Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1

Tae Hee, who was looking for Sa Ra on the bridge, was finally able to find her, but when she met him she scolded Sa Ra for waiting like an idiot.

"You'll freeze to death, just to celebrate your birthday" Tae Hee said while holding Sa Ra's hand and trying to warm it up.

"My birthday is nothing, I just need to live as much as I can," said Sa Ra with sparkling eyes when she saw Tae Hee who came.

Then Tae Hee promises to always celebrate Sa Ra's birthday, there is an image when Tae Hee looks at Geum Ran and wipes the flour on her face then her eyes return to Sa Ra who is in front of her.

"Happy Birthday....Sa Geum Ran." Tae Hee said then kissed Sa Ra as a birthday present from him.

Sa Ra and Tae Hee go home with blushing faces and deliberately nudged Sa Ra's shoulders as if they were teasing her. When in front of the stairs, Tae Hee says they should sleep, Sa Ra agrees because tomorrow they have a lot of work to do.

"You have to meet your grandmother and bring a lawyer. I have to go shoot the program "Birth of a Chef" and will go to a restaurant and visit my mother, in the hospital," said Sa Ra.

"Why do we always have to be busy? I don't think we can date. Now, let's change our mood and sleep" Tae Hee asked.

Sa Ra says good night and is about to leave, but her hands are stuck, she blushes embarrassed to see Tae Hee who doesn't want to let go of her hand.

"You said we should sleep separately, why are you holding my hand so tightly?" Tae Hee said pretending.

"It's not me... you're the one holding it" said Sa Ra with a smile

Tae Hee waved her hand, she said that her hand got alien syndrome again and it wasn't her who was holding it but her hand, she tried to stop the shaking with her left hand.

Sa Ra teased him by saying he wanted to let her go, Tae Hee immediately refused then nudged his shoulder back at Sa Ra and vice versa with a blushing face.

Sa Ra sits in the room alone, she holds her lips and remembers when Tae Hee kissed her. His body immediately trembled and his face was very happy because Tae Hee had confessed his love to him with a kiss.

Meanwhile, Tae Hee has changed into sleepwear and is standing in front of the mirror saying that he is indeed a man because he can confess his feelings. Proudly, Tae Hee shows a broad chest and a sturdy body.

Then he held his lips remembering the time he kissed Sa Ra and smiled alone in the room because he remembered the moment with Sa Ra. Tae Hee secretly takes a picture of Sa Ra which is on display in the living room, he smiles holding a picture of Sa Ra's shoulder.

"Ahjumma......Good night....." Tae Hee said then gave Sa Ra a kiss and went to sleep.

Sa Ra doesn't sleep, she stands in front of the mirror trying on the clothes she will wear tomorrow for the date. Geum Ran's face appeared in front of him. The two greeted each other.

"You've been through a lot of hardships, that accident...then fell into the sea and had plastic surgery" said Sa Ra

"Everything is really sickening" Geum Ran replied.

Then they both laugh, Geum Ran knows it's disgusting but she feels happy and can see Sa Ra laugh because she can meet such a good man and happiness is right in front of her eyes.

"to be loved by someone is great, but loving someone is scary. I doubt if we can ever feel love again?" said Sa Ra who looked scared.

"Indeed it will not be easy, your married life is indeed very sad, but why do you feel afraid?" ask Geum Ran

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1

"I feel very afraid because I have failed" explained Sa Ra

"You've been through it, and there's nothing you can do, don't be afraid... face it all" said Geum Ran

He sees Tae Hee is different from Kang Joon. Sa Ra smiled slightly in disbelief. The two of them laughed happily together again. Geum Ran tells that it's not love that scares Sa Ra but she is afraid of getting hurt again.

"Everything I went through was because I was weak. I'm just an "ahjumma" who can only depend on my husband. After everything I have is gone, I can't protect myself nor protect my mother" Geum Ran said looking sad.

Sa Ra means that now it is not the land and her ex-husband that she must own but she must have power. Geum Ran confirms and that strength will come from ability, a career woman will look cooler in her opinion.

"If you have strength, you can have love and protect your mother" Geum Ran said. Sa Ra smiled seeing her own reflection with her former body. He felt a brilliant idea from Geum Ran.

Sa Ra picks up the flyer on her desk about "Birth of a Chief"...

"Competing to be a Chef, If you become a Great Chef, the prize you win is $100K." he said reading the writing on the leaflet.

Sa Ra bulged her eyes excitedly, she mumbled that she didn't want to be just a taster but now she will try to become a chef.

