Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 13 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 13

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 13

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 13 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 13 English Subtitles

As they drive to meet the individual Park Il-do is supposed to have, Kil-youthful understands that Detective Go really is a daze. When Hwa-pyung calls to warn him of what he found in his vision, Kil-young screams his area like Detective Go slams a car.

When Kil-Youth appears, clutching his broken or detached arm, he sees Detective Go looking back and seeing his reflection, a scary smile all over the place, and a large knife in his grip. He rushed to lock the entrance so he couldn't enter, but the open window allowed him to frantically slice through it until he found a way to leave.

Kil-young limps down the interstate as Detective Go chases after him. He tries to sneak into an old inn that is closed due to renovations, but Detective Go just ignores him and sticks to his stance that he follows him up the stairs. He runs into a room and locks the entrance door behind him as Detective Go giggles and bangs on the entrance, asking him to open it.

He sounds more like an accomplice when he argues for him to leave, but Kil-young won't give in to Satan. Criminal investigator Go said he didn't know what was going on with him talking and started begging him to help him since the medical procedure he got due to the knife wound that injured him.

He starts towards the entrance as if to open it, but Detective Go screams in his evil voice, asking him to open it. If he did, he would kill him well. Otherwise, he will break his neck.

Kil-young listened eagerly through the entrance, but there was nothing solid in the lobby. It was on that basis that Detective Go moved through the window. He struggled with all his might, but with his injuries, he was easily overwhelmed by Detective Go's overwhelming power.

He dragged her down the corridor and threw her out the window. Kil-young grabs the wire with one strong hand, clinging tightly so he doesn't fall a few feet to his death.

Hwa-pyung and Yoon track down an unfilled vehicle and it crashes. Hwa-pyung sees the unwanted inn and understands that Kil-young and Detective Go must be there. They show up at the inn just in time to see Kil-young hanging from the window. Analyst Go finds them too, and he growls that obviously mystics and clerics are here.

The two men race higher and Hwa-pyung is greeted by Detective Go, who reveals to him that it's all his flaws. Truth be told, his entire family's death was his problem—only Kil-young to add to the extensive list. Yoon orders Hwa-pyung to go save Kil-young as he chases Detective Go.

Kil-young's solidarity disappears, and he's about to give up when Hwa-pyung grabs his arm. Devastated, she sleepily reveals to him that she is past the point of no return. He yells at her to stay on track and holds her, but he unties the cord.

Investigator Go’s scornful words ring in his ears as Hwa-pyung remembers the relatives he couldn’t save — especially his father. Still, in a blast of airpower, he carries a barely conscious Kil Young into the room, saving his life. Kind.

He assists her with bringing them down and into the vehicle, then, at that point calls Yoon to check in case he has Detective Go. Yoon doesn't, however that is because Detective Go is behind Hwa-pyung, prepared to swing his head around with a major stick. Hwa-pyung spun around and splashed Detective Go in his pepper bath, then, then handcuffed the distressed person to the car so he couldn’t escape. Oooh, is that a noose?

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Squirming, Detective Go yells at Hwa-pyung that “he” will find Hwa-pyung, adding that Pastor Choi previously revealed to him twenty years earlier what his identity is.” Repeating Priestess Choi from that night, Detective Go’s soul screams, “Let’s get out. , Park Il-do!"

the priest is treating a possessed person

the priest is treating a possessed person

Yoon finds Detective Go seemingly luring Hwa-pyung with vicious outbursts of death and evisceration, ending with “kill the minister.” Worried, Yoon runs over and grabs a confused Hwa-pyung, breaking him from whatever strange spell the spirit is trying to weave on Hwa-pyung.

Yoon accepts this implying that Hwa-pyung really is Park Il-do, but Kil-young dully says that it’s an alternative soul, and begs them to save his comrade who keeps screaming and writhing.

They got back to the neglected in and arranged space for the expulsion. Analyst Go taunts Yoon's endeavors, calling attention to that Yoon questions Hwa-pyung and trusts Hwa-pyung is moved by. 

