Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 10 Part 1 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 10 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 10 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 10 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Mine Episode 10 Part 1 English Subtitle


Hiso was sitting under a tree. Ji Young comes with a boy to her. You must be Ha Joon. I don't know why Hajun immediately hugged him with a smile. Why is this sweet child being abandoned?

Hiso who was looking at his family photo remembered those memories. Mother… will not be separated from you. He then got up.

Hiso came to Hyejin's place. he pressed the bell several times. but no one wants to answer it. That's why he called Hyejin but Hyejin's cell phone was inside. He immediately thinks that Ji Young is inside and calls out to him.

Hyejin took advantage of Ji Young's guard and bit her hand. Outside Hiso kept calling him. Finally, Hyejin was able to get out. The situation is very chaotic.

Hiso grabs Ji Young and takes her inside. What are you doing? Do you think life is that easy? If you keep throwing away when you don't need it, will the world just sit still? I have no obligation to punish that woman. He and I are your victims here. Only I can attack that woman. So, never touch him.

Ji Young is silent. Even when Hiso left he could only stay silent.

Ji Young gets in the car. He who felt very angry tried to suppress his anger. His cell phone rings. From his errand boy who he ordered to investigate about the person who died during the previous fight.

He's been to the hospital and he's not dead. Ji Young looks relieved and angry at being lied to.

Ji Young comes to the place. Not like usual. This time he went inside the battleground and met that person. The brother beat his sister until he was seriously injured. How do you know who I am? Ji Young asked. I want to know who dared to kill my sister. Answer the person.

Great sister. Praise Ji Young. If so, hit him slowly. Are you upset with your sister? Ji Young asked. You killed him. The man said. Ji Young doesn't want to admit it. Did I hit? You beat him. Even if you really want money, you should stop. Are you a slave to money?

The man gets angry and attacks Ji Young but she is no match for him. Ji Young managed to fight back and finally pointed a gun at his head. And drop it.

Ji Young comes inside the battle ground and meets the man.

Ji Young comes inside the battleground and meets the man.

Do you think I'm easy? If you know me, you'll know what I can do too. Lowly people like you never fully understand the problem. Useless tools. Look, do you think I would do this without knowing all of your backgrounds? I chose a bastard like you who deserves to be beaten so that it is more enjoyable for me to watch! You are in prison for ten years for murder and stealing. Do you miss prison?

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Ji Young approaches. Why do you say the living are dead? Ji Young asked. He's dying. He's just like a dead man! The man said. You can't make a living person die. Can't do it at all.

The man cries and begs Ji Young. Save my sister. Ji Young can't. I can't do that. God alone can.

Ji Young arrogantly throws money at the man and spills it all on him. He came out of there and got a call from the doctor who gave the news. Really?

Jinho was in dad's secret room. He sees photos of the man on Ji Young's 2G cell phone. Really curious who they are.

Chief Joo suddenly calls out and tells him to get out immediately. Code red. Jinho, who didn't know what was going on, was annoyed.

Mom is also annoyed with dad waking up. He had written his will. Why wake up again? His will was in vain. The doctor says Mom saved Dad. Jinho said. Mother was also confused.

Jinhee and Jungdo who wanted to go also talked about the father's will. Your father is awake. How's the will? everything is back in its place right? Jungdo said. Jinhee instead made it an excuse so that they too could return from the beginning.

Jungdo doesn't want to. Nuna, we have no starting point. Jungdo said. Remember the first time you saw me. You liked me at first sight. Bring up Jinhee. Jungdo denied it. Don't turn the past around. You're the one chasing me. Anyway, if you don't file for divorce by this weekend, I'll be the one to go.

Jinhee doesn't want to. Rather than divorce, I'd rather kill you! He shouted to Jungdo who had walked first.

Hiso who was on the road also received news that his father had regained consciousness.

Mr. Kim and Chief Joo clean up dad's secret room. They have to tidy it up like before because dad is already conscious. Chief Joo agrees. But he had to be hospitalized. And Mrs. Yang already knows this room. The director won't be able to come here.

Since the secret was exposed, the Director definitely can't mess around. Mr. Kim thought. Joo's head looked straight at him. Are you dating Kyeonghye? Mr. Kim denied it. We're not dating, just close friends.

Chief Joo couldn't believe it. You guys are close friends, but can steal a necklace together? So we can act together. Mr. Kim said. My type is an honest woman…with strong principles.

I thought you were gay. Chief Joo quips. Why do you think so? Ask Mr. Kim. Chief Joo has no particular reason. I just feel that way from you.

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It's not that I'm gay here, but other people. Mr. Kim said. I'm so tight-lipped that I can't tell you. Then just shut up. Cut off Joo's head.

Well, he said that his mouth was tight but Pak Kim still told him. Mr. Han Ji Young…a gay. Chief Joo thinks it's bullshit. How can a gay man have two women…. That's enough. What am I talking to you for?

Mr. Kim even became curious. Two women? Who? Do you…. Head Joo finished. Wanna drink with me? Offer Mr. Kim. I'll make a nice drink. Chief Joo doesn't want to. You are crazy? Shut up. Just shut your mouth.

The servants who were soaking jokingly saw the mother peacock flying in the sky.

The doctor is checking my father's eye condition. I can respond to movement. Very good. The temperature and pressure are normal. Sir, could you please make a fist? Dad did what the doctor said. Right. Even closer.

After that, the doctor met the waiting family. Even if he's awake, we have to keep an eye on him. Pupillary movement looks good. The temperature and pressure are normal.

