Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 4 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 4

Netgenz - Synopsis | Watch Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 4 English Subtitle – If you are bored and need to watch Korean drama, you can see the explanation below, also read the Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 1-16 English Subtitle [ END].

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 4

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 4

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 4 English Subtitles

It turned out to be Yoon's shadow, all shocked turned to look at him. "Take him out." “..From now on I will take care of it” Hwa Pyung is uncomfortable because being alone here is too dangerous. "I said, I'll take care of it" Everyone has no choice but to obey. Det Go had a private talk, he asked for an explanation. Gil Young has a hard time explaining, he only reminds Det Go's words that he will always believe in him.

“So tell me what this is. Are you..."

“...Is this something really bad?”

"I will take full responsibility" Det Go sighed, "I really don't know what to say..."

"..And who are those two?"

Yook Gwang was really scared. He muttered incoherently, "It's on the water.."

“..Those black eyes”

Yook Gwang held Hwa Pyung's arm, his voice shaking, “Hwa Pyung aa. I thought I….”

"Okay. I understand Yook Gwang aa…”

“…You did it well. I have to go"

Yook Gwang still doesn't want to let go of Hwa Pyung who is now standing, he asks where his friend is going. Yook Gwang whispered, “Listen to me. That's really a strong demon..." “..I told you I didn't want to do it!!”

Hwa Pyung didn't want to hear, he let go of Yook Gwang's hand and then left. Gil Young raises his voice asking the same question using Yook Gwang. Hwa Pyung turns around, from a distance he reminds Yook Gwang to forbid anyone from entering Young Soo's room while the exorcism is still going on. Yook Gwang nodded. Gil Young runs after Hwa Pyung. Hwa Pyung & Gil Young return to combing Young Soo's residence.

"What are you looking for?" Gil Young asked.

"When Park Il Do possessed Kim Young Soo..."

"..I'm sure he's wearing something"

"What's that ?"

"We have to find him now"

“Search with your eyes! Don't look for anything!”

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They scattered. Hwa Pyung drops the pile of books. Gil Young flinched. Gil Young accidentally lights up the flyer, 'Sharing Help'. He was interested and then took it, there was a picture of Priest Yang plastered on the back of the brochure. Hwa Pyung enters the bathroom, he stares at the water dripping from the sink in the local area. Young Soo cleans his hands which are covered in blood by his wife. Yoon pulls the curtains to cover all the gaps in the room so that no one can peek or interfere with the exorcism process. Yoon begins the opening prayer. Young Soo tries to undermine his belief.

"I killed him..."

“..I hit him with a car..”

“...What did I say? I told you I killed him" Yoon did not budge he continued the prayer.

"What should I do with you?"

“..Should I kill you for example that man?..”

“..Should I kill him for example his wife?..”

"Dead! Dead !..."

"..I said to die for example that old monk!"

Yoon doesn't care he opens the cover of holy water then smears it creating a cross indication on Young Soo's forehead. Young Soo frowned uncontrollably. Outside Yook Gwang delays Det Go's body who wants to peek to make sure because he hears a commotion in the room. Yook Gwang reassured, "There's nothing but a religious program.."

“...What else would a priest do?..”

“..Don't think about it” Yook Gwang continued to drag Det Go to sit down. Suddenly Young Soo stops moving. Yoon calls his name, “Can you hear me?” Young Soo looks normal, he mumbles his daughter's name, "My daughter. Seo Jin aa.."

"Where is your daughter now?"

"Seo Jin. My son...."

a priest is treating young soo

a priest is treating young soo

Hwa Pyung slowly turns on the water, his consciousness disappears. Hwa Pyung washes his hands, he acts like he is Young Soo after committing a massacre by his wife. Gil Young scolds him because he warned Hwa Pyung not to touch anything. Hwa Pyung turns off the water faucet, he just stays silent. Gil Young asks what he is doing. Hwa Pyung walks past Gil Young just like that. Hwa Pyung received a vision in front of the entrance. Young Soo chose weakly, Yoon stepped slowly towards the direction indicated. He turned around and found Young Soo standing straight. Young Soo exclusively put a stranglehold. Young Soo whispered, “How? Should I kill him now?”

"..Must I ?.."

