Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 12 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 12

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 12

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 12 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 12 English Subtitles

Hwa-pyung sits in the lounge area of the medical clinic, dressed in mourning clothes and holding an important photo of his father. He probably wouldn't have had the option of saving Geun-ho from bouncing off the scaffolding, but they basically had the option of saving Grandpa. Yahoo! But he's in an unconscious state due to a blood accident, and specialists aren't sure when he'll wake up again.

Hwa-pyung assures his negligent grandfather that he will make sure his father is properly dispatched. He dazedly sat in the crematorium, waiting for his father's body. he's close to Yoon and Kil-young, and suddenly he calms down too.

Yook Kwang carefully shakes Hwa-pyung out of his dream and tells him that his body is ready. Yoon watches them leave and tells Kil-young that Hwa-pyung was near when his brother was burned — right now his job is being shifted.

Kil-young points out that Park Il-do has finally accomplished his goal of killing Hwa-pyung's family, and Yoon muses that neither grandfather nor Geun-ho has a place with Park Il-do. Park Il-do certain Kil-young must be near, look after them, and vow to capture the wrathful soul for the welfare of Hwa-pyung.

All of a sudden, Priest Yang walked in, making it feel like he was "talking about Satan" seconds. Hwa-pyung collects his father's body, then, tells Yoon and Kil-young that he stopped pretending to be looking for Park Il-do. He understood that they couldn't defeat a cheated soul, and they would only keep trying, so it was better if they were isolated and no longer identified with each other.

Yoon and Kil-young see two people, namely Hwa-pyung and yook Kwang going somewhere. Yoon is sure that Hwa-pyung hasn't really given up at this point, but Kil-young suspects something. He accepts that Hwa-pyung will effectively secure his grandfather, including stopping his search for Park Il-do.

Nonetheless, Yoon and Kil-young are still in the air to have things as far as possible. All things considered, they had no family left. Kil-Youthful chooses to concentrate on Hong-Joo.

Hwa-pyung returns and looks to his then unconscious grandfather, to tell him about the little memorial service they used to do for Geun-ho. He continues to ramble on, believing Grandpa can hear him one way or another and starts to cry when he understands that he is so incredulous to believe that grandfather could be Park Il-do.

Through her tears, she thanks her grandfather for trying to make sure Hwa-pyung can grow up healthy. Then, at that moment Hwa-pyung starts crying uncontrollably as he admits that he couldn't save his father, no matter how enthusiastically he tried. He weakly asked Grandpa what he should do now.

Minister Yang and Yoon eat together (the more experienced cleric doesn't hide the amount he relies on his pocket bottle at the moment). Yoon feels sorry that he can't do the expulsion. He suddenly hears a soul blaming him for Geun-ho's death, helping him to remember the abuse, but when Priest Yang asks if he's okay, Yoon says it's nothing.

Reverend Yang admits that he put stress on Yoon, blaming Hwa-pyung for what Yoon needs to work on. He asks Yoon if he confessed to Hwa-pyung, and Yoon replies I didn't in the first place, but right now they share the same weight as they fight for their lives.

But Priest Yang reminds Yoon that Hwa-pyung was another major individual Park Il-do could have visited on that day twenty years earlier. Yoon won’t believe it, but when Reverend Yang points out that the two main individuals alive and conscious since that night was Hwa-pyung and himself, Yoon demands that he never question Reverend Yang all things considered.

Yoon also demands that he confess to Hwa-pyung, but it's Pastor Yang who keeps bringing up that Hwa-pyung probably didn't know he had it since the expulsion of the shaman when Hwa-pyung was young found a way to strangle Park Il-do's Troops.

Priest Yang and Yoon have lunch together

Priest Yang and Yoon have lunch together

There's also the way Hwa-pyung dreams of the people Park Il-do has, which is something Reverend Yang has never found in the expulsion area. The more established minister vows to start examining Hwa-pyung himself, and passes on Yoon to remember every spirit noticing that “everyone near him will bite the dust — he actually looks like us.” (“He” is most likely Hwa-pyung).

