Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 6 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 6 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 6 Part 1

 birthday." Ask Geum
“But… why are you training all of a sudden? You are okay?" ask her again..
"Get out of the way..." said Han Tae..
“This woman is a fake. Be aware." Say Han in the Heart..
"Doctor. Eat some protein before another run.” While giving the supplies he brought
"She looks beautiful again. Don't laugh, you evil temptation." Answer in Han's Heart
"You're pale. Let your sweat ooze." Geum Ran said with a smile.
"Get out of the way! There! There! Go away." Han replied while nervous.. hahahaha
And Geumpun left after giving the doctor encouragement..
After nightfall. The doctor came home. And he said he would leave Geum Ran, Go home while he sleeps. And leave before he wakes up
"Before making Lee Kang Joon go to prison, I won't talk to him." He said as he entered the house.
But when he entered Han Tae's house, he was surprised to see Geum Ran eating in the room with the telescope.. the doctor approached..
"What are you doing? It's past 11 o'clock. Why are you eating this? Ahjumma, you don't even practice anymore. You can gain weight. Did you eat diet pills?” ask Han
"There's nothing I can take care of after my husband turned like that. I just need revenge. I can get fat again.” Geum Ran replied
“Ahjumma, you don't know how you got this body? I designed it from head to toe. Eyes, nose, lips, buttocks, chest, waist, navel. Everything is full of my consideration and perspective.” Han said while a little annoyed..
"Forgive me. But… now it has nothing to do with you anymore.” Reply to Geum Ran
"Ahjumma. You don't care about yourself? You can live happily with another man. " said Han Then then left .. but he muttered to himself and then came back again.
"Ahjumma. Let me ask you 1 thing. Suppose you just want revenge without any hope of being happy with another man. After all you want revenge. You want to do it like a loser? You don't want to be a legend in revenge?” Ask Han
“The legend of revenge, Monte Cristo once said. -Revenge is like a mirror.- Revenge in the same way. Don't let them divorce normally. The murdered ex-wife becomes an attractive mistress. Then get them divorced. How?" Say han..

"Doctor. Give me diet pills. I want to practice before bed. You go to sleep first." UcAP Geum Ran

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 6 Part 1


It opened with Han Tae who was exercising.. then came Geum Ran..

"Doctor. The restaurant staff kept calling. Asking why you didn't come on the restaurant's Then Geum Ran started her practice. And the doctor watched him while eating from behind..

“He is just a tool to get Chae Yun. Why do I keep paying attention to him? This irrational behavior is not befitting of a genius.” Talking to myself..

The doctor occasionally pays attention to Geum RAN..

Geum Ran returns to see Lee's house using a telescope..

“The murdered ex-wife made an attractive mistress. Then get them divorced." The words ringing in Geum Ran's head..

At the office there is Lee Kang Joon who is confused about fixing the lost data. Then his assistant said that his wife called again.

"Tell him I can't go home." Lee said


"Overtime again? He can't answer the phone?" Chae said on the phone

"I'm sorry, madam." Assistant Lee said

Then Geum Ran hung up the phone..

Lee's mother came over to Chae..

"Son. Kang Joon can't go home today too? "

"It's been 3 days." Reply Chae..

“We are at home comfortably. Our Kang Joon is busy. That's why being a woman is fun. Right, Chae Yun?” Ask her mother

"I want to rest, Mother." Answer Chae

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And another hit by Geum Ran who came to the HBS office.

"HBS. The place where my husband had an affair with Gyo Chae Yun. adultery." Geum said in front of the office..

In this segment there is a funny segment.. When Geum Ran looks in the mirror in Han Min's car window.. even though there is Han Min in the car. Taoi HanMin just silently watched and smiled to himself. Then Geum Ran changed his expression.. from angry to laughing and sad.. Han Min kept looking at him.. Then when Geum Ran left.. Hyan Minbaru opened the window of his car.. hahaha tensed up.....

When GeumRan came in. As usual he was in the spotlight of the crowd.. he asked to be escorted to Lee Kang Joon's room..

"Are you crazy? How dare you come here?” Lee said

"How are you?" ask Geum

"Let's talk." Lee said

"Okay. Let's go to your office. I've brought a vaccine that can fix your computer." Answer Geum

"Vaccine? Where did you get it from?” Ask Lee

“One of the customers of the restaurant I work for, a computer expert. Let's... treat the virus together. Kang Joon." Answer Geum

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 6 Part 1

At the Lee House there are the Young brothers sleeping and a table full of their food waste.

“Brother-in-law… get up and clean up.” Chae Yun said..

“They are busy working because of the opening of Sara's restaurant. Let it be. Can you make some celery juice for me?” Her mother answered as she approached Chae.

“Celery juice?” Ask her

"Yes. Why?" replied his mother

"Okay.." Chae while leaving

After arriving in the kitchen.. Chae was surprised to see so many dishes.. then Lee's mother came..

“Chae Yun. