Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 10 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 10

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 10

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 10 

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 10 English Subtitles

Twenty years prior in the woods, a puzzling individual saw Priest Choi hang himself. This individual then, at that point covers the cleric who kicked the bucket actually holding the ring.
On this day, Hwa-pyung thinks about his dad's ring. His folks had coordinated with the wedding band and keeping in mind that his mom's ring was in his grasp, his dad's ring was found with Imam Choi's body. Everything appeared to mean his dad and Priest Choi were some way or another associated.

He makes reference to his granddad, needing to find out about his dad, Yoon Geun-ho. Grandpa is hesitant to clarify, however at last tells Hwa-pyung that after Geun-ho vanished that evening twenty years prior, they at last thought that he is living in Seoul.

He won't get back to his old neighborhood, although Grandpa can see indications of him visiting the graves of his better half and mother. Yet, even that halted a couple of years prior.

Hwa-pyung sits tight at the police headquarters for Kil-youthful. He needs her assistance to find his dad so he can discover what happened the night Priest Choi passed on.

Even though there is no location for Geun-ho, Kil-youthful figures out how to circle back to some new reports of the attack on Geun-ho's records. One is at a congregation, where he and his elder fight after Geun-ho will not quit discussing Satan. It worked out that Geun-ho had recklessly visited many houses of worship nearby.

The minister guides Kil-youthful to a business organization. He and Hwa-pyung stand by outside, and Hwa-pyung can't quit squirming in apprehension, realizing he may before long see his dad — a man he hasn't found in twenty years. Hwa-pyung sees somebody he thinks maybe his dad and follows him inside — yet it's not Geun-ho.

Hwa-pyung apologizes and goes to leave, yet catches a worn-out man who protests about his spilled espresso. It's Geun-ho, who doesn't perceive Hwa-pyung, and on second thought squabbles with the business organization supervisor, griping that he hasn't had some work for some time.

At the point when Hwa-pyung perceives the man, he calls his dad. Understanding that his child is remaining there, Geun-ho's eyes become terrified and he pushes everybody far removed to run from the organization. Hwa-pyung surges after his dad, snatching his arm.

Geun-ho steps back in alarm and pulls out a blade in guard, removing Hwa-pyung's arm. He calls Hwa-pyung "Park Il-do" as he laments that he went through the most recent twenty years stowing away from him. Hwa-pyung gazes, shocked, as Geun-ho flees, shouting that Hwa-pyung isn't his child and is really an evil presence attempting to kill him.

Kil-youthful calls Yoon to mention to him what occurred, and Yoon's first response is to inquire as to whether Hwa-pyung is alright. ow. He didn't - and it wasn't only the blade twisted on his arm, yet there was additionally a look of shock in his eyes.

She discloses to him where Geun-ho lives, and Yoon visits him. Geun-ho is mindful and suspicious, declining to give Yoon access – despite the reality, Yoon shows a rosary with a cross (demonstrating he's not moved by). At the point when Yoon specifies he's here a result of Park Il-do, Geun-ho attempts to hammer the entryway in his face.

Geun-ho explains his dead brother

Geun-ho explains his dead brother

However, Yoon gets the entryway and enters Geun-ho's washroom. Geun-ho moves his sword, saying that this time Yoon was sent by Park Il-do to kill him because he knows Park Il-do has a minister now. Yoon says that he is there due to the minister, who is his sibling.

He shows Geun-ho the ring that was in his sibling's effects, and Geun-ho — presently apparently trusting Yoon — clarifies that he helped kill Priest Choi.

Flashback to that evening twenty years prior, when Geun-ho attempted to choke his own youngster, yet Grandpa mediated, permitting Hwa-pyung to getaway. Geun-ho races around the space, searching for his child – whom he calls "Park Il-do" – shifting aside from the street as the squad car dashes away, lights blazing and alarms blasting.

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He sees Priest Choi in the city and remembers him as the minister who was at his home before, inquiring as to whether he saw Hwa-pyung. Notwithstanding, the overwhelmed minister stumbled past him. Geun-ho follows the cleric into the timberland and discovers him hanging from a tree.