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As Hwa-pyung leaves his grandfather's clinic room, he hears an unusual commotion in the corridor and spins around. The burning irritation in his right eye sent him falling to the floor, and blood spurted from his eye. Energy — Park Il-do himself, it seems — emerges and dominates the sad and helpless Hwa-pyung as the lights flash.

Hwa-pyung connects and gets the name Park Il-do, but suddenly the lights come back on. His soul was gone - like blood and agony in his eyes.

Yook Kwang joins Hwa-pyung for a drink, but Hwa-pyung is naturally annoyed. The shaman gently empowers his friend by advising him not to blame his father or hold disgraceful views on his grandfather. Life is too short, and everyone kicks the bucket, all things considered - some bite the dust faster than others.

He tries to assuage the mindset with lively ramblings, but Hwa-pyung barely listens, revealing that he’s still in the air to get Park Il-do. Yook Kwang was taken aback because it was the opposite of what he had told Yoon and Kil-Youth.

However, Hwa-pyung just says it's meant for their insurance — he doesn't want them to bite the dust because of him like his father and grandfather did. Besides, he's in good company - he actually has Yook Kwang. Ouch.

Hwa-pyung purposely ignores Yoon's call. Not yet thinking about Pastor Yang’s explanation that Hwa-pyung is Park Il-do, Yoon then, yells at Kil-young. He intends to find Hong-Joo, but he doesn't know how to get a representative to reveal his relationship with Park Il-do.

In any case, when Detective Go whips up low-level criminals to make him rush to his leader (and their original purpose), Kil-Youthful is suddenly enlivened. He visits Hong-Joo with a swirling appearance back to Hwa-pyung’s attack on the representative, nonchalantly getting some information about Hwa-pyung’s accusation that he is Park Il-do.

Hong-Joo chuckles at him, but Kil-young discovers that he was exploring Park Il-do and discovers that he was originally his wonderful uncle. Hong-Joo looks a little worried but remains silent because she says Kil-young is burning her time, talking about a man who died a long time ago.

Kil-young admits that Park Il-do's man may be dead, but his soul lives on. With a wry grin, Kil-young finds that he realizes which body Park Il-do is currently in. However, he hesitates to say anything, because he says Hong-Joo shouldn't be interested. After Kil-young leaves, Hong-Joo anxiously scratches her neck. Keep, some behavior has to be inherited

Yoon returns to their old neighborhood to visit the old shaman. He currently lives in an accommodating home and, while he has dementia, he does remember Hwa-pyung and the eviction he put her through.

yoon asked the old shaman

yoon asked the old shaman

He reveals to Yoon that it was to paralyze the soul of having the child. Yoon asks if the soul is Park Il-do, and the shaman says that whoever it is, it is said that he has a place with Hwa-pyung and will never leave. He frightfully adds that it's most likely still in his body, and it's about when the expulsion will start to wear off.

Depressed, Yoon asks what will happen, and the shaman says a soul will take over Hwa-pyung’s body — he will hear and see things no one else can. He out of nowhere turns his face to Yoon and smiles when he finds out that Yoon has also been abused by the spirit.

The shaman then, at that point became desperate as he repeated again and again that people would die. Medical guards race to help as Yoon stares in shock, watching the shaman's predictions in gloom and frenzy.

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Hwa-pyung is about to go home when he suddenly has a blinding irritation in his eyes. It was clear for a while, and when he finished, he saw his father's soul at the back door. Hwa-pyung follows the apparition to the corner of the phone. However, as Hwa-pyung gets closer, his father's soul disappears.

Hwa-pyung returns home and is suddenly shocked by what happened at his house, and even Yook Kwang (sent some staples, aw), is surprised too. He understands that this implies the shaman's persecution has subsided, and youth Hwa-pyung's capacity to see spirits returns. Yook Kwang echoes the old shaman's advice by telling Hwa-pyung that he'll start hearing and seeing things no one else can.

Understanding that his father must be trying to reveal something to him, he asks Yook Kwang to follow the phone number that is supposed to be the hotel the night his father was transferred.

Kil-young bets outside Hong-Joo's office and follows her as she leaves. Hong-Joo's driver drops her off in an alley in a decrepit and modern part of town. Cautiously, Kil-youthful follows Hong-joo into the hallway and sees that Hong-Joo met a man—Priest Yang.

