Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 3 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 3

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 3

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 3

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 3 English Subtitles

On the outside, Hwa Pyung tells Young Soo that he won't tell his daughter's presence.

"You think you're looking at something..."

"..Are you really not sure?"

Hwa Pyung sighed. He is not too sure between the filing pendapa or the back side of the land, which are categorically closed.

"If he meditates there too long, he accepts he will die"

"We have to hurry to find him, Patik will ask for a rubber repairman"

Gil Young bows his head in despair, he persuades Hwa Pyung to screw up his plan because he will be able to slip in more evidence of Kim Young Soo's condition.

Gil Young gets up, but it's just some act of him going back and forth before cursing, “Hya. But what are you doing…”

Hwa Pyung looks at him seriously. Gil Young sighed. He was blasphemed because the oppressed had to believe.

Gil Young left, Hwa Pyung contacted Yook Gwang, “Are you good at contacting rubber repairmen?”
"Yeah.. But there's a problem"

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Hwa Pyung lives in a hurry exploring the last ikram house.

He finished after laying his eggs slipping Yoon who was a distance away from the picture of the late Han Hyo Kwang. Yoon frowned to detect his presence

Now trying to join in the hallway. Yoon tells that Priest Han's death was due to an accident.

"No. Not that.."

“…He was killed by Sohn. The expulsion failed…”

"I understand. The expulsion failed."

Hwa Pyung is troubled because he should have detected this .problem

"Speaking of which why are you here?"

"That man.."

someone is talking to the priest

Yoon cut in, “I'm finished. I don't want to do it again"

Hwa Pyung gasped, he moved Yoon to stray the thought "There are no other exorcists .."

“..The girl is still alive..”

“…He's locked up somewhere. We have to find him.”

“Ask for the role of the police”

"You think trying to believe in me?..."

“..They will assume the principle of guessing crazy bats. The virgin's life is at stake."

Yoon didn't budge.

"The man and the virgin accept death"

Yoon suggests that Hwa Pyung will just pass because he always carries a frivolous attitude.
"Yes, I admit that I was in a hurry. Because it's an emergency…”

“...This is an emergency! One's life is at an end!..."

"..We have to do something!!", scorned Hwa Pyung.

Yoon suddenly stood up. Yoon gives up, there's nothing poison he does because Young Soo is right – right behind the devil's fight.

“So you're just going to rejoin? You're just going to run away?"

Yoon leaves he assembles to waste all of Hwa Pyung's words.
“Are you exactly – exactly a master?…”

“..Are you afraid? Because your guide was killed?”

Yoon concluded patience, his eyes reddened, he changed direction telling Hwa Pyung to pause, "Stop pretending - the money market is the umbrella for all citizens alone .."

“..You don't tolerate demons!..”

“..You are simply not enjoying the bond because of them!”

Yoon drifted he lifted the turn. Hwa Pyung cutel not poison to see it. Yoon paused for a moment, he detected Hwa Pyung who was still throwing tantrums without speaking.

"I don't enjoy bonding?.."

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“..What do you know about me?..”

“..Don't be a money market – the money market is shocked! You're running away as a coward!..."

“..The priestess of my foot exorcism!..”


Hwa Pyung looked at Yook Gwang who was praying.

"Why are you so upset?..."

“..Looks like you're starting to poop. How is the result ?"

"That priest brother, not interested.."

"...Can't you do it yourself?"

Yook Gwang came forward to ask for his prayer, "Am I refusing to help you?.."

"...This time there's nothing poison I did..."

“…It was a passion that was astonishingly strong a guess. It will kill me”

Hwa Pyung protested because Yook Gwang came from outside the gabak with strong suspicion but proved he was just a coward, "Did you dive into the science of other masters of exorcism?"

"Can't you cultivate the field of adding masters sister?.."

"..He's more famous than you think"

Hwa Pyung snorted.

"The late Pastor Han was sick for years..."

“..So master sister has to do most of the work”

"Is that true ??"

"Yes.. He was surprised"

Yook Gwang reveals that Yoon is also looking for someone similar to Hwa Pyung.

Hwa Pyung glanced at him, “Aigoo.. Whatever.. I'm not interested! I go"

Yook Gwang was worried, “Where are you going?”

"You think you're not up to it!.."

“...I have to speak to another hermit or priest! This is an emergency!”

Hwa Pyung got up, Yook Gwang grumbled, "Okay, you don't have to scream at me.."

"...Damn it, this time someone upas really died"

Sangyong Police Station

Sangyong Police Station

Gil Young tells the Senior Det that Young Soo's son's hope is still alive. Det Go watched from a distance.

