Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 9 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 9 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 9 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 9 Part 2

In the morning, Sa Ra knocks on Tae Hee's door for breakfast.

"Are you still cranky?...Don't sulk for too long like a loser." ridicule Sa Ra

He asks Tae Hee to come out and eat breakfast first. Tae Hee doesn't come out, Sa Ra finally enters the room to see that there is no Tae Hee inside. He saw a note on the bed.

"I will save your mother. Wait...." Sa Ra's face was slightly moved.

Sa Ra opens the sheet behind her, Tae Hee tells her to lower her eyes and not glare at her anymore.

At the mental hospital, Tae Hee is dressed as a nurse while carrying a list of names and a bag in her hand looking for room 303.

Sa Ra is already in front of Tae Hee's desk, she knows Tae Hee's grandmother's name is Park Min Duk, she finds out where Tae Hee's grandmother is being held. He was sure there must be a note tucked on the table.

Finally he found a paper that said "Seoul Prison -Park Man Duk". The look in his eyes, like he was planning something.

Tae Hee finally finds Room 303, with the name Shim Yeo Ok at the front of her room. He hurriedly went inside to see Geum Ran's mother who was sitting quietly. Yeo Ok knows this is not the time to take medicine. Tae Hee introduces her name and admits she is not a nurse.

"I know your son well, Sa Geum Ran. You have to get out of here and come with me," said Tae Hee hastily.

Yeo klooks scared and refuses because she doesn't know Tae Hee. Finally Tae Hee tells herself that she hates Kang Joon and gets news from Kyung Joo. He took out clothes from his bag so Geum Ran's mother changed clothes.

It turns out that Sa Ra meets Madam Park, she introduces herself and can't believe the person in front of her is Tae Hee's grandmother. Madam Park says she doesn't know him and asks why Sa Ra wants to meet him.

"Util he tells you himself. I can't tell you more." said Sa Ra

"I want to tell you to be strong. There is someone who helps you, He tries to get you out. That person...always does what he has set out to do"

Madam Park tries to understand Sa Ra's words. Then Sa Ra convinced Grandma to be released and she asked Grandma to take care of her health and wait patiently. He also asked grandmother to be strong. Madam Park looks teary while nodding slightly.

SaRa receives a call from Tae Hee, she is shocked to know Tae Hee has been able to save her mother. A few moments later, Sa Ra was sitting in the room staring at her sleeping mother, her eyes sad because she could only call her mother.

"Eun Kyung Joo will come, your mother needs treatment in the next few days, then take her to our house to be safer." said Tae Hee who stood to accompany Sa Ra.

"Since he doesn't know my identity, I'm sure he doesn't want to come with me, so I'll think of something else," said Sa Ra, who continued to stare at her mother.

Sa Ra looks at Tae Hee and thanks Tae Hee for saving her mother. Tae Hee looks a little moved to see Sa Ra who says thank you. Sa Ra looked back at her mother and held her hand tightly.

Sa Ra prepares tea for them to drink, then she tells herself that she visited her grandmother because she knew Tae Hee was worried about her.

"I visited him to take your place." Obviously Sa Ra

Tae Hee tells that when she met Madam Park she said someone would help her and asked Grandma to stay strong. Tae Hee's face looks moved.

"Ahjumma.....I can't get involved in my grandmother's situation, so meet take my place, okay?" Tae Hee asked with a downcast face.

Sa Ra with a happy face immediately agreed, Tae Hee shyly saw Sa Ra's face smiling at him.

A few minutes later.

Sa Ra is sprinkling flour on the dough, she screams asking Tae Hee to tell her about the bread she is going to make, if her grandmother believes Dong Geul is still alive she is sure the bread will turn round. Tae Hee comes with another bread ingredient.

"Is the dough ready, Look at you, you're sweating" Tae Hee said seeing Sa Ra's forehead which had started to sweat from kneading bread dough.

