Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 16 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 16

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 16

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 16 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 16 English Subtitles

As the villagers try to attack their loved ones, Kil-young and Hwa-pyung keep on searching for an empty nursing home for Priest Yang. But the priest is on the roof with Yoon, who gathers all his psychic abilities to initiate the exorcism prayer. If Yoon had to die, he would at least take Park Il-do with him.

Hwa-pyung and Kil-young find them on the roof, and Hwa-pyung yells at Yoon to stop — he gives Yoon reassurance that there's another move so Yoon doesn't have to die.

Hwa-pyung wants to know if Park Il-do brought them there just to kill them. He offers her as a sacrifice, telling Park Il-do to have it and let Priest Yang go. Yoon and Kil-young protest, not wanting their partner to be possessed, but Hwa-pyung gives them their reassurance that it will be all right.

Priest Yang pondered that, even though the trio who survived that night twenty years ago, their fates remained the same. Bringing them here was part of the idea, and if they killed him, nothing would be different - they didn't escape this trap.

They demanded to know what he was aiming for, and Priest Yang shouted that at the three of them, two would die tonight. Then he stops, deciding if he changes his ideas - only one will die.

Carrying his 2 arms as a cause, Priest Yang purposely propped himself up and fell from the roof, falling to the ground below. The impact of Priest Yang's swan diving was immediate, as some of the villagers who had suddenly become unpossessed, knew with fear that they were trying to kill their comrades and families.

The trio race downstairs, but it's too late. Priest Yang was with an eagle's call on the ground, and as Yoon bowed to the man's body, the older priest's last words were, "I'm free now."

They don't know what that means, but Kil-young knows they need to check on Grandpa and the villagers. When Yoon performs the final ceremony for Priest Yang, Hwa-pyung finds his grandfather safe in a nursing home.

In the morning light, the trio looked out at the sea, asking if it was really all over. Hwa-pyung makes it clear that if a person possessed by a spirit kills himself, then where does the spirit come from. In the case of Park Il-do, they saw the spirits have returned to the sea.

Knowing that if Park Il-do came from the sea every twenty years, they were worried that he would eventually return. Yoon asks why Park Il-do ended things neatly by letting Priest Yang kill him.

Right now they have no evil spirits to hunt down, there's no reason for the trio to always be together. Kil-young and Yoon head back into town while Hwa-pyung still stays behind to be near his grandfather. As he sits up from his grandfather's bedside, Hwa-pyung dreams of Priest Choi from twenty years ago telling him that "he" is with him.

Hwa-pyung doesn't understand the dream, but there's no time to think about it since Grandpa woke up from his coma. But due to lack of oxygen to the brain, Grandpa basically suffered a stroke, until his strength was limited. However, he managed to issue a sad call for his wife and son.

After the incident in the hamlet, Yoon's claim that Priest Yang was possessed doesn't seem too far-fetched, but he's still in the priest's experimentation period until the disciplinary committee looks further into the matter. Another priest gave him some of the Hand Share documents that Priest Yang left behind.

Just then, Kil-young goes through a box of some of his mother's belongings, his voice shaking as he tells his mother that Park Il-do has left. Kil-young starts to cry as she blames herself for not being able to do anything to stop her until Priest Yang took his life.

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He meets Yoon, amazed at how he learns how to drink soju. His new drinking routine is understandable, remembering everything he's been through – especially since whenever he tries to sleep, he can see and hear all the people who were killed or possessed by Park Il-do.

Kil-young points out that minor PTSD is no surprise considering everything they've been through. He pondered if they had at least both because the three of them could understand how they felt when no one else could.

kill-young and yoon are chatting.

kill-young and yoon are chatting.

He hesitates, holding back tears as he admits that it was hard for him to meet Yoon since the moment he saw him, he thought about his mother who died saving him. He tries to ease the mood by explaining that Yoon should live a blessed life since Hwa-pyung ordered him to save Yoon no matter what.

Grandpa's stroke means he can barely take care of himself, or even know who Hwa-pyung is. Hwa-pyung still cautiously leans over to his grandfather, making him stay indoors and tucking him towards the bed. Hwa-pyung plans to stay with Grandpa for now and asks Kil-young to pack his things and send them.

