Synopsis Drama Save Me Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitles

Drama Save Me Episode 1 Part 1

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Drama Save Me Episode 1 Part 1

Drama Save Me Episode 1 Part 1

Synopsis of Drama Save Me Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitle

It's 2014. A truck drives down a deserted, rainy highway in rural Muji County at night, while inside, a family of four looks out over the landscape, their faces somber.

On the top of a nearby hill, a man we will know as Father BAEK JUNG-KI (Jo Sung-ha) leads a lively sermon at his religious compound with the help of one of his loyal followers, KANG EUN-SHIL (Park Ji- Young).

Father Baek promises that belief in the "New Heaven Lord" will free him from sickness and misery, and people raise their hands, singing again, "We believe! We believe!"

We were cutting back a family of four on the highway when their tires suddenly blew, leaving them stranded. IM JOO-HO's dad stepped outside to assess the damage, while Mom KIM BO-EUN protected the two from the elements with an umbrella.

At the compound, Father Baek introduces his congregation to a man, Park, whom he claims was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Father Baek announced that since Mr. Park is cruelly fired by the leading medical professionals in Seoul, he comes to them seeking help.

A pair of motorbikes passes the stranded Im family, only to quickly turn around.

A pair of motorbikes pass the stranded Im family, only to quickly turn around.

A pair of motorbikes pass the stranded I'm family, only to quickly turn around. The four riders dismounted and approached on foot, their faces obscured by dark hooded ponchos. The I'm family is worried, and Dad nervously urges his wife back into the car with the kids.

Meanwhile, Father Baek continues with his sermon, hoping that while modern medicine can change this person, the New Heaven Lord will never let Mr. Park died, and the crowd cheered as they sang, "Our wish will be fulfilled!"

At the same time, the bikers approach the I'm family, peek at the gauze tires, and finally, Dad sees their faces. These aren't tough bikers—just four clumsy high schoolers.

The shortest boy, Woo Jung-hoon (David Lee) records the flat in a long picture and asks if everyone is okay. From inside the van, IM SANG-MI's father's daughter (Seo Ye-Ji) rolls down her window to assess the boys too. The boys catch a glimpse of the new girl, each pinching their neck for the best view.

Broody looks at Seok Dong-Chul (Woo Do-hwan) looking very interested, while our character HAN SANG-Hwan (Taecyeon) watches his friend's reaction before glancing back at Jung-hoon and their fourth biker gang member, CHOI MAN-HEE (Ha Hee-Jung).

Jung-hoon calls the auto repair shop for the stranded family and promises that the driver will be there in thirty minutes, right after he finishes picking up the trash. The boys chuckle at the toilet humor and this really seems to break the tension, as Mom and Dad even allow themselves to smile gratefully.

Mom and Dad offer to buy the kid back, and Jung-hoon starts to mention how much it costs before Sang-hwan cuts him off, assuring them all that no more payments are needed... The boys reluctantly returned to their motorbikes, all glancing at the mysterious girl in the car.

Sang-mi watches them as they leave, and then reassures her shaken sister, IM SANG-JIN (Jang Yoo-sang), that they will all be fine. Sang-mi accidentally promises that nothing will happen here, and even though her brother denies that she's worried, he holds her hand reassuringly.

We return to the religious compound to see that the demonstrations have escalated: Mr. Park is now at a table in front of the congregation with Father Baek standing nearby.

Father Baek preaches about Mr. Park that the New Heaven Lord will help get rid of these "dirty and ugly bits of cancer" while slapping the man's stomach with his hand.

Father Baek attacks several times until a blood splatter appears between his hand and Mr.'s stomach. Parks. He raised his bloody hand to the congregation to show the "cancer" part that the New Heaven Lord had allowed him to "cleanse" Mr. Park's body.

Meanwhile, a gang of bumpkin bombers has retired to the restaurant for some food and drink, with bets they've caught sight of a new girl from Seoul.

Dong-Chul looks at the governor's campaign poster on the wall then asks Sang-hwan if his father can win this time. Sang-hwan remains silent and then, Jung-hoon replies to him that of course, he can, Sang-hwan's father is the only candidate who meets all the conditions.