Kang Joon's mother is already asleep, everyone comes saying that the world is so annoying. The wife got up and approached her husband who came home late, then he smelled the smell of alcohol from his husband's body, he asked what really happened.

"I feel guilty about the late Geum Ran." said Kang Joon's father and his wife scratching their heads as her husband discussed his ex-wife, his dead son.

"When Geum Ran married Kang Joon, we lived in a rented house and had nothing. Geum Ran, who took care of my mentally ill mother and always smiled, never complained," said Kang Joon's drunken father.

Kang Joo's father already knows that Geum Ran died knowing that her husband had an affair and they can all live better now which makes his conscience bother him. Kang Joo's mother can only look down in shame because Geum Ran has been helping their family all this time.

"The building stands on Geum Ran's land... I think we should return it to his mother" said Kang Joon's father

His wife was shocked to hear her husband's request, Kang Joon's father shouted that he felt that they could live without owning the building, if they didn't do that then in the end there would be a disease that gnawed at their bodies.

Chae Yoon gawked in surprise because he was asked to return the building that Kang Joon had given him.

"I also won't return the building to Geum Ran's mother. But... If your father-in-law insists on returning it, it must be very complicated," explained Kang Joon's mother.

He wants them to pretend to return it and then sell it, Chae Yoon reminds that the building was given because this is the second marriage for his son.

"If Kang Joon uses the building as a CEO broadcasting station, there will be a lot of gossip so, we put your name as the owner," explained Kang Joon's mother.

Chae Yoon quipped that the ownership of the building was only temporary and would be taken for granted. Kang Joon's mother glared angrily because Chae Yoon dared to say such disrespectful words to her mother-in-law.

"When I'm with you, I can't help but think about Geum Ran, so you just take the share, at least half of it" ordered his mother who immediately left the room mumbling.

"This is very unreasonable, but where is Lee Kang Joon?" Chae Yoon asked himself.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1

Kang Joon is already in the house in front of the living room, in a dark house his men call to tell Sa Ra is in the house with the boys. He also saw that the kitchen light was still on.

"how long have they been dating..find out who the guy is and what he does, follow Sara again, tomorrow" he ordered.

When giving the order, Kang Joon was already up the stairs, Chae Yoon who heard it mocked Kang Joon who was investigating Sa Ra. Kang Joon insists that it's none of Chae Yoon's business

"If you don't, you will be very sorry that you have been toyed with by Sara." said Chae Yoon sarcastically.

Kang Joon glared at his wife and felt that Chae Yoon was jealous. Chae Yoon admits that he loves her very much and hates her very much. But now he thinks he feels pity not jealousy.

"I can only wait 3 weeks, after that, go according to your promise" said Kang Joon then entered the room.

Chae Yoon looked cynically and in his hand was seen holding a bag that he had deliberately taken from his husband's room.

Sa Ra is cooking in the kitchen, Tae Hee comes out of the room seeing Sa Ra who is awake even though today she wants to make breakfast. Sa Ra shows her a flyer and tells her that she will enter the "Birth of a Chef" competition.

Tae Hee takes the paper from Sa Ra's hand and looks at it, her face looks sullen because now they don't have time to date.

"I have an important reason why I have to enter the competition, so Doctor..go back to sleep" said Sa Ra

"no, let's do it together" said Tae Hee who had pulled his shirt to help

Sa Ra refuses because she wants to do it herself so she asks Tae Hee not to worry and will do everything and she will also be able to start dating. Tae Hee looked at Sa Ra who was busy beating eggs without being able to do anything.

In the morning at the Winner Group building, Chae Yoon opens the program again

"In the first round, we are with Lee Jung Shin who has 30 years of experience in home cooking and Chef Kim Joon Young, as judges."

With a fake smile, Chae Yoon asks Sa Ra about Jung Shi's food. Sa Ra tries and comments that the roast pork this time was better in the slam last week because it was so unique because it used tauco paste.

"But in my opinion, it will taste even better if it is added with mushroom powder." suggested Sa Ra who chewed the food slowly.

Chae Yoon looks at him sarcastically but he tries to be professional in front of the camera.

Sa Ra who enters the Make Up room is praised for her excellent work, Chef Kim approaches her asking how she knows about the use of mushroom powder.

"You are a young woman, have you ever cooked before?" asked Chef Kim.

Yes, Chef. I really like cooking" said Sa Ra blushing.

