Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 6 Part 2 English Subtitles

 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 6 Part 2

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 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 6 Part 2


After returning Geum Ran was chatting with Han Tae.

“Murderer, tamer… “Fate and destiny?” Truly! Gives me goosebumps. But... speaking of Gyo Chae Yun... today I feel satisfied. I made him angry with my words” said Geum Ran

"Ahjumma. Let's advance to the next level without stopping breathing. Now... After the viral vaccine is given,... this time, it's a psychological battle. We managed to give him the virus. This time it's a psychological battle. Scale up as a revenge process. Hit him even more. Make a mess at Lee Kang Joon's official show." said Han Tae.

At Geum Ran's mother's house. His mother is preparing another demonstration about the death of Geum RAN.

“You want another demonstration? HBS keeps kicking you out.” Kyung Joo said

“Today I want to go to the congress office. I have to find out how Geum Ran died.” RAN's mother said

Then there's a phone call to KyungJoo..

"Hello. Who's this?.,.."

"This is the woman who helped us at the wedding." Kyung Joo says to Geum Ran's mother

“That… that beautiful lady?

Then they met at a cafe.

Then Geum Ran held her mother's hand..

"What are you doing? Who are you?" kyungJoo said

"He saved us." Ran's mother replied

“Oh! I remember where I met you before. You came to Geum Ran's funeral." Ask Kyung Joo.

“Yeah.. There's something I want to show you. There are 2 things that need to be done in the publishing alert. Make a mess with this photo.” Geum Ran said giving a photo of him kissing Lee

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Then in Ada Chae and Lee's room.. Lee who was dressing up suddenly remembered Geum Ran's words that only he was suitable for Lee.. And Chae threw his lipstick..

"Chae Yun." Ask Lee

“You were in the park with Sara. Min Young saw you. With you like this,… should I go to the party?” said Chae

"We met by accident. We're just saying hello." Reply Lee

“Why does it remind me of when we were dating? We're dating behind your wife's back. I feel like Sa Geum Ran. What is this bad feeling?” Chae said

"You're too much." Lee said

"I can't go to the party." Chae said

"Okay. I will ignore him even if I accidentally run into him. Won't happen again. Okay?" said lee

“You know how important Director Han Min Hyuk is. You have to go to the party. Lee continued

Han Min's mother who was ready to carry out the party went to Han Min's room..

"Mother. You look beautiful." Han Min said

“I was waiting for this day. Min Hyuk. " said his mother

"Are you happy?" Ask Han Min

“How do I explain it in words? You're the only... descendant left in Winner Group. That old granny… won't be able to… do anything to you.” Han Min's mother said

SI grandmother who just got home immediately asked Son's assistant.. Han Min's mother..

“He went with Director Han at the publication event.” Answer the housekeeper

“Publication event? Any warnings I didn't recognize?" replied grandma..

And the party started.. many guests came..

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Of course there is Han Tae and Geum Ran..they hide behind the curtain and just watch.. Geumran's eyes only focus on Lee's movements like looking for an opportunity..

 Then came GEUM RAN's mother and KYUNG JOO looking for LEE..

“That's it,” said Kyung Joo.

"Kang Joon. How can you? Surprisingly you got married after what happened to Geum Ran. Now you have another woman?” Geum Ran's mother said

"Wow, you're an asshole. You should be in the Guinness Book. The Guinness Book of Affair.!” Kyun Joo said

"Let's talk outside" Lee invites his mother Geum Rankelaur..

But Kyung Joo stops him..

“Look at this and talk. 2 weeks before your wedding. Your lips might burn

from kissing too much. You're a playboy!" said Kyung Joo while revealing Lee's scandalous photo

"Be careful what you say" Chae replied defending Lee

“This is a trap. It's an edited photo. Get them out." Chae continued

"Mom, are you ready? Said Han Min who just came..

Then Geum turns on the Converti which contains a photo of him kissing Lee

Everyone was silent and Han Min who saw the photo was very angry with Lee and immediately left the room. But when he came out he saw his grandmother came full of anger..

“Now… you don't even need my permission? You asshole! How dare you?" while slapping Han Min..

" Let's go." Han Min said to his mother and ignored his grandmother

HanMin who was in his room was looking at Lee's scandalous photo.. and Lee entered..

"What's the matter... with you?" Han min asked

"I'm sorry.." said Lee

“Get out” said Han Min

And Lee came out

"You kissed Sara? How far are you from him?” Ask Chae

"That doesn't matter now!" while shouting Lee spoke..

And Chae left because he was annoyed..

