Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 4 Part 2 English Subtitles

 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 4 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 4 Part 2

 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 4 Part 2

In the room there is GeumRan who is lying down because he fainted last night. He fainted after remembering the car that made him hurt.. the doctor was waiting for him to wake up from his fainting. He stays beside her until Geum wakes up. When Geum wakes up Han says.
"Ahjumma. You fainted"
Geum Ran tried to stand up but was restrained by Han..
"Where are you going? Now you can't move, Ahjumma."
“I want to go out to find a strong wind” said Geum
Then he stood up and left his room.. his face looked very pale.. walked down the street. I don't know where he will go. He walks with a blank stare..
And in front of Lee's house.. There's Geum Ran's mother and Kyung Joo talking about the form that Geum's mother brought. But suddenly Geum's mother was flooded with a basin of water by Lee's mother.
"What are you doing !" Kyung Joo said
“You don't see? oh right.. you can see if the water is also splashed at you. The children bring the water again," said Lee's mother
"Ready mom !" Min Young said as he left
“Fertility clinic?” Lee's mother said while grabbing the registration paper
"So you don't think this is suicide? What is this nonsense?" while tearing up the registration paper.
"Why did you tear it up? That's proof that Geum Ran didn't commit suicide. !” Kyung Joo said
"You !" Lee's mother slapping Kyung Joo
"What evidence ! my son is my religion!” Lee's mother said
But apparently there was GeumRan who saw their conversation.. Of course there was also Han Tae there. Geum Ran is sad to see her mother who defends Geum Ran desperately. Geum wants to go to his mother but is held back by Han Tae.
Then Lee kang joon came and his assistant helped GeumRan's mother to stand up. Lee just stared at him silently.

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 4 Part 2

 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 4 Part 2

“Clinic, butt! after all he's definitely metong! right, Kang Joon?" Lee's mother said
“I don't think Kyung Joo told your ex-in-law at all about you getting remarried. He could faint if he knew. It would be even worse if he found out you were cheating on me first.” Jin Young said
"That would be a huge scandal." Min Young said..
Then his father came and they were surprised and stood up.
"Who will pour the water in front of your house, HAH?" Lee's dad said
"What is it? Something happened?!” in a very loud tone his father spoke
"No, I'll clean it up. The neighbor gave me holy water but I dropped it.” Lee's mother said
Then Lee's mother ordered the Young brothers to clean the water in front of the house.
* How do you clean it? It's dry -_-
Then when Geum Ran returned to her mother's house Geum Ran was surprised because her mother was no longer there. His mother had been evicted. And his belongings were still left in front of the door of the house.. Geum Ran was surprised to hear that.
“Why was he kicked out?” Geum Ran asked
"Who do you think you are taking out all the stuff?" Hee Tae said
“You know the daughter-in-law, Lee Kang Joon? He bought this house a while ago. He's the owner. I'm the housemaid. Suddenly he told me to stay here for free” said the mother
Then the mother entered the house.. Geum Ran and Han Tae came back..
"Why did he kick my mother out?" said Geum
“I.. for being fat and stupid.. he killed me for being a burden. Why did my mother accept all this?” continued Geum..
“Ahjumma.. don't imitate me.. why are you acting like it's okay? Pretend that's my specialty." Han Tae said..
Geum Ran was crying there loudly..
And in another place, there is Lee and Han Min Hyeok.. that's the granddaughter of Winner group's grandmother whose mother killed her dog... just found out her name.. hehe
"You look nervous." Ask Lee
"No.. Nothing happened but I have a bad feeling these days." Han Min's answer
"Just a feeling.. but worrying right.. I'll tell you after I find out." Han Min continued
“Glad we ended early. Enjoy your last day without Chae Yun. Hah? Of course.
Who am I worried about? This is your second marriage, maybe. you have more
relationship than me Right?” still said Han Min...
"If someone else heard, people could think I was a playboy." Reply Lee
"Kang Joon. You really are a playboy.” Han Min said as he left and chuckled

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 4 Part 2

 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 4 Part 2

Then Lee called sara.. then he went to nsara's house at night while carrying flowers.. but when Lee got there the door opened and Lee went in looking for Sara..

"You were waiting for me? The door is open.." said Lee

“Get out..” said Geum Ran

“Sara.” Lee felt strange.

"Get out.. didn't you hear me say get out?" replied Geum

"Okay, I won't see you again." Lee said

Then Lee left the house and called Chae Yun to be together tonight.. That's how it is, Lee.. -_-

"Why? Even if I don't suspect anything. The day I die. I met my husband.." said Geum

Then the flashback happened.

"You want to meet the reporters?" Lee said

"Yes! I will tell everything that you and Gyo Chae are having an affair! I will tell them you cheated on me..” Geum replied

"We argued. He must be.. following me.. When I think back. A car passed me at high speed. That's my husband.. he decided to kill me”

So guys, how to kill Lee, he turned off his car lights and followed Geum Ran.. he kept going until the turn near the ravine. Lee drove in the opposite lane with Geum Ran waiting for Geum Ran to get close enough then turning on his car headlights. Kan glare.. then Geum Ran glared and the car plunged into the abyss..

"I.. blind.. deaf.. and also mute.. My love is so stupid .." Geum Ran said..

Han Tae just listens and stays near Geum Ran...

Then Lee and Chae Yun went to the sea..

"You're curious right? Why are we here?" ask Chae Yun

"Kang Joon.. I know you're attracted to Sara. I'm not panicking. Know why?.." continued Chae

"I saw you here that night. The night your wife died. I saw you and your ex-wife arguing. I was afraid she would do something. That's why I followed him. Do not worry. I also feel the same. Understood kang joon? We were made to be together.” Still said Chae

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 4 Part 2

 Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 4 Part 2

Then the next day there was Geum Ran's mother who was silent using the words and pictures on her body, "HBS CEO my son-in-law." In front of Winner group.. then Chae who saw it immediately reported to Lee.

Soon his subordinates came to tell him that Han Min wanted to meet him.

After Lee came to the room suddenly Han Min threw the paper in his hand down..

"Why?" ask Lee

"Kang Joon. It's an emergency.." Han min answered

Lee also took the thrown paper. And it turns out that it's a newspaper... :v it says "I'm looking for Dong Geul".

“The Old Lady was cornered. He wants to find his grandson.." said Han Min

"Isn't his grandson dead?" Le said

"He wants to raise the dead. And bequeath Winner group to him.. which means it won't bequeath to me.” Han Min replied

Then LEE left the room and went to the roof.. and was followed by Chae Yun

“I told the clerk to expel Geum Ran's mother. But I think he will come back” Chae YUN said

"Why now?" Reply Lee

"Overcome one by one. We have to revise our plans. There will be problems if news of the protest gets known. Let's just move on with the marriage. We do it without announcing it” said Chae

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At Geum Ran's house.. Han Tae makes food for her..

"Eat," said Han Tae

“Ahjumma if you continue like this you could die…the situation is getting worse. Chae Yun is in danger..I'll tell you what Lee Kang Joon is really like. I will protect Chae Yun” continued Han Tae

Then he got a call from Ji Hoon..

“Emergency wedding?” Han Tae said.

Moving to Lee Dan Chae's wedding venue..

"Truly. How did they know that.." LEE's mother said

"Oh, what a mess.." Min Young said

"I also want to marry .." said Jin Young

"I really want to get married too! point !" Min Young replied

Then Lee and Chae Yun came from the car..

Han Tae and Geum Ran watched from afar..

Then the words begin to appear before they finish...

“We are born innocent..but someday..some become evil. Evil.. turns good people into monsters.. but I want to believe.. at the end, good will win”

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