Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 1

  Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 1

" you love me?" asked Sa Ra with bulging eyes, Tae Hee hastily closed her laptop and turned her face away, she couldn't believe Sa Ra could see the results of her psychological test that she had been hiding for so long.

A few minutes later, Tae Hee dared to look at Sa Ra who was still glaring in shock. He explained about alien hand syndrome, where the left brain and right brain don't match. He made a duck-billed hand towards Sa Ra and held her back.

"One of the hands moves unconsciously. I don't want to move.. But this..." Tae Hee's hand tried to hold and then aimed at Sa Ra like pecking her head.

Sa Ra is in pain, Tae Hee explains that it wasn't her that did it but it was her hands. And that's what he calls alien hand syndrome.

"While I was doing an assessment in front of a lie detector, my hand suddenly moved of its own accord. That's why this absurd result came out. Don't mind it." Tae Hee said with shaking hands.

He considers Sa Ra to be female or male but belongs to the third gender and he sees Sa Ra as just an ahjumma.

Sa Ra can't believe it, Tae Hee reiterates that they are co-workers who joined for the same reason and there's no way she has feelings for him. Sa Ra looks a little sullen.

"To me you are also the third gender, which is neither male nor female. You are just a Doctor. I don't have any feelings either." said Sa Ra

Then Tae Hee feels they are the same and there is no difference, then he tells Sa Ra to get to work quickly. Sa Ra, who looks annoyed, also demonstrates Tae Hee's alien hand by pecking in front of Tae Hee's face.

He walked away leaving Tae Hee out of his eyes like he was annoyed at Tae Hee who didn't want to admit his feelings.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 1

 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 1

A few minutes later, Tae Hee had opened his laptop. He regrets that Sa Ra can see the psychological results. Suddenly Sa Ra came down the stairs in her maid outfit and brocade gloves.

"Doctor.....I want to clean up." said Sa Ra in a teasing tone.

Sa Ra starts using her vacuum cleaner to clean all the rooms while singing. Tae Hee curses because Sa Ra is an ahjumaa and sings trot music too. Sa Ra starts cleaning under the table and tells Tae Hee to lift her leg. Tae Hee also complied.

Then he changed the tip of the vacuum to a pointed one and started vacuuming the sofa, Tae Hee who was lying down trying to avoid Sa Ra's gaze. He tells Sa Ra to stay away and not to approach him.

"Who cares? I'm neither male nor female, but the third gender." said Sa Ra casually

He continued to vacuum Tae Hee's head and a little closer, finally he saw Tae Hee's face closer. After a while, the two of them stared at each other for a long time. But in the end, Tae Hee turned her face away first by turning her body.

Sa Ra finished bathing and cleaned her face, she said to herself that earlier she did it on purpose to tease Tae He but now she feels something strange.

"why piss me off by saying that I'm the third gender?" cursed Sa Ra annoyed.

While Tae Hee entered her room by slamming the door, she felt that Sa Ra was mocking her. With an annoyed face, he was sure that someone would not be able to stand the sight of him being such a genius. Tae Hee's face looks like he has a way of getting revenge.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 1
 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 1

Sa Ra is getting ready to sleep, Tae Hee comes in wearing trousers and an undershirt. Suddenly he can take off his pants and throw at Sa Ra to wash them.

"Why are you suddenly undressing?" said Sa Ra panicked.

"You approach me while cleaning. I'm not a man to you, am I? I'm just a doctor not a man or a woman" said Tae Hee defiantly

Sa Ra thinks Tae Hee shouldn't have to take off her clothes in front of her eyes like this. Tae Hee felt that Sa Ra was looking at her. Sa Ra tells Tae Hee to hurry out of her room. Tae Hee even approached Sa Ra like when Sa Ra tried to approach her.

Finally Sa Ra pushes Tae Hee out of her room, Tae Hee yells at Sa Ra to wash her pants. Sa Ra understands, he will wash his pants. Tae Hee finally came down the stairs in his shorts and undershirt

"You dare to tease me? I'm the genius Han Tae Hee." he said proudly with a bold stutter.

After that he felt very cold and rushed into his room to turn on the heater.

While in Sa Ra's room, he stands in front of the mirror with an annoyed face.

"What does he think of Korean ahjummas?" he cursed. His eyes glanced as if contemplating a revenge plan.

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 1

 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 8 Part 1

Tae Hee is already sitting in her room wearing her nightwear, she sees the ring box in front of her eyes.