Geun-ho attempts to help the minister's body, keeping Pastor Choi from hanging himself. Geun-ho shouted for help until he was too feeble to even consider holding the priestess anymore. As he breaks liberated from weariness, Priest Choi starts to beat and choke, and Geun-ho indeed attempts to control the minister.

As he does as such, Priest Choi gets Geun-ho's hand, breaking his ring finger. At the point when Geun-ho lets the aggravation, Priest Choi keeps on holding the ring. Without Geun-ho supporting him, Pastor Choi bites the dust.

Yoon attempts to quiet himself as he pays attention to Geun-ho clarifying how his sibling kicked the bucket and asks what his sibling's final words were. Geun-ho uncovers that Priest Choi said it was Geun-ho's chance straightaway, and fled from his child. Then, at that point Priest, Choi jabbed his right eye with his own thumb.

Over lunch with the threesome, Yoon mentions to them what he gained from Hwa-pyung's dad. Hwa-pyung likes to drink than eat, and when he hammers back a container of soju, he gripes that he wasn't possessed by Park Il-do when his dad attempted to kill him and that his dad simply needed a reason to flee.

Yet, Yoon takes out some old journals that are Geun-ho's exploration on Park Il-do. For the beyond twenty years, Geun-ho has looked through the nation, attempting to discover who Park Il-do was before he turned into a soul — however, there's nobody called Park Il-do yet. Geun-ho is certain Park Il-do never existed as a human.

Kil-youthful still figures that Park Il-do should be human once because he has a human name. He asks Hwa-pyung on the off chance that he recalls that anything from his youth, however, he says it's a no-no name, so nobody truly specifies it. Profoundly smashed now, Hwa-pyung jumps on his dad fooling around searching for somebody who won't ever exist.

Yoon protects Geun-ho, calling attention to that his activities were because he thought his child was moved by Park Il-do. Be that as it may, Hwa-pyung can't quit pondering how his dad attempted to kill him twenty years prior. Yoon has nothing to say, and an alcoholic Hwa-pyung stumbles out of the eatery.

Yoon helps and takes Hwa-pyung home, and when Hwa-pyung falls from his lounge chair, Yoon helps and scolds him for not having water in his fridge. Yoon discloses to him that he should care more for himself, particularly since he lives alone, however, Hwa-pyung simply drops, intoxicated.

He woke up in his bed, alone in his home. Adjacent to him was a huge container of water and a snack from the general store. Hwa-pyung understands that Yoon — despite accepting a vow of destitution as a cleric — has genuinely gotten some nourishment for him.

As he gulped the water (not in a daze, simply in an inebriated way), he gazed at his folks' wedding bands and his mom's remembrance table, which was all the while being ready. Hwa-pyung was a youngster and being exceptionally content with his folks – until that evening his dad attempted to kill him.

Kil-youthful and Yoon head to Hwa-pyung's old neighborhood to discover more data about Park Il-do, yet neither one of the ones needs to converse with them. At last, an elderly person revealed to them that they ought to ask the weird elderly person who lived alone on the slope.

Checking out the man's home, they understand that he is Hwa-pyung's granddad. Yoon recommends to Kil-youthful that they don't specify Hwa-pyung. Grandpa welcomes them and offers them a beverage, glad for the organization as he whines his grandson never visits enough. 

Kil-youthful gets some information about Park Il-do, and Grandpa's charming attitude vanishes when he arranges them out of the house. In any case, Kil-youthful begs him, saying nobody else will converse with them. Grandpa is as yet irate when he attempts to make them leave, yet abruptly Yoon says that he is the sibling of the cleric who kicked out his grandson. So much for not referencing Hwa-pyung. 

Realizing that Yoon has individual explanations behind searching for Park Il-do, Grandpa is more able to discuss it. Yoon clarifies that they simply need to know whether Park Il-do at any point existed personally. 

Grandpa said that sixty years prior when he was a youngster, he was there when the townspeople attempted to kill the principal individual that Park Il-do had. 

The man was not from the space, but rather when he showed up at their town he killed individuals until the locals attempted to kill him, so, all in all, he cut himself in the eye and hopped into the water. Yet, the man glided in the water, gazing at them for three days, not dead. 

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Yoon contemplates whether the man was the main individual Park Il-do had, and Grandpa pulls out the case, conceding he was attempting to discover more with regards to Park Il-do. 

