Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 2

 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 2

Sa Ra and Kang Joon end up walking in the park drinking coffee together. Kang Joon apologizes for ruining their date. Sa Ra reveals that she thinks it's okay and that it could happen.

"Sara....When you say that you love me it means that no matter what happens you will not leave me." said Kang Joon looking at Sa Ra

With her sweet smile, Sa Ra promised not to leave her. The two then got into the car together. Kang Joon covered his eyes with his hands because he was dazzled by the car headlights shining on his car.

Kang Joon remembers the time when he purposely surprised Geum Ran to turn on his car headlights when Geum Ran's car came and made Geum Ran's car go into the sea.

The car in front was speeding towards Kang Joon's car but after that it swerved and avoided Kang Joon's car. Inside, you can see Tae Hee driving the car, but Kang Joon can't see the person driving the car.

He got out of the car and shouted for anyone who dared to threaten him. From behind, Sa Ra hit Kang Joon in the head until he passed out.

Kang Joon is already tied up with ropes and is still unconscious. Moments later Kang Joon realized he panicked seeing his body that was already tied up with ropes.

"Who are you! Get out!" he shouted

Gem Ran's voice said that it was him. Kang Joon yells it's impossible because Geum Ran is dead and it must be someone else.

"Only we... know what happened that night." Geum Ran's voice is heard again

The image of the incident when the murder took place repeated itself in Kang Joon's mind.

"You passed me after you followed. Then you drove towards me. Why did you do it? For money or for your happiness??" Geum Ran's voice was heard.

Kang Joon starts to believe that Geum Ran is still alive, he tells Geum Ran to get out because he won't be afraid.

"Do what you want!!! I killed you once!!!!! I could kill you again!!!! Get out!!!!" Kang Joon shouted

Sa Ra glanced at Kang Joon who was still dazed. Kang Joon's cell phone rings, Kang Joon reads the messages that enter his cellphone.

"Honey.....I saw you from the front of the car" a message was sent through Geum Ran's number. Kang Joon looked intently at the number plate listed.

"The day you killed me...You remember?" Geum Ran's message came again.

Kang Joon saw Geum Ran's figure from a distance. Geum Ran's voice sounded again.

"Did you have to go this far? I'm your wife." Geum Ran's figure is getting closer to Kang Joon

Kang Joon saw the figure of Geum Ran getting closer, over time he was not strong and finally passed out. It turns out that it is Sa Ra who is wearing Geum Ran's clothes over a large jacket. She saw that her husband was very cruel because someone usually cares for animals with great affection.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 2

 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 2

ae Hee stands behind Sa Ra, in her hand is a recording of Kang Joon's voice admitting that he killed his wife. Then he took the recorded voice of Geum Ran in Sa Ra's hand. Sa Ra suddenly felt weak and her chest hurt. Tae Hee catches her and hugs her.

"I... I can't breathe." Sa Ra said gasping

"It's okay....Everything will be fine. Breathe slowly...I'm here." Tae Hee said while stroking Sa Ra's hair.

TLee family house

Min Young screams when she sees her tab, she thinks it's amazing because it's the number 1 search on the internet. Jin Young was surprised by his sister who shouted incoherently, Min Young pulled his brother to sit down and shouted for his father and mother.

Kang Joon's father and mother rushed out of the room.

"Sara Unni. She hit the jackpot and is a star now" said Min Young then showed her parents a video from her tab.

Kang Joon's mother notices clearly that what he saw in the video was the Sa Ra he knew. Min Young tells that someone uploaded while Sa Ra was eating and now many people are watching the video.

"Even CNN reports that boiled potatoes, kimbap, toppoki and sausage are trademarks of Korean food," explained Min Young proudly.

Chae Yoon came out of the newsroom, a crew called out to him. He saw a video about the emergence of a new chef who would become a hit. Then they will invite the woman to be a guest star.

"Her nickname is Birth of a Beauty." said the Crew, Chae Yoon saw the video from the cellphone and his eyes widened in shock because it was Sa Ra

The crew still praises Sa Ra who has extraordinary beauty and her face is even the size of a CD which is very small and beautifulChae Yoon came home by slamming his bag, Ji Hoon was surprised because Chae Yoon came immediately angry. Chae Yoon is annoyed that Sa Ra is now a star and even the TV station is interested in inviting her to be a guest star.

"How did this happen? How did this bad luck happen?" he cursed annoyed.

"You're getting very sensitive now. Go back to your in-laws." Ji Hoon ordered

But Chae Yoon considers his pride. Ji Hoon tells Chae Yoon to pretend he has no other choice but to go home all for the sake of his brother. Chae Yoon could only be silent.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 2

 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 2

Kyung Joo tries to call Geum Ran's mother's cell phone but it's off, her face is worried that something happened to Geum Ran's mother.

