Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 11 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 11

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 11

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 11 

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 11 English Subtitles

Hwa-pyung's dad attempts to assault him, yet Hwa-pyung moves. He's stunned that his dad was moved by, Geun-ho - in his malicious voice - handicaps Hwa-pyung for killing his mom and soul mate. Geun-ho says that Hwa-pyung ought to have passed on by then, at that point, and attempts to hit him with a blast of fire that, a couple of moments prior, he used to kill property managers.

The two men battle and they crash out of Geun-ho's little leased room into the passage. In a startling move suggestive of how he attempted to kill Hwa-pyung twenty years prior, Geun-ho starts to choke his child. The more youthful man figured out how to fight off his dad, who was quickly occupied by a neighbor staying his head out into the passage to perceive what was really going on with the uproar.

Clearly, the group's danger is sufficient to hinder Geun-ho, and he runs out of the hotel. Hwa-pyung attempts to stick to this same pattern, yet his dad has heavenly powers and speed, and Hwa-pyung loses him in the rear entryways.

Hwa-pyung gets back to the hotel and sees the landowner on the floor. He checked to ensure the man was alright, yet the man was dead. The other inquisitive inhabitants see Hwa-pyung and expect he killed the property manager. Understanding that this doesn't look great on him, Hwa-pyung flees.

Kil-youthful is among the cops shipped off the hotel. The occupants recount to Detective Go their form of the story, and Detective Go is stunned to understand that Hwa-pyung is indeed engaged with one more of their cases. Kil-youthful's supervisor orders them to make a crisis capture since Hwa-pyung is their superb suspect.

Kil-youthful denies, demanding Hwa-pyung shouldn't be viewed as a suspect. At the point when her manager doesn't withdraw, she argues that he basically postpone the capture and that he will take her in harmony. Be that as it may, his supervisor saw no motivation behind why they should give extraordinary thought to somebody they had on CCTV who run away from the location of a homicide.

Stressed over Hwa-pyung, Kil-youthful calls to caution him that he is a homicide suspect and that he ought to go to the police headquarters. Hwa-pyung tells about his dad being moved by.

He won't go to the police headquarters since he needs to discover his dad before it's past the point of no return – all things considered, if his dad is moved by Park Il-do, it's inevitable before he kills once more, then, at that point jabs his eye and kicks the bucket.

Hwa-pyung goes to Yoon, requesting his assistance — and asking him not to pick up the telephone when Kil-youthful calls. Yoon looks somewhat tangled, then, at that point at last chooses to help Hwa-pyung discover his dad, deciding to overlook Kil-youthful's calls.

At the building site, the foreman is in his office, actually taking a look at records. He hears a commotion outside and, expecting somebody is intruding, he snatches an electric lamp and examines. In any case, just Yoon and Hwa-pyung are subtly sneaking about the building site. Hwa-pyung expects that Geun-ho will come here because the foreman is one individual that Geun-ho has a liable outlook on.

Another is a work organization supervisor, so Hwa-pyung has Yook Kwang regulate the workplace. At the point when he calls to mind his shaman companion, Yook Kwang simply whimpers that he's administering himself and doesn't claim an organization like Hwa-pyung.

Criminal investigator Go is responsible for searching for Hwa-pyung, and Kil-youthful murmurs when they get a report that Geun-ho and Hwa-pyung's fingerprints were at the crime location. Criminal investigator Go thinks that it is odd that Kil-youthful still needs to secure Hwa-pyung, contemplating whether something occurred between them.

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Hwa-pyung requests that Detective Go trust him, and Detective Go protests that he continues to discuss trust however doesn't clarify why Hwa-pyung keeps springing up for their situation. Kil-youthful says he'll clarify later, and takes off to find Hwa-pyung.

Hwa-pyung, Detective Go and Kill-yung are deciding something.

Hwa-pyung, Detective Go, and Kill-Yung are deciding something.

Yoon and Hwa-pyung stow away as the squad car drives by, and Yoon muses that they behaved like lawbreakers. However, he additionally guarantees Hwa-pyung that they will discover his dad. ow. Yoon considers how Geun-ho was moved by, Hwa-pyung says his dad was fine until he got the call.