He found the man's family in the water, however in the end it was futile because even with all that work, Grandpa couldn't save his family. He passes on his examination to Yoon. Kil-youthful and Yoon go to the old neighborhood of Lee Chul-young, a man from sixty years prior. 

Coming, Yoon muses that the more he catches wind of Hwa-pyung's youth, the more he has a liable outlook on at first expecting Hwa-pyung didn't endure however much they did. Kil-youthful asks why Park Il-do would kill such countless individuals, and Yoon brings up that wrongdoing doesn't generally require a reason — it's sufficient to simply appreciate watching individuals endure. 

They track down an elderly person in the town who recalls Lee Chul-yong. He was a kid at that point, yet sees the man scratching his neck and conversing with himself, saying he is Park Il-do. Kil-youthful gets some information about the family, and the elderly person says after Lee Chul-yong passed on adrift, they discreetly left the town. 

In any case, he recollected his child, who was a similar age as him: Lee Sang-Chul. The elderly person muses that he was posed a similar inquiry twenty years prior when a man said that his child was moved by Park Il-do. 

Geun-ho prowls close to the building site until every one of the specialist's leaves, then, at that point he gets the foreman, denouncing him for reasons the business organization will not give him another work. Irritated, the foreman shakes Geun-ho and pushes him to the ground. Similarly, just as he was about to hit Geon-ho's leg, Hwa-pyung rushed over and grabbed the man, ruthlessly kicking him away from his father. 

hwa-pyung who checked his grandfather's belongings

hwa-pyung who checked his grandfather's belongings

Hwa-pyung says he's Geun-ho's child, and that the foreman better not meddle with his dad any longer. The foreman, scared by the look in Hwa-pyung's eyes, surges off. Geun-ho likewise attempts to flee, persuaded that Hwa-pyung is as yet moved by Park Il-do, even though Hwa-pyung's disappointed assertion doesn't have a place with him. 

He reminds his father that Park Il-do moved from him to Priest Choi, yet Geun-ho requests that Park Il-do isn't in Priest Choi – it's just another spirit, obliged by Park Il-do. On the night Pastor Choi passed on, the spirit inside said that he was called by Park Il-do, who is presently at Geun-ho's home.

Hwa-pyung is stunned to hear this, as his dad keeps on demanding that Park Il-do never leave Hwa-pyung. At the point when his dad flees, Hwa-pyung calls Yoon, telling him that his sibling was never moved by Park Il-do. 

In any case, Hwa-pyung got a vision in his right eye after the cleric's visit, so Park Il-do needed to continue on to somebody. The main others there were his dad and granddad. 

Hwa-pyung goes to his dad's home. Geun-ho, frightened, won't open the entryway, demanding that if Hwa-pyung continues to discover him, he will kick the bucket. Geun-ho holds out his blade, pronouncing that he would prefer to commit suicide than let Park Il-do kill him. In any case, Hwa-pyung simply needs to know whether any other individual was there when the two ministers visited that day.

A flashback shows that the main Grandpa and Geun-ho were there. After the ministers leave, they plunk down with a debilitated Hwa-pyung when Grandpa is approached to address Geun-ho in private. He tells Geun-ho that Hwa-pyung is moved by an incredible soul that must be annihilated if they kill the kid. 

But, by then in the present, Grandpa tells Yoon and Kil-youthful that he went to visit a companion after the ministers left and that it was simply Geun-ho and Hwa-pyung together that evening. 

Hwa-pyung calls his granddad, requesting to know whether he truly requested his dad to kill him. Grandpa acts ignorant, asking where Geun-ho is. Telephone lost association. 

Kil-youthful and Yoon head back to town, however, they can't arrive at Hwa-pyung because his telephone is wound down, which stresses Yoon. Yet, Hwa-pyung sits outside Yoon's home, unfit to quit pondering what happened twenty years prior. The main individuals there that evening were his dad and granddad, so where did Park Il-do go? 

Yoon is stunned because grandpa disclosed to them he was visiting a companion and he wasn't there, and Hwa-pyung understands that one of his relatives is lying — and the one lying may be moved by Park Il-do. 

