Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 3 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 3

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 3

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 3

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 3 English Subtitles

Yoon visits the now demon-free Young-soo, who is back in his wheelchair and almost non-verbally. Yoon asks if Young-soo has experienced strange things since the exorcism if he still sees scary things. Despite staring suspiciously into the distance, Young-soo says he saw nothing and cares more about his daughter, Soo-ji (who is fortunately fine).

As he sits down at his desk, Kil-young's friend rebukes him for sleeping in the tack room another night. He tells her that Young-soo has escaped prosecution for all the crimes he committed while being possessed. Based on his current state, it's unlikely that Young-soo would be able to kill someone, so it makes it seem like the police don't learn to use them relatively well.

Kil-young stops at the hospital to check on Soo-ji, but finds Hwa-pyung already there, reassuring Soo-ji that there's no reason to be afraid in her father now. Kil-young's eavesdropper as Hwa-pyung mentions that Soo-ji's father did those actions because of the things in his possession – now that his father has returned to normal, he won't act like that again.

Hwa-pyung adds that when he was a child, he was possessed by something that seemed to use what Young-soo had and he, too, did terrible things to his family. But he doesn't forget what he did, just like his father doesn't forget either. Hwa-pyung encourages Soo-ji to visit her father later because she needs to be reassured that everything is okay too.

As soon as he leaves Soo-ji's hospital room, Kil-young asks if he's hungry. Ah, at least that's some kind of behavior. Kil-young buys Hwa-Hyung's lunch, and he grumbles that it’s just cheap noodles rather than something fancy — so he starts to fish his bowl out of her if he’s going to be so clueless thank you. Ha!

Hwa-pyung says that her temper must mean she is single because any man would be afraid of her, but Kil-young replies that she has children. His volunteer Hwa-pyung has been divorced twice, but Kil-young finds the conversation boring (or maybe too exclusive for him) so they just keep eating.

Amused, Hwa-pyung watches as he laughs and smiles as he plays with a child – a persona that is very dissimilar based on his tough detective behavior.

He wonders what will happen to Young-soo, and Kil-young says he will study home and find a way to send him to prison. After all, have or not, Young-soo killed someone. Hwa-pyung explains that Young-soo was a victim himself, then sighs that he wished Sohn only had bad people.

She asks him what “Sohn” is, & Hwa-pyung mentions his hometown story regarding Park Il-do. Kil-young asks if that is what Young-soo has, but Hwa-pyung says that Park Il-do controls a weaker spirit, and that they are the ones who really own Young-soo. He adds that when he was young, he was possessed by the Park Il-do, which is why he has visions from the perspective of the possessed person.

He explained the mysterious death file, wondering if he had seen it. Kil-young admits it, but he's still not sure about the whole "evil spirit". It's easier to catch criminals you can see and touch. In addition, there have been relatively many ungodly people in the world.

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Hwa-Hyung's psychic abilities kick in & he senses that Kil-young has gone through terrible events in his past. But he refused to talk about it.

Yoon returns to Priest Han's residence & starts packing the boy's things. He stops when he sees a photo of himself using Priest Han, remembering how the older priest was battling cancer but refused to return to the hospital. Yoon has stopped by to put his medicine, but Priest Han fires him, revealing that pain & suffering is only part of the exorcist's job.

Yoon worries, though, and encourages him to stop the exorcism and stresses in his health. Sighing, Reverend Han reveals that if he wasn't a monk, he would want a son like Yoon. Then he warns Yoon that he is still young so he can get out now before he becomes like Priest Han. But Yoon stubbornly reveals he's looking for someone.

Hwa-pyung is enjoying a meal with his grandfather.

Hwa-pyung is enjoying a meal with his grandfather.

The daydream is broken by a knock on the door, and Yoon is surprised to see Hwa-pyung standing there. He mentions that he tracked down Yoon to thank him for everything, but Yoon silently reveals he was just doing his job. Hwa-pyung suggests helping him pack up the old monk's belongings, but Yoon quickly refuses his help.

Hwa-pyung hesitates to bring about Priest Han's death and tells Yoon not to blame himself. Yoon says he's more likely to blame Hwa-pyung, who gladly accepts the unanimous decision that he's a big deal. Hwa-pyung points out that Priest Han might forgive him since both of them have risked their lives against the same evil. However, Hwa-pyung can easily die tomorrow.