Nonetheless, interestingly, just before Geun-ho was moved by, told Hwa-pyung that Park Il-do was really in Grandpa. Hwa-pyung thinks that it is difficult to accept, yet the best way to find the solution is to discover his dad and show him out.

He asks Yoon for his assistance in the expulsion, and Yoon concurs without a second thought. Except if, obviously, we as a whole realize that he has been reviled, and when he plays out the expulsion, the excruciating feeling he feels will be uncovered and his body and soul will start to rot. Yet, he doesn't make reference to that to Hwa-pyung.
Acknowledging there is somewhere else for his dad, Hwa-pyung requests that Yoon stay and watch out for the foreman. Then, at that point, Hwa-pyung leaves.

In the interim, Yook Kwang goes on vacation to ease up himself upon the heap of scraps, just to be gone up against by Kil-youthful. Ha, is that where Hwa-pyung got him "I ended up peeing nearby" covering the news?

He requests to know what he was doing there - not why he liberated himself, but rather why he was before the work organization. Yook Kwang begins to chatter on some made-up shamanic rubbish, however Kil-youthful damages directly forthright as he pulls his cuffs away. On the off chance that he doesn't reveal to him where Hwa-pyung is, he'll capture him for being an assistant to kill.

Yook Kwang quickly breaks, so Kil-youthful heads to the building site. Yet, just Yoon was there. He's distraught at her as well since he helped Hwa-pyung without conversing with him. He needs to know where Hwa-pyung is, however, Yoon calls attention to that they need to discover Geun-ho.

On the off chance that they don't discover Geun-ho and something happens to him, Hwa-pyung will go off the deep end. Yet, Kil-youthful brings up that on the off chance that he doesn't get Hwa-pyung first, he could be gotten by another person, and afterward Hwa-pyung will be shipped off jail and become much more exposed because Park Il-do continues to kill individuals.

Hwa-pyung gets back and sees somebody in an obscured room. It's his granddad, much to Hwa-pyung's amazement. Grandpa says that Geun-ho told him where he lives, and says Hwa-pyung should blame the lights so everyone there can see.

Hwa-pyung wavers, inquiring as to why Grandpa is there. Grandpa says he simply needs to perceive how Hwa-pyung is getting along, however, Hwa-pyung thinks that Grandpa didn't reach him first. Grandpa's happy mindset blurs when Hwa-pyung says he realizes that Grandpa went to see Geun-ho.

When Hwa-pyung asks how Grandpa found Geun-ho, Grandpa says when I was looking for a cellphone, Geun-ho called him. Hwa-pyung dubiously inquires as to why Grandpa took the transport notwithstanding telling Hwa-pyung that he was wiped out on the transport. Grandpa admits he's been searching for Geun-ho, circling back to each secretive call he's gotten in the course of recent years.

At the point when Grandpa steps nearer, Hwa-pyung shouts at him to remain away. He didn't confide in Grandpa, particularly since his dad changed in the wake of meeting Grandpa that day. He requests Grandpa demonstrate that he can see out of his right eye.

Understanding that Hwa-pyung accepts he's moved by, furiously rejects, inquiring as to why Hwa-pyung doesn't trust him. That is because grandpa has been deceiving him for a very long time since he was the person who advised Geun-ho to kill Hwa-pyung. Grandpa shouts that it's false, but rather Hwa-pyung contemplates whether Grandpa is truly Park Il-do.

Grandpa slaps Hwa-pyung, then, at that point quickly laments his furious activities. In any case, Hwa-pyung, genuinely and sincerely hurt, stomps out of his home. He sees Kil-youthful hanging tight for him, and he runs.

He pursues her, and her way is obstructed by Detective Go. He's gotten between the two criminal investigators when Kil-youthful begs Hwa-pyung to accompany them, promising that they're actually searching for his dad. Analyst Go captures him for property manager murder and escorts cuffed Hwa-pyung to the police headquarters.

detective go who is interrogating someone

detective go who is interrogating someone

Investigator Go starts to lead the pack in the cross-examination room while Kil-youthful stands in the corner, watching. They have an observer driving Geun-ho to blame Hwa-pyung for killing the landowner, yet Hwa-pyung murmurs that they misjudged what his dad said. Be that as it may, he was unable to clarify why they were battling, which caused him to appear to be much more dubious.