Jung-hoon calls for more drinks, and the waiter delivers four cups of…soda. Jung-hoon tries to complain, but a surly waiter informs him that he won't serve them alcohol only to end up in the police station like last time.

Jung-hoon is still grumbling, but Sang-hwan tells everyone to just pretend they're fat and drink. They go for a toast, but Man-hee beats them all with a punch by finishing her glass with a can and belching out loud.

At the religious compound, Guseonwon, Disciple JO WAN-TAE (Jo Jae-Yoon) gives an outdoor party for the congregation. He cast the mantra "Our wish will be fulfilled!" Be with them before starting to sing karaoke.

From the bustling crowd, Father Baek gazed at a tree that was split in two. His devout follower, Eun-shell, pushes Mr. Park's wheelchair to dad. Mr. Park says that he wants to thank Father Baek for his services earlier, and since he heard from Eun-shil that Father Baek wants to build a church, he wants to give money for the cause.

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Father Baek smiled at Mr. Park and then turned to the tree, naming it "Tree of Faith" because it is a miracle of Heavenly God, who has lived for 500 years despite being hollow.

Father Baek returned to Mr. Park then and tells him he doesn't need payment. He simply requested that Mr. Park thank the New Heaven Lord for showing him today's miracle before he walked in earnest.

Back at the karaoke party, Disciple Jo watches as Eun-shil receives the prize money from Mr. Parks.

The I'm family finally arrives at their new home, but the house is dilapidated and abandoned. Dad tries to contact Sung-ho, his friend who coordinated this move, but his wife seems muara little quicker in picking up and wonders if they've been scammed.

On the street, Police Officer CHOI receives Muara's call on his car radio about Muara's hangover disorder in the city. He's downstairs but first has to spare some time to wake Officer WOO CHOON-GIL (Kim Kwang-kyu), who sleeps under his jacket in the passenger seat.

At the scene, the drunk stumbled onto the road in afdeling of the police car. He threatens to destroy everything and aggressively crawls up into their hoods. Ignoring the officers' warnings, the drunks stood up and began urinating on their windshields.

Officer Woo gets out of the car to runtuh the man off, but the drunk pivots toward him, streams of air sent going straight into the officer's face. Oof. (And eww.) Woo struggles to drag the drunk off the hood, kicking him in the face in the process.

Meanwhile, the bumpkin jalur is debating what else they should do for the night because it's after 11:00 p.m. on Muara weekend. But they were soon stopped by the mermaid and it turned out that Officer Woo Junghoon was his father.

Officer Woo warns his son not to drive drunk and then yells at the boys to study rather than goofing off.

Officer Woo warns his son not to drive drunk and then yells at the boys to study rather than goofing off.

Officer Woo warns his son not to drive drunk and then yells at the boys to study rather than goofing off. However, his tone changes, aksis asks Sang-hwan how his father did it, praising him aksis the only capital of that caliber in town. Dong-Chul looks him in the eye at this moment while Sang-hwan stammers at the compliment.

The arrested drunk saved everyone from the ensuing chaos by throwing up in the car, and the officers hurried off, not to the police station, but towards Guseonwon, where the party was still going strong. But Disciple Jo's expression changed when he saw the flickering lights.

Eun-ship's loyal retainer serves the clerk's tea while they bumantara for Father Baek, and Officer Woo compliments her youthful appearance. Eun-shil credits the spring with the excuse that they call it “living water” which gives Baek's followers youth. (The odd thing, however, is that officer Woo already knows the name of the water.)

Father Baek arrives, and Officer Woo apologizes for bothering him too much. But Father Baek refuses, only saying that he appreciates those who guide lost souls back to the New Heaven Lord. Officer Woo is also grateful because Father Baek's arrival has helped clean up the homeless area.

Father Baek offers the clerk Muara a gift of herbs, but Officer Woo refuses to accept the bribe. Disciple Jo insists that it was just muara neighbor's gift, but the two officers remain reluctant, even when Eun-shil asks about Officer Choi's recently injured mother. He insisted that this was not from the complex but from the New Heaven Lord, caring for those in need.

The tension is only broken when Father Baek says that it doesn't matter if they don't want to accept because they are uncomfortable. He says that he won't insist, and Officer Woo laughs that too many eyes are watching for him to mess up by eating stuff he shouldn't see.

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