Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1 English Subtitles

Chae Yoon shrieks after falling on his bed, Kang Joon again abuses him for daring to steal his stamp. "If I take action, everything will be over. You can't take the building without my consent" Kang Joo threatened and left the room. Chae Yoon takes out his cell phone and Ji Hoon is shocked to find out that his sister-in-law was hit by her brother-in-law. Kang Joon who was sitting on the sofa in front of his room saw Chae Yoon who came out of the room and asked where he was going. "I'm going to the hospital, but to get the Canvas Building, I'll do whatever I can do," said Chae Yoon.

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Then with his cynical eyes, he offered to negotiate with Kang Joon. "If you give up the building, I'll give you some information. You like Sara but you also suspect her and it drives you crazy right?" tease Chae Yoon. He is about to unravel a mystery behind a Sa Ra but he wants Kang Joon to pay for it with the Canvas building. Kang Joon glares, he doesn't think it's worth just information and then he has to pay with the building he owns. "Canvas Building...I own it by marrying Sa Geum Ran. It's the result of my 8 years of effort, then you think I'll give it to you?" said Kang Joon sarcastically.

"Then this is a war between us," said Chae Yoon, who also glared sharply at her husband. Sa Ra and Tae Hee go together, Sa Ra's face looks confused because Tae Hee wants to be her manager this time. While concentrating on driving, Tae Hee will start investing in Sa Ra. "I will not reap the amount of what I saw, but I will receive 10 times the amount," Tae Hee explained proudly. Tae Hee takes Sa Ra shopping, winter clothes start to be tried, Tae Hee smiles praising Sa Ra's clothes are good. Then the waiter put the bag that Tae Hee had bought, Sa Ra tried several times and Tae Hee immediately bought all the clothes that Sa Ra tried.

When leaving the store, several people see Sa Ra and praise her for being beautiful, Tae Hee proudly carries a bag containing the clothes she just bought. "What am I going to do with all these clothes?" asked Sa Ra with a sullen face "tomorrow is your first appearance as a chef. you have to look perfect!!!" Tae He said. He wanted all the women to be jealous of Sa Ra's appearance and then he said there was more to be given.

Sa Ra is taken to the car showroom, with a panicked face she feels she doesn't need a car. Tae Hee reminds us again that a celebrity needs a car. Tae Hee asks which car is better than the one in front. The employee shows a blue city car, after which he asks Tae Hee to sign it. The employee is confused because Tae Hee made a picture of Smile in the signature column. "If he goes to the restroom, I will ask for a loan and I will still take it" Tae Hee whispered. The officer nodded in understanding.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1

Ra smiled, he pointed to the scallops of some mackerel and cod and asked to be cut right away. When Aunt cuts the fish into pieces, Tae Hee is shocked to see how it cuts with a knife and is tight. Sa Ra smiled and continued to hold Tae Hee's arm tightly. "Welcome... The pig's head is very good today...." shouted the aunt who showed the two of them her arrival. Tae Hee looks at the pig's head, then he seems to tease Geum Ran it's like a pig. Geum Ran laughed and was embarrassed by her pig-like body. Geum Ran hits Tae Hee affectionately because that's how her body is.

The two laughed together, then Geum Ran turned back to Sa Ra again who was satisfied laughing with Tae Hee. He couldn't help but laugh because his body was like that before. Tae Hee teases Sa Ra to buy it, Sa Ra smiles because Tae Hee always teases her. "Hey.. we haven't seen each other for a long time..." said Tae Hee who thought the pig's head was Geum Ran. Sa Ra beats Tae Hee happily remembering her body was like a pig in the past. Arriving in front of the car, Tae Hee asks if Sa Ra is feeling happy now. With a happy face, he said that today he was very happy.

"When they asked where my husband was and why I was always alone, I felt like running into the rat hole. But now I feel as if I want to fly and a day like this has finally come that makes my heart flutter!" said Sa Ra happily. Sa Ra puts all her groceries in the trunk then Tae Hee stares and mutters that she will fully support Sa Ra because she wants to see Sa Ra always happy to make her happy. "Ahjumma..... I'm glad to see you smile" Tae Hee said and Sa Ra just smiled back. Tae Hee's cell phone rings, she gets a call from Ji Hoon and says he's coming. Sa Ra asks what's wrong with Ji Hoon calling her. Tae Hee informs that something happened to Chae Yoon.

In the hospital

With a lowered face Chae Yoon revealed that he was afraid and his face was made to look pale. Tae Hee cursed Kang Joon who dared to do that to Chae Yoon and was going to meet him. Chae Yoon hastily forbade it. "When your father died, I promised in front of his body that I would protect you and Ji Hoon. I can't just stand by seeing you hit him" "This problem only Kang Joon and I can solve, but now I don't want to go home" explained Chae Yoon Tae Hee offers to take Ji Hoon to Ji Hoon's house. Chae Yoon asks to go to a place that Kang Joon never knew about, which is the place they used to go to when they were little.

"Let's go there... if I'm there, I feel safer" Chae Yoon pleaded. Tae Hee glanced at Chae Yoon's face which was pale with pain. Ji Hoon is surprised to learn that Chae Yoon wants to go to the house they used to go to when they were little. He understands and will come to the house soon. Tae Hee with a serious face This time Sa Ra is driving the car, she feels bad because Tae Hee has invested too much for her. Sitting casually in the car, he tells Sa Ra to get more money than she spends. Sa Ra promises to work hard to get the money back. There was a red light ahead and he had to stop but he panicked and didn't have time to apply the brakes even though there was a car in front of him. But he was surprised because the car stopped by itself even though he did not apply the brakes.

"I chose a car that can automatically stop if needed, you have a trauma with a car accident so he must benefit now" Tae Hee explained proudly, Sa Ra smiled happily. "Doctor...I want to go somewhere, do you want to go with me?" ask Sa Ra. Tae Hee asks where Sa Ra will take her because she as a manager will support Sa Ra wherever she goes. Sa Ra takes Tae Hee to the market. Tae Hee, who doesn't look used to it, asks why Sa Ra took her to the market. "When I became Sa Geum Ran, I was known as an Ahjuma who was sad because he was always alone. I wanted to show them, with my new confidence," said Sa Ra.

Tae Hee since seemed touched by Sa Ra's story, he also allowed Sa Ra to shop with him. Sa Ra immediately took Tae Hee's arm and walked down the market. While walking through the market, Sa Ra seemed to be Geum Ran and some people praised the man beside her as very handsome. Sa Ra smiled happily, telling her that today she is no longer walking alone. An ahjumma offers to eat the peanuts he is selling, Sa Ra politely refuses because he is allergic to peanuts and goes to another merchant. In front of the fish seller, Tae Hee is surprised that the seller's aunt shows a live sea worm in front of her. Sa He took Chae Yoon to the house that Chae Yoon wanted to avoid Kang Joon.

Chae Yoon saw Tae Hee's serious driving face and sent a message to Ji Hoon "Ji Hoon, I just want to be alone with Tae Hee Oppa, so you don't have to worry," wrote Chae Yoon. After that, he started by leaning on Tae Hee's shoulder and pretending to be very weak. Tae Hee couldn't refuse because he felt sorry to see Chae Yoon's face which was still pale.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1

"What is your position as the manager should I fire?" said Sa Ra who spoke on the intercom with a smiling face. Kang Joon's voice is heard on the intercom, Sa Ra presses the button to see the faces outside. Sa Ra immediately glared at her in shock to see Kang Joon who was already in front of her house because she knew her ex-husband was in prison. "Don't you want to open the door?" Kang Joon said

Sa Ra finally presses to open the door, after which she panics because she doesn't know Kang Joon is out of prison. Kang Joon entered with a smiling face. "Long time no see....don't you miss me?" said Kang Joon with a smile. Sa Ra shows her face by glaring so as not to look scared. Tae Hee stands waiting in front of the mirror worriedly thinking about Sa Ra who is alone at home. He says goodbye to Chae Yoo and will call Ji Hoon or Team Leader Choi. Chae Yoon prevents Tae Hee from leaving by hugging her from behind.

"I regret not listening to you then just marry you if you leave now, I will regret it even more so stay with me," Chae Yoon said with a sad tone behind Tae Hee. Then he apologizes for being late to find out Tae Hee's true heart. Tae Hee wants to let go of Chae Yoon's hand, but Chae Yoon holds her tighter and asks Tae Hee to protect her and accept it too. Tae Hee immediately let go of Chae Yoon's hand and looked at her adopted sister with a cold face.

