Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 7 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 7 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 7 Part 1

   Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 7 Part 1

The young brothers were with their father doing a charity event. Talking about shared photos..

"Photos spread? Ahjumma-in-law finally found out about Kang Joon's affair?" Jin said

“There was a commotion saying he was a tamer of two perpetrators. The publication ceremony was a mess. Amazing." Min said..

"What if Daddy finds out? Father still doesn't know about Kang Joon's affair." Jin said

"What? Affair? Kang Joon? That bastard." Lee's father said that apparently listened to the Young brothers' conversation..

Then his father came home and met his wife..

“Kang Joon is having an affair? Is it true? Is that why Geum Ran committed suicide? He will be punished by God." He asked his wife..

"S... Honey, that's..." replied his wife nervously

Han Tae who was surprised because suddenly Geum Ran asked him to sleep together.. won a lot of coegg.. :3

“Sleeping together? Both of us?" Asked Han Surprised

“Your room is locked. My husband, brother-in-law and in-laws slept in the living room. We have to sleep here…” Geum Ran said as he climbed into bed..

"Jia. Take it easy. I won't eat you." Sara/Geum said while pulling the blanket..

Then Han Tae Hee talked to herself..

"Han Tae Hee. You fell in love… with Sara.” Say it in your heart.

Then Han said..

"Okay, ahjumma. We can sleep in the same room. But there are rules. If there is only 1 bed, where does the old one sleep?” Han said..

“I will sleep on the floor. Hehe.." Sara said with a small laugh..

Then Sarah moved to the floor.

"Why can't I sleep?" Han said in his heart then looked at Sara on the floor

Then Sara let out a sound like a frightened sigh.

"He's dreaming huh? Dream of dying. Right?” Han said..

Then Han moved Sara who was sleeping on the floor to sleep on her bed.

“When it comes to him… I care first.” Han said

Then Han went to Gyo Ji-Hoon's house

"Oh, what's this all of a sudden? It's 3 in the morning."

“You said come anytime. Let me stop by. I miss you." Han said then hugged Gyo Ji-Hoon

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  Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 7 Part 1

completely in love. You found your soul mate.." Gyo Ji said..

“Hyung, but isn't it... that ahjumma, right? Initials on your phone. Why keep making me think that "ahjumma"? Huh?" Gyi Ji continued with a laugh...

Then Sara got up from her bed...

“Why am I sleeping on the bed? I wake up in sleep? If the Doctor found out, he would be furious. Doctor... Where did he go?” Sarah said..

Then a voice...

"Is the bathroom here?"

When I went downstairs the Lee family was talking..

"Hey. The more I think about it, the more I dislike Chae Yun. You see... should he tell your father that I poured water on Geum Ram's mother?” His mother said Lee

“Moreover, we have given him the Canvas Building, he should have 'raised' his brother-in-law and in-laws. It's so hard to make the land of Geum Ran ours” said Jin Young

“Thankfully, we managed to persuade Geum Ran to make the land common property. Otherwise, after Geum Ran committed suicide, it would be difficult to change ownership rights. We use our abilities. But even Chae Yun got the land.” Lee's mother said

"Stop talking about the land." Lee said cutting off the conversation

“Speaking of land, Geum Ran is really naive. Until the end he believed you married him for love. You're considering Geum Ran because you're in debt and unemployed. "Jin Young said..

“There is a saying, "give and take." That's the right statement. What's more... ...are I the only one who gets land? Geum Ran got a husband. Just getting married would be great." Lee said to Jin Young and his mother..

"Right. Yes too. He's actually married. It would be better if he died. How unfair would he have felt if he had known while alive?” Jin Young said

"It's not fair, ass. He... maybe even dead,... still a fool." His mother said..

Sara only heard their conversation from the top of the stairs...

Han Tae who sleeps at Gyo Ji's house gets a call from Sara..

"What? Ahjumma. You killed them? You poisoned them?” Han Tae was shocked and went straight home..