"What makes you talk like that?"

"There's no blood on the knife..."

"..He left his wife's body at the crime scene.."

"...If he stabbed his daughter, her body would be there too..."

“..He must have kept it alive and locked it up somewhere

"During the interrogation, he said he was done killing him..."

“..He said he dumped his son's body into the interior of the embankment”

"I thought he was crazy when he told me that..."

"..I will investigate the traces that are involved with the culprit.."
“..I need an investigation exemption certificate”

Det Senior refused because he ended up transferring instructions to investigate the corpse on the embankment with the police.

"Did you disobey what I just said?"

"If he doesn't practice anything, he will really die"

Senior Det says it's just an unreasonable suggestion because there's no known fact that Young Soo's daughter is being confined.

Gil Young didn't bother denying it. Det Senior orders him to investigate Young Soo so he doesn't smear himself again.

Gil Young is still having a hard time leaving. His face was getting sadder and sadder.

“Hya... You don't glorify Violent Crimes Unit Two?!!..”

“..The heads are really pissed off!!”

Det Senior using his glasses, he immediately opened the files. Gil Young is still motionless with a glare pleading for hope to build Senior Det.

Gil Young bowed in submission before he finally stepped aside. Det Senior ramblingly grumbled his head aggressive habit. Whether it ended up getting a specific permit or not, Gil Young and Det Go are currently engrossed in exploring the former collection points or the back room of the land to load Young Soo's daughter until late at night. In the end, they came back without success Yoon watches Priest Han's corpse. Behind the sound of rustling thoughts, Yoon looked up. When he turned around, Yoon didn't face Priest Han's corpse. Yoon looked behind the bed but there was nothing. He again circled the stream trying to find but only found the cross lying on the floor. Yoon took it. Priest Han's thoughts suddenly burst.

"No, it shouldn't be like that..."

“..He should have done it”

Yoon looks up, he notices Priest Han messing around in the corner. Priest Han looked back at him, Yoon was instantly terrified.

Yoon trembled as he tried to look at the source of the thoughts behind him. He screamed at Priest Han with a broken face covered in blood cursing at him, “You should have done it!!!!!!”

Yoon wakes up from a bad dream gasping for breath. He later found the last Pastor and Nun who had just finished paying their respects.

The priest was angry, "I don't understand what's going on."

“…What do you think you were doing up to this point?”

The nun calms down. Since Priest Han has no family, he asks what Yoon will do to manage his body.
"Shouldn't we bury him in the priest's specific cemetery?"

The priest refused to be aggressive because the guards considered Priest Han's end to be suicide.
Yoon didn't bother to argue, he was silent in response to the rumors of the two people in front of him.

"How can a priest commit suicide..."

"...This is really crazy!"

The nun spoke, "She likes those things..."

"..I heard he was sick and was crazy"

"Exorcist Priestess sounds cool."

“..But no evil spirits have been found recently”

Yoon looks at the picture of his late mentor while the priest in front of him suddenly hears.

"He should give advice to the mentally ill."

"...He doesn't need..."

Yoon finally spoke, he interrupted, "No.."

"..He's too useful people!"


"He's really useful people. He didn't do it in his own interest."

"What are you saying !!?"

"He is fighting to find his solitude..."

"..Don't judge him because you don't know anything!"

"How dare you !!!"

The nun reprimanded her, saying that Yoon's attitude just now was not polite. Yoon pays no attention to him confirming that Priest Han is a model priest who is not really someone who is useful with the goal of earning money and offerings from people. Priestess is offended, she says Yoon doesn't flinch with Priest Han, "You're just as pathetic as him!" 

The nun asked him to hurry away, “Mateo, we have to make sense later”. Gil Young starts asking where Young Soo's daughter is. Young Soo twitched his lips. Gil Young puts his ear closer knowing that Young Soo will make something up. Luckily, Hwa Pyung, who had just appeared, grabbed Gil Young's body before his hearing equipment was bitten, "That's dangerous!"

Young Soo sits down as he presents that his daughter will be rushed to death. Gil Young finished his patience, he was about to attack, det Go grabbed his body. Yook Gwang took the ritual steps. Hwa Pyung tells that they will hurry to save Young Soo's daughter. Young Soo, who initially stopped shaking his head coldly, suddenly felt like something was moving his body. The spirit that was gripping the man's legs shouted straight at Yook Gwang.

Yook Gwang was there reaching for the gaze of his lifeless defiant self. Yook Gwang vomited blood, he fell. Hwa Pyung, Gil Young and Det Go frantically crowd around him. A pulsing reflection was seen approaching.

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