Yoon returns to the village to check on some of the people who were originally possessed. He starts with Officer Oh, who explains that he doesn't remember anything, but at least he's not thirsty and hasn't heard some strange noises. As part of the public process, Yoon pulls out a cross and holds it close to Officer Oh, asking how he feels.

The police officer hesitates, then confesses that if he feels a little sick, asks Yoon to remove the cross. When Yoon doesn't obey, Officer Oh furiously knocks him out of Yoon's hand. Surprised, Yoon finds out that the villagers are still possessed.

Yoon mentions Kil-young, who bothered to pack some Hwa-pyung things. He explains to her that it's not over yet — the demons controlled by Park Il-do are still in the village. Park Il-do did not disappear. Kil-young is so shocked that he accidentally drops a bottle of food that Grandpa's homemade already with Hwa-pyung on his last visit.

He looked at the riot on the floor in fear. Tucked away in the jar is a crow's head, which - apart from being downright unhygienic - is definitely not a good sign. He and Yoon find out that they have to go to Hwa-pyung as soon as possible.

After Grandpa falls asleep, Hwa-pyung goes down to the harbor to pour a bottle of soju into the sea. He calls Yook Kwang, explaining to him that he brought the soju and sashimi the shaman was hoping for, promising what he will do to find his friend's body.

Hwa-pyung returns to his grandfather's house, remembering that Yook Kwang died because he was looking for something on Grandpa's property. Hwa-pyung has a mission where Yook Kwang dredges up the dirt, so he starts dredging too.

He backed away when he found a mummy body buried in the ground. Remembering all the warnings that Park Il-do is still in the house and Grandpa is Park Il-do, Hwa-pyung looks at the buried photo with the corpse - the photo of him as a boy with his grandfather.

As Yoon rushes to Hwa-pyung, he flips through a photo from Hand Share. All the photos are of Priest Yang standing with volunteers and some people who share a helping hand - and in one of those photos is Grandpa.

Hwa-pyung returns to the front of the house, shocked to see Grandpa sitting up front, eating by himself — something he shouldn't have been able to do without contributing due to a stroke. Hwa-pyung dejectedly assumes that Park Il-do had a grandfather twenty years ago when Park Il-do moved away from young Hwa-pyung.

But Grandpa says Hwa-pyung was never possessed. The reason Hwa-pyung couldn't see through his eyes as a child is because of his mental strength. The truth is, Park Il-do entered Grandpa right after the first trance shaman committed suicide.

Grandpa has been trying to resist, but because Park Il-do's demonic energy begins to cover the walls in black liquid and poses a threat to Hwa-pyung's consumption, Grandpa worships him as a sacrifice to save his grandson.

Under Park Il-do's orders, Grandpa finds Park Il-do's real body buried in the garden. That night Hwa-pyung's mother goes to find Hwa-pyung, the night Hwa-pyung thinks he - while possibly possessed - moved his mother off a cliff. But it wasn't Hwa-pyung who killed his mother — it was grandpa.

Then, Grandpa kills his wife, making it look like a suicide after he finds out he buried Park Il-do's body back closer to home.

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During the exorcism twenty years ago, when the shaman said that “he should be killed” because it was a move to get rid of Park Il-do, they assumed he was referring to Hwa-pyung because that's what he seems to be looking at. But he does look at Grandpa holding Hwa-pyung at that moment.

Hwa-pyung kills the grandfather in front of him.Hwa-pyung kills the grandfather in front of him.

Hwa-pyung kills the grandfather in front of him.Hwa-pyung kills the grandfather in front of him.

When Grandpa tells Hwa-pyung everything, the younger man staggers in pain as his eyes start to hurt again. He doesn't understand how he can never be overpowered when he reacts to Park Il-do, but now-very-obviously-possessed Grandpa explains that because Hwa-pyung is someone special and powerful, he experiences sympathetic supernatural affliction.

After the exorcism attempt suppresses Hwa-pyung's mental powers, he no longer has any pain or can see Grandpa for what he really is. That's how Park Il-do was able to live so close to Hwa-pyung so far.

As for Priest Yang, Park Il-do never had. On the other hand, Park Il-do is just looking for him, knowing he is Lee Chul-Yong's son. Priest Yang was actually trying to challenge him by getting rid of him. But Park Il-do is too strong, and that's when Priest Yang surrenders to his faith and becomes Park Il-do's servant.

