Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 1

  Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 1 English Subtitles

Tae Hee waits at the restaurant with the cake and ring she prepared, then calls Sa Ra because she is already waiting and asks her to come quickly.

Sa Ra who walks in the parking lot tells them she will be there, then after hanging up the phone she coughs. In his mind, his peanut allergy started to come.

Kang Joon saw Sa Ra walking towards the car and immediately patted her on the shoulder, with cold-blooded killer eyes. Sa Ra is scared to see Kang Joon in front of her.

"Sa Geum Ran is still alive? Tell me" Kang Joon shouted

Sa Ra was silent, her breath was tight. Kang Joon shouts for him to answer. Sa Ra asks why Kang Joon asked her because she doesn't know. Kang Joon holds his shoulder and says that Chae Yoon asked him about peanut allergy.

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"Did something happen during shooting?" asked Kang Joon with cynical eyes

"ask Gyo Chae Yoon yourself" replied Sa Ra

Kang Joon shakes Sa Ra's body asking if Geum Ran is still alive and yells for Sa Ra to answer and tell her.

Sa Ra looks weak after hearing Kang Joon's scream. And he fainted, Kang Joon panicked looking around afraid that someone would see him. He holds Sa Ra and looks confused.

Tae Hee is still waiting for Sa Ra at the restaurant, then tries to call Sa Ra but her cell phone is off. He gets even more confused because Sa Ra's cell phone is dead even though Sa Ra said she was heading to a restaurant. Tae Hee looks at her iPad, there is a red sign that doesn't go to the restaurant, she thinks Sa Ra is lost.

Finally Tae Hee calls Chairman Choi to come with him now.

At a hotel, Kang Joon put Sa Ra on a bench.

Without his sympathy, Kang Joon shakes Sa Ra's body telling him to get up and talk to her. Sa Ra remains silent and unconscious.

Kang Joon is annoyed that Sa Ra hasn't realized yet, then he remembers Chae Yoon scolding him about Geum Ran being allergic to peanuts...

"Sara... who are you really?" Kang Joon asked in his heart

Then looking for the wallet in Sa Ra's bag, she sees her ID card named Kim Duk Soon

Ji Hoon sees Chae Yoon coming home earlier than usual, Chae Yoon tells that because his work is finished quickly and he stopped by for coffee.

"If your work is done quickly, you should visit your in-laws" Ji Hoon scolds

"I have no interest there" said Chae Yoon sarcastically

Ji Hoon thinks his sister is not trying to be nice to her in-laws, Chae Yoon says in this case it's not her problem but Kang Joon. Then complains to Ji Hoon that Kang Joon is in love with Sa Ra and is now busy taking care of her.

Kang Joon tells that Sa Ra fainted, then he asks Chae Yoon if it's because of her peanut allergy and related to Geum Ran. He threatens Chae Yoon to tell him before he gets angry.

Chae Yoon is shocked to find Sa Ra fainted, she remembers when Sa Ra tried to eat her own food. Ji Hoo overhears when he hears Sa Ra's name being called by Chae Yoon.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 1

With a sly smile, he pretends to be sad to tell that Kang Joon is at the hotel with Sa Ra. Ji Hoon looks angry because of that Kang Joon

having an affair.

"Oppa is also a witness to Sara and Lee Kang Joon's affair," Chae Yoon muttered to himself.

Tae Hee drives the car while Chairman Choi gives directions to turn right and they can find Sa Ra. Chairman Choi looks confused. Sa Ra is at Hotel Lyle. Tae Hee is also surprised that Sa Ra is at the hotel. The car continues to drive to where Sa Ra is.


Hotel Lyle.

Tae Hee walks over to the receptionist's desk showing Sa Ra's photo asking if it's the woman who came to the hotel. The receptionist asked to give his name. Ji Hoon comes, asking to be connected to Kang Joon in room 1801.