Chae Yoon heard Sa Ra's answer looked cynical because he knew Sa Ra was older than him. Sa Ra offers Chef Kim a taste of his cooking, then takes a bag of food and places it on the table.

"Oh my God.... this is Korean, Japanese, Chinese...and Italian dishes of all other choices" said Chef Kim who was surprised to see that there were so many dishes made by Sa Ra.

"I'm going to enter a competition to become a chef, so I made everything" said Sa Ra shyly

He asked Chef Kim to taste it and invited the rest of the crew in the make-up room to also taste it. Everyone immediately swarmed the table and tasted immediately praising Sa Ra's delicious cuisine. Chae Yoon gets even more cynical because Sa Ra always gets compliments.

Elsewhere, Tae Hee goes to the lawyer's office. A man introduces himself as Park's lawyer.

"Please handle this case well and we don't have a long time because considering my grandmother's age" Tae Hee said

"Within a week's time, I'm sure I'll have this case adjourned," Park's lawyer said with conviction.

Chef Kim thanks Sa Ra for making food, Sa Ra can't believe that according to Chef Kim Sa Ra can become a Chef.

"You definitely can with this kind of ability, you are more than qualified" Chef Kim explained.

"Wowh, it would be amazing if you entered the competition and won, There will be a change from the taster to a chef." said the PD of the show.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 11 Part 1

Chae Yoon approaches Sa Ra when Chef Kim has left. He sees Sa Ra who has experience in cooking even though she is not married and wants to know since when Sa Ra learned to cook.

"Eight years ago, I cooked for all family members at home and only did it as a hobby but turned out to be an expert," said Sa Ra.

"Then in your CV, it says that you are a perfect woman from Gangnam. But your hands are so rough and your fingertips look blistered, it seems you have done a lot of homework. Is your life really suffering?" quip Chae Yoon

Sa Ra squeezed her own hand holding her anger, Chae Yoon felt that Sa Ra was hiding something. All the crew started to glance at Chae Yoon who said like duh,

"We're not even that close but you already know a lot about me, so when did you read my CV?" said Sa Ra who was still smiling.

"Because you are very attractive and if you are more famous then you will be interviewed a lot on "Talk Show" as a guest." Chae Yoon quipped who immediately walked away.

Sa Ra looks at Chae Yoon with a sneer, then she escorts Chef Kim out of the building. Chef Kim is sure that Sa Ra will succeed because she eats so much it's impressive. Sa Ra smiled and thanked him.

“Sa Ra……why are you working so hard?” asked the PD after escorting Chef Kim.

"I will protect the people I love, for that I need strength" whispered Sa Ra

The PD can't believe that Sa Ra has a man, although he doesn't know who that man is but he feels that the man is very lucky to have him. Sa Ra blushed and then parted ways.

While in the hallway, Sa Ra accidentally meets Min Hyuk again. Min Hyuk says that he looked for her in the dressing room and heard that Sa Ra wanted to enter the competition as a chef. Sa Ra who saw Min Hyuk knowing looks very happy.

"Everyone was really looking forward to it." praise Min Hyuk

"Me, too.... I will do my best" said Sa Ra

Min Hyuk handed over an envelope containing an invitation to a cooking class from a very famous Italian chef. Sa Ra sees an invitation from Chef Cannavaro's cooking class. He also thanked him for being able to learn to cook from a famous chef. Min Hyuk gave Sa Ra a smile.

Tae Hee is still sitting in the meeting room with the lawyer, he is nervous because Sa Ra didn't call him even though it's their first day on a date and his favorite ahjumma is very busy. Tae Hee, who couldn't contain her curiosity, tried to send a message.

"what are you doing ?"

"Is the shooting finished?"

No reply from Sa Ra, "why don't you reply, is your phone dead?" Tae Hee again writes a message for Sa Ra.

"Ah, Ahjuma. Did you break your finger or something?" Tae Hee wrote who was excited because he had not received a reply from his phone.

Tae Hee, who can't contain her curiosity, tries to call Sa Ra. Then immediately insinuated Sa Ra who has a cellphone just as a style

"Why are there no texts or calls from you all day, if we are like this, what does it mean that we have dated. I have sent many sms. Why are you not one......" said Tae Hee who immediately burst out angry

"why are you so upset..... I'm busy working..." Sa Ra explained smiling

Tae Hee is upset and thinks the job is more important to Sa Ra than she is. Sa Ra doesn't like Tae Hee questioning that, so she tells her she's going to visit her mother at the hospital then and will call her again. Tae Hee is annoyed that Sa Ra immediately hangs up the phone.