Hwa-pyung observes worriedly as Yoon's enthusiastic supplications appear to have no impact on Detective Go, as the inward soul insults the cleric, revealing to him that God has abandoned him and that he will join his family who passed on because of Satan. 

Irritated, Hwa-pyung advises Yoon to have a go at something different, and Yoon snatches his container of sacred water. However, in his flurry, he dropped it as he plunged his finger in the jug, spilling the water on the floor. The sacred water has some impact, as the spirits squirm miserably, however they additionally disobediently remind Yoon that they cautioned him the subsequent they met, Yoon's body and soul would spoil. 

Yoon closes Detective Go's mouth before he can say what will happen the third time they meet (all we know is that Yoon will bite the dust). He arranges Hwa-pyung and Kil-youthful to leave the room — perhaps because they're an interruption, yet perhaps additionally because he doesn't need them to catch wind of his revile. 

Kil-youthful stresses over her accomplice, and faults herself for what occurred. He begs Hwa-pyung to save him, and he delicately guarantees him that Yoon is a gifted exorcist cleric. He sees Detective Go's better half approaching her telephone, and he delays before replying. 

Investigator Go's better half is stressed over why she can't reach out to her significant other, who should, in any case, be in the emergency clinic. Kil-youthful's voice breaks as he consoles his accomplice's significant other that Detective Go is fine — they simply need to converse with the suspect, yet he'll be directed back. 

Kil-youthful holds back wails when he discloses to Detective Go's better half that he's upset for what occurred and that it's all his issue. The spouse guarantees Kil-youthful that it's absolutely impossible that Detective Go could fault Kil-youthful for anything since she resembles a younger sibling to him. 

In the meantime, Hwa-pyung gets back to the expulsion chamber, requesting to know whether it didn't work because Yoon is upset by his questions about Hwa-pyung. Yet, Yoon understood that he required all the more sacred water. Stand by, they ended up being ready to discover a gazillion candles no issue, yet presently it's a frenzied chase for some water? 

Hwa-pyung tracks down the primary water valve and turns it on similarly as Yoon tracks down an old bath. After the tub is loaded up with water, Yoon favors the water and drops the cross into it. 

At that point, Detective Go - who had dropped - presently awakens and gazes at something in the room, saying that the time has come. He unexpectedly jerks and twists as Hwa-pyung and Kil-youthful attempt to keep him down. Kil-youthful sorrowfully begs his accomplice to battle the abhorrent soul. 

They took the Detective to the shower and brought down him into the blessed water. Analyst Go shouts and wriggles while Kil-youthful and Hwa-pyung keep him down. The had man shouts for Park Il-do to kill them all as Yoon keeps on asking. The lights gleam as Detective Go by and by shouts for Park Il-do, and afterward Yoon pushes the investigator's head submerged. 

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Kil-youthful watches in stress, apprehensive his accomplice will suffocate and needs to mediate, yet Hwa-pyung holds his back. Yoon completes his supplication and abruptly Detective Go sits up, hurling water. The expulsion is finished. 

Investigator Go re-visitations of the clinic, where he has no memory of what happened when he was moved by. Kil-youthful is there as well, seeking treatment for his injury. Hwa-pyung sits with her, revealing to her that she should deal with herself as well. ow. 

He doesn't acknowledge her thanks either, because regardless of whether he saved her life and aided save Detective Go, they wouldn't be in that circumstance in any case if not intended for him. Hwa-pyung concedes that is the reason he said they shouldn't cooperate any longer. He would not like to see any other individual hurt - or killed. 

Kil-youthful calls attention to that he's as yet alive — and that is because of Yoon and Hwa-pyung. Kil-youthful: "The three of us should remain together." Damn straight! 

Yoon likewise keeps an eye on Kil-youthful, however his and Hwa-pyung's habits to one another are somewhat cold. Hwa-pyung follows him out of the emergency clinic, requesting to know what the soul implies by meeting again a subsequent time and what will happen the third time. 