"You killed them? You poisoned them?” Ask Han Tae panic

"They fell asleep. I put sedatives in their food. 2 - 3 hours. They won't know anything. I gave them food that made their stomachs hurt. Especially my husband...would have trouble walking. He always has diarrhea after eating oysters. Doctor. Come with me for a moment. I called you because of that.” Sara said

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Then they also talked about the Lie Test that Han TAE did some time ago

"Oh really. Tell me the results of the analysis. Hmm? How?" Gyo Ji . said

Then Han Tae remembers the test results. The test says that Han Tae is in love with Sara.

"Who is he, hyung? The woman you love?” Ask Gyo Ji

"Hey. Don't call it love. Goosebumps go down my spine. Not yet at that stage. Absolutely not." Han Tae replied..

 "You've already admitted it. Yes, right? You've already admitted it. "Not yet there" means almost the same as love. Who's he? What kind of woman?” Ask Gyo Ji

"I said no. It's just... she's prettier... and my heart... is beating a little. It's just... once or twice, I... noticed it. Just that. That's not love." Han Tae replied nervously..

"Right, that's him. That's her love." Gyo Ji . said

"Absolutely not." Han Tae denied..

"Aigoo. Hyung, just wait and see. After all you will side with that woman. It means you are Then they went out of the house in black clothes.

“You want to be a bad woman?

“I just found out how evil my… family-in-law is. They dumped me after draining me. No. They even killed me. Trash. To fight that bad guy, I have to be more evil. I stole the house keys from my mother-in-law.” Sara said to Han with a tone of emotion and teary eyes..

"That's good. But this is a violation. Look, it's all caught on CCTV over there." Han said while pointing at the CCTV in front of Lee's house

"It's just a cover. It's broken." Sara said while opening the gate lock

"Ahjumma! At least obey the law. " Han said shouting

“Why would an extraordinary citizen like me become a rioter? Ah, whatever.” Han continued then entered Lee's house

“After having an announcer's son-in-law, really.” Sara said while breaking the flower vase..

"They won't know even if I ruined it." continued

"Ahjumma. This is property damage. Ahjumma, we violated Article 319 paragraph 1. The sentence is 3 years in prison and a fine of $5000. It's a robbery." Han Tae said

"This is not a robbery. I defended this house with the money my father left me. I saved and saved this family as it is now. This is my house." Said SARA WHILE TAKING JEWELRY at Lee's house and put it in the bag..

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"Diploma? Doctor, ass. So human first, you murderer." Sara said then tore Lee's diploma..

Then Sara wrote on the glass using lipstick..the writing..

“I know… you… killed Sa Geum Ran.”

"Ahjumma. You want to leave this like this? This is dangerous. We can get caught. They even believe that Sa Geum Ran will remain a fool even after death.” Han said..

"Why did I get caught? Enter without permission? Robbery? I will do more than that! I will be the worst woman in the world! ! Sara replied..then broke Lee and Chae's room.

 "Okay. Do as you please. How can you live with that feeling? You have to get rid of it before it can live. I'll take care of the business later. Just destroy everything!” Han said to sara..

"Well. !” replied sara then continued destroying things

"Good work." Han said..


Then Ada ChAE yun came to Lee's office. But he wasn't there.. Then he called Lee's cellphone..

"Hello. Kang Joon. Where are you now?" Ask Chae..

"I'm busy right now. We'll talk later." Lee said as he hung up the phone

"Kang Joon!" ..

And Lee woke their family up but only his mother woke up .. and they started to feel sick to their stomachs ..

And after messing up Lee's house..Saradan Han went to a restaurant

"Eat? As much as I want? Why did you let me eat?” Ask Sara To Sara

“Your in-laws and brother-in-law are at home. You must lose your appetite when you see them.” Answer Han

"You... noticed me?" Sara asked again

"No. We're on to an important plan to get Lee Kang Joon in jail. I encourage you to be stronger.” Han said

"Yes, Doctor. I will be stronger. I will put that man in jail. The cost of this meal just put it on my list of debts. The restaurant will be opening soon. I will make up for it by working my hardest.” Say Sara

Han Tae only saw Sarayang eating.. then gave her share

“Eat mine too. I want to meet someone. You eat." Han said

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"Ahjumma. The jewelery of the wedding is important. It's theft." Han said he wanted to stop Sara

"This is mine!" Sara said

"A moment. Ahjumma, 3 years for property damage. Robbery gets 3 years in prison. What's more... theft can take 3-6 years. Totally 9 years old. I could also be punished as an accomplice to a crime. Ahjumma!” while chasing Sara who moved to another room..

