Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 14 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 14

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 14

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 14


Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 14 English Subtitles

Yoon shows up at the congregation in the Mass, which is directed by Priest Yang. Yoon unobtrusively discovers a seat on one of the seats, his eyes never leaving the essence of Priest Yang, who is bowing in the petition.

At the point when Priest Yang started his lesson, he cited Psalm 139:

If I remain on the wings of daybreak,

If I choose the most distant side of the ocean,

indeed, even there your hand will direct me,

your right hand will hold me quick.

If I say, "Verily the obscurity will shroud me

also, the light became night surrounding me."

indeed, even obscurity won't be dull to you;

the night will sparkle like the day,

for obscurity is as light to you.

In any event, that is how it ought to be, as Yoon murmurs the Psalms alongside the more established cleric. But Priest Yang left with an engraving in the last couple of lines, saying "even the light will be dull to you; the night will swallow the day since obscurity is a dim night for you."

Understanding the inconspicuous way Priest Yang had mutilated the sacred writings implied the inverse, Yoon observed cautiously as the cleric arranged the ceremony of Holy Communion. The Priest favors the Eucharist and takes a nibble of the host's wafer - or if nothing else it appears, yet he cautiously conceals the way that he doesn't eat it, nor does he really drink the wine.

As the gathering arranged to get the Eucharist, Yoon jumped forward and pushed them far removed. While gazing eagerly at Priest Yang, he ventured forward to the raised area and discarded the wine Priest Yang should drink - which was simply water.

He additionally defies Priest Yang about perusing some unacceptable Psalms and not burning through the host's wafers. Two others flood forward to drag Yoon out (since he just interrupted a real Sacrament of Sacrament) as he yells that Priest Yang is Park Il-do.

Yoon faces the disciplinary panel, which requests to know why he meddled with the mass. Yoon obtusely says it was a "Dark Mass" (i.e., a satire of the Holy Sacrament) and that Priest Yang was moved by an underhanded soul named Park Il-did.

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He offered Priest Yang's Bible as proof, and the oldest minister flipped through a wrote book, shocked by a blacked-out page. Be that as it may, Priest Yang acts ignorant and rolls the fault back on Yoon, "honestly" inquiring as to whether Yoon is presently just about as insane as Priest Han in the wake of performing such countless expulsions.

Cleric Yang takes a gander at Yoon with feeling sorry for, disclosing to him that he is fixed on malicious spirits, and if he progresses forward this way, he will just wind up like Priest Han, ending it all. Yoon pulls out his petition globules and starts his expulsion supplication over Pastor Yang, who appears to be quite undeterred, however, his hands grasp the seat somewhat tighter.

His activities appear to affirm to the remainder of the disciplinary board of trustees that Yoon isn't all there mentally, and Yoon drops from an agonizing feeling in his chest. He is with and with pants that Reverend Yang is Park Il-do, yet Reverend Yang simply gazes at him, looking unbiased.

In the meantime, Hwa-pyung frantically looks for Yook Kwang. On account of Kil-youthful finding Yook Kwang's last call, Hwa-pyung discovers that Yook Kwang went to Hwa-pyung's old neighborhood. Hwa-pyung looks all over the place, incapable to observe be any indication of his companion.

Sister Kim invites Kil-young to her house

Sister Kim invites Kil-young to her house

Kil-youthful consents to help, realizing that Priest Yang is by one way or another associated. He began with Sharing Hands, which is right now granting Hong-jJooan honor. Kil-youthful watches the senator accept his honor, and when Hong-jJoowatches the criminal investigator, Kil-youthful says she anticipates seeing Priest Yang at the function.

Hong-Joo says she can't come since she's not feeling great, then, at that point distinctly gets some information about Kil-youthful's chief and the police boss. The lady's words are pleasant as they grin at one another, however, both are completely mindful that Hong-jJoostill has the ability to obliterate Kil-youthful's vocation if she keeps on irritating Hong-Joo

A lady enters the theatre, shouting that Hong-jJoois utilizing others' lives for her own benefit and ought to be kicked out of the workplace. Kil-youthful follows the lady as she is hauled out of the assembly hall.