Because of Yook Kwang, Hwa-pyung gets a phone number called the motel. He tried calling it himself, but recently it rang - no one answered.

In the first part of the day, Hong-joo meets the old neighborhood police boss — and chief Kil-young. Oh goodness. He basically pits Kil-young, giving him the photos his staff got of Hwa-pyung with Kil-young and Yoon. He asks to know why Kil-young is spending time with such a dangerous individual and then tries to come to Hong-Joo's office to get some information about him.

Hong-Joo blows on the gasket, breaking the water glass as she yells at them for not preventing Kil-young from bothering her. The two cops look worried at Hong-Joo's upheaval but guarantee to deal with it.

That means Detective Go is being scolded by his boss for not controlling his comrades well. Then, at that moment, Detective Go moans at Kil-young, begging him not to meddle with the awesome lawmaker, or, more than likely Hong-Joo will ruin their lives. Kil-young demands he has to take care of Hong-Joo because of his case.

Criminal investigator Go asks to know why Kil-young won't reveal anything to him about this puzzling case he's working on. Muttering, Kil-young says that he doesn't think he'll take what he needs to advise her, then, later admits that he's after Park Il-do.

He clarifies that the entirety of the cases they handle — from his child's mother to Young-soo and Min-sang — are entirely related to Park Il-do. Investigator Go thinks that it's hard to accept that Park Il-do is a disgusting soul-possessing individual and Kil-young looks down on him, showing that he realizes his partner won't understand.

He actually planned to research, though and didn't bother with Detective Go's help. He recommends that this is all a silly fixation considering what happened to his mother, and Kil-young reveals to Detective Go that he should stay in his airbag of solace, kissing people with significant influence. He emerged from work.

He meets with Yoon, who reveals to him the hypothesis that Hwa-pyung might really belong to Park Il-do. Kil-young won't believe it, but Yoon reluctantly points out that it's the best way to explain why Hwa-pyung had his vision.

Unless Kil-Youthful thought the most dubious individual was Priest Yang. Yoon is taken aback, but there is no time like this when their attention is drawn to the unknown cleric. He enlightens Yoon about meeting Hong-Joo, Reverend Yang.

The way she was the main person he wanted to meet after Kil-Youth's visit - and that he had gathered her in a very private and distant place - implied that Kil-Youth needed to do something.

Kil-young heads the house but sees a reclusive man leaving his attic. He snatches it away, remembering him as Hong-Joo's driver. He suddenly wields a knife as she warns him to stay away. He chases after her as they race to the parking building.

The man arrives at the parking building just as Detective Go shows up, on his way to apologize to Kil-young for what he said earlier. He naturally went after the guy, tackled him - and got hurt all the time. The man flees as Kil-young races to Detective Go.

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Investigators run to the emergency clinic, and Kil-young comforts her stressed partner. The manager is there and asks if Kil-young is completely sure that it is Hong-Joo's driver.

He warns Kil-young that if Kil-young is on Hong-Joo's monstrous side, they will all be exterminated.
Kil-young disobediently asks if they should hide the way his accomplice was injured by one of Hong-Joo's men. His manager exasperatedly said that indeed, that was the thing they needed to do assuming they needed to maintain their position.

someone warned kil-young.

someone warned kil-young.

Hong-Joo is furious that the driver got caught and Kil-young sees it. However, at that time he became very calm when he revealed to her that he would send her to a safe place until things calmed down. He called someone, telling them there was a problem that needed fixing.

Hwa-pyung keeps calling the number from the motel, but at the same time, there is no answer. He went back to, the last someone got. It was Pastor Yang. Hwa-pyung quickly hangs up when he understands what his identity is.

At the emergency clinic, Detective Go assures his family that he will be fine. It's a minor wound - he just needs to rest and recover from the medical procedure. His better half went to fill his water jug, and another person - whose face we couldn't see - appeared. Surprised, Detective Go asks why this confusing individual is there.

Hwa-pyung enters Pastor Yang's congregation, but as he does so, he's overcome by a vision of someone leaving the makeshift clinic. Hwa-pyung falls to his knees as his nose starts to dry.

