Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 5 Part 1 Subtitles English

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 5 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 5 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 5 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 5 Part 1 Subtitles English

Arriving at the house, Hiso immediately met Jakyung and pushed him. He forbids Jakyung to go. Jaehyun refuses. Why did he have to obey and bring up if Hiso told him to leave? Hiso argued that there was something he should know. He even brought Hajun with him.

They crossed the forbidden boundary and stepped into it.

Finally, Jakyung agrees to stay.

All lead to a collapse.

In the kitchen, the waiters were gossiping about Jinho who now never gambled again. Maybe have a new lover. Seohyun looks different from an ordinary human until her bones also smell of royalty. Jiyoung is different from other siblings because he is loyal to his wife. Others denied and said that he had another woman before meeting Hiso, Hajun's mother.

Lastly, they offended Suhyuk. Will he follow the others? Married and loved two different people. Legal wife only for business. The first affair was with the real wife. The second affair is with a boyfriend.

They then glanced at Yuyeon and pretended to be their mistress. Yuyeon herself didn't respond and focused on her work.

Chris came and met with Suhyuk. She says grandma invited her for breakfast. Seeing Suhyuk walking with Ahrim made Yuyeon sad. Mr. Kim is sad to see it. Poor girl.

Hiso thought about everything that had happened. Yang Jiyoung said that Hajun's mother was his riding teacher. How sad is Jakyung for Hajun all this time? Also, what did Jakyung say, what if Hajun's mother was still alive? All of that stresses him out.

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Yu yeon meet Suh yuk

Yu Yeon meet Suh yuk

Chris finally came home. Suhyuk took him with Yuyeon. After that, Suhyuk showed his world to Yuyeon. Yuyeon coldly said that they looked good together.

Without both of them knowing, Seohyun watched it from above.

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Hiso went to see Seohyun because he wanted to ask something. Before that, Seohyun first asked about Suhyuk and Yuyeon. Hiso reasoned that they seemed to like each other. Seohyun reminded that Suhyuk would get engaged but Hiso thought that was not what Suhyuk wanted.

Seohyun emphasized that the richer a person is, the less freedom he has. Not everything goes the way you want. That's their world. Only Hiso is different. Should everyone marry for love? Is Hiso happy to marry the person he loves?

Hiso felt that he was still like that. Seohyun herself regretted having recruited Yuyeon. Hiso added that Seohyun shouldn't have recruited Jakyung either. He asked how Jakyung approached their family.

Jakyung himself was recommended by Mrs. Iyeon Group. Hiso wanted to see him. He suspects Jakyung about something. It's kind of suspicious. Hiso himself did not have any evidence and it was only based on his hunch.

Seohyun asked Hkso to tell her but Hiso refused. He would tell when he was very sure after seeing the mistress.

Previously, Seohyun had also found out about Jakyung and there was nothing suspicious about him and Seohyun hired him. But strangely, when my mother found out that Jakyung had stopped working, she said that Jakyung had a hard time entering her family. He became increasingly restless when he remembered Jakyung's closeness with Jiyoung at the previous exhibition of autistic children's paintings.

Hiso is on his way to meet the lady who introduced Jakyung to Seohyun.


Finally, Hiso arrived at Mrs. Iyeon's house. Unfortunately, the person is not in Korea so Hiso can only meet the head assistant there. It turns out that Jakyung has been working there for 5 years. Previously, Jakyung worked to take care of the children of Mrs. Iyeon's older sister for more than 6 years.

Jakyung himself didn't stay long in Korea. Previously he lived abroad for 10 years. When he's not around, the kids have other tutors. To dispel his suspicions, Hiso asks for a photo of Jakyung with the children.

Hiso meets Sister Emma

Hiso meets Sister Emma

The head maid pointed it out and indeed it was Jakyung. He added that the children obeyed him more than his own mother.

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Hiso returned to the car. What he got had dispelled all his suspicions on Jakyung. Without him knowing that the photos he saw were only edited photos.

Jakyung went back to unpacking his suitcase. He smiled as if he was relieved that he didn't leave.

Yuyeon met Suhyuk because Suhyuk called him. He asked Yuyeon what she meant by saying she was compatible with Ahrim. Yuyeon felt that they matched and came from the same world. Suhyuk seemed to doubt that they were compatible.

Yuyeon was annoyed. I don't know what Suhyuk really wants to ask.

Your feelings.

Yuyeon didn't want to say it but Suhyuk kept insisting. Finally, Yuyeon admits that she likes Suhyuk. After saying that he wanted to go straight away but Suhyuk blocked him. He didn't know how to respond.

Yuyeon emphasized that nothing would change. Our world is still different. I don't want to know about your world either.

How did nothing change after you teased me? Suhyuk asked.

Sister Emma sent an invitation to Lee Hyeejin.

Sister Emma sent an invitation to Lee Hyeejin.

How does it feel to be called “Young Master” when you are 26 years old? How does it feel to not have to worry about issues like minimum wages, bus fares, school loan interest, or phone bills? I don't care what's not mine. I don't want that either. Don't be tempted and live happily. That's your job here. I'll take care of my feelings. Do not mind me.

Yuyeon then left Suhyuk's room. Outside Seohyun looked at him leaving his son's room.

Arriving in the room, Yuyeon actually felt annoyed to see Suhyuk and Ahrim earlier.

Seohyun went to Suhyuk and admitted that it was her who fired Yuyeon, not her grandmother. Suhyuk felt that his mother was arbitrary. Seohyun actually felt that it was Suhyuk who was arbitrary. He threatened to kick her out again if Suhyuk acted stupidly. He will watch over her.

Jinho teased a servant. She asked him to bring her a very hot cup of cappuccino.

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Hiso meets with Sister Emma and talks about her suspicions with Jakyung. Unlike usual, Sister Emma actually led him to believe more in his hunches. A hunch is sometimes more accurate than the other senses. Looking at people from that circle, it could happen. Life becomes dead. Fake becomes fact. Think again about what's weird about him. There's nothing wrong with being suspicious. It's actually not good to believe completely. Better to be suspicious from now on to prevent destruction." the truth will help you" so seek the truth.

Jinkyung came with the others. He mentioned Hwang Geonyong from Hotel Laiza and his wife. His wife gave birth to their youngest child, but the baby didn't look like his parents so a DNA test was done. Rumors of them growing in the business world until the shares are affected. And the results are identical. Hwang's wife is not a woman who likes to cheat.

Sister Emma finished and asked them to go back to reading the Bible. Soyoung called. Hiso who couldn't speak asked him to talk later at home.

Seohyun came riding. There he asked the name of Jiyoung's riding coach 8 years ago. From there, Seohyun knew that the name of her coach was Lee Hyejin. He worked for 6 months there. Seohyun asked for a photo and the coach said he would find the data for Seohyun. Seohyun ordered the coach to send it directly to her, not to her secretary.

Sister Emma sent an invitation to Lee Hyeejin and invited her as a member of Ilsin to attend lunch with the other members. And it turns out that Lee Hyeejin is Jakyung.

Arriving at Soyoung's house, she showed Hajun's necklace from Jakyung. It was a horseshoe necklace. Soyoung added that he had asked Hajun and Hajun was asked by Jakyung to keep it a secret from Hiso.

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