Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 5 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 5 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 5 Part 1

  Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 5 Part 1

It opens with Geum Ran's mother who is looking at her photo with Geum Ran.
"Geum Ran, how cold is the seawater? My precious daughter .." he said
Then he took out his cell phone and read the text.
“Announcer Gyo Chae Yun married HBD CEO Lee out of the blue.”
"He got married today?" he said surprised.
Lee and Chae's wedding venue. There was Han Tae and Geum Ran watching them from a distance. Lee and Chae just arrived and they were greeted by the guests..
Geum Ran's mother, who read the SMS, immediately went to Kyung Joo and showed her the SMS.
"Kyung Joo. Oh my.. what is this?” while showing an SMS message to Kyung Joo
"What's wrong mom? About Geum Ran's suicide?" ask kyung
"I got a message, saying that today Kang Joon will remarry. With an announcer named Gyo Chae Yun.” Says Geum Ran's Mother
"It shouldn't be today that they get married, but next week." Kyung answered. Looks like he missed it..
"Seems like you already know, huh? It's only been 3 months since Geum Ran died. The tombstone is still fresh but
he remarried? He had forgotten his wife had just died? How can it be so fast? Could it be that he already had another woman?” An Geum Ran asked Kyung Joo continuously without any pause..
"Oh my.." Kyun replied in a low voice..
"Right already? This woman, right?” he asked again in a rather harsh tone.
"I didn't tell you. I didn't tell you..." Kyung replied in a low voice again
“Does Geum Ran know? Does he know?” asked geum ran mother.. just like a journalist.. :v
Kyung Joo just feeling guilty for not telling her mother Geum Ran.
"Oh yeah. My daughter. Poor you." While patting her own chest Geum Ran's mother spoke with teary eyes..
Back at Lee and Chae's wedding venue.. there was Chae who was talking to Lee's mother..
“You must be lonely with your parents who died early. But now... you're married and now you have new parents. Right, Chae Yun?” ask Lee's mother
"Yes. I'm happy, Mother." Reply Chae..
“Hey, I'm going to call the assistant over. Change into your honeymoon outfit… My pretty lucky pack.” Lee's mother while hugging Chae..
After a while Lee's mother came out.. came Han Tae who came in..
"Chae Yun.." while walking closer..
"Tae Hee oppa." Answer Chae
“Chae Yun, I have something to say. You can't get married. Absolutely not." Han Tae said..

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 5 Part 1

  Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 5 Part 1

"What is it?" ask Chae

"What is it? You should know about Lee Kang Joon first. Listen carefully what I have to say. This will sound inconsistent. So, I'll just go ahead. Lee Kang Joon... a bad guy. He can even kill you… Worst case of the bad.” Han Tae said at length to Chae Yun..

“Right.. This must be a surprise. But... take it in stride. Now that you know who he is,… cancel this marriage.” He continued by trying to convince Chae..

"I know how you feel, Daddy. When dad died, you paid my and Ji Hoon oppa's tuition. I know it wasn't because Dad raised you... you sold your apartment and sent me to study abroad. You devote yourself. How can I not know how you feel?” said Chae.. after sighing he continued his words..

“You want to hurt Kang Joon. Because you like me." Chae said..

"Not because of that. Now it doesn't matter how I feel about you. You should know what kind of person Lee Kang Joon is.” Han said while emptying Chae's body..

"Oppa. I love Kang Joon" said Chae..

They were silent for a moment.. then Kang Joon came and said while walking in his style..

"Let go of your hand.. She's my wife." Lee said

"You saw me like this the first time we met... I wonder what he meant... It turned out to be jealousy." Lee continued

"Jealousy?" Han Tae replied.

"Chae Yun.. Do you like him?" Ask Lee

“Let me say 1 thing. We don't care what you do. Why? Because you're nobody. You're just talking nonsense about me." Lee continued..

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 5 Part 1

  Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 5 Part 1

Han Tae, who was annoyed, tried to pull Lee by the collar but was stopped by the people who were there. then go .. and flashback about the first time meeting with Chae and the time with Chae .. on the other hand Also remembers when he was harmed by Lee. But soon I heard his mother's voice.

"Where is he, huh? Go out!"

"Mother..?" said Geum Ran

Geum Ran's mother who was looking for Kang Joon met Kang Joon's family..

“Watering isn't enough for you? Okay. This time I used my fists. I'll show you my anger." Lee's mother said.

"This time I was first." Reply to Geum's mother

He dropped the garland that was on his side.

Then the Lee family called security and kicked them both out..

But Gem Ran came to the rescue... jeng jeng jeng jeng..

Han Tae who was looking for Geum Ran was surprised to see Geum Ran. And help him...

"Good.. I'm also very upset.." said Han Tae then kicked security and ran away with Geum Ran..

Kyung Joo and Geum's mother arrived home gasping for air...

"We almost got into trouble. Are you hurt?”

"No, I'm fine. If it wasn't for that young lady, we would be in trouble. How can he be so strong? And again… why is he helping us?” ask Geum's mother

"Who knows. He came all of a sudden and grabbed the guy's neck mercilessly." Kyung Joo said

And he also said that he had seen Sara too but he forgot where..

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 5 Part 1

  Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 5 Part 1

Han Tae and Geum Ran go somewhere..

“Ahjumma Chae Yun got married today. Lee Kang Joon pissed me off because he ignored me. Don't provoke me.. next time we'll talk.." Han Tae said..

"My husband killed me .." said Geum..

"What do you want to say?" ask Han

Then Geum Ran apologizes because their plan failed.. then Geum gives plane tickets to try.. but only the reservation.. because Geum has no money.. and asks the doctor to pay for it himself..

Then they go home and make plans for Lee to go to jail.. Geum wants them to feel what he and his mother feel and make them pay back for their actions. But since Gyo is already married to Lee.. Geum asks the doctor to let him go.. and Han doesn't want to.. and he has plans of his own..

Han tells the data about Lee Kang Joon. And he said he didn't want to let Chae live with the killer.. he wanted to save him.. and Han also wanted to put Lee in jail.. Han wanted to get CharYun out by revealing Lee's real evil..

And Han and Geum are back together again..

And Geum starts his plan... by taking care of Lee's house..

“No one in the family can take care of the house like me. I will use my best ability. Take care of the house." Geum said

And Han agreed to the plan

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 5 Part 1

  Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 5 Part 1

The next day Geum Ran came to Lee's house with the excuse of wanting to bring a jacket that was left behind and bring a dish.. but Min Young asked why there were so many things in his jacket.. but before Geum answered Min Young answered himself..

“Full 24 hours a day... This is for the health of your skin and body, right? Lots of sprays and other stuff. That's why you have a hot body, right?" he said..

"Yes you are very right .." Geum replied then entered the house..

Then the Lee family ate Geum Ran's cooking

"You made all this, Sara?" ask Lee's mother

“Sara unni's rice cakes are also delicious. I feel alive after eating prison food all this time.” Min Young said

“Prison Food? You bastard!” said Lee's mother as she stood up like she wanted to poke Min Young with chopsticks and then sat back down..

"And where's my jacket?" ask Geum Ran

"Above .." replied Min Young.

"Just keep eating. I'll take it myself.." Geum Ran replied.

And Geum Ran went upstairs.. but instead, he looked for files about their scandal.. the first thing he got was Min Young's file about illegal pyramid schemes. The second is the gambling habit of the oldest brother-in-law, namely Jin Young. And the third is about their mother's affair.. and the photo was sent to the father-in-law.

Then Geum keeps the bug in Lee's room and keeps the earring under the pillow for a husband and wife fight to break out.

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