Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 15 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 15

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 15

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 15

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 15 English Subtitles

Hong-Joo's driver – currently possessing – strikes Hwa-pyung in the stomach just as Sister Kim jams a metal pole in his eye. Hwa-pyung is unconscious, and just as the dreaded driver is about to stab him again, Priest Yang yells at him not to hurt Hwa-pyung again.

Yoon runs towards where Hwa-pyung is clinging to the ground, but Priest Yang is already freed and runs away. At Hwa-pyung's pressure, Yoon hunts down the driver and priest, desperate to catch Park Il-do.

Yoon finds the driver apparently waiting for him on the other side of the bridge, and he grabs his rosary and begins to pray – but feeling a searing pain in his chest causes him to fall to his knees. The disappointed driver smirked, then turned back and ran straight to the Truck of Doom.

Back at Sister Kim's house, Kil-young watches helplessly as the paramedics carry Sister Kim's body. Detective Go is unsure if they found Sister Kim alive, having trusted Hong-joo to kill her – only to commit suicide in their face.

Kil-young rushes to the hospital as soon as he hears about what happened to Hwa-pyung. Yoon is in the hospital, waiting by the ER, and he fills her in on their jungle exploration. Kil-young asks if it's okay for Yoon to be there since he should be in the priest's prison, but Yoon just explains that he's already in trouble, so maybe do something that really deserves a break.

It's the same for Kil-young, because he knows he almost lost his job too. When Yoon suddenly hugs in pain, Kil-young worriedly asks if he's okay. He gasps if he is okay as a spirit remembering that by the time they meet, Yoon will die.

Hwa-pyung wakes up in the hospital, thinking about Priest Yang's warning if he gets too distracted — if he doesn't manage to secure the protection of those who need it most. Ah, but he looks like he likes to see that Kil-young and Yoon are waiting to see him.

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Hwa-pyung calls to check on Grandpa, and finds out that Priest Yang — with a “charity” contribution from Share Hands — transferred Grandpa to another hospital. But when the ambulance driver who had previously picked up Hwa-pyung's grandfather is found dead with his eye pierced, his grandfather's removal is confirmed as kidnapping.

Imam Yang is currently a fugitive because the police issued a warrant for his arrest. Hwa-pyung worries about what Priest Yang - or, more accurately, Park Il-do - will do to his grandfather. Hwa-pyung decides that they can use Hong-joo to contact Park Il-do, unless he has a sudden overseas trip. How comfortable.

Until they find out from the police where Priest Yang is — or until Hwa-pyung has a mission — they'll just have to wait and worry about what Park Il-do expects with Grandpa.

In a small gas station, Priest Yang watched the young attendant fill the tub in the ambulance. The young man watched beside the priest for driving such an unusual vehicle, but when the young man was berated by his boss, Priest Yang found a new victim as he gently grasped the man's hand. He explained to the young station attendants that he needed the boy to guide them.

Kil-young is reprimanded by his boss for charging Hong-joo with murder when it's clearly impossible because Sister Kim killed herself in front of the police. Ohhh, so that's why Park Il-do had Sister Kim - to save his cousin.

At least Kil-young's boss looks genuinely sorry, though he's surprised at how willing Kil-young is to accept responsibility and the subsequent delay until the disciplinary committee decides whether or not he should be expelled.

Detective Go believes that Kil-young will return soon, because he didn't do anything wrong. But Kil-young doesn't mind taking a break, because now he's free to do things he couldn't do when he was a cop.

The trio go looking for Priest Yang, starting with the priest who used to know Priest Yang when they worked in the small hamlet together. The old priest explained that Priest Yang looked normal before, but in the end Priest Yang started to be different, and started insisting on learning more and more about demons because one of his own family members was once overpowered.

the old priest said that Priest was a kind and honest man.

the old priest said that Priest was a kind and honest man.

The old priest didn't know which part of the family Priest Yang mentioned, but he knew that Priest Yang's father died before his birth, then his mother died soon after he was born, and Priest Yang's brother and he were adopted by 2 other family members.

With a sigh, the old priest explained that Priest Yang was a nice and honest man, until about twenty years ago when he suddenly became different. A flashback shows the old priest who came to the church to find Priest Yang in his raincoat covered in dirt, standing in the middle of the aisle.

