Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 3 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 3 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 3 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 3 Part 2

There was a meeting with some people as shown in the picture. There were some conversations about their business.. after some conversations passed. maybe because that person is not able to do his job well. he was beaten by his superiors. And he left.. he was the director.. then Chae came waving from the car...

Elsewhere, Geum Ran is getting dressed.. then the doctor comes with a lipstick...

"Fire red" while giving Geum Lipstick...

“In psychology, the bright color red is known to increase a man's attraction. That's why women wear red lipstick. If you wear this lipstick, Lee Kang Joon will kiss you" said the doctor...

"How about it, doctor? Do you want to kiss me?” said An Geum while showing off her lips and teasing the doctor...

The doctor looks so eager to kiss .. wants to kiss Geum Ran .. but what the heart refuses .. :v and the doctor yell at Geum Ran instead...


Geum Ran was surprised.

"Am I not beautiful?" ask her

"Beautiful !" answer doctor

"But why are you angry?" ask geum

“Because... because we're already late!!. I'm angry because I'm frustrated. Hurry up” The reason the doctor gave to Geum...

Geum Ran nodded and continued her makeup...

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 3 Part 2


Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 3 Part 2

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"You can't? We must both decide the menu for the wedding reception. You don't have anything else to do besides rowing." Chae Yun said while driving

"Suddenly there is an appointment," replied Lee

"Then just cancel the promise," Chae answered with a smile...

"I could be late. Just postpone the order." Lee replied casually

“A few days ago I saw you with Sara. Am I overly sensitive? Bringing it up now? but I'm curious" asked Chae

Lee just kept quiet and didn't answer Chae's question... Chae looked very sad. after arriving somewhere... Go Chae called Sara. To invite him to meet

"I will look at him," said Geum Ran while remembering the past when he first met Chae .. when he was still fat .. maybe this is called karma ,, :3

 But at the restaurant, Geum Ran made strange movements that made the other diners laugh... and finally, Gyo Chae came.

“There was once a woman named Sa Geum Ran,” Go said

“Sa Geum Ran? why all of a sudden? Sa geum Ran? Uh no.. who is Sa Geum Ran?” Sara replied nervously

“Kang Joon's ex-wife. He committed suicide... his funeral was carried out without a body. The story ends badly... Kang Joon left his wife who took care of his family for me. We are not an ordinary couple. Who are you, Sarah? Someone he flirts with? One night love? Anything right? the conclusion is clear”. Chae said clearly.

Suddenly Geum Ran took his cellphone.. but Chae said...

"It's a text from Kang Joon. He canceled your date.. you don't need to read it.. then excuse me.” While standing up and leaving the Cafe

Sa geum Ran is just daydreaming... I think this is Sa Geum Ran's 2nd loss.. is it not?

Then Chae who just came out got a call from someone saying TAE Hee Oppa came and

Chae looks happy and rushes home.

“Jee Hoon where is the rat? I will catch him.” Tae Hee While running into the house...

"EH. Chae Yun.." while shocked...

“Tae Hee.. you're being too much. Disappeared for 3 months…” said Chae

"Oh, Kang Joon. Introducing this Han Tae. We've been together since we were kids."

"I've heard a lot about you. you are like family to him” said Lee

"Have you heard of God's Restaurant? That's Tae HEE's company," said Chae

After a few conversations, Tae's younger brother came. And then Kang Joon and Tae Hee shook hands. And Tae Hee was gone...

Then the Doctor calls Geum Ran to go see him. They both talk about the rottenness of their respective partners.. the doctor says we have to unite.. and make a plan.. the doctor has a suggestion to make Geum date Lee again. get closer to Lee and turn things around...

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 3 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 3 Part 2

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And night came... Sara invited Lee Kang Joon to her house to hunt mice. But after arriving home, all they did was tease Kang Joon with skimpy clothes. And drink...

“I have to ask based on your clothes. Is there really a mouse in the house?” asked Lee

“No, I want to meet you” Geum replied with a smile

"You dressed like this on purpose so I could see it?" asked Lee

Geum just nods sweetly...

Then Lee invites Geum to go see the sea.

In the car, he remembers what happened to him, because this is the road he was on when he was in a car accident.

The next day Lee's father organizes a charity event. And called his son because his wife had not come yet. And the lack of manpower.. but it turns out that his wife is busy dressing and there is no plan to help her husband...

