Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 English Subtitles

Tae Hee cooks and holds a plate to hold all the ribs that Sa Ra eats. He asked about the taste of the food, Sara commented that the food tasted good but she didn't like the service. Tae Hee looks annoyed.

Sa Ra lifted her face, then reminded her about the contract letter that was beside her. Tae Hee finally can only laugh and say that Sa Ra is the top priority.

"If I go back 3 times, there's nothing I can't do" Tae Hee muttered under her breath.

Sa Ra's cell phone rings, the PD calls telling them they're practicing for tomorrow's shoot and he tells her for tomorrow's competition.

"The ingredient is beef, the mission is to make dishes made from beef that are the most delicious in the world, which means that appearance is very valuable," said PD.

Sa Ra looks confused because tomorrow she has to make the raw material from beef and it is the best in the world. Tae Hee asks Sa Ra's opponent tomorrow. With a sad face, Sa Ra tells her opponent that she's been training without him now.

"It's okay.... we can do it," Tae Hee said soothingly

"But I haven't prepared anything and when can I prepare it?" clearly Sa Ra is lethargic

Tae Hee insists that she will do it and Sa Ra can use her as a servant. Sa Ra glared with her mouth agape.

Tae Hee is already at the supermarket with Chairman Choi, they use Video calls to shop. Sa Ra waits for a bag of onions, Tae Hee takes it, Sa Ra tells that it's not four but eight.

After that Tae Hee showed the scallions, Sa Ra returned to complain from the house because she wanted scallions that still had roots. Tae Hee points back, but he's still wrong so he complains because it's so tiring.

"He really enjoys being the "MAIN" by giving orders like that" Tae Hee complained

"Are you mad at me?" ask Sa Ra

Tae Hee smiles at the camera that she is very happy. Sa Ra from the house saw the pumpkin that was the only one there. He told Tae Hee to take it, Tae Hee ran to get it and at that moment there was Ahjumma who tried to take it.

"Don't let go... hold on tight" Sa Ra ordered from home.

Arjuna gave an angry face and didn't want to let go, with his strength, he pulled the gourd. Tae Hee persists and says that the pumpkin is hers. Ahjumaa doesn't want to lose if the pumpkin is hers.

Sa Ra also commented that Tae Hee took the first, not the ahjumma. He directed Tae Hee to pull the pumpkin to the left. Tae Hee uses a trick by pointing out there is a one free one discount, her eyes widen. Tae Hee managed to take the pumpkin. Sa Ra who was at home was also happy as she raised her hand. He gives a thumbs up praising Tae Hee for being great. Tae Hee carries the pumpkin like a footballer who just scored a goal. Her face was moved with happiness while carrying a pumpkin, Sa Ra raised her hand also looking very happy. Tae Hee is seen running down the hall and holding the pumpkin like she's received an award.

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At home

Kang Joon went into the room and then. Mom and Jin Young followed him into the room. He asked his son to tell him what happened to Geum Ran and Jin Young asked if he was still alive.

"Nuna, why are you eavesdropping on our conversation?" said Kang Joon who looked annoyed. Jin Young covered his mouth because he slipped and got caught that he was eavesdropping

"Just say no and don't be too sensitive," said his mother

Kang Joon sighed then heard his cellphone ringing, Jin Young glanced at it and Kang Joon told the two to leave because he was going to pick up the phone. But both of them still didn't want to move. Finally, Kang Joon raised his phone in front of the two.

"CEO, the results of the analysis of Sa Geum Ran's writing and fingerprints have come out," said his subordinates

Kang Joon immediately went out of his room and said goodbye. His mother shouted where Kang Joon was going.

Kang Joo sees the handwriting analysis results that the letter is the same as Geum Ran's handwriting and the fingerprint is also the same as Geum Ran's.

“Sa Geum Ran……still alive?” Kang Joon said

Accidentally Kang Joon's father who was passing by heard Geum Ran's name and saw from a distance Kang Joon who was sitting with a man. He immediately called Kang Joon, quickly Kang Joon's face panicked at his father's voice.