Both were immediately shocked because they were in the same place, Tae Hee also couldn't believe Kang Joon was also in the hotel.

Ji Hoon is also confused about why Tae Hee is in the same hotel. The receptionist gives Ji Hoon a phone

While Tae Hee remembers room number 1801, she runs from the receptionist's desk. Ji Hoon calls his adoptive brother with a confused face.

Kang Joon opened the door and Tae Hee went straight into the room, Kang Joon with a sly face said that he never contacted him. Seeing Sa Ra who was unconscious, Tae Hee immediately grabbed Kang Joon's clothes.

"What did you do to Sara?" Tae Hee said angrily.

"What are you imagining? Sara and I are dating" Kang Joon teased with a sly smile

Tae Hee screams for Kang Joon to cover his mouth, Sa Ra suddenly coughs, Tae Hee with a panicked face tries to wake Sa Ra but still doesn't wake up. Kang Joon grabbed Tae Hee's shoulder to leave because he still had something to talk about.

Tae Hee stood up and gave Kang Joon a punch in the face, admitting that he had tried his best. Kang Joon smiled seeing the blood dripping from his lips, then laughed because Tae Hee looked jealous.

"You must feel jealous, Sara loves me, you're the second one," said Kang Joon in a mocking tone.

Tee Hee couldn't hold back her anger anymore and gave her another punch and cursed Kang Joon to die. Ji Hoon just entered the room. He tries to restrain Tae Hee from hitting Kang Joon.

Kang Joon smiled slyly, Tae Hee let go of his hand and carried Sa Ra out of the room. Ji Hoon followed Tae Hee.

Tae Hee puts Sa Ra into the car, Ji Hoon invites his brother to talk.

"I heard that woman... messed up Chae Yoon's marriage. There wasn't enough evidence to accuse her of adultery but... why are you siding with her?" Ji Hoon said annoyed

"I love him and I'll pretend I didn't hear what you said so from now on watch what you say" Tae Hee insisted Then got in the car and left.

Hae Yoon is surprised that Tae Hee also came to the hotel. Ji Hoon already knows the woman Tae Hee loves is Sa Ra.

His body looks weak and falls on the sofa, he doesn't wonder why Tae Hee can like that woman. Chae Yoon sat down with his sly face

"How do you know that Tae Hee loves him and from whom did you hear it?" ask Chae Yoon

"I know from Tae Hee himself" replied Ji Hoon

Chae Yoon asks Ji Hoon to stop it, especially for now. Ji Hoon looks confused about what his sister said, Chae Yoon tells Tae Hee

is the successor of the winning group. Ji Hoon is no less surprised Tae Hee is the heir to the Winner group.

"How is it possible Tae Hee Oppa, with a woman like Sara?" said Chae Yoon annoyed.

With a pale face, Sa Ra sat in her room. Tae Hee scolds Sa Ra for going to the hotel and coming with the bastard Kang Joon. Plus the phone is dead too.

"You turned it off on purpose so I couldn't contact you. Did you meet Lee Kang Joon alone because you wanted to solve this problem?" Tae Hee said accusingly

Sa Ra still looks weak, Tae Hee reminds Sa Ra that she will get tired of dealing with Kang Joon. Sa Ra tells that she didn't follow and deal with Kang Joon. Sa Ra tells about Kang Joon who suddenly appears in the park.

"Because of Lee Kang Joon, you're having a complicated time and I'm late, this isn't the first time and he's always like this" Tae Hee shouted annoyed

"Let's talk later," said Sa Ra, who still looked weak.

Tae Hee doesn't like Sa Ra's words, he feels that Sa Ra should not interfere with Kang Joon, according to him there is a high wall for a husband and wife who are legally married.

"How can you compare it?" Sa Ra said weakly

"I can't not compare him because you chose Lee Kang Joon as your husband the reason why you hate him is because you really love him."