"...Everyone who lives nearby will die..."

"..He's the same as us"

Yoon is in pain. Gil Young approached, “Hya,, Are you okay?” Hwa Pyung without self-actualization suddenly suffocates him. In Hwa Pyung's eyes, Gil Young's face changes as Soo Jin. Gil Young's body lifted.

Yoon on the same terms, forceful choking keeps his feet off his feet. With all his energy he tries to put the cross necklace in his grip on Young Soo's forehead. Yoon made it, now he's free. Hwa Pyung throws Gil Young's body. They struggle, but Gil Young is still in a state of urgency. Young Soo is completely unconscious on the bed. Yoon rushed to tighten the handcuffs and the chains that had been released. Gil Young manages to place a few fists, he continues to hit the chairman Hwa Pyung with an empty tissue box.

Gil Young gives a chuckle. Hwa Pyung has no chance to fight back. Not long ago he came home to realize, "Wait.. Let me go.. Wait a minute". Gil Young ignores. Hwa Pyung faints. Gil Young personally handcuffs him. A few seconds ago Hwa Pyung realized, "I just did something weird didn't I?"

“You bastard**k!! Are you possessed!!?”

"I only react to possessed men..."

“...It happens from moment to moment..”

"..That's why I was able to see the murder.."

“..I put on an exciting expression because this is a murder scene.”

"This is crazy"

“I just saw Kim Young Soo & his daughter..”

"..That's right ! Please trust me !"

Hwa Pyung looked back, "Wait. There. I saw something" Yoon brushes the cross over Young Soo's back. Soung Soo writhes in pain.

"Go out! He died! This man has…”

"..Help me  !"

"Who are you talking to?..."

"...Are you possessed by a very strong spirit?"

"Help me  !"

“Powerful spirits control you, don't they?”

“Tell me what you saw!!”

“Use your naked eyes!!”

Gil Young complied, he followed Hwa Pyung's gaze then slowly walked towards the kitchen cupboard. The cupboard opened, the crow's carcass in the roasting pan fell. Hwa Pyung & Gil Young exchanged glances. Yoon forces Young Soo to tell him something. But no words are spoken. Yoon sprinkles holy water. Young Soo squealed even more. Det Go was unbearable. Yook Gwang blocked the bedroom door. "I heard some noises"

"It's just a religious ritual. You've never been to church??

"Why do they perform religious rituals here?"

"What else can a priest do?..."

“..They give candy, sweets & everything”

“Get out of the way!!”

young soo who is increasingly refusing to be treated

young soo who is increasingly refusing to be treated

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"Wait! You can't go in there!!”

“Get out of the way!! Hey. You!! Open the door!!” Yoon snaps, “Tell me the name!!”


"What ?"

“Park Il... Do!”. The lights flash as Young Soo screams saying Park Il Do's name. Everyone in the hospital froze wondering what was really going on.

"Park Il Do?", Yoon muttered.

Yoon suddenly choked, he felt the presence of a mysterious figure behind him. Red drops were seen scattered on the floor. Yoon rubbed his nose which kept bleeding. Hwa Pyung threw the crow's carcass into the fire. Yoon once again looked at his palms. He was relieved because the bloodstains were just an illusion. Yoon sat limp because of extreme fear. The atmosphere in the room is much more peaceful after Hwa Pyung destroys something terrible.

Yoon who is still shaking trying to hold Young Soo's body, "I order you .."

“…To leave this man's body now!”

"Help me.."

Yoon stays focused, he repeats his words then returns to prayer. Young Soo spits out seawater. All return lights are normal. Yoon came out using still irregular breaths. Det Go plans to enter but his steps are stopped because the floor is filled with puddles, "What is this?"

“Please call Det Kang Gil Young,” Yoon pleaded in a low voice.

"Kim Young Soo will tell the whereabouts of his daughter," he added.

Yoon left, he walked unsteadily still hit by the gripping incident he had just now. You can see Gil Young & Hwa Pyung running towards a location. Gil Young opens the door to the dark locker in front of him. With the donation of a flashlight, he managed to find Soo Jin who was lying weak. Gil Young starts slicing the knot. Soo Jin was released, she was crying hysterically. Gil Young exclusively hugs him.

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