At the point when it's simply both of them, Kil-youthful advises Hwa-pyung that he will discover his dad. Hwa-pyung faults himself for his dad being moved by. Geun-ho had been stowing away for a very long time, yet it wasn't until Hwa-pyung thought that he is that Park Il-do had him.

Kil-youthful drives back to the building site and checks in with Yoon. No indication of Geun-ho up until now. He gets some information about Hwa-pyung, and the two of them can't help thinking about how Geun-ho was moved by Park Il-do.

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Kil-youthful uncovers that he observed Park Il-do be a genuine individual. By finding Lee Chul-Yong's child, he finds that Park Il-do was the most youthful child of a rich and incredible family during the Japanese occupation.
Park Il-do is shipped off to Japan for school, and when he returns, his weird propensities take a fierce turn when he kills the entirety of his slaves. A body is found in a well, and the family considers it normal and removes Park Il-do from the family register.

They send him to the seashore, yet while there, he kills his significant other and child, saying that he isn't human and should get back to his unique structure. Park Il-do wounded his right eye and afterward suffocated in the ocean. The last thing Park Il-do said was that he needed to turn into an unrivaled soul.

Yoon understands that this should be the reason each and every individual who has a place with Park Il-do punctured their eyes and afterward passed on, yet he contemplates whether Park Il-do truly decided to turn into a soul. Kil-youthful isn't sure, however,, the following individual to have is Lee Chul-yong, who is likewise the last individual to see Park Il-do alive, and Park Il-do keeps on having individuals like clockwork.

Kil-youthful likewise finds that Park Il-do's sibling is Hong-Joo's granddad. This means Park Il-do and Hong-Joo are connected by blood.

Hong-Joo visits her dad at the emergency clinic. He has his own inquiries regarding Park Il-do and why he's aiding him. His father explains that his uncle, Park Il-do, was removed from his family for killing too many people or killing people – including a relative. He thinks it's because he looks a lot like Park Il-do, and after that starts hacking.

Hong-Joo cools the watch as her father breathes in and hacks, thrashing as she attempts to arrive at the medical attendant call button. However, he was unable to arrive at it, and it appeared he wouldn't be too miserable to even consider seeing him pass on.

Alone in the cross-examination room, Hwa-pyung can't quit pondering his last experience with his dad and granddad. In the meantime, Grandpa packs his things and leaves Hwa-pyung's condo.

Yoon is as yet exploring the building site, even though he is presently alone. An obscure number calls him and it's Geun-ho — or, at any rate, a wicked voice. He cautions Yoon that they will go to Hwa-pyung and finish what was not finished twenty years prior.

Kil-youthful researches the hotel, learning where the landowner was killed. He cautiously strolls into Geun-ho's room, searching for whatever could demonstrate Hwa-pyung's honesty. Yoon calls, cautioning her that a had Geun-ho reached him and plans to go to Hwa-pyung.

He's certain Hwa-pyung is protected since he's still at the police headquarters. Be that as it may, he saw a man out of nowhere flee from the motel. Kil-youthful pursues and handles him, yet he's simply a frivolous criminal — not a had executioner.

He hauls her to the police headquarters, as he is likewise an observer and can affirm that it was Geun-ho who killed the landowner, not Hwa-pyung. With this new proof, Hwa-pyung is absolved. Kil-youthful holds up outside, stressed over him, inquiring as to whether he has eaten.

Be that as it may, not really set in stone to discover his dad. Yoon is likewise there, which pesters Hwa-pyung because Yoon needs to discover Geun-ho. Yet, Yoon doesn't need to continue to watch the building site since he realizes that Geun-ho will discover Hwa-pyung. Yoon communicates what the spirits have enlightened him concerning finishing incomplete business from that point forward.

Hwa-pyung shouts to his granddad, yet Grandpa doesn't get it. All things being equal, he was on the transport, attempting to contain his queasiness after the long excursion. He was heading back home, however,, halted when he saw a couple of destroyed shoes before his home.