The doctor then saw the mother. Mom, you saved him. Everyone immediately looked at the mother and made her uncomfortable. So previously the doctor saw the CCTV video when my mother was angry with my father. Is he going to save her or kill her? Comments from the doctor who witnessed it.

Jinho checked dad's chest. Why are there bruises on Dad's body? he asked curiously. Dad immediately looked at Mom.

Everyone goes home. On Hiso Street, there is news that the trial date has been issued. I will visit you now. Hiso said.

Hiso's lawyer (forgot his name) asks why Hiso chose him. Hiso himself was looking at the data about the lawyer Hyejin chose. The lawyer who sided with him had a fantastic background. He is famous as a crazy lawyer. There was an unwritten rule of wearing a white shirt and tie while attending a trial, but he wore a hanbok just to annoy the judge.

Hiso put down the document and smiled. Crazy people must be fought with crazy people. I know the reason you got fired from Hyowon Group's legal team. You supported the union when there was an incident at Hyowon Chemistry. You propose to compensate

to the victim.

The lawyer denied it. It's just a written excuse. Actually, the Director also wanted to do that. It wasn't the legal team that fired me, but Han Ji Young. I don't know if I can say this.

Hiso brought Hajun and invited him to play.

Hiso brought Hajun and invited him to play.

Just say it. Tell Hiso. The lawyer told the truth. This happened because I refused to help Han Ji Young with money laundering. Hiso became more and more curious. Tell me again.

Ji Young gets a report from the person. Sir, I checked the bio of the lawyer that Mrs. Seo contacted. Who's he? Ji Young asked. Lawyer Hwang Bo-in. Answer the person. He was fired from our legal team about last year. Who do you say? Ji Young asked. What do you not hear...

Hyejin saw her neck that had been strangled by Ji Young in the mirror. Han Ji Young. I will make you regret attacking me.

I can't sleep. Someone knocked on the door and entered. Dad recognized him Seolhwa? She is Sister Emma. He held his father's hand and confirmed that he was Seolhwa.

I'm really happy that Nodeok is back and saw her with Jungdo and Jinho. Does he know his own house? Mother asked. Jungdo saw something else from Nook. I believe there is a neocortical extension in this peacock's brain. We have to report it to Science.

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Jinho was also surprised. How could the peacock come back after just leaving? Even on Father's Day sobered up. Mom is influenced and looks at Nodeok with her cell phone flashlight. This is not a Nook. It has a slightly different jaw from the Nook. I know clearly. The beak and eye area. All look different. It's not a Nook. Definitely not him.

Then what is this? He came in and pretended to be a Nodeok with a fake identity? Jinho asked. everyone looked at each other and petrified as if waiting for something.

Seohyun is home. Remember when Suzy Choi held her hand. Are you happy? hh

Jinho slept in dad's secret room. His cell phone alarm rings but he doesn't wake up.

Ji Young also just woke up and found Hiso, not beside her. He wakes up and looks for Hiso in Hajun's room but he isn't there either. He then met Yuyeon and asked Hiso.

He went out with Hajun. Yuyeon replied. I don't know what their purpose is, sir. Kim Yuyeon. Aren't you the temporary tutor for Hajun? Yuyeon confirmed. Report to me every time someone brings Hajun. Even his own mother. Yuyeon agreed.

Jinho asked the waiter to imitate a cow that frowned from eating a lemon that was too sour. The waiter actually did. Chief Joo stopped him and reprimanded Jinho. Mr. Han. You have to lie down when you're drunk. This is inappropriate behavior.

Jinho suddenly slapped him hard. Not satisfied he wanted to do it again. Seohyun suddenly appeared and held her hand. Jinho spoke more and more ramblingly. Good grief. Who's this? Someone classy,   elegant, and has high dignity. my goddess. Hello, Mrs. Jung Seohyun.

Seohyun didn't want to respond. I told you, didn't I? If you drink alcohol again, I won't hold myself back anymore, will I?

Jinho even challenged him. What happens then? Tell me! Do you know who I am? I'm the first son of Hyowon Group, Han Jinho! You dare with me? Seohyun immediately slapped him hard. All the maids are shocked to see her. Alcoholic bastard! I'm sorry, Chief Joo. You can't slap him, so I'm on your behalf, even if it won't bring you relief.

Seongtae. Get him out of here. Seohyun's orders. Where was it taken? Ask Mr. Kim does not understand. He's drunk in the basement, just take him there. He ordered another servant to help Mr. Kim. Drunk people will be stronger than usual.

All the servants lifted Jinho's body and carried him to the dungeon. Seohyun shook Joo's head. I'm really sorry. Chief Joo admits it's okay. It wasn't Seohyun who slapped him.

Thank you and sorry are not always said by the right person. Someone must have apologized for my mistakes. Are your cheeks okay? Seohyun asked while checking Joo's head cheek. I'll give you a contact number. Look for Director Park Gyeongsang. Have him send some of his employees over to our house.

Chief Joo agrees. What phone number is that? she asked confused. Alcohol rehab center. Seohyun replied. Head Joo is shocked. What??

Hiso brought Hajun to his old room. Hajun seemed to like it and took one of the scripts. Isn't that cool? Hiso asked. The mother of a famous former actress is like your favorite rapper. Hajun, how about we eat instant noodles today? Hajun agrees. I would love to try it.

Instant noodles are ready. Hiso told Hajun that instant noodles are best eaten with the lid on. Hajun regretted that there was only one lid on the pot. If so, let's continue. Only one chance. Don't ask for a repeat.

Hiso agreed. Rock Paper Scissors! Hajun wins. Hiso took the noodles to the lid of the pot and gave them to Hajun. Nice? Hiso asked. Hajun seemed to really enjoy it. Didn't expect it to be this good.

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