He handed the paper in his hand to his men and his men left. Kang Joon's father sees the man talking to his son leave with a sheet of paper. Then he entered the cafe where Kang Joo was sitting.

“Geum Ran is still alive?” asked his father

"No, this can't be. You must have heard it wrongly if Sa Geum Ran .... is still alive," answered Kang Joon who looked panicked and looked down slightly.

Kang Joon entered the room with an angry face, he walked to the mirror looking at his face. He can't believe that Geum Ran is really mas 

Tae Hee smiles and everything he does is because he obeys everything that is said. Then he put eggs in flour to start making the most delicious beef in the world. Sa Ra asks if Tae Hee doesn't mind holding her.

"Are you joking? My back hurts and I became a very nimble housewife because of you" Tae Hee said

He also knew that he also had flour on his face which made his appearance messy. Sa Ra noticed that there was flour on her cheeks. Tae Hee asks Sa Ra to show it because her hand is weak Sa Ra points with her aunt.

Tae Hee deliberately brought his cheek to Sa Ra's lips to kiss her. Sa Ra blushed because Tae Hee was looking for opportunities in adversity. Tae Hee also laughs because she gets paid for her work today too.

"It's not bad if you're the boss, saying that my back hurts... that's a lie... you're so light I got rid of all your fat," Tae Hee said.

Sa Ra is still blushing, then Tae Hee asks what Sa Ra wants when her legs are twenty. Sa Ra thought for a moment with her answer.

"I want to dance because I feel stuffy sitting all the time," says Sa Ra

"You know how to dance?" asked Tae Hee

Sa Ra admits that she is a human and can't possibly dance. She thinks she's just imagining that she can dance. Tae Hee promises that when her leg recovers, she will invite Sa Ra to dance together. Sa Ra can't believe it, Tae Hee assures her that she will definitely do it.

He returned to feeding Sa Ra his homemade fried pumpkin, then complimented on why the food was so delicious and still carried Sa Ra on his back.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2

 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2

At Geum Ran's mother's house

Geum Ran's mother couldn't believe what Kang Joon's father said that Geum Ran was still alive. Kang Joon's father hears that Geum Ran's words are still alive, it seems real. Kyung Joo and Geum Ran's mother looked at each other in disbelief.

"Kang Joon said he had received a text from him, during a previous criminal investigation. Do you know anything else?" asked Kang Joon's father

Kyung Joo and Geum Ran's mother looked at each other again, not believing Kang Joon's father's confession.

Tae Hee carried Sa Ra down the stairs and kept her in her arms.

"I will go with you to the TV station and I will make sure that you sit down during the show," said Tae Hee

Sa Ra asked to wait a moment, she immediately got off Tae Hee's back and stood up straight. Tae Hee is confused, Sa Ra runs to the kitchen to get her groceries. Tae Hee doesn't think that Sa Ra has recovered and can walk.

"You said it's not bad to have a boss like me and I have recovered since yesterday afternoon," Sa Ra said while putting all the ingredients into her bag.

Tae Hee is annoyed that she was tricked by Sa Ra from yesterday. Sa Ra admits that she is very happy that her leg is now recovered and she is about to go to a cooking competition and then run out of the house. Tae Hee was annoyed because Sa Ra had worked on him yesterday.

Tae Hee's cell phone rings, she gets a call from her mother.

Shabu Restaurant & Salad Bar, Tae Hee meets Geum Ran's mother.

Geum Ran's mother knows Tae Hee was shocked when she talked about Geum Ran being alive but after she thought that Tae Hee had said she knew Geum Ran when she saved her. Tae Hee was surprised by raising her face. Geum Ran's mother asks why Tae Hee wants to get involved in this.

"I once ate with Sara at a restaurant, saw the way she held the cup the same as Geum Ran did. Geum Ran...holds the cup like that from her Judo lesson and when Sara hugs me, I feel familiar because of my instincts and intuition because I'm a mother" said Sa Ra

Tae Hee looked at Geum Ran's mother who was starting to tear up. Geum Ran's mother doesn't want anything and won't ask what happened before. According to him as long as his daughter is alive he can die without any regrets.