"Your feelings for me aren't that great and I'm always second, no matter how much I worry about you at home." a always comes first, either out of love or hate.

"I know this is unreasonable and very shocking feelings of jealousy and I also know there will be no resolution but I am angry with myself for not being worth it"

"Now...I hate you more than Lee Kang Joon." Tae Hee takes all her worries out to Sa Ra.

Sa Ra tells Tae Hee to leave, Tae Hee will leave with an annoyed face he admits that he regrets all the plans he made today

When he got home, Kang Joon's mother felt sorry for her son's injured face. Jin Young suspects that Kang Joon fights and gets beaten up. Min Young saw the wound on his brother's face must be very painful. Kang Joon chose to just go to his room above.

"Our family is in misfortune after the wrong son-in-law enters our family. But....why didn't Chae Yoon go home?" complained Kang Joon's mother

Chae Yoon went into the house and just walked away, Kang Joon's mother immediately shouted because Chae Yoon felt the house he went to was like a hostel.

"This is your mother-in-law's house," said Kang Joon's mother

"We'll talk later. I have to talk to Kang Joon," explained Chae Yoon then ran to his room

Kang Joon's mother couldn't believe Chae Yoon's disrespectful attitude towards her mother-in-law, she couldn't believe Chae Yoon's attitude and felt that she was being punished for kicking Geum Ran.

Jin Young saw the two who entered the room feeling that there was something suspicious with the two, then invited his sister to eavesdrop on the conversation. Min Young agrees to eavesdrop.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 1

"Sa Geum Ran...I'll find out if you're still alive and I'll make sure" Kang Joon muttered.

Chae Yoon enters when Kang Joon's men leave, then asks what Kang Joon would do if Geum Ran really wrote it.

"What would you do if he was still alive?" ask Chae Yoon

"That woman... has to die again" replied Kang Joon with vengeful eyes

Chae Yoon smiled sarcastically, saying in his heart that he didn't need to stop Kang Joon's intentions because he had been waiting for a long time and he was very lucky.

Tae Hee enters the building asking Chairman Choi to bring the board data from Winner Food and scale, annual financial reports, interior agency situation, as well as financial prospects for next year.

"One more thing, the file on Han Min Hyuk's bankruptcy, how far has it gone?" ask Tae Hee

“He is waiting for bankruptcy adjudication then the union is on strike and there is no CEO and the workers are looking for other jobs in other words, there is chaos” explained Chairman Choi.

Then Tae Hee asks his office, Chairman Choi tells him that it's on the 9th floor but a little bit…. Before he could continue, Kang Joon and Min Hyuk stood not far from Tae Hee. Tae Hee's two enemies look cynical at the new CEO at Winner Group.

"Wow, you're the first people I met on my first day at work..." Tae Hee said mockingly.

Ta Hee feels that their relationship is indeed unusual, Min Hyuk tells the company that it will end when the bankruptcy letter is issued by the court. So there's nothing Tae Hee can possibly do in a month. Tae Hee feels that the answer is if she wants to think.

"Is grandma okay? tell her I will visit her soon." Tae Hee said looking relaxed

Then he informed that his office was on the 9th floor and greeted Director Han's call.

"I'm still the CEO of this small company you're a Director, I'm in a higher position so talk casually" Tae Hee explained and left


Min Hyuk asked the union to Winner Food, Kang Joon said that the environment at Winner Food is very strong. Min Hyuk ordered that she was able to meet with the union president because he wanted those people by his side.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 1   Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 1   Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 1   Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 1   Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 1   Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 1   Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 1

Tae Hee entered his study to see a pile of cardboard in his room, he was surprised by the pile of cardboard in the room.

"This is leftover from Winner Food's ready-to-eat food. Because no one bought it and there was no place to throw it away, they kept it here. This is indeed the CEO's office but now it's become a warehouse," explained Chairman Choi.