Asking why Priest Yang would need a raincoat when it wasn't raining, Priest Yang just looked at the cross hanging on the wall, muttering that he should never have been a priest. He adds that humans cannot conquer demons. When the old priest took Priest To who was talking to him, Priest Yang twisted the old priest's arm and shouted at him never to talk to him again.

Back in the present, the old priest explained to the trio that it was scary to witness such a Priest As. Then he looked at Yoon, pondering if Yoon had an aura similar to Priest Yang. He recommends Yoon to stop being an exorcism priest or he can become like Priest Yang.

Changing the subject, Yoon asks if the old priest knows what happened to Priest Yang's brother. The old priest thought for a moment, trying to remember Priest Yang's birth name - but all he could think was if the brother was born "Lee" something-or-other.

Kil-young places the pieces and finds out that Priest Yang's eldest brother is Lee Sang-chul - the son of Lee Chul-yong, the first man Park Il-do had sixty years ago. Ohhhh, the demon runs in the family, it turns out.

They still need to catch Park Il-do moments before he kills them, and Kil-young asks if Yoon can perform an exorcism. Yoon explains if he can – he should, hence one of their wishes. But Hwa-pyung explains there is another move.

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As they drive to the town where the old priest and Priest Yang used to work, Hwa-pyung remembers the conversation he had with Yook Kwang, where he learned that the way to get rid of Park Il-do (if exorcism didn't play a role) was to kill a possessed person. . That way, the spirit is forced to return from where it originally came from.

However, with a strong spirit like Park Il-do, he can find a way to escape to another body, so one way to make sure to get rid of Park Il-do is the person who was possessed to commit suicide after ensnaring Park. Il-do in his body goes through shamanic rites – rites that Hwa-pyung tells Hwa-pyung to study.

When Yoon asks what other steps to take to get rid of Park Il-do, Hwa-pyung stops mid-sentence when he suddenly falls into a trance. Yoon and Kil-young quickly recognize what's going on and set aside to wait for Hwa-pyung's mission to be over.

Hwa-pyung's mission is the gas station attendant who just attacked his boss. Hwa-pyung shares what he witnessed and the trio are on their way. The police were already at the gas station when they arrived, and the possessed man - with his eye pierced - climbed into the trio's car, looked at them and pointed too far away.

Then he fell dead, no longer had. Hwa-pyung finds out that Park Il-do told them where to go.

Priest Yang drove an ambulance as far as the lane of an almost deserted hamlet except for the bus load of a few bogged down tourists who were entangled beside the road. Priest Yang soared above the beleaguered bus driver struggling to fix the wrecked vehicle. The priest offered to make a contribution - but of course that only caused the bus driver to fall into a trance.

The owner of the bus takes the correct key and gets on the bus, savagely killing all the travelers. Hwa-pyung watches this with a glance, and by the time the 3 people arrive on the separated bus, the police are already there – one of them even vomiting from the brutality of the crushed bodies on the bus.

Hwa-pyung is frustrated that they arrived late, but when they see the bus driver standing on the road, pointing too far away, Hwa-pyung knows that Park Il-do told him to always head east — to always go to the sea. Next the bus driver struck him in the eye and died.

The priest who came to his destination - a nursing home in the small hamlet where he used to work. He is greeted by the nursing home director who remembers volunteering with Priest Yang back in time.

He asked if Priest Yang had chosen to resign, and Priest Yang sadly explained that since it all started here for him, this was the best place to return to. He brought Grandpa along because he knew the old man's grandson would be visiting soon.

Few patients are in nursing homes, and the director admits that he is having financial difficulties and will sell the nursing home. They were disturbed when a police officer asked to see the director, wanting to see if he had anything to do with Priest Yang.

Just then, Priest Yang took a step into the passageway, illuminated by a gleam that sparkled brightly and cheerfully as several demons chattered. Everyone in the nursing home slowly advanced to Priest Yang like an unbiased moth, dazzled by the fiery life that was about to possess.

Hwa-pyung gets another mission — but not from a would-be assassin. It's from Park Il-do himself, and it reveals the location of the beach hamlet.

Officer Oh returns to his troop car again, and his partner asks how his visit was. Officer Oh, now possessed, grumbles that he has nothing to live for in this ugly hamlet - and he gulps a bottle full of water. That's not a good sign.

The nursing home secretary is overcome as she complains about how she works all the time while her husband is doing nothing, growing more violent with her pencil sharpener. The nursing home director returns home, watching his current family through newly possessed eyes. He bitterly accuses them of only caring about money. He glanced and watched his golf club.

