Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 4 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 4 Part 1

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Young Ho took Joo Eun home from the hospital

Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 4 Part 1  English Subtitles

Young Ho took Joo Eun home from the hospital. He asks if Joo Eun knows that she has hypothyroidism. Joo Eun was shocked. He didn't know. Young Ho asks if Joo Eun has never had a medical examination. He said Joo Eun shouldn't push her body too much. That's why Joo Eun fainted today, and also when on the plane.

At first, Joo Eun was very surprised to hear the condition of her body, but at least now she knows. He didn't want Young Ho to feel guilty. What happened to his body was his fault and responsibility.

I continue to accumulate my debt of gratitude to you.”

Joo Eun got out of the car after taking a deep breath. But Joo Eun's words seem to make Young Ho feel even more guilty. He got out of the car and grabbed Joo Eun's hand.

I am John Kim."

Joo Eun gaped. Young Ho said Joo Eun's illness is the reason why Joo Eun's weight doesn't go down no matter how hard she does exercise.

Then what sport did Joo Eun do that she almost died? Young Ho said it was a regular practice for a UFC fighter (like Joon Sung). Even though he said it in a casual tone, he was actually embarrassed.

YAAA!!! Joo Eun shouted. How dare they deceive a lawyer like him?! He pulled Young Ho's collar. Tap as a result Young Ho can see the top of Joo Eun's chest which is slightly open.

Joo Eun releases Young Ho in annoyance. He was furious that he had been fooled even though he tried his best. He must have looked like an idiot to them. Young Ho defending himself should Joo Eun not be deceived.

Joo Eun is getting angry at being blamed. Young Ho said he did not blame but did not understand why Joo Eun could be deceived.

“Because of the emergency!!! Because I'm desperate…because I want to believe it. That's the reason why people are deceived, not because they're stupid, you bastards.”

He says he will consider whether he will sue Young-ho or deal with him emotionally. He entered the house annoyed.

Joo Eun gaped. Young Ho said Joo Eun's illness is the reason why Joo Eun's weight doesn't go down

How did Young Ho know Joo Eun had hypothyroidism? The doctor told him as he waited for Joo Eun at the hospital. Because of that, he felt guilty for forcing Joo Eun to train very hard when her body actually shouldn't be too tired.

And because of that, he kept waiting for Joo Eun. Until Woo Shik comes. Woo Shin asks if Young Ho is Joo Eun's guardian (at the hospital). It seems so, answered Young Ho a little sarcastically.

Woo Shik asks what is the relationship between Young Ho and Joo Eun.

“A relationship where one keeps on passing out and the other keeps on helping. I haven't decided if this is coincidence or fate."

Woo Shik tries to ask about Joo Eun's condition. He defended himself at least he had the right to know so as not to worry. Young Ho says he will leave if Woo Shik wants to stay. Woo Shik stops him. He wants to ask Young Ho for help.

Joo Eun has hypothyroidism? The doctor told him as he waited for Joo Eun at the hospital.

I don't know what Woo Shik said. Young Ho remembers Joo Eun texting Ji Woong (thinking it was John Kim) that he will believe because he is John Kim. Then Joo Eun angrily said she believed because she wanted to despair and wanted to believe.

Soo-Jin drinks at the bar. Apparently, he had also been to the hospital and had seen Woo Shik there dealing with Young Ho. Of course, Woo Shik's presence makes Soo Jin jealous again. His jealousy was slightly healed when he saw the video of Joo Eun's fainting which became a trending topic on the internet and became the subject of ridicule.

Woo Shik arrives and joins Soo Jin. He confessed that he went to see Joo Wun because he heard Joo Eun fainted. Soo Ji flashed her smile as if she was nothing. Woo Shik says that someone has taken care of Joo Eun.

Soo Jin asks if Woo Shik is upset. Woo Shik argues that he actually feels relieved, why is he upset?

He said that if one day he got married and divorced, he didn't think he would be able to remarry because of his guilt. He apologizes for not telling Soo Jin beforehand that he is going to visit Joo Eun.

"It's enough for me to feel guilty because I'm the worst woman in the world," he said.

"I think I understand how you feel because I'm the craziest man in the world." Err…. it fits ;p

I don't know what Woo Shik said.

Hyun Woo tries to comfort Joo Eun who keeps crying. Seeing Joo Eun's tears, she thought she had cancer or something. He with hypothyroidism is the current trend.

"You seem to be following the trend."

Joo Eun turned to her best friend. Hyun Woo said Joo Eun's mother had advised her when she was divorced. “Even if you fall, don't cry. Even if you hurt your knee, you will have sympathy.” It means that even if something doesn't go well, other things will go well.

Joo Eun cries calling her mother. He confided that his younger brother, Jae Hyuk, would marry first at the age of 21 because of an "accident". Hyun Woo jokes that Jae Hyuk doesn't have money and a job but has such a "talent".

Joo Eun cried again saying she almost died and was deceived. But he didn't explain when Hyun Woo asked him. Hyun Woo tells Joo Eun to sleep.

Joo Eun asked if Hyun Woo really didn't bring potted plants to his house. Hyun Woo didn't answer and told Joo Eun to go to bed quickly. But it looks like it's not Hyun Woo because he mutters that the plant is now really alive again.

Joo Eun was already snoring. Hyun Woo chatters that Joo Eun should have been Miss Korea when she was slim instead of being a lawyer.

Hyun Woo tries to comfort Joo Eun who keeps crying.

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Young Ho's guilt was vented during practice with Joon Sung. As a result, Joon Sung becomes an all-out target. Joon Sung says he will die if he continues to practice like this. He asked if he had done anything wrong.

I feel I was wrong, replied Young Ho. But after he scolded Joon Sung for the wrong shoulder position. Joon Sung says he tends to be overly cautious since he hurt his shoulder. Young Ho scolds him and tells him to do another physical examination.

Even at breakfast Young Ho just folded his arms across his chest without touching his food. Ji Woong tries to liven up the atmosphere by scolding Young Ho like a mother. Joon Sung scolds him but Young Ho doesn't even seem to hear Ji Woong's joke.

“I told Kang Joo Eun that I was John Kim,” Young Ho suddenly said. His two friends were shocked. Young Ho also tells Joo Eun's illness that she shouldn't be forced to train that hard.

Joon Sung said he would die if he continued to practice like this

Joo Eun is reluctant to go to work because her eyes are puffy after crying last night. He doesn't like to cry because of others but he prefers not to cry because of himself. He could have expected people to make fun of him by saying his eyes were getting fat too.

But he still went to work. And he had to endure hearing people laugh at him after seeing the video of him passing out.

Joo Eun steels herself to go to work because she still has 13 months of debt and her cute little sister is getting married.

Soo-Jin also arrives at work. He remembers last night Woo Shik took him home. They called the call driver because both of them had been drinking. Soo-Jin is a little drunk so Woo Shik hugs her. Soo-Jin hugged Woo Shik tightly.

Joo Eun still goes to work.

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