The lady, Sister Kim, imagines that Hong-jJooshould pay off one more investigator to attempt to get her, yet she halts abruptly when Kil-youthful says that she really needed to get Hong-joo

Sister Kim welcomes Kil-youthful to her home and uncovers that Sharing Hands was a great foundation until Hong-JJ participated and began controlling the volunteers, utilizing them to acquire political force. He even has proof, and plays the tape for Kil-youthful, uncovering that he generally records his gatherings with Hong-joo

On the off chance that getting Hong-goodies doesn't work, he'll take her to the media — alongside an envelope of proof demonstrating Hong-jJoostole from Sharing Hands. Sister Kim faults Hong-jJoofor demolishing Priest Yang, whom she thinks can't take the blame no matter what.

Hong-jJoocalls Priest Yang, who is pressing to leave because of a wellbeing-related holiday. Mmm-gee, sure. Hong-jJoostresses over Kil-youthful gathering Sister Kim. Minister Yang is certain Sister Kim will remain silent against him or Sharing Hands, however, he advises Hong-jJooto to figure out how to convince Sister Kim to stay silent. 

In the interim, Yoon is attempting to accommodate the way that the mentor he knows as Priest Yang is likewise Park Il-do. In the wake of a monotonous evening of examination, he calls Kil-youthful, requesting to meet. 

Hwa-pyung sits close to his still oblivious granddad, enlightening him regarding Yook Kwang. He realizes Grandpa doesn't care for Yook Kwang because he doesn't care for Hwa-pyung investing energy with a shaman, however, he is Hwa-pyung's just other families, and Hwa-pyung stresses that something awful has happened to him. 

In the wake of visiting the medical clinic, Hwa-pyung drives along a dirt road, unexpectedly halting when he sees Yook Kwang remaining before him. Yook Kwang discreetly shouts to Hwa-pyung, who follows his companion. 

Yook Kwang focuses tona a spot on the field, and Hwa-pyung has a dream of how his companion passed on — however, there's nobody on the field. 

Hwa-pyung communicates his doubts about Yook Kwang's demise to Kil-youthful, who urges him to get back to the city. He's hesitant because he needs to discover his companion's body first, yet Yoon is additionally on the telephone — and says that Hwa-pyung was correct: Priest Yang is Park Il-do. 

That is sufficient to make Hwa-pyung speed back to town, and the threesome joy inside. Hwa-pyung is incensed when Yoon covertly concedes that he was the explanation Yook Kwang went to his old neighborhood since he saw that the shaman appeared to zero in on the sentence "still at home" when Yoon said his final words, Priest Choi. It appears as though this gathering will be fleeting because of Hwa-pyung faulting Yoon for what befell Yook Kwang. 

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In the first part of the day, Yoon faces the disciplinary panel. With the entirety of his activities added up (playing out an expulsion without consent; working with a shaman; somebody who wasn't hurt by an expulsion endeavor; intruding on Mass), they conclude that Yoon ought to be shipped off a disciplinary office. 

It's essentially a minister's jail, however without a key, and Yoon is left to sit in his bathroom and consider his activities. 

Kil-youthful and Hwa-pyung look for Priest Yang who vanished out of nowhere, yet without much of any result. Kil-youthful inquires as to whether Hwa-pyung has a dream that may help him, yet he doesn't. It's made considerably more troublesome because they don't have the foggiest idea when Yoon will be allowed to leave the office, and they can't play out the expulsion without him. 

Hwa-pyung obstinately says he'll deal with it himself, actually faulting Yoon for what befell Yook Kwang. He chooses to get Priest Yang's area from Hong-Joo Kil-young advises him that he will be captured if he troubles the representative once more, however, Hwa-pyung says that he will remain secluded from everything. 

Sister Kim was strangled by a priest

Sister Kim was strangled by a priest

Kil-youthful gets a call from Sister Kim, who chooses to sue Hong-joo In any case, when Sister Kim begins gathering proof to take to the police headquarters, Hong-jJoothumps on her entryway. 

Hong-JJ puts on a wonderful face when she says she's here because Priest Yang said they should discuss their disparities. Sister Kim laughs at Hong-jJoo'sendeavors to seem guiltless on the theft charges and advises her to leave. 