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Geun-ho calls Grandpa on the ground, requesting to know why he halted Geun-ho from killing Hwa-pyung that evening, notwithstanding the person who requested him to do it in any case. Grandpa continues to ask where Geun-ho is, yet Geun-ho hangs up as opposed to replying. 

Yoon visits Priest Yang, contemplating whether he recollects that anything odd with regards to Geun-ho or Grandpa that day. Cleric Yang didn't recall that anything peculiar, however, that was twenty years prior, and he wasn't back since that evening. He cautions Yoon not to believe any person who is there — that individual is Geun-ho, Grandpa, or even Pastor Yang or Hwa-pyung.

Yoon is amazed that Hwa-pyung can in any case be overwhelmed by Park Il-do, however, Priest Yang brings up that once an evil presence keeps somebody in its sights, it doesn't quite zero in on that individual until it takes their spirit. He cautions Yoon to watch out. 

Hwa-pyung rushes to his grandfather's house, but his grandfather is nowhere and his phone is not taken. Hwa-pyung asks the adjoining rancher where Grandpa is, and the rancher discloses to him that Grandpa consistently goes to the bus stop. 

That shocks Hwa-pyung because he realizes his granddad can't take the long transport since he's debilitated. However, the man uncovers that Grandpa consistently goes on transport outings that remove him from town. 

Back at his granddad's home, Hwa-pyung denies Grandpa of his effects until he discovers a crate containing utilized transport passes to the city. 

Geun-ho warily left the decrepit hotel he was remaining in and painstakingly strolled down the back street. He was astounded to see his dad abruptly turn and show up before him. Grandpa seriously tells Geun-ho that he shouldn't have said anything. 

At the point when Hwa-pyung dives in from finding that Grandpa had misled him about his powerlessness to get on the transport, Geun-ho calls Hwa-pyung, requesting to get together since he realizes who Park Il-do is. 

In the meantime, Kil-youthful had been attempting to find Lee Sang-Chul and had at long last discovered him. She gets some information about his dad, referencing that he was moved by Park Il-do. Sang-Chul says he saw Park Il-do – the genuine Park Il-do, the individual who lived before he turned into a malevolent soul. 

Hwa-pyung gets back to town and heads to his dad's home. Geun-ho hauls him inside, and Hwa-pyung is astonished by the strict gear littering the dividers. Presently that Geun-ho realizes that Hwa-pyung isn't moved by's, glad to see his developed child — but on the other hand he's heartbroken, for he kept away from his family for such a long time. 

He tells Hwa-pyung that Park Il-do is really Grandpa. That bodes well since Grandpa was there when the ministers visited Hwa-pyung and were the person who advised Geun-ho to kill Hwa-pyung. He likewise discovers Geun-ho notwithstanding the way that Geun-ho is mindful so as not to tell anybody where he resides. 

Geun-ho swings his blade, uncovering he terrified Grandpa, and presently he and Hwa-pyung should get away. Hwa-pyung gazes in dismay as Geun-ho begins wildly getting together, pushing different strict symbols into his pack as he runs through that spirits can think that they are regardless. 

The landowner beat on the entryway, surprising the two men. He tells Geun-ho that he has a call, and Geun-ho asks Hwa-pyung to pause while he goes to respond to it.

Geun-ho limps a few doors down to the anteroom telephone, however, there's no reply — aside from evil chat. Geun-ho got a far-off look in his eyes as ownership grabbed hold. The landowner shouts after Geun-ho that he better compensation his lease or he'll call the police, and Geun-ho halts abruptly, gazing at the fire douser as the spirits chatter within him. 

As he holds up in his dad's room, Hwa-pyung concentrates every one of the apparatuses on his dad's divider. He stops when he sees a family photograph with his face ripped off, and he unexpectedly has a clairvoyant vision of somebody getting a grisly fire douser adjacent to the landowner's body. 

A call from Kil-youthful appears to shake him from a daze, similarly as Geun-ho gets back to the room. He swings a bleeding fire quencher at Hwa-pyung, who ducks far removed. In his naughty voice, Geun-ho faults Hwa-pyung for killing his better half and mother. The had Geun-ho says Hwa-pyung ought to have passed on that evening twenty years prior.

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