Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 2

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 2  English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 2

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 2 English Subtitles

Priest Han slightly fell. Yoon proposes to the situation. "I'm dedicated - just dedication"

“I think we should hurry to stop”

"Why ?"

"I told you if you don't kick him out..."

“..Your soul is slowly – the parcels will be eaten by them”

“But you spawn this sewer”

"It's just a weak spirit..."

“..There is a suspicious commodity..”

“..I think the spirit fixed them” Priest Han paused, "It's too strong of a guess for us to face" "Ye ?"

"That person. The taxi driver…”

“..He is interfering with a very dangerous commodity”

Priest Han observes Yoon, he forbids him to get involved. Yoon is surprised. Suddenly, Priest Han's understanding was shifted across the street. "What ?.."

"..What is my step-Rama doing here?" Priest Han crossed not observing the road. The scenario truck stripped his body. Yoon tempts to call. Instantly his body froze. Gil Young chimes in on the threshold of Young Soo closing out in the interrogation hall. Det Go commented, "I thought he was really just a sick folk.."

“..Otherwise he is a dedicated player”

"Hya we saw you running here and there and jumping.."

“..You even bumped into me!!” Young Soo challenges the solution. Gil Young slams the table, “Are you kidding me?!” Young Soo started whining, Gil Young seemed to tell his junior to get the solution. Young Soo sipped a bottle of scenario solution without stopping, Det Go was flabbergasted.

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The water runs out, Young Soo scratching – the neck comb is peeling off the skin just like what Woong Jin did. The agents managed to get their hands on it to stop.


"Have you been tired since that fairy?" "Itching...since..he...came"

"Since the fairy, he came?" Det Go challenges Det Junior to pick up a pen to reveal Young Soo's speech. Gil Young married him. Young Soo glanced away from his scary vision, "He comes from the ocean .." “..we are sourced from the ocean”

they are doing expulsion

they are doing expulsion

All detectives jerked hanging around det Junior removing stationery. Flashing lights. Young Soo held up the pencil. He shouted the name Park Il Do before his tail brushed his right ain violently. Det Go and the smell of cancer as strong as the business energy of temporarily sealing Gil Young subsided stunned.

Hwa Pyung visits the Sangyong police. He was met on a stretcher by the detectives who followed one after another to secure Young Soo. Hwa Pyung's eyes widen, his eyes battling with Young Soo's sinister vision. Hwa Pyung reaches the gaze of a Young Soo boy doing business screaming but his mouth is gagged.

Gil Young's screams of identity shattered his concentration. Gil Young who appeared from the end came forward and turned Hwa Pyung's legs full of emotions, "How did you realize that?..."

"..How did you know he was going to cut out his eyes?" "I told you. He was possessed…” "..I have a lot of poison monitoring what the people are afraid to do"

Gil Young can't believe he's railing against Hwa Pyung as crazy. "Sounds crazy doesn't it?"

“…What did poison do me? That's what I see"

"You need tik to believe it?"

"Even the CEO in the sewer of ideals is awesome Kim Young Soo.." "..The two kunarpa are wet with the water from the sea..."

“..Police also liken it strange. That's what was born when you were killed by the frightened people." Hwa Pyung's voice rose, "All the people who were killed and consecutively used Park Il Do.."

“..A strong spirit, immersed in the watery sea…”

"..and working hard to remove the body using chopping water is working hard!!"

Hwa Pyung presents an army of bulletin charters that move unresolved extermination events into the present. "See! Suddenly it started again four years ago!…”

“..Everything is a belated event!..”

“..That spirit has grabbed the family more and more lately” Gil Young opens the file, Hwa Pyung respects to be allowed to compete with Young Soo. Gil Young snorts, “Are you going to work on the furniture as an eviction?”

"Yes, you have to throw him out"

Gil Young's belief is partially surgical. He was disappointed in not knowing what to do. One of the detectives called. Gil Young persuades Hwa Pyung to talk about this later. Gil Young leaves, Hwa Pyung holds his arm, “Her daughter is still alive”

Sangyong Medical Center

Sangyong Medical Center

Gil Young calls a detective at Young Soo's guardhouse, his hand still holding the information squad for Hwa Pyung's donation late. “Electric accident near December 30, 2014, that rolled up single-relatives”

“Of course you are lovely..” "...Since it's the Perian canal, there's too much of a threat..."

"..But you are still beautiful the threat is clear.."

“..That's so eccentric”

"Is it right to fight yourself?" “That seems to be the conclusion”

"There is no reality of break-in or annihilation..."

“..The corpses are so bruised from the fire”

Gil Young for a moment looked at Det Go who was in the corner while on the phone.