"Han Tae Hee...I thought you were on my son's side, so, I'm asking you. Geum she still alive?" asked Mrs. Geum Ran,

"Yes..." Tae Hee replied while looking at Geum Ran's mother who looked like she was holding back tears.

Geum Ran's mother cries to thank Tae Hee. Then Tae Hee praises Geum Ran for being a good boy and he asks Geum Ran's mother to come and meet her because she will take him. Her mother nodded in agreement.

Group Winner Building

"Sara excelled in the first round to beat her. The challenger has a certificate in western cooking style and is a Chef at a luxury hotel, Oh Kwang Hee, one by one, introduce your dishes," said Chae Yoon, opening the birth of a beauty event.

Sa Ra tells them she will make Chop steak while Kwang Hee will make "Beef Fajitas". Chae Yoon goes to Sa Ra's counter, commenting that Sa Ra has so much confidence after winning the first round that she didn't join the practice.

"I have one reason" replied Sa Ra with a downcast face.

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2

"What is it? I'm so nervous" said Sa Ra

"I will say something that I couldn't say when I was waiting for you 3 days ago and it will be a moment you won't forget," Tae Hee said by tidying Sara's tie.

He said goodbye to Sa Ra to meet again at home and he would go home after his work was done. Sa Ra looks at Tae Hee who walks away with a smile.

Tae Hee goes into her room to call chairman Choi, while chairman Choi is cleaning up a pile of cardboard boxes full of dust and getting rid of it.

"I found a product that will save Winner Food...Rice Balls!" Tae Hee shouted excitedly.

"What...Rice ball?" said Chairman Choi confused

Tae Hee shared that she learned that rice balls are full of love, she believes in the concept and preparing the product will work. And he will also be ready to fight for Winner Food. Sa Ra comes home calling Tae Hee but she doesn't see Tae Hee who has gone home. His cell phone rang, the PD called him with a happy face.

"Sara, there is good news...Winner Food makes Nasi Bolamu as an instant product" explained PD

"Ahhhh....really?" shouted Sa Ra who couldn't believe it and then heard everything the PD had to say.

Tae Hee comes with groceries, after hanging up the phone with a happy face Sa Ra informs that there is shocking news. Tae Hee asks what it is.

"Winner Food...want to produce my cooking to be an instant product and there is an event tomorrow. They will announce my cooking there and then I invite them. In addition, the CEO himself invited me to come. He is the most TOP person" said Sa Ra who look happy.

"Ahh... I'm the owner of the company and I'm the CEO" Tae Hee whispered with a laugh.

Sa Ra smiles spoiling at Tae Hee for confessing. Tae Hee tries to convince her but still, Sa Ra doesn't believe it.


"Since you decided to cook yourself, it seems that your cooking concept looks a little messy. Only Oh Kwang Hee consulted with the producers. I'm really looking forward to seeing you, can you get your second wind," commented Chae Yoon with a cynical face.

Then Chae Yoon started the cooking competition, the 1 hour time started. Sa Ra looks nervous but she starts picking up the meat, Tae Hee brings Geum Ran's mother to see Sa Ra. Sa Ra's eyes saw her mother's arrival calling her heart.

"Geum Ran.....he's nearby" Geum Ran's mother muttered to herself.

Sa Ra was silent and dumbfounded to see her mother came, Tae Hee smiled and took out her cellphone. Sa Ra reads a message from Tae Hee

"I told him to see you... Ahjumma... Cheer up" Tae Hee wrote in his message.

Sa Ra suddenly left her counter and came with other groceries. Chae Yoon comes to ask Sa Ra who changed the ingredients for her Chop Steak. Sa Ra insists she will make another dish and asks them to wait and see.

His eyes looked at his mother and Tae Hee who was waiting for him in front. Only 47 minutes left. In the eyes of Mom and Tae Hee seeing Geum Ran who was cooking, Geum Ran saw the two who kept looking at her.

"Mum and Doctor... watch me and I'll show you my skills" Geum Ran muttered

His noble hands cut onions, mushrooms, and carrots quickly like a chef. Then he started to stir-fry everything, Geum Ran's mother smiled seeing her son who was good at cooking. Chae Yoon announces the time is up. He walked to be with the jury to judge the challenger's cooking.