Meanwile at the Lee family house

Kang Joon is already in his room, Kang Joon's mother sees that if Sa Ra is not there, her son's fate will be even worse. His father asks why his son could faint, Sa Ra tells that someone is chasing him.

"Sa Geum Ran? I think that's the name." said Sa Ra

Kang Joon's mother is shocked that Sa Ra mentions her former daughter-in-law's name. Kang Joon's father tells Geum Ran that he is his deceased son-in-law.

"Kang Joon said..."Sa Geum Ran is still alive. He's here." That's what he said." Sa Ra's story

His father-in-law couldn't believe that Geum Ran was still alive. While Kang Joon's mother looks very panicked.

Tae Hee hands the suitcase to the employee, he tells her that the suitcase contains evidence of Kang Joon's accusation of murder along with his confession and conditions at that time. He ordered his staff to hand over the evidence to the police in the morning.

The employee understands Tae Hee's orders and leaves. Tae Hee stares away like this task is done now take Kang Joon to jail.

Ji Hoon walks into the Lee family house with Chae Yoon in tow. He saluted everyone, but the response from veryone seemed very indifferent. Kang Joon's mother just greeted with a long time no see.

Chae Yoon seems sad because she is not greeted just like she used to by Kang Joon's mother.

"My sister has a fever. That's why she came late." Ji Hoon said still all the Lee family had no sympathy.

Finally Ji Hoon apologizes because his younger brother is not able to do anything in many ways. So he apologized because it was all his fault. The Lee family remained silent, Chae Yoon seemed to be trying to contain her anger.

Ji Hoon excused himself and asked everyone to rest. Min Young wants to tell Chae Yoon that Sa Ra is upstairs. But they don't see Chae Yoon anymore, Jin Young taunts Chae Yoon that his movements are very fast.

Sara takes care of Kang Joon upstairs. Chae Yoon's eyes will definitely pop out. said Jin Young sarcastically

"Hurry up and tell him. Let's live in peace." said his father.

"Leave him alone. He's a bad son-in-law who doesn't even know what happened to his husband. Who cares if he's shocked?" Kang Joon's mother said annoyed.

Chae Yoon opened the door to her room, her eyes wide in shock because Sa Ra was taking care of Kang Joon who was lying in the room. Sa Ra knew Chae Yoon had entered the room, Chae Yoon immediately cursed Sa Ra that she was crazy for daring to enter her room.

" room." Chae Yoon firmly

"This isn't always your room....This is Sa Geum Ran's, it might soon be mine." said Sa Ra with his cynical eyes.

Chae Yoon curses Sa Ra as a devil bitch. Sa Ra confirmed that because he came from hell, he came out carrying a basin of water.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 2

 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 2

"Why are you looking for him here? You guys always bother us" replied Kang Joon's mother sarcastically

Kang Joon's father shuts him up and asks when Geum Ran's mother can't be reached. Kyung Joo tells since yesterday and she is sure something happened to Geum Ran's mother.

Kang Joon's mother was shocked to see Chae Yoon descending the stairs soaking wet.

"Why did you let that woman in? I'm only gone for a few days," said Chae Yoon annoyed.

Her mother-in-law suspects that Chae Yoon just had an argument with Sa Ra. Kang Joo's father curses that his house is getting messy.

“He already has another woman? I don't know who, but good for you! You kicked out Geum Ran too!” Kyung Joo cursed.

Then he accuses Chae Yoon of also doing something to Geum Ran's mother. All the family members immediately looked at Chae Yoon with accusing eyes. An annoyed Chae Yoon chooses to leave.

"Hey! Where are you going? Give back Geum Ran's mother!" shouted Kyung Joo.

"Don't scream! Let's find him together. We're not people who like to hurt someone!" Kang Joon's father firmly

From the stairs, Sa Ra hears the Lee family talking about her mother and she also sees Kyung Joo coming to the Lee family's house.

Sa Ra chases after Kyung Joo, she wants to know since when Geum Ran's mother can't be contacted, she asks Kyung Joo to tell in detail. Kyung Joo is confused because Sa Ra came from inside the Lee family's house. He concludes that Sa Ra is Kang Joon's mistress.

"Why are you worried about Geum Ran's mother?" asked Kyung Joo sarcastically

"I'm on Geum Ran's side. What did I do...for her." Sa Ra spoke while holding Kyung Joo's hand for reassurance.

He promised to explain later what was wrong with him. From a distance, Chae Yoon saw Sa Ra who overheard their conversation. He couldn't believe that Sa Ra did all that for Geum Ran.

"This is suspicious. Sara...there's something about you." Chae Yoon muttered looking cynically looking at Sa Ra.

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