"Do they want me to work here?" Tae Hee said in disbelief

Chairman Choi invites Tae Hee to sit down by cleaning the cardboard that has accumulated dust. Tae Hee coughs and tells Chairman Choi to get some water.

Chae Yoon goes inside and doesn't expect Tae Hee's workspace to be like a warehouse and dusty. Tae Hee jokingly told Chae Yoon to come into his room. Chae Yoon laughed seeing Tae Hee joking with him.


A few minutes later, Tae Hee gives the phone to Chae Yoon so she can give it to Grandma.

"tell grandma to call me with this phone," Tae Hee asked

"Because of his health record, he has to reduce his activities from the start, I make sure you meet him briefly," said Chae Yoon

Tae Hee also asks Chae Yoon to tell him that she is working very hard and will see her soon. Chae Yoon tells that Madam Park really likes her as her younger sister, and also that her grandmother treats her like family.

Madam Park's House

Ji Sook sees Chae Yoon coming again, from her face she doesn't look happy. Chae Yoon spreads a fake smile telling Grandma that she only wants to eat with him.

Then he presents Ji Sook with earrings, with a slight lick to tell that the earrings he bought match her. With a smile, he told Chae Yoon to come in.


Madam Park holds Chae Yoon's hand and congratulates her on getting more beautiful.

Chae Yoon shared that today is Tae Hee's first day working at Winner Food, even though her office is full of dust, Tae Hee is still excited.

"It's not easy working at Winner Food, because it hasn't been active for a few years," said Grandma

"He did choose a difficult place to go to but that's Tae Hee." Chae Yoon said

He takes out porridge for his grandmother and tells her that he made it, Madam Park smiles because now someone is watching her.

With a sad face, Chae Yoon wants to tell something related to Tae Hee. Grandma looks curious about what Chae Yoon wants to tell.

"Tae Hee is dating a woman but that woman... has a problem," said Chae Yoon instigating.

"What is it Sarah?" grandma said

Chae Yoon was a little surprised that Grandma knew her, she was sure that Grandma had already guessed it. By pretending to be sad He wanted to talk about Sa Ra because he felt like he was gossiping. Grandma asks Chae Yoon to tell her.

"Tae Hee loves Sa Ra but actually... Sara... is dating another man behind Tae Hee Oppa" said Chae Yoon who tried to incite grandmother to hate Sa Ra. Madam Park looks shocked.

With a coat hanger, Chairman Choi shows a graph of the income of the first branch Food winner 500 thousand dollars and the second branch 300 thousand dollars and the fourth branch 800 thousand dollars.

"They've all lost income for the past 3 years in a row due to the negative impact that's spread, and they're declaring bankruptcy," Chairman Choi explains and leaves.

While Tae Hee stares at her phone, with a restless face.

"Ahjumma he didn't make me breakfast and he didn't call me either?... Okay... forget breakfast he should be at the TV station but he didn't call either. Am I crazy?" Tae Hee mumbled dreamily.

Chairman Choi came with a new product from Winner food last year, namely Instant Chicken Soup. Tae Hee daydreams and mumbles back, He really hates Sa Ra but also misses and ignores him and curses himself to be crazy.

"Peanut paste base." Tae Hee cursed that came out of his mouth

"That's not bean paste, that's Chicken Soup, CEO," said Chairman Choi

Tae Hee suddenly suggests them to go to the dressing room and see the celebrities. Chairman Choi is confused because Tae Hee previously didn't care about celebrities, then he understands that it's time for him to come to the TV station.

"Who are you talking about? It's not like that!!!" Tae Hee said in denial and then tried to eat Winner Food's chicken soup product.

Tae Hee immediately slapped her food because it didn't taste good and spoiled her appetite so it wasn't good. Then he will go out looking for the wind. Chairman Choi understands with a teasing tone suggesting Tae Hee to go get some wind in the dressing room. Tae Hee laughs and compliments Chairman Choi's quick thinking.