Cool Yoon guarantees him it's no biggie (an untruth!), yet Hwa-pyung, hurt, contemplates whether the explanation Yoon will not inform him regarding the prescience is because Yoon doesn't trust him, actually confiding in him to be Park Il-do. Yoon didn't reply and just left.

As he sits at the bus station, Yoon hears the reviled prescience again and unexpectedly grips his chest. He rushed to the closest washroom to recover, however as he glanced in the mirror, he gradually took off his shirt to uncover the red scar on his chest. 

He sees the spirits giggling at him in the mirror, advising him that the third time they meet, he will pass on. Maddened, Yoon crushes his clenched hand into the mirror - which never really breaks the glass and harms his hand. 

yoon shows the wound on his chest

yoon shows the wound on his chest

Yook Kwang gives Hwa-pyung distress for stressing him since Hwa-pyung was out the entire evening and just came to Yook Kwang for a rest. Oof, Yook Kwang annoys like a mother because Hwa-pyung is simply actively playing with the morning meal that Yook Kwang makes, not eating a lot. 

Hwa-pyung calls attention to that Park Il-do is focusing on everybody near him — including Detective Go, who is simply near him because of Kil-youthful. Hwa-pyung stresses over Park Il-do assaulting his companion, however, Yook Kwang answers that he is an authority shaman and can deal with himself. 

Everybody is astounded when Kil-youthful surges back to work, however's much really amazing that Detective Go is once again grinding away as well. Kil-youthful attempts to zero in on his desk work as Detective Go happily talks to him, contemplating whether he got injured from whipping the hoodlums (not understanding they were a direct result of him). 

Hwa-pyung gets back to the emergency clinic, professing to be an analyst when he requests to see the CCTV film of Detective Go that evening an obscure guest halted by. Be that as it may, the CCTV film he required has been strangely erased. 

Kil-youthful is additionally at the emergency clinic finding similar data (as a genuine investigator). Gosh, there's some personal development as he modestly inquires as to whether he's discovered anything, rather than taking steps to capture him for mimicking an official. 

Hwa-pyung is stunned to discover that Kil-youthful is dubious of Priest Yang in light of his relationship with Hong-Joo, as he additionally associates Priest Yang because with his dad's call the previous evening being moved by. Hwa-pyung strolls through the passage, attempting to recall what he found in his vision, and he understands what he saw not just according to the point of view of a had individual going to kill somebody (like his last couple of dreams), yet from Park Il-do himself. 

Yoon appears at Yook Kwang unannounced. The shaman is astounded that the minister is there to visit, however, Yoon is there on a mission — he needs to find out about Hwa-pyung. Yook Kwang says he's known Hwa-pyung for the beyond ten years, since the time Hwa-pyung displayed at his entryway, requesting to know whether the shaman could exorcize abhorrent spirits. 

Yoon contemplates whether Yook Kwang has seen Hwa-pyung acting odd of late, and Yook Kwang promptly accepts it should be because Hwa-pyung has discovered a sweetheart. Pfffft. In any case, Yoon, stone-confronted, inquires as to whether Hwa-pyung has behaved like he's visually impaired in one eye, and Yook Kwang concedes Hwa-pyung's eyes have annoyed him. 

The shaman chuckles at Yoon's supposition that this is a result of Park Il-do, uncovering that Hwa-pyung's new activities are because the expulsion is blurring. Not because Hwa-pyung is Park Il-do. 

With his eyes wide and insane, Yoon presents his defense for Hwa-pyung unseen by Park Il-do. His sibling's final words were that Park Il-do was still at Hwa-pyung's home, so it just bodes well that Park Il-do had Hwa-pyung that evening — and has lived there from that point forward. 