From behind Kang Joo's men try to follow Sa Ra out of the Winner Group building.

Chairman Choi comes in breathless, alerting the detective in charge of Kang Joo's case to call and tell him that Kang Joo is now free.

"What? Lee Kang free....he will start looking for the person who reported him" thought Tae Hee

Sa Ra walks alone to her mother's hospital, she doesn't realize her steps are being followed by a man from behind.

While inside Kyung Joo is accompanying Geum Ran's mother for a walk around the hospital.

"The air outside is very cold, so I brought you a blanket, wait a moment," said Kyung Joo who returned to the room.

Sa Ra who entered accidentally had to look back when someone wanted to get out of the hospital. At that moment he saw Kang Joon's men who were seen following him, he hurriedly called Tae Hee.

"I'm in the hospital right now, but it looks like someone has been following me. He's wearing a black long coat and he..."

When Sa Ra enters the hospital, she sees her mother on the second floor looking terrified. Geum Ran's mother clearly saw the man who had kidnapped her in front of the hospital. Sa Ra saw the man from a distance, convinced that her mother was looking at the man.

The ambulance came to a stop right in front of the door, Sa Ra felt it was his chance to run to save his mother who was on the second floor. He hastily pulled his mother to hide, Kang Joon's men immediately entered the hospital and saw Sa Ra who brought Geum Ran's mother.

 "That man... is the one who kidnapped me" whispered Geum Ran's mother who stuttered.

Sa Ra hugs her mother and tries to reassure her that the man won't kidnap her again, her face also looks scared that he might find her hiding place. A few more steps, the man will approach Sa Ra, a hand is seen patting her shoulder.

"I came on Lee Kang Joon's orders." said a man.

Moments later the man had a wound on his face and was pushed down the emergency stairs. It turned out that the one who tapped the man's shoulder was Tae Hee.

"Tell Lee Kang Joon. Now, I will be near Sara 24/7," said Tae Hee.

He will threaten that if he catches the man following Sa Ra then he will not forgive him. After that he left the emergency stairs and Kang Joon's men glared at Tae Hee who hit him.

The four of them finally left in Tae Hee's car, in the car Geum Ran's mother saw Tae Hee's face was the one who saved her that time. Tae Hee is a little embarrassed because she found out that she helped Geum Ran's mother.

Kyung Joo remembers Geum Ran's mother's story that a man saved her at the hospital.

"How did you save him, but what exactly is the relationship between the two of you?" asked Kyung Joo. Sa Ra glanced at Tae Hee who was sitting next to her.

"I...the manager is Sara....." Tae Hee said while laughing

He also advised everyone not to be afraid of people who bothered them because he would definitely save her again. Sa Ra smiled hearing Tae Hee say that, Geum Ran's mother was touched to hear Tae Hee's words which made her a little comfortable.

"So...That person knows that I sent you?" said Kang Joon when he received a report from his men.

His men tell Sa Ra to visit the hospital where Geum Ran's mother is being treated. Kang Joon can't believe it because Sa Ra is close to his former mother-in-law.

Arriving at the house, Kyung Joo immediately cursed, she would not forgive the person who kidnapped Geum's mother yesterday.

"If I catch him, I'll scratch his face" Kyung Joo shouted

But Yeo Ok was daydreaming about not hearing the words of her son's friend, Kyung Joo felt that Geum Ran's mother was still scared after being kidnapped. Yeo Ok tells that she is thinking about Sa Ra and remembers when Sa Ra hugged her to save her from kidnapping.

"When he hugged me, it was like a familiar. I know that touch and can't forget how it felt, now I always think of that young woman." Geum Ran's mother said

Sa Ra chooses the donut she wants to eat then brings it with a drink. Tae Hee glares at Sa Ra who heads to the table where she sits. Sa Ra gave Tae Hee a smile.

"Today..Thanks for everything." said Sa Ra

"What have you been doing all day, why didn't you answer my phone?" Tae Hee asked curtly

Then Sa Ra explains that she said it before, Tae Hee curses the "Birth of Chef" program she participated in. Sa Ra is surprised that Tae Hee cursed at the event she was participating in. Tae Hee feels that she is not getting justice.

"I call you all day, it feels unfair because I don't get your attention all day" Tae Hee said annoyed

"Because of that, now you're getting annoyed??" said Sa Ra who was starting to get annoyed

Tae Hee feels that the first day on a date should look something pleasing to the eye. An annoyed Sa Ra felt a great relief now that the view was better than the bad. Then the two of them sat looking very indifferent while drinking their respective coffees.