"good sauce" er...are you upset because...only I did well on my own? You have a consulting company, GOD Restaurant, if you try harder, you can develop your company and then I will give you a lot of input," explains Sa Ra, who doesn't feel good because she can be better than Tae Hee.

Tae Hee tries to understand, then hands her shopping to Sa Raise to buy a dress to wear for tomorrow's event.

"Because you created a new product, you will be in the spotlight so you have to look good," said Tae Hee. Sa Ra gawked because Tae Hee had already prepared clothes for her.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 13 Part 2

"I promise to stabilize the company," Tae Hee said on stage.

Chairman Choi points to the stage where the CEO of Winner Food is giving a speech, Sa Ra gapes at Tae Hee who is standing on the stage as CEO of Winner Food.

"I will show a new awakening and to all employees...use your power for Winner Group. I, Han Tae Hee, will give you a real dream" Tae Hee explained.

Everyone gave applause after hearing the remarks from Winner Food CEO Tae Hee. Sa Ra is still gawking from a distance, Tae Hee comes down from the stage inviting everyone to toast. And invite everyone to enjoy this party.

When he was about to drink his wine again, his eyes saw Sa Ra who looked frozen at him. Tae Hee smiled and came over to him, Chae Yoon looked cynically at Tae Hee who was walking towards Sa Ra. Tae Hee who comes closer gives Sa Ra's bag to Chairman Choi.

"Your hair looks stiff, your lips look bright like you have honey in them. You really are "Miss Korea" who are you dressing up this beautiful for?" Tae Hee said who pretended to be annoyed

He accuses Sa Ra of attracting the attention of the boy in the ballroom and scolds Sa Ra, who is prettier than usual. Sa Ra whispers what really happened, Tae Hee is noisy that they should dance on a special occasion with special words.

"So you're Winner Food...CEO?" whispered Sa Ra who still doesn't believe

"I told you yesterday," Tae Hee said proudly

Then he stretched out his hand, the spotlight on them. and invites Sa Ra to dance. Sa Ra is even more shocked because she has never danced and people will see them so she is afraid that she will embarrass her.

Tae Hee lowers her hand, she is annoyed and says that she is nearby, and follows in her footsteps. He stretched out his hand to Sa Ra again.

Sa Ra finally gave her hand with a still scared face, Tae Hee grabbed it then brought her body closer to Sa Ra and was ready to dance. Sa Ra follows Tae Hee's steps but her face still looks stiff because she's never done that before.

Min Hyuk and Kang Joon enter to see Tae Hee who is dancing with a woman, they haven't realized that it is Sa Ra. Chae Yoon stares sarcastically because Tae Hee invites Sa Ra to dance.

As they turn around, Min Hyuk and Kang Joon are surprised to see Sa Ra dancing with Tae Hee. When the two of them dance, Sa Ra's memory flashes back to her first dance practice to seduce Tae Hee.

Then Geum Ran begged Tae Hee to help her through doing plastic surgery. The two of them are in front of the barrel ready to take revenge on Kang Joon. The moment they can trick Kang Joon into a fight.

Sa Ra faints when she finds out that it was her husband who killed her on purpose and she cries because Kang Joon kicked her mother out of the house. They are also the ones who made a revenge show and embarrassed Kang Joon after the wedding.

Tae Hee smiles seeing Sa Ra who looks stiff, she remembers hugging her because she couldn't bear to tell Kang Joon from the dark that he was Geum Ran. Sa Ra is also the one who hugs him when he gets broken heart syndrome after seeing his grandmother.

After that, he ventured to hug Sa Ra and admit that he really needed her. He also invites them to watch a classical music concert and also wipes the flour on Sa Ra's face and gives a kiss on her birthday.

Tae Hee had time to let go of her hand and held it with one hand, Sa Ra was surprised then Tae Hee pulled her back and twisted her until she hugged her from behind.

"Ahjumma .... marry me" Tae Hee whispered proposing. Sa Ra is shocked to hear Sa Ra's proposal.

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