Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 7 Part 2 English Subtitles

 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 7 Part 2

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 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 7 Part 2

Then there is a student who is watching Sara eating on youtube.. how come? There was a him...

"Look at this. Already more than 200,000 views in a day. Amazing.

Then there is Han Min who is talking to his employees..

"There are no female security officers?" Han asked his subordinates

“A total of 50 people behind the counter. No one in uniform. But… something is suspicious.” Words of His Subordinates

"What?" answer Han Min

“Employees at the publication... not our employees. The woman you speak of… one of them.” he said

"Who is he?" he mumbled to himself.

Then Lee Kang Joon Came

"Kang Joon. It's time to send grandma to a quiet place.” Han Min said

“What is the plan…advance?” Ask Lee

“Explain the corruption... Winner Group. Sudden attacks through news and educational programs on the same day." Han.Min Kata said

"Yes, Director." Reply Lee

“Blame grandma for Winner Group's corruption. Put him in jail. When he goes to prison,... he won't live as long as he wants." Han Min said to Lee.

They are evil huh.. :v

Then at home there is the grandmother who is looking for Assistant Son.. Han Min's mother..

"Assistant Son!"

"You called me, Mother?" he said

"Hey. Who are these people?” Ask grandma

“Starting today,… I replace all employees… with my people.” Son said

"With whose permission?" ask grandma

"I." The son while leaving his grandmother..

And Chae's office came to meet Lee who was in his room..

"Kang Joon. Where did you sleep last night?” Chae asked

"Don't make a fuss with me. I'm not feeling well." Reply Lee

"After we got married,... you spent more nights out than at home." Chae said

"Is it my fault?" Ask Le

"What did I do wrong? Was it me who had an affair and slept outside?” Answer Chae

"I'll go home. See you later." Lee left Chae..

But before leaving Chae said..

“In that case,… I have my own ways too.”

"What do you mean?" Leeanswer

“You avoided me for no reason. Am I a joke? Then, I want too

show you something." Said Chae then left Lee

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 7 Part 2

 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 7 Part 2

Then at night. Lee's father came home and looked for his family.. but no one was at home and then called his wife.. his wife was in the hospital because she kept going back and forth to the toilet because of Sara's food..

Sara and Han who arrived home got a memo that the Lee family was in the hospital..

"Our plan worked, Doctor. Then, I... will tell Gyo Chae Yun

if his family sleeps here. I took a picture last night.” WORD SARA

"Now? Not yet time. “I know you killed Sa Geum Ran.” It would immediately blow up Lee Kang Joon. That's for diversion. Wait." Han said

"Right. Then I'll be lurking upstairs, Doctor." Reply Sara

“Do good. That way, I can leave you. And feel at ease.” said Han Tae

"Okay. You... are really going... in these few days? Sara asked

"Right. Why?" answer

"Because we're always together,... unknowingly,... I never thought that

we will someday be apart. If we separate,… I feel weird.” Katasara

"It's even weird if we are together. We don't fit in at all. Go watch them." Doctor said

Then Sara left Han Tae

Then Lee, who just got home and entered his room, was surprised to see the writing on the glass. Then Lee called Chae immediately went home.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 7 Part 2

 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 7 Part 2

Sara, who overheard them fighting through a vacuum cleaner.. just take it easy.. it's cool...

"Let me go. Are you crazy?” Chae said

"You're the crazy one. See." Lee said while pointing at the mirror.

Then Chae read the article..

“Just had a few fights,… you dare threaten me?” said Lee

“Does this make sense? How could I write this? I was also involved in his death.” Chae said..

Sara is shocked to hear Chae's words..

" my death?"..

Then Chae continued his words..

“When the car went into the sea, . . . I was there too. I saw him die. If I call the paramedics,... Sa Geum Ran might still be alive. If you commit murder, I'm involved too. You think I wrote it?” Chae said at length..

"Not another day. Not a day more… I want to be with you.” Chae said again..

Then there was Han who was looking for Sara .. then suddenly sara broke the tool to hear the tapper ..

"What are you doing? Why did you destroy it?” Ask HAN

“That's my gift… to you. My first… and last prize.” Sara said as she left Han with teary eyes..

Chae who returned to his house.. because of the fight with Lee was asked by Gyo Ji..

“Chae Yun. What is it?"

But Chae just cried and didn't answer.. then GyoJi called Han Tae to come,..

Then Sara came to see Han..

"Doctor. I brought the pen you asked for." Sara said

"Ahjumma. Write a letter to your husband. Write him this letter and tell him you're still alive. This. Jump to Lee Kang Joon's mental breakdown. Come on, get a confession from his mental breakdown. "Han said..

Han went upstairs to fix the bug and retrieve the memory from it..

"What are you hiding, ahjumma?" he said..

Then Han turned on his computer and wanted to know what Sara was hiding.. then Han listened to the recording.. And he knew that Chae was involved.. Han couldn't believe it and was lost in thought.

It's a shame it's been a long time watching this drama... :v

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Lee who was silent while looking in the mirror said..

"Who's he? Who did it?

Then in another place there is Lee's father who is holding a charity event..Then he calls Geum Ran's mother and wants to invite her to meet..

Ciee ciee.. :v

And they met at a restaurant.

“Geum Ran’s death was weird?” Lee's father said

"Yes. On the morning of her death,... she went to the clinic because she wanted to get pregnant. How could he kill himself? At that time, Kang Joon was with another woman. That's weird. I know you are mine. But you are also oppa from my hometown. Do me a favor. I beg of you, oppa.” Geuum's mother said pleading..