"Unfortunately I can't answer because of Constipation." Answer his wife

“QUICK COMING HERE!!” said her husband while snapping into the phone

His son just laughed...

And in another place, there are Lee and Geum who are on the beach. They sit in the car.

"Are you okay? You said you had memories with your first love here. I want to show you a good steering lane. Too bad. Was there a big accident??” ask Lee

"Yes". Answer Geum

"I think you did have a serious accident." Reply Lee

They went to a hotel.

"Of all the women I've seen. You're the most beautiful." Lee said

And Lee lit a candle. But when she saw the fire, Sara thought back to the accident that happened to her. And he also looks like a scared person.

"What are you doing?" said Lee, holding Sara's forehead.

"I think you're sick. I'll take some medicine" Lee left the room

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 3 Part 2

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And the doctor laughed.

And back again to tell Lee and Sara...

"SARA I brought medicine.." said Lee

But Sara had left the room. Lee just stays silent...

Moving on to the story...

The mother of the owner of the Winner group was annoyed because she was scolded by the grandmother for not feeding her pet dog.. she messed up the painting she had made. And then his son came in...

"Mom what if grandma hears you?"

“He still calls me Son's assistant despite being his son-in-law for so long! He has a dog and I have to feed him! Dog. Feed the dog! That's what he always said to me. Evil old granny," he said annoyed.

"As long as you can survive. How come?" Ask her son

“If the stock win meeting goes according to plan, the winner group will be ours.” The child continued.

“Because the time is not long, every day is driving me crazy. I feel like throwing up every time I hear that old granny's voice." Her mother said

“When we take over the company, I will repay your mother's suffering. I'll let mom handle that old granny. Be careful until the shareholders' meeting." Answer his son

Looks like the child and the mother made a coalition... Hmmm as expected...

The grandmother who looked at the photo said, "My precious granddaughter, why did you leave me so soon? If you are still alive Winner Group will be yours. I have to die to see your face" while crying the grandmother said... And it turned out to be Tae who was still small...

Elsewhere Tae uses his motorbike to go to Winner Group's Office. And silent in front of the office.

Somewhere else. Lee called Sara because she wasn't in the room but Sara's phone was off. And Lee threw his cellphone on the bed...

And it turns out that Sara went to visit Lee Jung Shik's house.. which is none other than Lee's house...

But he was told that they were having a charity event and Sara went there...

When his father-in-law struggles to lift the pot. Sara helped lift him. And Lee's parents were thrilled that Sara had come to help.

Sara gave Lee's dad a drink and had a little chat...

“I don't understand why people complain they are tired of doing charity work. Charity fills your own heart. Do you understand Sara?" Lee's dad said

"Yes, I understand... I like to help others... I feel like a useful person." Say Geum Ran

“Oh! Unusual things that beautiful women say. First time I've heard since my daughter-in-law." Reply to Lee's father

“Sir representative, since you offended him, I heard he committed suicide. I heard it from the employees .. " replied Geum Ran.

"Yeah right.. he fell into the sea. Not a pleasant topic." Lee's dad said

"I heard his body was not found..."

“The waves are so strong. The car was also destroyed. It's terrible."

"There was an accident but nobody was found. Why do you think it's suicide? Is it not certain yet?”

"There is a will..." Lee's father

"What is it?" Geum asked...

“My son-in-law left a will.”


And Geum Ran is also called the Doctor. Ask him where he is. But the doctor even asked back.

"Ahjumma. Did you have fun tonight?

"Let's meet soon!" Geum said to the doctor...

Lee tried to call again but still couldn't get through.

"Actually what happened," Lee said talking to himself

And the flashback happened.. the flashback told about how Geum Ran's car fell into the river.. it turned out. Geum Ran was followed by Lee from behind until he fell into the abyss.

And she said "there are only bad memories here"

The doctor who met with Geum Ran.. chatted about the will...

"I think there's something behind my death, Doctor," Geum said

“Is there something behind your death? What?"

“Scary conspiracy..”


And there are words before this episode 3 ends.. here it is...

"When people want to achieve happiness. They have bad feelings. They hope that bad feelings are wrong. Unfortunately, bad feelings are always right.." Continued episode 4, tomorrow night, God willing.

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