"No, I will do it myself because I am strong" said Sa Ra

Tae Hee sees herself stronger, Sa Ra pulls the bowl because she wants to keep kneading the dough herself. The two of them scrambled to knead the bread dough,

"Okay.... Okay....Then let's do it together" said Tae Hee

Both of them kneaded bread dough and Tae Hee accidentally held Sa Ra's hand which made Sa Ra blush. Tae He had time to wipe Sa Ra's forehead because there was flour stuck to it.

"Doctor .... Thank you for saving my mother And for my behavior yesterday I'm sorry" said Sa Ra

Tae Hee stares at the now-jailed Sa Ra

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 9 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 9 Part 2

hile Tae Hee is going to the Winner Group building, in the lobby she asks the receptionist to tell Min Hyuk that Dong Geul is coming to meet him. He was sure Min Hyuk was waiting for him.

"You have to go through the Secretary's Office if you want to meet Director Han." clear receptiont.

Tae Hee seems annoyed because Han Myuk is the president so it's hard to meet him. With an annoyed face, he asked the receptionist to contact Min Hyuk quickly. But the receptionist apologized because he couldn't do it.

Min Hyuk came with several bodyguards behind him, Tae Hee saw Min Hyuk's arrival with a smiling face because the person he was waiting for now he could meet.

"Hey Han Min Hyuk......I'm Dong Geul......" said Tae Hee

Several other bodyguards tried to block Tae Hee from approaching. Min Hyuk glanced at Tae Hee up and down and walked away indifferently. Tae Hee tries to catch up, but the bodyguards hold her back.

"Hey... Who do you think I am. You will regret it later and will be in trouble later" Tae Hee threatened.

Then Tae Hee tried to trick the guard by pointing in a different direction and then he ran away from the Winner Group guard.

"What I said is true, Dong Geul was a smart kid as a child. He was a wise and very kind person," Sa Ra said with a beaming face.

"No way...Dong Geul is dead." said Madam Park, shaking her head.

Sa Ra assures Madam Park that her granddaughter is still alive, telling her that she knows about Tae Hee's accident. After the accident, Tae Hee was traumatized by an accident that prevented her from coming to see her grandmother.

"When he thought about the accident, he fainted from broken heart syndrome. That's why I came to take his place." Sa Ra explained.

Madam Park who looks teary still can't believe it, Sa Ra nods to convince Madam Park to believe what she says.

Tae Hee runs to avoid being chased by the guards, he reminds himself that he is a genius so he can do something with this situation. Nearby is a fire warning button. Without a second thought he pressed it and left.

Min Hyuk who was walking stopped hearing the sound of the fire alarm, his bodyguard asked Min Hyuk to use the emergency ladder even though his boss had never used it. Min Hyuk walked towards the emergency stairwell, just stepped in he was already locked.

Min Hyuk's sly smile was seen, there was a panicked voice from outside because their boss was locked. He knew that all of this was the plan of the person who met him in the lobby. Tae Hee sees Min Hyu's standing pose looks like a killer pose, then he wants to get straight to the point.

"Let go of Grandma.... If you let her go, I will disappear quietly." Tae Hee orders.

"Grandma????...." said Min Hyuk confused.

"Park Man Duk who you locked up and put in jail." Tae Hee said.

Min Hyuk curses that Tae Hee is a crazy bastard, He mocks that everything looks great because it is directly related to Kang Joon. He admits that he is bad now. but he saw that both of them looked worse because the original characters had appeared.

"You came to Sewondang when you were fifteen, I saw the hole in your socks and I was the one hiding behind the curtain, I was Dong Geul" said Tae Hee

Mi Hyuk's face looks cynical because Tae Hee knows the story as a child. Tae Hee orders to release Grandma now and promises not to come to see her. He will live in peace as he is now

Min Hyuk's bodyguard screams, Tae Hee goes down the emergency stairs. Min Hyuk looked at Tae Hee who was coming down the stairs with a cynical look

Kang Joon meets Min Hyuk, seeing from his boss's face he feels something is wrong.

"Mae a board of directors meeting tomorrow, To confirm the next CEO of Winner Group." Min Hyuk orders.