"You never thought of me as more than just an Oppa," Tae Hee said. "That marriage, a very stupid decision, in return, I already know what love means I want to be with you" Chae Yoon whined Tae Hee admits that she already has someone, Chae Yoon knows that it happened because she wasn't by her side, Tae Hee denies it and Chae Yoon knows that her adopted sister has broken heart syndrome and only she can heal it.

"We... need each other" Chae Yoon said confidently. "That's not the case anymore" Tae Hee explained. Chae Yoon asks if it's because of Sa Ra, Tae Hee can't help but be silent. Chae Yoon asks Tae Hee to forget it because Sa Ra has put herself in her position all this time with Tae Hee. "I'll contact Ji Hoon." Tae Hee said who didn't want to talk to Chae Yoon anymore and Chae Yoon who could be upset because Tae Hee left him just like that.

Nervously, Sa Ra prepares a drink for Kang Joon at the dinner table. Kang Joon stares at the drink and looks at Sa Ra with a cold face. Sa Ra looks at Kang Joon who looks scared but he tries to face it. "I want to ask you something, be Sa Ra who is at home looks worried about Tae Hee who chose to leave because something happened to Chae Yoon after they went shopping. He saw Tae Hee's worried face knowing about Chae Yoon.

Finally, the two were seated in the house, greeted by the maid who took care of the house. "It's good to see you two again after so many years. But Chae Yoon doesn't look so good, even if you're busy come as often as possible" the housekeeper ordered. Tae Hee thanks the waitress who provided them with tea, her face looks uneasy because Ji Hoon hasn't come yet. Chae Yoon lied that she received a text from Ji Hoon that she would be late because she was busy at the hospital. Sa Ra comes down from her room and hasn't seen Tae Hee sitting on the sofa she usually sits on. He lay down with a sullen face and then changed his position with his face even more bent. Finally, he sat back down, lifted his legs up, and spread his arms

"Usually, when I'm alone, I don't get nervous like this. But ever since I like Doctor, when I'm alone, I feel lonely" he muttered. Then he lowers his legs and sits up straight on the chair, he wonders with an annoyed face where Tae Hee is because he hasn't come home yet. Kang Joon's henchmen come, he's already sent someone else to take the photos and he tells Sa Ra is with the guy in the photo all day and looks really close. Kang Joon saw the results of several photos of men from behind. "But now I also managed to get a photo of the man's face," said Kang Joon's subordinates

Kang Joon looks at the last page and recognizes that the man who is close to Sa Ra is Han Tae Hee. With a cynical face, he asked the whereabouts of Sa Ra. His men tell Sa Ra is at home and alone. Sa Ra paces back and forth in the kitchen looking worried because Tae Hee hasn't come home even though she promised that she will always be there for 24 hours and 7 days. The bell rang, with a happy face Sa Ra greeted Tae Hee who had gone home. "But why doesn't he go straight in if he has his own key" he muttered looking confused how many days, all I think about is you. Before you said you love that true?" Kang Joon asked while drinking his tea.

"Of course... that's absolutely true, so what?" said Sa Ra who looked more and more nervous. Kang Joon said that he just wanted to ask, then he asked again if there was someone he was waiting for. Sa Ra was silent when she heard the bell from the front of her house. A man with a half-covered face in a jacket asks Sa Ra to move the furniture in front of his house. Sa Ra is confused because she didn't put anything in front of the house. But the man said the furniture was in the way and the car couldn't pass.

Finally, Sa Ra is allowed to leave for a while to Kang Joon. Tae Hee who is on the road tries to call Sa Ra but Sa Ra's cell phone is left on the table and Kang Joon is not at the dining table. A few moments later the PD at Sa Ra's show calls Tae Hee as Sa Ra's manager. "We need Sara in our show I will send a text about the details. Sara said.. she has to be strong to be able to protect the people she loves makes me touched" said the PD. Tae Hee is confused by Sa Ra's words who want to protect the people she loves. He remembered when Sa Ra did not want to help cook, Sa Ra said he wanted to do it himself. "I have a special reason to become a chef," said Sa Ra. Tae Hee is getting worried because it turns out that Sa Ra wants to be a Chef because of him.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1

Kang Joon turns out to be in Sa Ra's room and tries to look around the room. Sa Ra comes out seeing no one outside, she tries to find no one. His face started to panic because inside Kang Joon was alone. Sa Ra's fear is proven, Kang Joon opens Sa Ra's wardrobe and tries to find something. He finds a box and opens it, he sees a family photo and news about himself in the box. Tae Hee parked the car in front of the entrance to the house, then ran when she accidentally collided with a man who had lied to Sa Ra if there was something outside. He had felt pain because his arm hit hard.