Sara breaks the diploma hanging on the wall...

Then Han Pun went out and met his subordinates outside the restaurant..

"CEO. Mission accomplished. We broke into Representative Lee's house in Jongrogu Pyungchang 80 and completed our mission. I brought all the furniture to his house and finished it. I hung back the photo of the newlyweds. Fingerprint to strands of hair. I erased all signs that anyone was there. They won't suspect an ant has entered let alone you." He said..

Can you do that... :v

"Good work. But… you left that, right?” asked Han Tae

"Yes. But CEO... what really happened? Can you give me a hint?” ask his subordinates

"You don't need to know. I'm almost done." Han said

"CEO. There is 1 more thing. About Park Man Duk's grandmother. Mrs Park made a food truck

in front of Jongrogu Chungmoon Park.” He said as he handed me a paper.

and Han told them to go .. and read the writing ..

“[“Dong Geul's Love Food Truck.”Visiting orphans every Wednesday.]”

That's what it says on the paper guys..

And back again to Sarab who was busy eating.. he was noticed by everyone in the restaurant...

"She's really pretty."

"He's so skinny. How can he eat so much?”

"He's the best."

"Wow, she really is beautiful."

That's what they say..

Then HAN TAE entered..

“They noticed her because she was so beautiful. But he was only happy when he ate. "He said Han

"Doctor. I've eaten everything. "Said Sara

Then they went somewhere else..

“You treat me to a good meal. Now you brought me here? Is this a special day, Doctor?” Ask Sarah..

"Don't be a villager. Everyone comes here every day.” said Han

Then a waiter gave their order Capuccino..

"I... I'm fine with instant coffee." SaidSara

"That's your problem. You still save money when your family is having fun? You said saving made you sick. Who is lucky if you save money?” said Han Tae..

"This is expensive" said sara with a smile

"Just drink it. It's a gift" said the doctor.

"Treating me a meal... and coffee?" asked Sara

"Yes. I will arrest Lee Kang Joon for you. I'll get the confession that he killed you. Let's get him in jail. In 3 days." Kta Han..

And it looks like he's starting to get serious guys.. the thing is, he's talking convincingly like that.. wkwk

"Is it possible?" said Sara

“We just need to speed up our plans. I erased all traces of you at your in-laws' house. Except for threats to Lee Kang Joon," said Han.

His threat was written on the glass by Sara..

“Torture him mentally. I want him to confess to murder. That's my gift… to you.” Han said..

And SARA also looks happy with smiles..

"Do not be too happy, yet. That's the first prize... and the last..." Han said..

“Why… the last gift?” Ask Sara

“After Lee Kang Joon went to prison,… I left.” Han said..

"Go? Where to? Then... I can't see you anymore?” Sara was surprised..

“Do I have to chase Lee Kang Joon my whole life? This genius is an accomplice to people's homes and vandals... and how long do I have to stay with you? Not only in the same house, but must sleep in the same room. Can I get married if I get caught out there? In my life, I have never spoken to any ahjumma. But now, I'm stuck with the weirdest ahjumma... all day long. My mind will break if I do all kinds of weird things. I do and think about things I've never done before. No longer. Let's just stop it." Han said at length .. with a little jerk. And made Sara a little scared..

“Doctor… you're really stressed, aren't you? I think so. All right, Doctor. That debt… I will definitely be responsible for it and pay it for the rest of my life.” SARA said :(

“Just drink your coffee!” Hans said while jerking..

Then they drank their coffee.

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