Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 9 Part 3 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 9 Part 3

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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 9 Part 3

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 9 Part 3

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 9 Part 3 English Subtitle

Mr. Kim who was in the car saw Ji Young walking alone. His eyes looked sad. he thought.

The painting that Seohyun gifted Hiso has arrived. Hiso looked at number five, Destroy it. Ji Young comes home. When will you show us our nursery? Ji Young asked curiously.

Soon. Hiso replied. Want to eat out later? Offer Ji Young. Hiso can't. Today I will be helping the foundation. In that case, I will bring Hajun. Break up, Ji Young. I will bring Hajun. Hiso said. I want to point out that there are many kinds of people in this world. I would also tell him that not everyone is born with the same conditions. Some children are born without a father. Besides that… some children are abandoned by their mothers.

Ji Young agrees. I will respect your will. He then left. Hiso's expression changed again after that.

Chief Joo hands out the servants' phones. Don't forget that we are forbidden to hear any information in this house. Even in a dream, you will be expelled if you hear something and make your own understanding, do you understand?

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Everyone agreed in unison. Yuyeon interrupted. I want to apply for leave tomorrow. Chief Joo agrees and Yuyeon thanks him.

Ji Young talks about Hiso's letter.

Ji Young talks about Hiso's letter.

After that, Joo's head reported it to Seohyun. I think he took a day off to spend time with the Young Master. What's Seongtae's schedule tomorrow? Seohyun asked.

Chief Joo then told Mr. Kim. So, tomorrow, do you want me to follow Young Master Suhyuk? Is that what you mean? Chief Joo confirms. Don't get caught. You know how clumsy you are?

However, why did you tell me to? Ask Mr. Kim. Chief Joo asks him to come closer. What do you think you're going to do when you hit your head. Because I want you to get it right just once. Chief Joo said then left him. Mr. Kim complains that a job like that doesn't suit him.

Hiso meets lawyer Choi. I'm asking for a list of Hyowon's former lawyers who were fired in the last two years. I guess you better not know why I need that. It's not something too secret that you should know, is it? Hiso asked as he picked up his cup.

Lawyer Choi agreed. If so, I will prepare first. Hiso thanks. I also have another question. When you gave me the data regarding Kang Jakyung, why did you give it without asking my husband first?

Lawyer Choi stated the reason. I have served as the Director for 17 years. First, I have to determine who is the right party. You mean, you chose to support me… over my husband? Hiso asked. I became curious. Lawyer Choi is actually on whose side.

You must respect the Director's wishes. Ask lawyer Choi. Seohyun agreed. Summarize Hyowon E&M's company analysis, market price, and last year's sales. Leave it at my office tomorrow morning. Tell Seohyun. Lawyer Choi agreed.

Father-in-law's will…must be a big bomb for Han Ji Young. He never imagined that the will would be read out so soon. Lawyer Choi confirmed. Mrs. Seo met me yesterday. He asked for a list of lawyers who were fired. May I give? Seohyun agreed and told him to give it. Lawyer Choi then said goodbye. I'll let you know when there's a new issue.

A courier delivers a letter. Mr. Kim took it. From Seongnam court to Ji Young.

Ji Young comes home and goes into her study. He tried to call Hyejin but he didn't answer. Hiso came. You got the lawsuit? Hiso asked. Ji Young turns annoyed. why is he behaving stupidly like that?

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Hiso relaxed. He just wanted to make an issue. Wasn't his goal to let the public know that she was Hajun's biological mother? We can stop the issue. Ji Young thought. Hiso thought differently. He couldn't be careless with such a goal. You dumped your first love, fell in love with an actress, and faked the death of your first love. He wanted to tell the world how he was thrown away.

Is there any evidence? Ji Young asked confidently. He wants to fight me with the media without any evidence? Hiso forbade him to interfere. I think what matters now is whether I have the right to be Hajun's mother. Don't we need a lawyer? I'll take care of it.

Hiso wants to go but Ji Young holds him back. Are you sure? Can I trust you? Hiso tried to calm down as he turned around. That's my question to you a while ago. Trust me. Must.

Seohyun kept looking at the painting.

Seohyun kept looking at the painting.

Hiso left and entered his room. He felt tight and called Mr. Kim. Please increase cylinder oxygen to 45 percent. I'm having a little trouble breathing.

Mr. Kim said yes and did it. It wasn't long before Hiso felt comfortable. He took Kopiko's candy and enjoyed it while catching his breath.

Yuyeon ate out with Suhyuk. It's a sundae, liver, and lung. Suhyuk doubted whether all of that could be eaten? Yuyeon agreed and told her to eat a sundae first. Dip in this sauce. Suhyuk ate it and he really liked the taste.

Mr. Kim peeked outside. Hey, he sits down. I know how good it is. He had eaten the forbidden fruit. He wouldn't be able to forget that feeling.

Seohyun's secretary showed some paintings on her tablet. New wave wish list by anonymous. Seohyun likes it. The mix looks original. I like this. From which gallery?

On display at Studio A9. However, the name of the painter is anonymous. Answer the secretary. There may be a reason not to include names. Seohyun thought. I'm getting curious. I'll go there myself. No need to tell them. The secretary said yes and left.

Seohyun kept looking at the painting. The next day he came there. A painting of waves crashing upside down reminded him of his memories with Suzy Choi.

Suddenly someone came. This is how I found you. How are you? she asked. Seohyun looked at him. It seems…no matter how much I avoid you, we will still meet.

Because we were destined to meet again. You made me who I am today. You give me inspiration…and enthusiasm. I can paint because of your passion, so, what I have achieved today, is all thanks to you.

Seohyun shook her head. I… didn't change at all. I'm still a coward even though I act brave. I can't forget what I have. I've never forgotten you, but I don't want to see you again. Because I'm sure…I'll be back…tossed around by you.

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Suzy Choi is crying. I miss you. Are you happy? Seohyun was silent for a moment. I thought…I loved painting, but…I was wrong. I only enjoy the memories of painting with you. I can't paint anymore after letting you go. I chose to miss those days… by looking at other paintings. You… are my painting. Missing you has become my daily life. Thank you. For the rest of my life, I will continue to miss those memories. Thank you.

Seohyun walked past Suzy Choi. Suddenly Suzy Choi held her hand.

At the hospital, my father suddenly opened his eyes.

At Ji Young's office, she gets a call from an unknown number. Mr. Han Ji Young from Hyowon Group. Are you underestimating us? Ask the person. Ji Young already knows who he is. How do you know my number? she asked.

That person was the man who fought back then. He dies. My brother is dead! Ji Young is shocked and turns off her cell phone.

Hyejin just got home. He got off after parking his car and entered the elevator. Finally, he arrived at his house. I don't know why the power suddenly went out. It turns out that Ji Young is at her house. Han Ji Young. Why are you here…

Ji Young suddenly attacks him. Everything fell apart because of you. Everything will be fine when you die. The man was also dead. You have to die too. Everyone just dies!

Hiso is outside. He rang the bell but there was no answer. Hyejin, who had her mouth covered, tried to give a hint by patting her hand on the table. Outside Hiso is called Hyejin. The phone rings inside. You're inside, aren't you?

Ji Young is caught off guard. Hyejin bit her hand and shouted. Han Ji Young. Han Ji Young! Stop! Quick stop!

Ji Young is covered in blood after falling. She cries.

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