He was restored when Pastor Yang returned to the congregation. Cleric Yang tensely asks if Hwa-pyung is okay, and Hwa-pyung says he is. He was more curious as to why Priest Yang considered his father that night.

Cleric Yang said that because Hwa-pyung's grandfather asked him to. Grandpa emphasizes when Geun-ho blames him for being Park Il-do and thinks Reverend Yang will know how best to manage Geun-ho. Minister Yang says that when he called, Geun-ho hung up.

Hwa-pyung asks if there's anything else, revealing that his father just met Pastor Yang. In any case, the minister flips it around, calling attention to the fact that Hwa-pyung was the last person his father saw before he was transferred, asking more questions about his vision.

As Priest Yang drinks his festive espresso, Hwa-pyung spots a cross behind the chaotic priestess' table. The minister nonchalantly said that it kept falling because of the free nails.

Hwa-pyung goes to check on the overturned cross, noticing that there don't seem to be any free nails. However, as he chased after the cross, the blinding irritation in his eyes stopped him. When Priestess Yang asks if Hwa-pyung is okay, Hwa-pyung hastily makes an excuse and leaves.

Yoon is outside Hwa-pyung’s house when Reverend Yang calls, warning Yoon that Hwa-pyung is there and responding to the cross — which Reverend Yang says he flipped on purpose to test Hwa-pyung.

Cleric Yang frantically warns Yoon not to trust Hwa-pyung and be careful of him. After Yoon hangs up, he is out of nowhere blown away by a horrible, disgusting feeling in his chest.

Kil-young waits in Hong-Joo's office until she sees Hong-Joo's vehicle stop. He took the driver, but not the same person who attacked him. The new driver says that he recently started working for Hong-Joo today and has no idea what happened to the previous driver.

He gets a call from Detective Go, asking where he is. He rode it, despite his worries that he shouldn't be all over town in his condition. However, Detective Go chooses to trust Kil-young more than others, because someone met him at the medical clinic and said that he was moved by Park Il-do.

Analyst Go needs Kil-young to talk to this guy, so he gets in the vehicle. As they drive, Kil-young stresses her partner, because she doesn't look amazing and she accepts she has to stay in the emergency clinic. However, Detective Go smirks, demanding that he be okay.

He silently but sincerely apologized, blaming himself for his injuries. Analyst Go — with a big grin — says that Kil-young has to blame himself for almost leaving his partner single and his children stranded. Then, at that moment he tasted a large bottle of water. God help us. God help us, oh my goodness!

As he sits in his car outside the church, Hwa-pyung also tastes the water — but in a less frantic way. Yoon finds him there and asks why he went to see Pastor Yang. Hwa-pyung says it's nothing to worry about, but Yoon actually needs to ask Hwa-pyung something.

Hwa-pyung escapes from the car, and Yoon stutters before he asks Hwa-pyung if he can see out of his right eye. Hwa-pyung is annoyed that Yoon would confuse him with Park Il-do, but Yoon says he just needs to answer a question. Hwa-pyung replies that Pastor Yang was also there that day, and Yoon says it’s basically impossible for an exorcist minister to be moved.

Hwa-pyung advises him that Yoon's brother is a minister and is moved by him. Anyway, Yoon panics, and grabs Hwa-pyung, begging him to show that he isn't Park Il-do.

Covering his left eye, Hwa-pyung sees Yoon and can see clearly. Still hurt by Yoon's doubts, Hwa-pyung leaves, but soon falls into a daze.

In his vision, he sees Kil-young's worried face, which confirms our fear that Detective Go was moved.

Hwa-pyung wakes up from his daze and yells at Kil-young. Analyst Go, done smuggling, yells that he advised him not to speak to Hwa-pyung one more time. Kil-Youth, aware of the circumstances, quickly picks up the phone and screams at him like Detective Go crashing into a car.

Yoon and Hwa-pyung compete to find Kil-Youthful. Meanwhile, he wakes up from a light blackout caused by the accident. Holding his arm, which has all the marks of a fracture, he searches for Detective Go - however, he is now out of control of everything. It was because he was in the vehicle storage compartment, peeking out the rear window holding a knife.

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