Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 9 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 9 Part 1 

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 9 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 9 Part 1

Kang Joon finally gets a call that Shin Yeo Ok ran away, blaming his men for not being able to carry out his plan. He also said he couldn't come today because he had important work and could only leave tomorrow.

A detective came up to him and introduced himself that he was detective Oh who called him that time.

"You were charged with the murder of Sa Geum Ran....You were arrested." said Detective Oh while showing the arrest warrant.

The other detectives immediately handcuffed him and dragged him into the car. Kang Joon screams because they all don't know who he is. The police took Kang Joon away from Winner Group's office. Sa Ra and Tae Hee see the police who can finally take Kang Joon away.

Inside the building, the second meeting of the Board of Directors has been prepared, Chae Yoon as the moderator in front sees Kang Joon's empty seat, he wonders why Kang Joon did not come to the board of directors meeting.

Tae Hee and Sa Ra run together and then stand in front of a room. Sa Ra asks if that room is where the bad guys gather. Tae Hee nodded, her face looking more and more restless.

"Doctor. You can't be afraid....Go!" he said holding Tae Hee's hand tightly.

Finally Tae Hee grabbed Sa Ra's shoulder and thanked her for helping her get there. Sa Ra nods as if giving Tae Hee the strength to face the bad guys inside.

Chae Yoon lined up a photo of Sa Ra and then Geum Ran. With a cynical smile, he now knows that Sa Ra had liposuction surgery with Ji Hoon as well as plastic surgery on his body so no one can recognize him. He also knew it was all Tae Hee's plan.

"Sa Geum Ran. Now that I know the truth, you will be finished." Chae Yoon muttered as he stared at the photo in front of him with a cynical face.

Tae Hee is setting the camera seriously, Sa Ra is in a school uniform. With her sweet smile, she asked if she looked like a high school student. Tae Hee looked and straightened the slanted uniform tie.

"Wow you look like a high school kid. Did you get plastic surgery again to look younger?" Tae Hee tease

"We've always been together. So how is that possible?" said Sa Ra with a smile.

Tae Hee starts taking pictures of Sa Ra, starting with a normal smile, a killer smile and finally a big Korean smile with two fingers on her face.

"Let's give you a new identity. You were reborn as a perfect girl. When you are famous, your high school yearbook will be found." Tae Hee said

Therefore he has prepared it, he shows a photo of Sa Ra with a high school photo that will be a photo when he was in high school because the graduation photo is very important. Sa Ra smiles seeing Tae Hee's photos.

Tae Hee takes something from his pocket, he takes out 3 cards starting from ID cards, SIM and Gym members. Sa Ra reads the name written on it Kim Duk Soon. Tae Hee admits she wanted to find a better name but couldn't find it.

"It's okay. My nickname is Kim Duk Soon. It's perfect for me." said Sa Ra smiling broadly.

"Do you know your greatest charm? A positive mind and a sincere heart." praise Tae Hee

Sa Ra smiled, she thought of herself as the most skilled David Copperfield. He felt that being praised made his heart explode and he felt heat all over his body.

Kang Joon buttoned his shirt in front of the mirror. His mind returned when he saw the image of Geum Ran when his body was tied with rope. Then he tried to shake his head that everything he saw was a mistake.

"He should have appeared if he was still alive, so there's no way he's still alive." he muttered.

Then he remembers when the car headlights dazzled him, there was a message from Geum Ran that he was in front of him, and reminded when Kang Joo purposely killed him. He saw the car was deliberately overtaking without hitting his car.

"There's someone behind this. But who is it?" he muttered

Kang Joo remembers getting out of the car and screaming that someone hit her on the head. He wondered where Sa Ra was at that time, he wondered who did all this.

Jin Young ipreparing soup for breakfast but he screams because the soup is hot when he pours it into the bowl. His father looked annoyed telling his son to do it calmly and slowly.

"Kang Joon...Is he still sick? Why hasn't he come down yet?" ask Kang Joon's father

His wife says later Kang Joon will also come down, Kang Joon comes down with a smiling face, Min Young asks his sister to sit first, Kang Joo sits next to his father.

"talk to me now did Geum Ran text you?" asked dad bluntly. Kang Joo looks a little panicked.

"Geum Ran can't possibly send a message. Someone might be playing a joke." Jin Young explained

Kang Joon's mother felt that her son was only hallucinating because he was in a weak condition, she prepared soup for her beloved son. Kang Joon could only be silent and lowered his hea

Min Young comes with a phone, telling the police he wants to ask Kang Joon. Everyone looked surprised because the police had called Kang Joon in the morning. With his nervous face Kang Joon received a call from the police.

This is Detective Oh from Sunbok Police Station. Someone reported you as the killer of Sa Geum Ran. We have to make sure, so you can come to the police station.

Kang Joon just answered "okay" then hung up the phone. His father immediately asked what was wrong with his son who got a call from the police station. With a smiling face, Kang Joon lied that there was a car crash. After that, leave without breakfast.

His mother is confused because Kang Joon didn't eat the soup he made. Kang Joon's father looks suspicious of his son who seems to be hiding somethi

Tae Hee and Sa Ra got out of the car with the two standing in front of the HBS building and Winner Group's headquarters. Tae Hee feels that Sa Ra will be nervous because there are Chae Yoon and Kang Joon in it and then there is an important person from Winner Group who controls HBS.

"Do you feel...a little intimidated?" Tae Hee asked a little worried.

