, Yoo-mi goes to the store to buy the promised treatment.

 On the way home, a car stopped to ask for directions. But Yoo-mi realizes that this is the kidnapper and leaves the candy bar to escape. Kil-young and Hwapyung stop by Yoo-mi's house and get worried when they realize she's about to buy some candy.

 They drive cautiously across the block in search of him, but he has run away from Min-sang. Yumi gets scared and walks down the alley until she comes home. He wants to open the door, his hands are shaking, but Min Sang catches him in front of him. She reminds him that if he says anything to the police, he promises to kill him.

 Hwa-pyung and Kil-young return to Yoo-mi's house and see Yoo-mi's shoes and cell phone at the door, they realize they're running late.

 At the garbage disposal office, Yoon sees a photo of his brother. Detective Go is escorting Mingu, but when Kil-young calls to tell him Min-sang is missing, the detective tries to order Mingu to tell them where Minsang went. Min-gu is too scared to react sensitively, so Yoon intervenes.

 Min-sang arrives at his mother's house. When my mother hears a noise outside, she asks Min-sang how he came here every night in the past few days. Min Sang says that he needs something in the basement while pushing a frightened Yuu-mi into a dark corner. When the mother sees someone with Min Sang, she indirectly believes that her son had an accident.-

Yoon tries to get Mingu to focus, while Mingu compliments Minsang for taking care of him. Yin said that he was also looking for his sister who was also in a trance. He explains that his brother used to be kind and kind like Min Sang, and the only way for the two of them to get their brother back is for Min Gu to tell him where Min Sang is.

 In his mother's basement, Minsang packs a box of body parts which he keeps in the fridge. Yumi's mouth was stuck, full of fear. His mother knocks on the basement door and asks to know what happened, Min Sang is overwhelmed and yells at him to leave. He runs to open the door, but Kiryan greets him with a kick.

 Hitting him with a stick, Hwapyung also hit him and they forced Minsang back. At first, Min Sang takes a step back, then stands up and laughs at them, causing Kiyan to spray poison gas at him.

 Kilyoung drags the flustered Minsang back into Hwapyung's taxi, cuffs him to the passenger handle, then locks the car. He didn't want Hwapyung to steal Minsang from him like Youngsoo did. HwaPyung pleads with him to at least let him kick Minsang out immediately, otherwise, he will try to kill himself like Youngsoo.

 Kilyoung thought this was ridiculous but finally agreed. However, when they approach the vehicle, they see Min Sang trying to bite his thumb to remove his handcuffs. The car door was locked and Qi Yang couldn't open it.

 grinning, Min Sang bit his thumb and freed himself, then removed his headrest, banged the metal rod against his skull, and splashed blood on the back seat of Hua Ping's taxi.

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