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Yook Kwang guarantees Yoon that it's basically impossible that Hwa-pyung is Park Il-do, in any event, electing to figure out how to demonstrate it, however, Yoon doesn't appear to tune in. Without bidding farewell, Yoon surges out of Yook Kwang's home, and Yook Kwang contemplates the way that Priest Choi said Park Il-do was still at Hwa-pyung's home. 

Hwa-pyung gets back — hello, there's really water in the cooler! He took a beverage and afterward a consuming and blinding torment contacted his right eye. Looking into the shadows of his room, he sees what he believes is his dad's phantom – however, it's just Yoon, hiding in the haziness. 

Astonished to see the minister, Hwa-pyung inquires as to why he's there. Yoon, gazing eagerly at Hwa-pyung, requests to know whether his eyes hurt and on the off chance that he went blind. Hwa-pyung pushes him away, irritated that Yoon actually accepts he is Park Il-do. 

Yoon snatches the heavenly water and the two men battle, as Hwa-pyung is as yet harmed and outraged that Yoon accepted he could be Park Il-do. Yet, Yoon gets fixated and winds up beating Hwa-pyung, sticking him to the ground.

Angered, Hwa-pyung advises him to feel free to attempt. Yoon supplicates and holds the cross near Hwa-pyung's face, yet there's no response. Yoon sits confounded and lost when Hwa-pyung implores him to confront the way that Hwa-pyung isn't Park Il-do — it's Priest Yang. 

Yoon won't trust it. A flashback shows him as a kid in a shelter, tormented by different children since he was a peculiar and calm child who everybody said was moved by a devil, actually like his more seasoned sibling. Minister Yang mediates and pursues the harassers away, however, Yoon tosses a stone at the cleric, shouting that his sibling isn't an evil spirit and wasn't the person who killed his folks. 

Minister Yang embraces youthful Yoon, consoling him that his sibling didn't. As Yoon cries on Priest Yang's shoulder, the more established cleric guarantees Yoon that he will deal with him from this point forward. 

Grown-up Yoon stops at Priest Yang's office, yet the medical attendant educates him that the minister is out. Yoon begins to leave and afterward chooses to sneak higher up to Priest Yang's office. Everything appears to be ordinary (counting the cross currently hanging straight up, well). 

Hwa-pyung stops by Yook Kwang's home to converse with him about the way that he may have Park Il-do's vision, yet the shaman isn't there. This is because he's en route to Hwa-pyung's old neighborhood. 

Yook Kwang plays out a custom at Hwa-pyung's old house, yet there doesn't appear to be anything disgusting there. He was going to leave when he out of nowhere felt something, and he wildly dove into the ground, actually as he did when he discovered Priest Choi's body. 

He halted when he saw something that astonished him. He stepped back in dread, yet an imperceptible power held his neck, lifting him noticeable all around. 

In the meantime, Hwa-pyung makes himself at home at Yook Kwang's. A flame goes off in the shaman sanctuary, so Hwa-pyung reestablishes it — however before long extinguishes once more. 

Yook Kwang, lingering palpably, wheezed for his life. He attempted to battle, however, the undetectable substance tossed Yook Kwang around him like he was a cloth doll. Yook Kwang figures out how to get away from adequately long to withdraw to the vehicle, similarly as Hwa-pyung shouts to him. Yook Kwang pants that he realizes who Park Il-do is, however before he can say whatever else, the undetectable soul gets him by the throat. 

Yook Kwang left, yet a grasp made him veer into the field. He spewed blood as he escaped from the undetectable soul. Then, at that point, he out of nowhere pivots and hollers at the spirits to let Hwa-pyung be. 

The soul snatches Hwa-pyung and breaks his neck, and Yook Kwang falls dead as somebody gradually strolls towards his body. 

Back around, Yoon look through Priest Yang's work area, however, observes to be not much or that may be a hint that Priest Yang isn't who he says he is. About surrendering, Yoon gets Priest Yang's Bible. 

He opened the Bible, just to track down that each page had been crossed out and passed out. 

Somebody brought back what Yook Kwang had covered up, then, at that point went to confront the camera. That is Priest Yang.

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