Yoon replies that Hwa-pyung is selfish, only talking about how he risked his life to save people. He then demands to know why Hwa-pyung continues to speak informally to him, and Hwa-pyung calmly reveals that Yoon could do the same if he wanted to. But Yoon's cold stare makes Hwa-pyung but on the big screen speak formally as he starts to head home.

Yoon has one more question, though: Did Hwa-pyung have something to do with using the powerful spirit that disappeared during Yoon-soo's exorcism? Hwa-pyung just reveals that he learned from experience that when a strong spirit loses its strength, so does a weaker spirit.

Realizing that Hwa-pyung was talking about Park Il-do, Yoon asks where Park Il-do is now. Hwa-pyung reveals he's looking for spirits too. When he finds it, he will let Yoon know. But Yoon can't stop thinking about how dangerous Park Il-do is, & how Priest Han warned him to stay away from him – & according to Hwa-pyung.

Hwa-pyung borrows Yook Kwang's car (without telling him, ha!) to visit his grandfather. Even though it has been a while since Hwa-pyung returned to his hometown, he is determined to learn more about “Priest Choi’s mini-youngest brother.”

Grandpa makes a living as a farmer & fisherman, and he and Hwa-pyung take a nap together. The TV playing in the background is the same one Hwa-pyung used when he was a kid, and Hwa-pyung marvels that it still works.

Grandpa receives visitors, who quickly balk when he sees that Hwa-pyung is there. That environment still worries Hwa-pyung & what happened twenty years ago.

That night, Grandpa watches Hwa-pyung sleeping, remembering when Hwa-pyung was a boy, covered in bruises during his possession by Park Il-do. Grandpa carefully lifts Hwa-Hyung's shirt, sighing in relief to see that it's bruise-free.

Hwa-pyung wakes up, wondering why Grandpa isn't asleep. He tells Grandpa that Dad won't be coming home, but Grandpa is still worried about his son, who has only contacted him once in twenty years. Hwa-pyung tells Grandpa not to wait for Dad and then falls asleep.

He wakes up then and sees a man dragging his grandfather covered in blood in a plastic bag through the farm fields. But it's not just any boy — it's Priest Choi, who uses a cheerful grimace in Hwa-pyung when Grandpa screams from a plastic bag for Hwa-pyung to run.

But it's just a dream, and Hwa-pyung wakes with relief to find Grandpa, unharmed, sleeping soundly — and no Priest Choi.

Hwa-pyung comes out in the morning. Aw, Grandpa tries to give him pocket money, but Hwa-pyung refuses. After Hwa-pyung leaves, Grandpa finds a new flat-screen TV on his porch. It's a cute free favor, but Grandpa grumbles that Hwa-pyung can at least get it out of the box and have it ready for him.

Hwa-pyung stops at Priest Choi's worn-out residence. He cautiously approached the entrance, noting that it was now a pottery studio. The new owner directs him to a local orphanage, but the orphanage owner reveals that the person Hwa-pyung was looking for lived with them until high school, during which time a relative took him. They haven't heard the coverage since the boy.

Hwa-pyung asks if the kid has any close friends, & the girl says she takes care of herself. He doesn't speak to anyone, almost like a mute. He guessed it was due to the shock he was in, and added that he even tried to kill himself. Hwa-pyung then explains Priest Choi's photo to him, asking if he's seen it. But the girl hasn't. It reminded him that the boy used to have an older brother who was a priest, and wondered if that was why he killed his parents.

He admits that he & the other kids generally find him a little creepy. They used to have a dog at the orphanage, and when the dog died, everyone cried - except for the boy who just stared at him, emotionless.

That night, when he returns home, Hwa-pyung has another vision. It was a taxi using an ape hanging from a viewing mirror, and a woman tied up and gagged, then dragged and put in the trunk of the taxi where there was another woman's body.

In the morning, Hwa-pyung rushes to the police station, begging Kil-young to investigate. He doesn't believe his claimed "vision," but Hwa-pyung reminds him of everything that's happened with Young-soo's case. She begs him to go through the missing person list for a girl with a flower tattoo on her shoulder.