He remembers when Sa Ra gave her wedding ring and would make it up to her when she remarried to Kang Joon.

Tae Hee's face looks sad because the dream will not be achieved. Sa Ra's voice was heard calling him, he hastily closed Sa Ra's ring box.

Tae Hee is annoyed that Sa Ra came to her place, but she is a little surprised that Sa Ra is wearing a scream mask with a flash of light on her face. Sa Ra takes off her mask with a happy laugh. Tae Hee cursed because the joke this time was very childish.

"You're scared, right? Don't fight me. I'm an athlete so I'm very competitive." said Sa Ra.

Sa Ra sees the box that fell tossed as she tries to scare Tae Hee. He picked it up and saw it was the wedding ring box he had left at the pawnshop. But he is confused why the ring is now with Tae Hee.

"I took it back. You said the wedding ring was important to you. I thought you would cry if

someone else bought it." Tae Hee admits

But sure the ring no longer means anything to him but he thinks Sa Ra should still keep it. Sa Ra's face smiles happily when she sees Chae Yoon is stupid for not choosing Tae Hee as her partner.

"Why do you think so?" Tae Hee asked confused

"Even though you look like the liar Kim Sundal, you're the true ideal type. You act cold. But you're really warm. How could she turn down a guy like that?" Praise Sa Ra.

Sa Ra still thinks Chae Yoon is a stupid woman. Tae Hee looks proud to be praised, he asks Sa R to see the good points in him.

"You're smart. There's nothing you don't know. You're great at fighting." said Sa Ra

He demonstrates that when Tae Hee fights the men in the restaurant, he is sure that many women will fall in love with him. Tae Hee also praises Sa Ra, she demonstrates the style of slapping Kang Joon hard that no woman can possibly do.

Tae Hee thinks Sa Ra is the female version of Hwang Bi Yong. He demonstrated a version of Yudho's stances and movements that Sa Ra used to do, according to him, the women couldn't do it. Sa Ra smiles happily at Tae Hee's compliment.

The two of them had moved to the dining table drinking together and a pile of chips in front of them. There was no grudge that existed they laughed together.

Tae Hee asks Sa Ra to start praising her again. Sa Ra takes out a magnifying glass and looks into Tae Hee's eyes.

"You have long eyelashes. When you look down you look cool and lonely." praise Sa Ra

Tae Hee demonstrates that when her eyes look down and then look at someone, she is happy that Sa Ra is laughing too. Then he asks Sa Ra to look at him again, Sa Ra looks at Tae Hee's lips, she thinks her lips are sexy when they pucker. Tae Hee tried to purse her lips like giving a duck face.

Sa Ra screams that Tae Hee is really sexy. Now Tae Hee takes the magnifying glass from SaRa's hand. He asked Sa Ra to glare at him.

"I'm really captivated. Most beautiful women are weak. But you are beautiful with strength" said Tae Hee laughing.

He saw Sa Ra was like an ahjumaa with a pretty face and was really attractive. He saw that there was an unexpected charisma in Sa Ra that he had learned so far. Tae Hee saw that Sa Ra was full of charm in her eyes.

"How am I in my mother-in-law's eyes? When I do everything?" asked Sa Ra.

"Really sexy! Very attractive!" Tae Hee screamed with a smile on her face.

Then Tae Hee asked Sa Ra to look at her cynically again, she laughed and judged that Sa Ra already looks like a bad ahjumma.

Tae Hee thinks Sa Ra is like a charismatic ball, Sa Ra also feels now that she is very great.

"You are the most charismatic, unpredictable woman in the world!" Tae Hee said, slightly moving her face forward.

"Doctor....You're the coolest talker in the world!" said Sa Ra as he brought his face closer.

The two of them looked at each other, it seemed like there was an unusual atmosphere. Tae Hee saw Sa Ra's eyes were very close in front of her, she ventured closer and wanted to kiss her. Sa Ra has closed her eyes and Tae Hee has closed her eyes too.

Before Tae Hee could kiss him, the sound of the phone made Tae Hee sit back in her chair. Sa Ra sees her husband calling her.

"Sara... I'm tired from working hard today. I'm thinking about you." Kang Joon said

"Was your day really hard?" asked Sa Ra pretending to be sympathetic.

Kang Joon thinks Sa Ra doesn't need to know, he wants to rest his head and ask Sa Ra out on a date tomorrow. Sa Ra is a bit panicked because Kang Joon asked her to go out of town. Tae Hee who heard Sa Ra's conversation gave her hand so that Sa Ra agreed.