"Okay... I'll prepare it" said Kang Joon without questioning the reason.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 9 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 9 Part 2

WAt home

Tae Hee is shocked that her grandmother told Sa Ra about the board of directors meeting tomorrow. Sa Ra tells that Madam Park tells that tomorrow is the bad guys will be promoted

"He wants me to reveal myself to everyone" concluded Tae Hee

After that Tae Hee felt compelled to think about it and rushed into her room. Sa Ra senses something strange about Tae Hee's attitude.

Sa Ra finally enters Tae Hee's room looking worried, she sits next to Tae Hee and admits she doesn't know the real situation and where Tae Hee's family comes from.

"But staying in hiding doesn't suit you, Doctor." Sa Ra .'s comment

"You and I both escape from wanting and we know fear. But you have to know Ahjumma, there's something I've experienced worse than you," said Tae Hee.

With a little holding back his sadness, Tae Hee told him that he had lost someone he loved the most, namely his parents. He saw the death of his parents before his own eyes.

When little Tae Hee saw her parents talking outside the warehouse, she knew at that time her father was being threatened, after that her father put on a helmet and asked Tae Hee not to find out the truth because it would be very painful in the end.

"Father thought my life would be in danger if I found out the truth. So...he told me to forget." Tae Hee's story

Before his father died, he saw his father talking to a man he could only see from behind. In his hand holding a watch with the initials J beside it, he shows Sa Ra that the killer dropped the watch at the fire site.

"I suspect that if I return to where I belong, I will face this person and will fight a big conspiracy." Tae Hee clearly looks scared.

Sa Ra gets teary-eyed hearing Tae Hee's story, it seems she feels sorry to hear Tae Hee's real story. Tae Hee admits that she has to prepare herself if the person she will love is hurt. Sa Ra approaches Tae Hee who is sad.

"You have always protected me until now. Now it's my turn, you don't have to be afraid. Let's do it together, when we are together we can do everything" said Sa Ra

Tae Hee looked at Sa Ra in disbelief, Sa Ra gave her a smile. The two of them looked at each other.

Ji Hoon is shocked by the word divorce brought by his sister. Chae Yoon tells her husband that she is asking for a divorce and asks for the Canvas Building to be returned. Ji Hoon is increasingly disbelieving, Chae Yoon with his cynical eyes, insists that he can't just be kicked by Kang Joon.

"I will not divorce until I get my share, now I will return to my in-laws and I will stay there" said Chae Yoon

He will also destroy Sa Ra who has ruined his marriage because he will not let her go like that.

Chae Yoon throws a piece of paper at Kang Joon on his office desk. Kang Joon looks at the marriage legalization certificate. Chae Yoon explains that they don't have a marriage certificate but they can get a marriage certificate so there is a compensation for assets and benefits.

"Are you threatening me.... What do you want?" Kang Joon asked sarcastically

"Well that's how it is, won't divorce until I agree."

Kang Joon asks the reason because they are already living separately, Chae Yoon says he will return to his father-in-law's house and that is considered a divorce ban.

Chae Yoon remembers when Sa Ra threatened him to get the two of them divorced, Kang Joon saw another letter that Chae Yoon gave.

"In three weeks. I will take the building and destroy Sara in three weeks. Then if possible I will divorce you" Chae Yoon muttered to himself.

After that he gave a marriage annulment contract, he had made a divorce contract agreement if they divorced in 3 weeks, he ordered Kang Joon to be patient in three weeks not to meet Sa Ra.

Kang Joon glared at Chae Yoon who now dared to threaten him like this.

Lee family house

Everyone stared at the arrival of Chae Yoon who returned home. With a smile, Chae Yoo felt nothing strange when he returned home. Kang Joon's mother curses Chae Yoon who thinks it's like a Spa house that can come and enter at any time.

"You split up, left, and came back... Then you left again...." Kang Joon's mother quipped

"Don't you know how worried your late parents are, what have you actually learned so far?" said Kang Joon's sieve.

"Because he doesn't have parents, he's being rude." Jin Young commented.