Sa Ra finally enters the house by closing the door, her face is still smiling when she sees Kang Joon who is already standing in front of the stairs. Kang Joon's face turned angry and showed the paper that was in his hand. Sa Ra with a shocked and frightened face can only say sorry. "Sorry, you say!!! what have you done to me?" said Kang Joon who approached Sa Ra with a cruel look Tae Hee finally came to prevent Tae Hee who was getting closer to her wok to Sa Ra who was already scared. He asked Sa Ra's condition if anyone was hurt. Sa Ra says that he is fine.

Kang Joon also clearly saw Tae Hee who entered with a worried face asking about the situation. Then he glanced at the two of them with a cynical look and left. Sa Ra is still looking down in fear while Tae Hee tries to calm herself in panic. Chae Yoon is still annoyed with Tae Hee who left her just like that, she finally reaches for the phone. Kang Joon walks away angry because Sa Ra has lied to him all this time, his cell phone rings and he's a bit reluctant to accept the call. "I want to talk about Sara and there is something I want to tell you," Chae Yoon said with a sly face.

Sa Ra is still bowed at the dining table, she is afraid because Kang Joon now also knows about those who know each other. "This time he will do to me, now I can't even guess," Sa Ra said scared, Tae Hee calmed down by holding Sa Ra's hand. "You don't have to worry, because you are no longer alone, I will always be with you," Tae Hee said. At that moment, his cell phone rang. Team Leader Choi informs his boss that there is a big problem because Min Hyuk made the plan.

"He managed to get your grandmother out for health reasons and will take her home. Right now, there are many reporters near me," said Chairman Choi in a panicked tone. Tae Hee understands, Sa Ra immediately asks what exactly happened. "That bastard brought grandma," Tae Hee said annoyed after hanging up the phone, Sa Ra immediately glared in surprise.

"He's the one who threw grandma in jail we have to do something and we have to go now," said Sa Ra In front of the prison, many reporters had gathered. When Madam Park came out in a wheelchair several reporters asked her how she was. Min Hyuk was ready to pick up his grandmother, with a sly smile he approached his grandmother. "Fuck you!!" Madam Park cursed seeing Min Hyuk coming to her "I will bring grandma home, all the reporters I invited have been present," explained Min Hyuk.

Madam Park refuses and is about to get up from her chair, Min Hyuk immediately resists by squatting in front of his grandmother, his sly face is very visible. "If you can't calm down, it's not just a dirty game of illegal funds but I will accuse you of issuing fake medical records now there is no good you will get" threatened Min Hyuk. Madam Park could only curse with her granddaughter's very cruel attitude towards her. Tae Hee and Sa Ra come, asking where Grandma is. "He really was forced to return to Sewondong. If you leave now, maybe you can intercept him on the way," said Chairman Choi.

"I have to go, I can't let Grandma go with her," said Tae Hee. Sa Ra offers to accompany her, Tae Hee refuses because it is very dangerous. They will meet again at home and order Chairman Choi to look after him. Madam Park gets out of the car to be greeted by Min Hyuk's mother who invites her inside. "I have no reason to live with you two," Madam Park said sarcastically. "Do you prefer prison?" Min Hyuk's mother quipped. Madam Park swears Ji Sook is a demon woman

Ji Sook asks the bodyguard who brought Madam Park to take her inside. Madam Park refuses to be led inside and goes in on her own. A few minutes later Min Hyuk came with a sly face he could make Madam Park in his hands and Tae Hee could not meet. Tae Hee just came to see Min Hyuk who looked cynical, he called grandmother but it was far away and he wouldn't be able to enter. "There's nothing you can do, don't make a fuss and leave" Min Hyuk ordered. With a sly face.

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