"Alright. Let's go together and bring lunch." said Sa Ra before hanging up the phone,

Tae Hee's face turned serious, he thought of tomorrow's plan to bring Kang Joon back down.

After that his men came to pay his respects to him. Kang Joon asks about Geum Ran's mother now. His men tell that now Geum Ran's mother has been treated at the hospital according to an order.

Kang Joon closed his eyes and told his men out, it seems he felt some relief now. When he opened his eyes it looked like the eyes of a very evil and cruel person.

Geurm Ran's mother is confused because she has changed clothes and has to get mental treatment even though she feels fine.

"You lost your daughter and you are mentally weak." clear doctor

"My daughter did die. But I'm fine. Who sent me here?" asked Geum Ran's mother.

The doctor tells that Kang Joon is his son-in-law because his son is no longer around so Kang Joon is his guardian now. Geum Ran's mother cursed Kang Joon as an evil bastard.

"Doctor...Let me call my daughter's friend." asked Geum Ran's mother.

"Your son-in-law...requests that we ban all phone calls." clear doctor

Geum Ran's mother looks even more panicked because she can't ask anyone for help.

Ji Hoon mempersiapak makanan untuk adiknya, ia melihat wajah adiknya itu sangat mengerikan sekarang. Chae Yoon sekarang ia sedang tak ada di rumah keluarga Lee tapi tak ada satupun yang menelpnya untuk mencarinya. 

"Aku akan menemui Kang Joon. Dia hanya perlu datang menjemputmumu, benar kan? " ucap Ji Hoon menenangkan adiknya. 

"Dia...mempunyai seorang wanita lain." ucap Chae Yoon jujur 

Ji Hoon terlihat kaget karena adiknya itu baru saja menikah tapi suaminya sudah memiliki wanita lainnya, Chae Yoon menceritakan seorang wanita yang menurutnya sangat mencurigakan. 

"Kurasa dia ada kaitannya dengan istri pertama Kang Joon. Aku harus mencari tahu untuk memastikan." tegas Chae Yoon dengan mata sinisnya. 

Tae Hee and Sa Ra meet again in the basement. Tae Hee tells that their condition is deteriorating because Chae Yoon already knows that they know each other and Chae Yoon will definitely find out.

"Before that, we have to get a confession from my husband," said Sa Ra.

"Of course. Let's end it today." Tae Hee said excitedly

He played with his carriage and made a stop at the haunted house. Sa Ra stares at the haunted house plan they are going to live now. Tae Hee looked at Sa Ra who was glaring at the train that was about to make Kang Joon confess.

"This will be over soon. After Lee Kang Joon goes to prison, we...go our separate ways." Tae Hee muttered with a sad face.

Min Hyuk's mother brought a glass of milk for her son. Min Hyuk sees his mother who should have gone to the rest house because the prosecutor has issued a summons for grandmother. With his cynical face, he didn't want to miss when madam park was called.

"I'll see it with my own eyes. The one who has to run away isn't me. It's the old woman." Min Hyuk's mother said

Min Hyuk understands, he let his mother in the house. A servant comes to tell that Madam Park is waiting for him downstairs.

Min Hyuk descended the stairs and met his grandmother. Madam Park asked why the prosecutor's office had to summon her. Min Hyuk explained that the HBS board found that he was a cultural foundation. And he knew that his grandmother was in charge of the cultural foundation.

"The cultural foundation is a tribute to your late father and Dong Geul. Who led the way to help people in need. You know that very well."

"But sadly the HBS board doesn't think so." Min Hyuk said casually

Madam Park knew HBS was a subsidiary of Winner Group and why they had to drag her into this case. But now it knows the reason Min Hyuk acquired HBS and gave his position to his accomplice Lee Kang Joon.

"It was all part of your plan. It turns out that my doubts seem to be real now" said madam park annoyed.

Min Hyuk's mother came to tell him that he was late for work. Madam Park wanted to give her a slap but Min Hyuk held her back by holding her grandmother's hand tightly. His eyes glazed over with emotion and evil.

"Stop fighting...end your battle. As long as my step sister, your grandson, Dong Geul, doesn't come back from the dead your fate is in my hands" threatened Min Hyuk.

Madam Park lets go of her hand in annoyance, Min Hyuk goes to work. Her grandmother was annoyed to see her grandson's increasingly acting up behavior, she looked at Ji Sook who looked like a hostess and looked at her with a cynical look.

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