Hwa-pyung who looks into the car

Hwa-pyung who looks into the car

When Detective Go starts to tug on Hwa-pyung for being at the police station just because he likes Kil-young, Kil-young sighs and says in Hwa-pyung he'll see her just so he can go and leave her alone.

But there are no missing person reports for anyone who fits the description Hwa-pyung gave him of the woman. Kil-young is ready to give up, but just in time, a report arrives — perfect for Hwa-Hyung's portrayal.

Hwa-pyung investigates all the taxis and taxi drivers in the area, looking for one using an ape hanging from a mirror, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Kil-young tries to track down the girl's CCTV & the time she disappeared.

The arrests, though, constitute a "missing persons" not a "violent crime" case. Hwa-pyung assures him that he will help. That's what scares Kil-young, though, and he threatens her to keep her nose at it. He actually lied that he wasn't going to do anything about it because he kept tracking the ape taxis.

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Kil-young is the persona non grata of his boss, as he finds Soo-ji alive (when she insists that he is dead), which in the end means she's right and she's wrong. Kil-young has no intention of appeasing his boss at the team dinner that night, as he is determined to find out what happened to the missing woman. Not that he's the type to calm anyone down.

Hwa-pyung has been out all night, trying to track down the chimpanzee taxi (while driving his own taxi anyway). He paused for a moment, turning on the radio to an old trot song. It's the same song playing in a chimpanzee taxi. In the back seat of the chimpanzee taxi is a beautiful young woman.

The driver's face was shrouded in darkness, but the woman looked uncomfortable, sensing that there was something odd about the way she kept glancing at him. The delivery scooter zips in, its horns ringing, causing the chimpanzee taxi to slam on the brakes. Then the taxi driver came back and forth according to where the woman had gone, very concerned.

Hwa-pyung is lost in his vision, only shaken when his passenger demands to know why he is misled. When the delivery scooter zooms in on the taxi, Hwa-pyung realizes that he is not far from the chimpanzee taxi, so he kicks the passenger out so he can figure out where the chimpanzee taxi is.

Despite driving on the road he sees in his vision, Hwa-pyung doesn't find the chimpanzee taxi and gives up in frustration. Just then, a taxi passed by - playing a trot song. Hwa-pyung speeds after that, following him on the road — but the vents are too colorful for Hwa-pyung to see.

Hwa-pyung cuts the driver off, exiting the car when he mentions that it was an accident. He's still trying to peek to see who's driving, but the chimpanzee rider backs off and then suddenly speeds forward — perfect for Hwa-pyung, who narrowly avoids the killing path.

The chase is into two taxi races on the highway, turning in & out according to lanes & between other cars. A large truck causes a chimpanzee taxi to come and go on a long road, and Hwa-pyung races behind him. Hwa-pyung is close enough to crash into the chimpanzee taxi, causing it to veer into a construction site and fall — but Hwa-Hyung's mount falls as well.

Hwa-pyung is temporarily knocked out, and by the time he arrives, the other taxi drivers are long gone. Hwa-pyung opens the trunk of a chimpanzee taxi and finds the body of a girl. Hwa-pyung calls Kil-young, letting him know he found the car.

But the mysterious driver hits chairman Hwa-pyung with a pipe. Confused using a punch to his head. Hwa-pyung grabs the man’s leg, demanding to know how he connected using Park Il-do. The mystery driver continues to beat Hwa-pyung with a pipe until a truck speeds up – then the guy gets into the chimpanzee taxi & drives away. Hwa-pyung wakes up at the hospital stay. Despite some bumps & bruises, he seems to be intact. He hears Yook Kwang crying at the side of the stout male bed beside him, thinking it's Hwa-pyung. Opening the curtains, Hwa-pyung nervously asks if Yook Kwang understands the boy. Ha!

Yook Kwang is relieved that Hwa-pyung wasn't as badly injured as he thought but warns Hwa-pyung (who saw himself discharged from the hospital early, despite protests by the doctors) that he's not completely invincible. if he continues like this, Hwa-pyung might really die.

Kil-young probably kills him first, because he barges into the hospital, demanding to know what he said about finding the culprit. Aw, he at least pauses when he looks at the bandages on chairman Hwa-pyung, wondering if he's hurt.