Tae Hee peeks from the front door of the changing room while waiting, Chairman Choi who is embarrassed tries to open his coat to cover Tae Hee's buttocks. But after being closed Tae Hee chose to enter,

changing room kempty. The PD greets Tae Hee who enters the dressing room, Tae Hee asks Sa Ra because she should practice today.

"I already called him and wanted to say that "winning show" was going to air but the phone was off. Did something happen?" ask PD

Both tried to laugh, then the PD saw the TV showing Birth of chef. According to him, Sa Ra is really needed for TV programs.

Because his appearance is very beautiful in the eyes. Then he realized there was no one in the dressing room and left.

Tae Hee watches the birth of chef show which highlights Sa Ra while participating in the competition.

He thinks Sa Ra is upset but he doesn't think Sa Ra is someone who likes to play truant when she has work. Eyes glance at the TV when Chae Yoon asks if Sa Ra likes peanuts, then Sa Ra says yes and eats meat with peanut sauce.

Tae Hee's face immediately panicked because Sa Ra chewed slowly the food that had been made. He immediately ran out, Chairman Choi, who was busy taking selfies, was confused when he saw Tae Hee who ran out of the dressing room confused.

"That stupid ahjumma he should know, if he has a peanut allergy but he still eats it and the effect he can die" Tae Hee muttered as she ran.


Arriving at the house, Tae Hee shouted for Sa Ra. While Sa Ra was already leaning under the stairs with a very pale face. Tae Hee comes and immediately hugs Sa Ra and looks very sorry because she was angry with Sa Ra even though she was sick at the time.

Ji Hoon helps Sa Ra and is given an IV, Tae Hee holds Sa Ra's hand with a worried face asking her boyfriend's condition.

"I have injected it to stabilize the allergy, it shouldn't get worse" explained Ji Hoon

He felt that Sa Ra had a seizure and fainted, he should have received treatment as soon as possible not too late like now and because of the allergy Sa Ra will have difficulty moving and walking so he needs to rest. Tae Hee looked at Sa Ra who was sleeping on the sofa.

Ji Hoon is about to go to advise Tae Hee that things won't be easy and he says everything because they are family.

"Sara is not the right person, you have felt lonely and had a hard time. Your life is very hard, choose a woman who can make me happy, not someone who makes your life difficult and more complicated" suggests Ji Hoon

Tae Hee didn't say much, choosing to look at Sa Ra's pale face and stroking her hair.

Ji Hoon just returned to his practice room, Chae Yoon who was waiting asked Tae Hee and Sa Ra's condition.

He asks if they're okay after finding out that Sa Ra left with Kang Joon. Ji Hoon tells Tae Hee that he looks very sorry because he doesn't know that Sa Ra fainted because of a peanut allergy.

"He feels sad because of the misunderstanding, so it's no wonder... that he will propose to her because he loves her" explained Ji Hoo

"Are you proposing??? Tae Hee Oppa?" said Chae Yoon gawking in surprise.

Sa Ra opens her eyes, Tae Hee asks Sa Ra who is awake then asks if she knows who she is. Sa Ra nodded, her eyes saw the medicine on the table, she asked if there was a doctor who came. Tae Hee confirmed.

"You have been injected with anti-allergy, how are you?" ask Tae Hee

"I feel good, so I have to get up because I have a lot to do," said Sa Ra who was trying to get up

Tae Hee puts Sa Ra to sleep and tells her to rest because her body needs time to relax her muscles. Sa Ra says he is fine, tomorrow is the second round of the competition so he has to clean up the messy house after that to go to the restaurant.

Sa Ra tries to sit on the sofa, Tae Hee lets her go. But when Sa Ra was about to step her body fell because her legs were very weak.


Tae Hee kneels and raises her hand, apologizing for having to take Sa Ra to the hospital after the hotel but out of jealousy, she started a fight with Kang Joon and his leg didn't weaken because of the late treatment.

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