Yoon is in a trance.

Yoon is in a trance.

The trio arrive inside the director's house, and Kil-young shows him his police badge, telling him that he just wanted to ask him about Priest Yang. The director carefully hid the bloody golf club behind his back as he smiled, a lie if he hadn't seen Priest Yang in twenty years. At that time, the director's wife and children were afraid because they were safe in the bedroom.

When it's Yoon and Kil-young's turn to leave, Hwa-pyung runs off and asks if he can use the bathroom. When the director explains it's not a good time, the trio learn something isn't right, and they treat the man as a demon in a limp in anger. Hwa-pyung yells at Yoon to initiate the exorcism, but Yoon backs up in pain and staggers out of the house, falling to his knees when he finds out the swearing affected him.

He prayed for the ability to endure to the end - to last long enough to get rid of the demons. Hwa-pyung finds him and watches Yoon rot in the flesh, asking if it was because of the prophecy.

Hwa-pyung looks on in fear as Yoon sadly swears the oath the devil has placed on him. Shocked, Hwa-pyung learns that if Yoon performs another exorcism, Yoon will die.

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Just then, Kil-young asks the frightened wife if her husband has seen anyone recently, and the wife tells Kil-young about the priest arriving at the hospital with an old man in the ambulance. The sound of police alarms - and the devil babbling over loudspeakers - got his attention.

Kil-young makes sure the possessed director gets tangled and clogged up as he cautiously approaches the front door, where Office Oh starts knocking — only to slowly growl as he attempts to bust it. He then fell through the window.

Kil-young grabs a golf club and swings it right at his head, which is about to knock a normal guy down — but since he has it and isn't in pain, all it does is make a momentary stop.

He attempts to challenge her, and Hwa-pyung returns home on time to help, but it takes Yoon to press his rosary cross on Officer Oh's head to make the possessed person collapse in pain — and the attempt leaves Yoon unconscious, unconscious. .

Yoon gradually regains consciousness in the back seat of Kil-young's car. They said they had tied up the concurrently officer with the nursing home director and sent the director's family to a neighbor's house for safety.

The trio head to the nursing home to find Priest Yang, which they get pretty easily without the villagers getting in their way.

They scatter to find Priest Yang, with a reminder from Hwa-pyung that none of them need to fight him alone and call once they've found the priest. Hwa-pyung seems more intent on finding his grandfather, but all the rooms are empty.

Kil-young hasn't found anyone yet, and he worries about Hwa-pyung, who tries to hide how much pain he's in from his stab injury. But Hwa-pyung is discouraged that they found Priest Yang just before Yoon, because he can't let Yoon perform the exorcism. Kil-young asks how they're going to stop Park Il-do without Yoon's contribution, but Hwa-pyung assures him if he has an idea.

One of the things he asks is, no matter what, Kil-young must protect Yoon. His mother died to save Yoon, so Kil-young shouldn't have let him die either.

Yoon finds grandfather's room there, but the door is locked. He heard Priest Yang's voice asking why he was there, but there was no one in the hallway either. Yoon follows the voice to the roof, where Priest Yang stands on the edge of the building, looking down at the village.

With his back to the young priest, Priest Yang asks why Yoon didn't try to save the villagers – or because Yoon couldn't save them, because he was afraid to fulfill the 3rd side of the oath. Yoon asks why Priest Yang, er, Park Il-do has villagers, and Priest Yang muses that humans aren't strong and stupid with some darkness in them. It was darkness as a demon.

Yoon clutches his prayer beads, clearly ready to make one last attempt at the exorcism. But Priest Yang returns, asking about Yoon's darkness. The older priest warns Yoon if he reminds him to stay away from Hwa-pyung.

As Yoon bites in pain, he's still trying to stay focused, asking if Priest Yang's soul is still there. There was something hurt in his voice as he asked if Priest Yang was really real. Pastor Yang explained that there was no function in asking such questions, because there was no meaning in going back - the end had already begun.

Officer Oh stops near the house to check if all is well, surprised to find Officer Oh and the nursing home director tied up in the bedroom. He rushes to release some of the men, but as soon as he does, Officer Oh attacks his partner. The nursing home director searches for a frightened family inside a neighbor's house.

In all the small towns, the hamlets from the nursing home are stuck and staggered, nowadays the zombies are full of demons who are thirsty for blood because of Park Il-do.

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