Hwa-pyung reveals his black box footage based on the taxi. They couldn't see the man's face, but at least it told the taxi the man was taking. Unless Kil-young understands it's a fake taxi. Hwa-pyung begs him to check because if he could have found the car sooner, the woman in the trunk might still be alive.

Kil-young reveals that there is no evidence that a woman was murdered and kidnapped. Hwa-pyung uses energetically to storm that Kil-young doesn't want to get involved in such a difficult matter. It's a fight of words, and Yook Kwang almost has to intervene because Hwa-pyung keeps insisting on the offended Kil-young that he needs to make sure more women don't get killed.

Even if there is no solid evidence, Kil-young can't wait to try to prevent someone from taking their lives for no reason. He looked at the license plate on the taxi, which led him to a junkyard. The owner of the junkyard reveals that the amount they were looking for has been dumped by his brother, Min-gu.

Kil-young watches the car used for the taxi and the friends inside, then notices a young man watching him intently. She starts running when he turns towards her, so Kil-young & Detective Go chase her through the junk pages. He finally stops when Kil-young surprises him using the car door into his face.

She tackles him and slaps the handcuffs, but he starts screaming in panic. His brother runs to cheer him up – it's obvious that Min-gu has a developmental disability.

At the police station, Kil-young tries to get a statement from him, but he can't see it and speaks for himself about football.

Kil-young is interrogating someone

Kil-young is interrogating someone

Annoyed, Kil-young realizes that the interrogation isn't working, but Min-gu suddenly explodes that it's because he called his mother yesterday that "that bastard" came. Kil-young reveals a photo of a young girl, and Min-gu freezes when he looks at her.

Detective Go asks to speak to Kil-young in private, demanding to know what he's doing. According to Min-gu's brother, Min-gu can't drive, so he's unlikely to be in an illegal taxi. Sighing, Kil-young admits that this isn't about tracking down illegal taxis – it's about missing women.

She reveals to him about Hwa-pyung finding the body in the trunk, though they haven't found any evidence of this. Detective Go warns him that his boss won't be happy that he got into extra trouble without letting him use the higher-ups, especially since they've been assigned other issues. But Detective Go admits something isn't right – Min-gu reminds him of how Young-soo used to act.

Hwa-pyung rests on Yook Kwang, only to wake up and realize he can't move his body. He can't even call to tell Yook Kwang - happy to lose the Go Stop game - that he can't move. Hwa-pyung looks up & gasps when he sees Priest Choi shadowing his defenseless body.

Hwa-pyung struggles to sit up and sees the spirit in the corner, the body crawling as it benefits and hissing at him as the water rushes over the ground. Hwa-pyung starts screaming in a spirit, but he suddenly sits up as if he had woken up from a dream, surprising Yook Kwang with his playful and playful play.

Hwa-pyung gasps that there is a spirit in the corner, and although Hwa-pyung sees nothing now, Yook Kwang immediately reaches into a bowl of salt and performs a ritual, cleaning the room according to the spirit. He then tells Hwa-pyung to sleep in another place if he will bring the evil spirit to Yook Kwang's home and business premises.

Hwa-pyung receives a call from Kil-belia, who asks to meet. He demands to know the last thing he saw in his vision, peppering him with questions about what a woman is like. He refused to reveal who the perpetrators were, insisting that it was not something civil society needed to know. He warns him not to interfere with police efforts - you understand, for example, what he did last time.

But Hwa-pyung insists that more women will die if he doesn't do something. Kil-young says there's no way he'll ever find his own car. Finally, Hwa-pyung admits defeat and tells him the path he saw in his vision of where the ape taxi picked up the woman. In return, Kil-young reluctantly reveals to him the name of the junk page where the car came from.

He came home in the morning, using Yook Kwang hints to help him sense if someone is possessed. Hwa-pyung bluffs that he needs a section for the taxi, which gives them access to sightsee. But actually, they are looking for anyone who looks suspicious.

They find Min-gu working on a car — & scratch the back of his neck. Uh oh. He also speaks to himself - and not in a sensual way. Double uh-oh.

Hwa-pyung approaches, & Min-gu immediately falls into a defensive position, wielding a wrench for example a weapon. Hwa-pyung can hear original music through Min-gu's small speaker and recognizes a trot song. Min-gu: "It's you, right, you bastard?"

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