Those are Geun-ho's shoes, and the man shadows Grandpa, saying that it's nice to be back. Granddad embraces his child with great enthusiasm, crying with bliss as he invites Geun-ho home.

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Grandpa is concerned over the condition of his child's leg, and Geun-ho says he strolled over to it. It took him the entire evening, and he didn't stop once. The had Geun-ho gazes at the family photograph and covers Hwa-pyung's face with his finger.

A neighbor called Grandpa. A couple of cops are with him, and they get some information about Geun-ho, contemplating whether Grandpa has seen him as of late. He apprehensively inquires as to why the police are searching for Geun-ho, however,, they don't utter a word to him.

Grandpa was concerned briefly when the police saw the exhausted shoes, yet the neighbors accepted that Grandpa should stroll as opposed to taking the transport, a reality that his granddad anxiously affirmed.

geun-ho is trying to kill hwa-pyung

geun-ho is trying to kill hwa-pyung

Grandpa gets back, restlessly asking Geun-ho how he dealt with persuades the police to be so keen on him. However, Geun-ho was too caught up with gulping water to reply. He began scratching his neck, and Grandpa acknowledged something was extremely off-base.
He quietly takes his PDA, however, the battery is dead. Then, at that point he goes after the landline, however, Geun-ho – with his back still to his dad – asks who grandpa is calling. Grandpa says he needs to tell Hwa-pyung that Geun-ho is with him, but Geun-ho says no because Hwa-pyung is coming.

Geun-ho gets the blade he's stowed away in his coat and reveals to Grandpa that he has an incomplete variety of things to do — and this time, Grandpa better not stop him.

As the triplet drive to Hwa-pyung's old neighborhood, Hwa-pyung has dreams of his dad assaulting Grandpa. He emerges from a daze when they maneuver into Grandpa's home, and Hwa-pyung strolls inside, stressed over his granddad. The elderly person is shrouded in blood and, when Kil-youthful calls the emergency vehicle, the men attempt medical aid.

Grandpa is scarcely cognizant and has lost a great deal of blood, however, Hwa-pyung miserably says that he can in any case live. Grandpa heaves that he laments that he initially advised Geun-ho to kill Hwa-pyung — he's simply apprehensive that Hwa-pyung will become like Lee Chul-yong, who drifted three days without biting the dust.

Hwa-pyung advises Grandpa to ration his energy, yet Grandpa pants that he generally lamented that day. He simply needs to see Hwa-pyung grow up and get hitched. Grandpa's eyes lost concentration and he said he could see his significant other.

Hwa-pyung watches with sickening dread as Grandpa takes one final breath and passes out. Kil-youthful keeps on doing mouth to mouth on the elderly person as Hwa-pyung gazes in shock. Yoon attempts to discover Geun-ho, yet Hwa-pyung sees his dad remaining in the road with a rope in his grasp.

He pursues his dad, and Yoon pursues him. The three men ran down the town street. Meandering around, Hwa-pyung unexpectedly stops, incapable to see where his dad has gone.

This is because Geun-ho is behind him, and he's attempting to choke Hwa-pyung with the rope. Hwa-pyung ventures and ventures into his pocket, pulling out his mom's wedding band. That is sufficient to divert Geun-ho — and even quickly knock the malevolent soul off him.

Befuddled, Geun-ho ponders where he is. He tells Hwa-pyung that there is something I want to give you, but Geun-ho is furious at something that was behind Hwa-pyung at that time.

As Geun-ho fights the daze, he gives orders for Hwa-pyung to escape — and he's upset for everything. In any case, he was unable to win against the devils, and he before long had one more and kept on running on the track.

Hwa-pyung follows his dad to an extension, where he remains on the edge, rope around his neck. The spirits inside Geun-ho caution Hwa-pyung that everybody around him will bite the dust — his folks, grandparents, Yoon, and Kil-youthful.

Then, at that point, he cuts his right eye, and when Hwa-pyung hurries to his dad, Geun-ho ventures off the scaffold and hangs by his neck from a rope. Hwa-pyung frantically gets his dad as Yoon runs.

The two of them attempt to arrive at Geun-ho to pull him over the extension, yet rather they can just watch him pass on weakly. Hwa-pyung shouts for his dad.

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