So it was Grandpa who did the possession - or at least ordered the other lesser demons to own the zombie villager and everything else that had been associated with Share Hands throughout the year.

Grandpa laughs happily as he — namely, Park Il-do — explains that he helped Hong-Joo in calculating the misfortune she will bring to the world as she gains greater political power. Hwa-pyung demands to know why Park Il-do has been doing all that for the past twenty years, and the spirit explains that it's happy — besides, he's just feeding on all of humanity's despair, anger, and will to harm. It simply moves a few people from the sidelines until their metaphorical demons become literal ghosts.

Hwa-pyung asks why Park Il-do killed Geun-ho, and Grandpa laughs if he killed all of Hwa-pyung's family to make Hwa-pyung sad and frustrated to damage his psychic abilities, allowing Park Il to have him.

Park Il-do has carefully lived near Hwa-pyung for the past twenty years because of Hwa-pyung's special mental powers of shaman heirs, which makes him one of the few people who can survive being possessed by such a powerful spirit.

Worried, Hwa-pyung asks if his grandfather is still alive. Park Il-do almost looks offended when he explains that he is Hwa-pyung's grandfather. Park Il-do is the one who takes care of Hwa-pyung, makes him, laughs with him. Park Il-do is the one that Hwa-pyung sleeps next to when he visits the house.

Furious, Hwa-pyung starts to move towards Grandpa, but the evil spirit prevents Hwa-pyung from taking a step closer. Hwa-pyung falls to his knees, vomiting blood, as Park Il-do explains that it was all Hwa-pyung's fault if Kil-young's and Yoon's families were killed too.

If young Hwa-pyung doesn't tell Priest Choi that Park Il-do is still in the house, then Park Il-do doesn't need to have Priest Choi. If Hwa-pyung isn't standing in front of Yoon's house that night, then Kil-young's mother doesn't stop to investigate.

Frustrated, Park Il-do adds that if at night he leads the trio to a nursing home, he will kill Yoon and Kil-young in Hwa-pyung's face. But in contrast, Priest Yang commits suicide, thwarting Park Il-do's idea. He's not worried, because he knows that Yoon and Kil-young are on their way to Grandpa's house.

Knowing some of his friends are in danger, Hwa-pyung asks Park Il-do to have this moment and leave his grandfather alone. That was exactly what had been waiting for Park Il-do for the last twenty years.

By the time Yoon arrives inside Grandpa's house, possession takes place — but Hwa-pyung has already grabbed a knife and carved shamanic phrases onto his body. He recites the prayer shaman to limit Park Il-do.

Sad for his friend, Yoon rushes forward to help, but Hwa-pyung yells at him to stay away. He explains that it's pointless for Yoon to try and perform an exorcism — not because only he knew Yoon would die, but because Hwa-pyung had already secured Park Il-do in his body and planned to get rid of the evil spirit by killing him.

Frightened, Yoon yells at him to stop when Hwa-pyung grabs a knife and attempts to slash his own throat. But Park Il-do seems defiant, holding back Hwa-pyung in the last resort. Though reeling from the pain of his curse, Yoon staggers forward, determined to get rid of his friend.

Park Il-do grabs Yoon by the throat, grumbling that he should have killed Yoon in the first place. When Hwa-pyung finds out what his passion is forcing him to do, he tries to break Park Il-do's grip on Yoon. After Yoon is released, Hwa-pyung runs away.

Kil-young arrives just in time to watch Hwa-pyung run into the ocean, and he follows after. Hwa-pyung stands in the water and tries to slash his wrists, but Park Il-do doesn't let him die so easily, so he tries to drown himself. Kil-young jumps into the water to save him, dragging Hwa-pyung back into the shallows again.

Park Il-do starts to replace because Hwa-pyung's right eye turns black. Satan laughs in victory, loves his new body.

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Owned Hwa-pyung catches Kil-young and tries to stab him, but Yoon arrives and pulls him away. The two men competed. Hwa-pyung immediately has the upper hand when he uses his supernatural abilities to drown Yoon and Kil-young underwater, trying to drown them. But Yoon reaches for the rosary, pressing the cross against Hwa-pyung’s flesh.

That causes Hwa-pyung to back away in pain, releasing Kil-young and Yoon. Kil-young tries to stifle Hwa-pyung as Yoon initiates the exorcism. Yoon cries out in prayer, asking for funds to defeat an opponent too strong for him - but he will go out to fight for his friend's life, even if it costs him.