Two students who accidentally passed by asked Sa Ra to take a picture together. Sa Ra allowed her cute style to invite her several times to give a smile to the camera.

"This ahjumma, he doesn't even know that he's in danger right now. Lee Kang Joon's men may be around him" Tae Hee muttered, glancing at Sa Ra who was still smiling.

A man in a suit came to introduce himself as Director Kim of the J talent agency. Sa Ra looks confused, Director Kim offers to talk about advertising matters. Tae Hee immediately takes a business card from Director Kim that he is Sa Ra's manager.

A few moments later Sa Ra can't believe Tae Hee wants to be her manager. Tae Hee feels that being Sa Ra's manager is not a bad job and she will be a cruel manager.

"I will get paid as a Manager and always be by your side 24/7. And monitor all your movements." Tae Hee explained

"Right now I'm your manager and I'm a very cruel manager!" Tae Hee said. Sa Ra can only show a sullen face because Tae Hee is now her manager.

Chae Yoon came to a place and wanted to register the Canvas Building as his name and he also brought Kang Joon's stamp, it turned out that yesterday what he stole was a stamp. He has also brought a temporary registration letter and other files.

"I will sell the building as soon as possible after the building is mine and I will sell it secretly so you take care of everything," Chae Yoon ordered his son.

Min Hyuk was surprised to see his mother who was already in his room, his mother immediately stood up with a panicked face.

"The lawyer you hired to take care of the grandmother has been fired. Han Tae Hee tried to get the old woman out of prison. The person standing next to the old woman seems to really be her granddaughter," said Min Hyuk's mother panicked

He is sure that all the directors will be on Tae Hee's side and will act with all. Min Hyuk with his cynical face will stab in the back. Then told his secretary to contact Kang Joon to come to his room.

Kang Joo is surprised to see a photo of Han Tae Hee being the heir to Winner Group. Min Hyuk knows that Kang Joon's wife knows Tae Hee very well.

"We need grandma all you have to do is get grandma out then I act like a good granddaughter and will accompany her when she gets out of prison" explained Min Hyuk with his sly eyes

He also asked Min Hyuk to tell the media that he was the one who made Winner Group's name better.

Kang Joon's mother came with a panicked face calling for Chae Yoon, the two brothers came down the stairs asking why her mother looked panicked and suspected that something was wrong.

yes" shouted Kang Joon's mother

Kang Joon's father, who looks like he just left the room, is shocked that Chae Yoon wants to take over everything. His wife told him she got a message from registration and wanted to make sure they wanted to make a change of ownership.

"Chae Yoon has gone crazy wanting to own that building." cursed his mother annoyed

Kang Joon receives a call from his father informing him of Chae Yoon's behavior that will change his name. With his cynical eyes, Kang Joon calls Chae Yoon and tells him to hurry home.

Sa Ra is confused because Tae Hee shows the board how to defend herself. Tae Hee says that they study like this so that Sa Ra can protect herself.

"You have to be able to make a lot of money so you can't get hurt" Tae Hee explained

He pointed at the first picture, as if he was a flirting man walking and then came over and looked at Sa Ra after that he teased her and took her hand. Sa Ra is still silent, Tae Hee tries to hold Sa Ra's hand even harder.

Sa Ra immediately twists Tae Hee's hand and finally complains of pain.

"Does it hurt, so why try to teach me self-defense. I'm at the National level for Judo" said Sa Ra.

Tae Hee who feels pain judges Sa Ra to be stronger, he holds Sa Ra's hand and he wants to know what Sa Ra does in such a state. Sa Ra immediately poked her head at Tae Hee.

"Ahjumma, is there something you hate about me, I act polite to you" Tae Hee shouted. Sa Ra asks Tae Hee to stop her practice. Tae Hee doesn't want them to have to keep practicing.

Tae Hee gave an example of the attack from behind by a bad man. Sa Ra was silent at first and Tae Hee continued to hug her tightly. Sa Ra blushes even more, which makes Tae Hee look nervous.

"Do you know how to fight it? Do it if you know" Tae Hee ordered with a nervous face

"No... this time I don't know how" said Sa Ra with a blushing face.

Then Tae Hee tries to keep trying that the villain will strangle her very strongly, Sa Ra's face smiles because Tae Hee keeps hugging her. Tae Hee finally continues to hug Sa Ra with a smile as well as Sa Ra who is happy that Tae Hee is now hugging her tightly.

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