Sara is still continuing her plan..she is playing Geum Ran's video before the operation in Lee's room..Lee was shocked and stood up..he wanted to turn it off but couldn't and instead it increased..he went out of the room..

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Han Min who was walking collided shoulder with sara..

"Security team?" ask Han Min

"Yes.."Said Sara..

"I've seen you before. You weren't dressed like this then." Ask Han Min

“Ah… I… have other work. I'm a chef." Sara said..

"You're beautiful.." HanMin said..

"Thank you.." replied Sara.

then Han Tae saw the two of them from behind..

"Han Min Hyuk?.." He said in his heart..

Then sara waved to Han Tae.. but the doctor was hiding.. then sara left Han Min..

Then Han Min.. returned to his room..

“Are there any women in our Security Division?” he asked the assistant

"No, almost nothing." Answer it

“Then, I will find it easily. I want to find someone. Bring me

list of female employees in the Security Division.” Han Min said

"Okay." Answer assistant

Apparently Han Min wants to find Sara.. I don't know what the plan is..

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 6 Part 2

 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 6 Part 2

“Chae Yun is Min Young's friend. They know first." His wife said..

Then suddenly Min Young came to deny..

"Mother. Father. I didn't do anything. Unni said it would be good if Chae Yun became our brother-in-law.” Min Young said..

And then came Jin Young

"Hey! Mother said so." Sayjin

"WHEN !!" her mother said..

You evil “girls. You killed Geum Ran!” said his father while yelling..

Then Chae came just got home..

"Father! We are innocent! Brother-in-law! Tell dad. Because of your affair, Father..." Jin Young said

His father came

“Chae Yun. Did you meet Kang Joon when Geum Ran was still around? Is it true?" Ask his father

“Anyway… it's all in the past. The problem is now. Kang Joon's ex-mother-in-law... come to the office!” Chae Yun said..

"Ch... Chae Yun.." his mother came trying to cover Chae's mouth..

“I heard you splashed water on him when he came here. That's why he was so angry and came to the office making threats. Kang Joon and I… are in serious trouble.” Chae said

“Geum Ran's mother came… and you poured water on her? Her daughter committed suicide because of her husband's infidelity. And you poured water on him?” asked his father to his wife

"Dear. I'll explain everything. I'll explain." replied his wife.

And Lee's father was furious and raging .. he almost slammed things ..

The night came, Lee, who came home, saw that his house was in disarray.. He immediately went to his room to meet Chae..

"Why isn't anyone home?" asked Lee.

“Mother and in-laws ran away. Father is after them..." Chae replied..

"What? What else is happening now? I'm asking you." Ask Lee emotional

"Do you have the right... to raise your voice at me?" Chae replied

"Calm down. Don't you know what happened at the office?" ask Lee

Chae Stands up and slaps Le Kang Joon

"All of this... your fault." Chae said.

Then Lee left the room..

"You already know? You already know!” asked his father again..

Sara and Han Tae listening on their bugs..

"How about it, ahjumma? The feeling of being an attractive mistress that flips over the in-laws' house." Han Tae asked

"Thrilling." replied Sara

“Want to know more?” asked Han

"What's that? He replied

“Everyone left the house except for Chae Yun. What will happen next?” ask Han again

"I don't know."SARA Says

"He'll be looking for you. How do you feel? "Han said

"I'm excited." replied Sara

“See, Ahjumma? You may not be happy or have another man... but you can still have fun. Therefore, don't give up and overeat.” Says Han Tae

LEE's mother and the young brothers who are hiding from their father are talking..

"What should we do? Your father won't let this go by. We can't do it again, especially since Geum Ran is dead." Says his mother

“How could that bastard Chae Yun bring that up?” Jin Young said

Her husband is still looking for them.. outside he is screaming.. JinYoung is planning to move his hiding place..and his mother thought of a jar...

At Sarah's house. There was Kang Joon who went to visit..

"Kang Joon" said SARA..

"Sarah. You told me to come whenever I was upset," said Lee

"Come in." Sara said..

But Kang Joon is surprised to see the mother and the Young brothers are at Sara's house too. Wkwkwkwkw Lee's mode failed.. :v

“Kang Joon, welcome.” Says his mother

"What happened?" ask Lee

"We were also evicted. We have nowhere else to go. Except for Sara's house." Her mother said.

While the others were asleep.. Lee approached Sara who was washing the dishes and Lee hugged Sara from behind... and said thank you.. Han TAE SEE IT FROM upstairs.. and it turns out Han Tae fell in love with Sara. He was jealous to see what happened..

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