"Are there any other eccentric problems?" The detective searched for reason remembering, "Aa. Well.. right.. Son of husband - the second husband has a pimple in his single eye disobedience"

"In the single iniquity of his eye ?" "Looks like he desecrated himself personally using a piece of furniture as an awl..."

"...There's a draft pimple in the corner of her eye..."

The detective complained, he looked at all the issues regarding the threat as eccentric because there was no solid evidence of the allegations that stirred the relative before committing to self-defense. Gil Young reads withdraw love. It compresses the call. Gil Young is still curious, he re-highlights the news description. 'A 40-year-old housewife kills herself by stabbing her in one eye' Det Go proceeded while making a phone call using his wife.

"I'm a sorry beta. Navel? What does it mean ?.."

"I love you. Do you like it now? Okay.."

"..I am busy. Let's end it. bye" Seeing Det Go's attitude, Gil Young combined if his partner was loudly scolded.

"Aigoo. My life is indeed magical, the servant in the hall of wisdom is also in the role of"

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Gil Young treats Young Soo starting from the glass reply, "How is he?"

"Because Beta is supposed to be a detective..."

“..I disband with the use of murderers, adulterers, and gangsters. But.."

"..He is different.."

"..When the other netra khatam came out and looked at me.."

“..It scares me”

Det Go got goosebumps. Gil Young picked up his colleague's label, he stepped on to suggest his concern. “Sunbae, do you trust me?”

"Erm? What's that ? What else now ?!!". Det Go stepped on trepidation.

In a moment, the deadly rope and rope will be Young Soo's seeds. Hwa Pyung who just soaked in continuously grazing the media to dissolve in the bedroom wing. "Your daughter is still alive, right?"

“..Where did you entangle and confine him?”

Gil Young Seeing Det Go's tied face

Gil Young Seeing Det Go's tied face

Young Soo doesn't answer, he whispers using the soul around him, Hwa Pyung keeps his eyes on him, "He's watching us.." "..He replied before us.."

“..Even the macaques and upas pigs get hours of trying to be slashed”

"What are you doing ?"

"Don't you like it too? Is beta wrong?.."

"...That blood.. You like it too, don't you?"

"Just tell me where your daughter is!"

“He is still after his daughter. Then.."

"..Let's suppress all kulawangsa starting from that ceding thought.."

"..and kill him slowly.", Young Soo laughed.

"Why this clan? They are innocent!”

"Not guilty? That's what this guy wants..."

“..He wants everyone to die!..”

“..That's unfair and frustrating!” The tormenting memories that fuel Young Soo's passion are absorbed by the evil spirit swirling around by a single incandescent lamp.


In the midst of the outpouring of dung, Young Soo stumbles across the gutter to grant a job report. A role accident that caused him to lose track of his body's accuracy caused a flurry of excitement when his employer landed, causing the CEO of Shill Service to rage.

Young-soo is just lying down, suddenly he realizes his wife is calling the company using a sedan sobbing, "If the customer doesn't get involved..." “..Who will be in charge of welcoming?..”

“...How about using the sick ward receivables?...”

"..He will lie on his back in the sleeping container for the next period of his life"

Young Soo's son is imitating on the same path, he suddenly looks at his mother's face.

“The three of us will die of hunger. Please share the beta sir”

Young-Soo has been staring at the wagon as if he doesn't hold any hope.

Flashback End

Young Soo asked in greeting to himself, "This man. In a mood, isn't he?" Young Soo nodded, “Yes, he is in despair. Hahaha," Young Soo tells Hwa Pyung that this man needs to slaughter his relatives and himself. "That's why you slaughtered his wife?"

"One single evil spirit, that's why..."

"..She bullied this man.."

“..And the beta is coming”

“How did this guy violate Park Il Do? Where is Park Il Do?”

"See? That's why we have to tell him!.”

“..He will die before he finds him.”

“…He is both a hunter and a predator. It's his eyes!.."

Young Soo gets up and tries to oppose Hwa Pyung before taking steps to incitement, "Hya.."

“..Run like a cockroach of times. Run!..”


Hwa Pyung was silent, a moment later he snapped, "Park Il Do is at Pastor Choi's feet right??" “The husband's brother – Pastor Choi's husband”

"Younger brother ?"

"Well, little sister. He's your age. His family left because of you."

“..You made him play an orphan”

"How do you use him?"

Young Soo chuckled, he lay down again, "Shouldn't be battling butchering his sister .."

"...But the air shield interfered!" Young Soo twitched his cuffed arms in disappointment, “Patik should have hit him with a death hook!..”

“…The priestess is part of the journey to…”

“..Her sisteraaaa!!!!!”

Hwa Pyung is stunned. He left. But later re-close at first strangle Young Soo's neck.

After cursing he really left.

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