All things considered, Hong-jJoooffers up a pack of money, considering it a reward for all the help Sister Kim has given the Sharing Hands. In any case, Sister Kim irately discards the cash, blaming Hong-jJoofor being a criminal, adding that she even has proof. 

Hong-jJoobegins to scratch her neck when Sister Kim says she recollects what happened the night that secondary school understudy kicked the bucket twenty years prior, that Hong-Joo went to Priest Yang for help. Hong-jJoogets Sister Kim's volunteer honor and slices to the lady's head, angrily shouting that she's not a cheat. 

In any case, after the underlying outrage wears off, Hong-jJooglances around in the bleeding room and acknowledges what she's doing. 

Cleric Yang is in Grandpa's clinic room. He tells the absent man that he would not like to do this, yet Hwa-pyung will not let him be. He came to advance as though to choke Grandpa, however, halted when his telephone began ringing. 

Hong-Joo and Priest Yang go to Sister Kim's home, where Hong-jJoois sitting, gazing at the body. He clarifies it was out of protection since Sister Kim set out to consider him a cheat, however, Priest Yang slapped Hong-joo hard that she tumbled to the ground.

He discloses to her he must be more cautious, very much like he cautioned her after what he completed twenty years prior. Hong-footfalls down as Priest Yang tranquility says that he'll tidy up the wreck, requesting Hong-jJooto return home. 

Wearing a parka like the one the secret individual wore that evening Hyun-jJoo'sbody was covered twenty years prior, Priestess Yang tidied up the room. He wrapped Sister Kim's body in a huge pack and hauled her away. 

Kil-youthful is stressed that Sister Kim never appears at the police headquarters and doesn't answer her calls. He and Detective Go stop by the house, however, nobody is there. 

He thought it odd that the house was such a lot cleaner than when he had visited Sister Kim previously and went to research the heap of trash outside. He discovered the honor, shrouded in blood. 

Minister Yang got back to the woods, burrowing a grave for Sister Kim's body. As he hauled the gym bag down the opening, a hacking sound halted him. Sister Kim is as yet alive! 

The cleric who unfastened the pack and Sister Kim feebly wheezed for help. Minister Yang's thought, notwithstanding, was to alleviate Sister Kim's aggravation by choking her. 

Hong-jJoowashes off the blood on her mind and face. He gets a call from Priest Yang, who notices that the investigator is at Sister Kim's home, and inquires as to whether any other individual realizes that Hong-Joo was there that evening. 

The main other individual is driver Hong-Joo, and Priest Yang says he'll deal with it. Oh, dear. 

Hwa-pyung has been following the legislative office, and when he sees the driver getting into the vehicle, Hwa-pyung follows him at a protected distance. 

The driver considered it odd that he had been gathered into the center of the woods to see Priest Yang, however his eyes abruptly snapped in dread and he grasped his throat as though he was being choked. Cleric Yang just gazed at the driver as obscurity encompassed the minister. 

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Hwa-pyung discovers the driver's vehicle in the forest, yet when he draws nearer, the driver is no place to be seen. Hwa-pyung sees somebody remaining in the forest and accepts that it's the driver, yet as he draws nearer, he understands it's Priest Yang. 

Hwa-pyung says he's been pondering for the beyond twenty years how he will kill Park Il-do. He punches Priest Yang in the face, wrecking the minister at Hwa-pyung's requests to know why his family, just as Yoon and Kil Young's, are being focused on. 

At his cleric's jail, Yoon attempts to rest, yet a peculiar sound awakens him. He saw somebody finding a spot at a little table, murmuring condemnations. The individual pivoted and it was Yoon! However, the dreadful Yoon, who reminds the scared Yoon that the third time they meet, he will undoubtedly pass on. 

the police who started looking for sister kim

the police who started looking for sister kim

The odd sound he hears is a vile one, one snickering—the other is Yoon utilizing a piece of glass to rip the tissue off his arm. Yoon hollers at the other Yoons to stop, then, at that point awakens in a frenzy. It was only a bad dream! Or then again right? Yoon is astounded to see a piece of glass in his grasp and stamps on his arm. 

Missing Sister Kim is currently an authority police case and her house is the location of the crime, yet there is still no proof that she was killed. There's additionally no proof envelope that uncovers Hong-Joo was stolen from Sharing Hands. Kil-youthful recalls that Sister Kim recorded everything when she saw Hong-Joo and tracked down the secret recording device. 