LEE's father just sighed..

Then at Lee's office he got a letter..

"Letter? Of whom?" Lee asked his subordinates

“Sa Geum Ran sent it…” His Underlings said

“Sa Geum Ran?” Said Lee Weird

Then ordered out his assistant .. Then he wrote the letter ..

"Dear. It's been quite a while. Congratulation for your wedding. I went to your wedding and

see you with your bride. You... and Gyo Chae Yun... look so happy. I'll see you soon, honey." The contents of the letter are stupid sis.. bro :V

Then Lee met Geum Ran's mother who was walking home and pushed her against the wall..

"Is that you?" asked Lee.

"Geez. What's wrong with you? Let me go!” Geum's mother said

"You're threatening me, aren't you? How dare you threaten me?” Lee said

“Threatening? Aren't you afraid of God? The dead Geum Ran saw!” her mother said..

“Geum Ran saw?” Lee smiled and took his hand away from Geum's mother.. Then Kyung Joo left the trash and saw the two of them.. And Le ran away..

Then LEE meets someone and wants to send Geum to a mental hospital.

Sara who listens to the recording of Chae being involved in the murder.. then sends a photo of the time when Lee's family is staying at her house to Chae..

Chae shouted and Gyo Ji came out asking..

"Chae Yun?"

Chae Yun also called manager Jung .. to ask for his help. He says someone needs to be punished..

Geum Ranyang's mother just came out of the house and was dragged by her messenger Lee into the car..

And elsewhere... High school students who upload videos of Sara who are eating at Yusuf's .. have reached millions. Dank \ comments up to a million,.

And the television was broadcasting about the Winner Group corruption case.. a lot of conversations took place between the son and the evil mother.. they looked satisfied with what had happened.. and the mother left Min HAN.. but before Min Han turned off the TV,.. A video of Sara eating appears on television... and Han tells his subordinates that this is the person he's looking for...

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And in another place Chae comes to Sara's restaurant with her people..

"This is the woman's restaurant?" asked one of Chae's people..

“I know because my brother-in-law works here. The opening is tomorrow. He must be here” said Chae

Chae and his friends entered the restaurant..

"What's this?" ask Sara

“You did such a childish thing. So, I came to remind you childishly. A warning not to mess with me.” Chae said

"Coward. You're afraid to come alone. You can only do this with the manager.” Sara said..

"How dare you? You were the one who tortured Gyo Chae Yun?” One of Chae's subordinates said..

Oh yes Chae came with 4 boys..

"Yes. Right. Why?" replied Sara while challenging..

"What's with this woman?" answer the man

“You saw correctly. My nickname in high school was King Kong. I'm not a woman. I'm King Kong." Sara said.

"Come on! Just try it!" continued sara..

“I just wanted to talk but you keep fishing. Apologize before anything bad happens.” Said the man while holding out his hand.. but Sara beat him..

"Come on! Come on!" said sara challenged them..

"What's with him? We won't be generous just because you're beautiful." Then they held both of Sara's hands..

But the Han Tae came to the rescue!!!... jengjengjengjneg....

"Let him go!" Han said while flying kicking one of their sisters..

"Tae Hee oppa." Chae said..

"Are you okay?" Han asked.

"Doctor..." said Sara.

"Doctor.?" Chae confused..

The doctor told sara to run away but didn't want to and sara helped the doctor..

Chae only saw his men being beaten..

"Tae Hee oppa.." said Chae feeling strange..

After the final match.. Chae invites Han Tae out and chat..

"What happened? You know him?” Chae asked..

"I already told you. This is my restaurant. That woman is the chef.” Han Tae replied.

"When and how did you two meet?" Chae said

“At a family gathering. You invited us." Han Tae answered

“Because of that,… you guys are working together?” ask Chae

"It just happened.. Next time we talk." Han Tae said as he left..

And finally Chae meets Ji Hoon..

"Tae Hee oppa. Have a woman? When? Lately?" Ask Chae..

"Well, I guess so. Some time ago he did an analysis of his emotions. I also heard him talking on the phone." Ji Hoon replied

"What's his name? Sarah?" Chae said

"Sarah? No. Not a name like that. He uses the initials A, J and M." Reply JiHoon

"A, J, M?" Chae Penasaram

“In the meantime,… I was thinking "ahjumma." But that's impossible. Tae Hee hyung can't possibly meet ahjumma." Like Ji Hoon

"Ahjumma?" Chae freak

“In any case, you should return to your in-laws' house. It's not good... prolonging the separation." Ji Hoon said..

We're back at Sara and Han Tae's house..

Han Tae was about to attack Lee Kang Joon via email.. but the doctor's arm was injured. And sara bandages the wound.. and they pay attention to each other.. after a few conversations have passed.. sara asks.. why is the doctor nice to me.. do you like me? He said so while teasing..

"I? Like you? Are you imagining? Ah... It's an obsession. Television is the problem. Many bachelor events like ahjumma. So, ahjumma forgot the reality. Assume they like it. Ahjumma, you don't watch TV. Don't watch and be a woman with a sexy brain." Han Tae replied.

Then SARA read the writing on the doctor's computer screen..

"Psychological assessment results?" he said.

And underneath it was written..

"HAN TAE HEE FALLS IN LOVE WITH SARA.." and the writing was read by sara..

Hahaha they were both surprised.. sara was surprised because of the writing. And the doctor was surprised because it was read by sara..

Hahaha and done

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