Hwa-pyung cringes in pain for a moment, but Park Il-do ends up making fun of Yoon, explaining to him that Yoon will die by oath before he can get rid of Hwa-pyung. Yoon trembles in pain, spitting out blood as his body rots – but he persists in the exorcism until Hwa-pyung suddenly screams, “Park Il-do!”

But then Hwa-pyung starts laughing because the devil is saying that Park Il-do isn't his real name – that's just what he uses most of the time. Actually, "Park Il-do" is a demon that has existed since the beginning of time. Yoon orders the spirits to reveal his real name because exorcism can only be performed properly with the devil's real name.

Park Il-do grabbed Yoon by his throat: “Yoon Hwa-pyung. That's my name right now.”

Kil-young tries to get involved but possessed Hwa-pyung effortlessly pushes him aside as he continues to strangle Yoon. He tries to attack Yoon, but Kil-young grabs his arm, asking Hwa-pyung to remember why they wanted to arrest Park Il-do – to think about his family and if he begs him to do whatever he can to save Yoon's life.

Hwa-pyung's right eye returns to normal as he briefly gains control of his body. He drops Yoon into the water and strikes him in the chest. As some of his friends watch in fear, Hwa-pyung thanks them for their contribution, but explains he'll take care of everything for now. Then he struck out his right eye.

Hwa-pyung staggers into the ocean, vanishing underwater.

Yoon swims afterward, grabbing her sunken hand and tying a rosary around both of their wrists as she internally continues the exorcism. As he finishes the prayer and blesses Hwa-pyung, Yoon loses consciousness due to the oath.

Hwa-pyung unzips the rosary bag from Yoon’s wrist and slides it deeper into the water, asking Park Il-do to stay on his body.

Kil-young dives into the sea, desperate to find the 2 men. He drags Yoon back to shore again, and he gushes out of the sea as he comes back to his senses. Since the exorcism didn't work, he's still alive! The first question is to ask where Hwa-pyung is, but Kil-young sobs as he confesses that he can’t find him.

Running back into the water again, Yoon and Kil-young desperately call out Hwa-pyung's name. But he has gone.

In the morning, Kil-young gets a call from the Coast Guard letting him know they've found Hwa-pyung's belongings — his shoes, which were left near Yook Kwang's body. Hwa-pyung finds his old-time partner, but there's no sign of Hwa-pyung's body.

A year later, Kil-young is still a detective and partners with Detective Go! Yay! He's momentarily distracted when another detective asks the taxi driver a question, thus reminding him of Hwa-pyung.

Hong-Joo has been chosen to be the head of the conference floor, which gives her even more power. Ugh, I guess evil continues to exist on this earth. He gets a call when his father dies, but instead of being sad, he laughs happily. It is not strange why Park Il-do chose this family for his 20th-century incarnation.

Yoon and Kil-young meet to celebrate Hwa-pyung's anniversary – aw, the 2 of them brought meat as their food offering, since that's what he always made to buy for her. They set the memorial table inside Grandpa's house, appreciating their comrades thought they had sunk.

By then, Grandpa is back to his normal (and non-possessed) self, which unfortunately means he hasn't played his full role yet and needs his neighbors to watch over him. Grandpa believes that Hwa-pyung and Geun-ho should go home as soon as possible, and spend every day watching them.

Neighbors tell Yoon and Kil-young to stop sending Grandpa money — he doesn't need it right now, as the charity keeps sending money and stock.

Kil-young and Yoon look for the source of the package, and that leads them to another hamlet by the coast. The person who delivered the package was a fisherman, who said he did it as a fund for a man who was rescued from drowning last year. The man ended up staying in their hamlet.

As Yoon and Kil-young approach the man's house, they witness a familiar figure — it's Hwa-pyung. His hair had grown long and covered his missing eyes, he had scars left on his body from the phrase shaman, and he wore Yoon's rosary around his neck. Yoon and Kil-young look on happily, knowing that their old partner is still alive.

In the voice-over, Hwa-pyung tells us if Park Il-do is sent back to sea again, but he is worried that the demon will eventually return: "When the world is in turmoil and humans become corrupt, Sohn will return. Sohn came from the Sea. East. "

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