The criminal investigators play the tape for their chief, who records all that happened when Hong-joo assaulted Sister Kim — including Hong-Joo's call, requesting help. However, investigators are stunned when their manager says there's insufficient proof - they can't blame representatives for homicide when they don't have bodies. It sounds more like the supervisor is stressed over keeping his work than really taking care of his work, and Kil-youthful leaves while throwing a mini tantrum. 

Criminal investigator Go cautions him not to follow Hong-joo, however, Kil is not set in stone. Hong-Joo pulled off murder twenty years prior – Kil-youthful will not allow that to happen once more. Criminal investigator Go begs his accomplice, advising him that they don't have strong proof. They needed to discover his body first.

In the forest, Hwa-pyung attaches Priest Yang to a tree, vowing to dispose of Park Il-do right away. The minister who tediously said that it was inconceivable for him to be moved by he was the cleric. Yet, Hwa-pyung is certain Park Il-do moved into Priest's body when the minister came to show him out. 

Cleric Yang says that Park Il-do didn't move into anybody's body, bringing up that Hwa-pyung can't demonstrate that he's not Park Il-do, by the same token. Hwa-pyung gets a call from Kil-youthful, telling him that Hong-Joo killed somebody and they accept he asked Priest Yang for help secluded from everything the body. Kil-youthful is angry to discover that Hwa-pyung is with Priest Yang now and doesn't advise him. 

He needs to know where he is, yet Hwa-pyung says it's excessively perilous. In any case, he continued to call her as he asked Priest Yang where Sister Kim's body was. The cleric who acts ignorant, simply muses that a lost sheep will at long last get back home. 

Kil-youthful isn't sure what that implies, however,, he can ha, ve a call to Hwa-pyung followed to discover his area. He then, at that point calls Yoon, telling him that Hwa-pyung discovered Priest Yang, asking what they ought to do since he's waiting on the post-trial process, however they don't have the foggiest idea about the other exorcist clerics. 

Without a second thought, Yoon said he would. Kil-youthful concerns that he'll cross paths with the congregation chamber, however, Yoon couldn't care less — he needs to kick out the Priest himself since that is private at this point. 

Yoon escapes his manor jail and ardently heads towards the backwoods – not failing to remember that the third time he experiences a soul, he will pass on. I imagine that is one approach to keep away from the disciplinary council. 

In the forest, Hwa-pyung sits and gazes at Priest Yang, recollecting that Yook Kwang said killing Park Il-do's transport was the just surefire approach to dispose of abhorrent spirits. Hwa-pyung gets a call from Yoon, who just showed up in the forest and needs to know where Hwa-pyung is. 

Analysts at Sister Kim's home hear commotions outside and see somebody drinking from a water hose. The individual turned his head and Sister Kim - who wasn't dead, however, was in a daze. 

Priestess Yang abruptly says that "he should be here," and Hwa-pyung eases off as an otherworldly shockwave goes through the woodland. 

Still attached to his tree, Priestess Yang gazed upward as the sky developed dark and dark. Abruptly Yook Kwang's voice rang out, "Stop it! Try not to upset him! However, just Priest Yang tells Hwa-pyung what Yook Kwang's final words were – that the shaman attempted to secure Hwa-pyung with his final gasp. 

Shocked, Hwa-pyung asks how he managed Yook Kwang's body, and Priest Yang says he tossed the body over the edge. Cleric Yang muses that Hwa-pyung ought to have focused closer on ensuring his friends and family, yet he's constantly diverted. At the clinic, the light is on in Grandpa's room - however, the bed is vacant. 

Minister Yang keeps, bringing up that Hwa-pyung can't perceive what's genuine and valid. Hwa-pyung requests to know what he implies. Priestess Yang indeed demands that Hwa-pyung shouldn't be disturbed. 

Somewhere else, Sister Kim plays out the loathsomeness of "ownership by Park Il-do" as Priest Yang says, "He is here." The smiling Sister Kim grinned as she got the wand and jabbed her in the eye. In the meantime, a figure approaches Hwa-pyung — he accepts that it's Yoon, however, it certainly isn't, because the momentum driver cuts Hwa-pyung in the stomach.

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