"No. I'm Asia's top beauty with a broken heart." said Sa Ra

He also now has Tae Hee so he can do it because he's pretty. Tae Hee smiles hearing uc

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 9 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 9 Part 1

Sa Ra steps confidently into the building, some of the crew recognize her and immediately greet her by complimenting her that she is beautiful in appearance and also personally. Sa Ra says thank you.

Upstairs Chae Yoon is enjoying coffee and talking to the PD, but the PD hears the screams of the person who greeted Sa Ra in a hurry to leave because he wants to see Sa Ra downstairs.

Chae Yoon with his cynical eyes looked at Sa Ra who was surrounded by many people. Sa Ra also realized that Chae Yoon was upstairs, she also had time to look cynically at him. Then gave the crew a smile, telling him he had come to record his profile.

A producer passes by and another crew calls out to introduce Sa Ra. His face gaped at the sight of Sa Ra who was originally very beautiful, then he offered to be a guest on his show. Sa Ra allows it and continues to show her sweet smile.

Even the PD asked Sa Ra to take a selfie together. Chae Yoon continues to stare cynically at Sa Ra who is admired by many people.

"An ahjumma comes from the kitchen and then makes her debut as a celebrity.... Enjoy it while you can, Before everything is revealed." he muttered.

Kang Joon meets his lawyer at the restaurant, his face tense. Lawyer Kim called the police on behalf of HBS CEO Lee Kang Joon to tell his client that he couldn't come.

"Can't he be investigated because he's a VIP?" quip Detective Oh

After hanging up the phone, Attorney Kim informs that things like this won't be easy. Kang Joon's face looks even more panicked because he has to deal with the police.

Sa Ra is already in the studio, the PD says they want to do an introduction segment for Sa Ra so he asks Sa Ra to make her best pose. Sa Ra tells as she eats and laughs, then she naturally makes her mouth wide open when she laughs.

Then the PD asks Sa Ra to show another style, Sa Ra takes out a Style as she does Yudo, stance stance, takes a breath. The photographer immediately took a picture and everyone in the room was amazed to see a woman as beautiful as Sa Ra being able to do the Yudo exercise technique.

After finishing, Sa Ra calls Tae Hee about her grandmother

"I'm waiting for a review of the legality of detention for him. Did you do well?" ask Tae Hee back

"Of course. I'll tell you more later." explained Sa Ra

Tae Hee tellsSa Ra to do her job well, smiling face after hanging up the call from Sa Ra.

Employee Choi arrives while inhaling a sweet scent in front of his boss.

"Why do you smell sweet in the courthouse?" Tae Hee's comment

"That's what I want to know. Are you dating someone ahjumma?" asked employee Choi curiously.

Tae Hee is annoyed that her employees talk like that in the courthouse, her face panics when anyone hears. He confirmed that he was not dating. Employee Choi still thinks his boss is dating, but he wonders why he has to date an ahjumma.

"Hey..... I'm single....." Tae Hee shouted

Everyone immediately looked at the two of them, Employee Choi is now embarrassed that everyone is watching them. Tae Hee tells the employee to leave and continue his work.

"I want to review the legality of Park Man Duk's detention." Tae Hee clearly gave a piece of paper to the court clerk.

Tae Hee has already filled out the request form according to court procedure. The court clerk checked from his computer. He told Park Man Duk that he had requested a Detainee Legality Review but the court had refused. Tae Hee looks shocked and confused.

"If you want to make another review it's impossible." explained the court clerk.

"Who's the lawyer? From which law firm?" ask Tae Hee

The court clerk, looked at the data from his computer again, it was the lawyer appointed by Winner Group. Tae Hee is getting confused because her grandmother's company doesn't want to get her grandmother out of prison.

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Sa Ra just came out of the shooting room, she was asked to do a Touch Up in the locker room because they were going to have a shoot at the cafe. After that his eyes accidentally saw Kang Joon in the hallway. Kang Joon sees Sa Ra and walks over to her.

"I don't think you're just beautiful in my eyes." praised Kang Joon.

"Yeah... I'll be famous later." said Sa Ra with a smile

Then with a worried face, he asked Kang Joon how he was after he passed out that night. Kang Joon remembers that he was hit by someone from behind, then he asks where Sa Ra was at that night.

"I went to the bathroom and was worried because you disappeared. I went to look for you after I got a call, but it turned out that you had passed out." said Sa Ra lied.

Sa Ra feels scared at that time and asks who did all this. Kang Joon also doesn't know because he's trying to find out. Sa Ra felt that this incident should not happen again because she saw Kang Joon's condition which was very terrible.

Kang Joon seems touched, he holds Sa Ra's hand and says thank you.

Kang Joon was happy that Sa Ra was already worried about him, he kept stroking Sa Ra's hand with a smiling face. Sa Ra let Kang Joon hold her hand, her eyes glanced at Chae Yoon who was standing in front of the hallway with a scornful look.

"Your wife is here, Kang Joon." said Sa Ra. Kang Joon let go of Sa Ra dam's hand and saw Chae Yoon who was glaring at them both.

"I know we're separated. But we're still married and we're working. You teased Sa Ra in public," Chae Yoo cursed when they entered Kang Joon's room together.

He is now convinced by the people who commented that Kang Joon is an ongoing adulterer.

"I love...... Sara. This is the first time I've felt this way." admit Kang Joon.

"You never said that to me. But you could have said that to Sara." Chae Yoon cursed with bulging and teary eyes.

Kang Joon admits that Sa Ra is special in his eyes, when he is with him he feels comfortable. Chae Yoon's eyes widened and seemed to contain his anger.

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