"There are no quiet days in this house." Min Young said

"This is the best for all of us...if I go home now" said Chae Yoon

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 9 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 9 Part 2

Kang Joon is already at the police station and enters the temporary cell, screaming for his release. but no one wanted to hear it, his face irritated at having to be locked up in prison.

Chae Yoon started the second meeting of the board of directors.

"Today we will decide the CEO to take over Winner Group for the next 100 years. The CEO who will be nominated today will take over the inheritance system over the past decades to change the foundation of Winner Group's foundation. He will be a great inspiration in Winner Group."

Ji Sook's arrogant face is seen sitting at the board of directors table, Min Hyuk's nameplate is also visible at the front. Min Hyuk himself was walking up the escalator accompanied by other officials.

While walking he remembers the time, Madam Park threw money at him at the age of 15 years ago when his grandmother deliberately unfurled a banner to look for Dong Geul and the last time he was slapped by his grandmother for holding a meeting without telling him.

His sly smile is visible, now he will rule in Winner Group and no one can stop him because his grandmother has gone to prison.

Tae Hee and Sa Ra are standing in front of the Winner Group building, Tae Hee's breath seems to be panting like she's about to get her broken heart syndrome again. Sa Ra immediately holds Tae Hee's hand with full confidence. Tae Hee was shocked because Sa Ra suddenly held her hand

“Doctor……I will go with you” said Sa Ra

In the room, Chae Yoon greeted the only candidate for CEO Winner Group, namely Director Han Min Hyuk then the door was opened and Min Hyuk came in and sat on the front bench and immediately gave his speech.

I'm Han Min Hyuk....Winner Group is at number eight in the worldwide economy. To become a top group, the help of the boards is invaluable. In light of the recent embezzlement allegations in Winner Group, it was an incident that bad"

"But we will use it to our advantage, to be cleaner and clearer for future Winner Group. I promise you all that."

Everyone imediately gave applause, Min Hyuk glanced at his mother who was sitting nearby, Ji Sook smiled because her son could now be the CEO of Winner Group.

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"With the unanimous approval of the board of directors, Director Han Min Hyuk is appointed as the new CEO." Chae Yoon said

Tae Hee's scream was heard entering the room, Chae Yoon was surprised to see Tae Hee who entered the room. Everyone whispered to ask who dared to come into the meeting room. Tae Hee stood at the front greeting all of Winner Group's Board of Directors.

"I...Dong Geul." Tae Hee said. Ji Sook's face panicked, Min Hyuk shook his head slightly that it wouldn't be possible.

All the council whispered to each other in disbelief, in a snide manner. Tae Hee laughs, he admits that he was very surprised, so he knows by feeling everyone. Then he confirmed that he was Han Dong Eun aka Dong Geul.

He took out his family photo, Ji Sook and Chae Yoon were surprised that Tae Hee took out a family photo. Min Hyuk and Tae Hee immediately glanced at each other sharply.

Sa Ra sits with a worried face, Tae Hee comes with a happy face calling Ahjumma running. Sa Ra descends the stairs to Tae Hee.

"Is broken heart syndrome okay, you didn't pass out?" asked Sa Ra worriedly.

Then he asked if Tae Hee revealed that he was grandma's grandson, Tae Hee nodded with a happy smile. Sa Ra thanks him and smiles too, he prides himself that all this plan is from him.

"I used my brain. Don't tell me to use my brain again." Sa Ra .'s orders

"Yes....I will never again." Tae Hee promises with a smile

Both smile, Sa Ra asks for a reward for helping Tae Hee even a little. Tae Hee reveals that Sa Ra didn't help her a bit, then she felt like she was going crazy and immediately turned around, Sa Ra looks confused why Tae Hee's attitude looks weird.

"I can't live without you now and I need you....We...can never be apart." Tae Hee said confidently.

Sa Ra is dumbfounded at Tae Hee's confession to her. Then Tae He immediately hugged him which made Sa Ra even more shocked.

"There are things that people can't do alone. Crossing a wall for the first time in twenty years Having the self-confidence that has been lost over the years. The power to do all love." Tae Hee muttered

Tae Hee continues to hug Sa Ra who is still shocked by her confession.

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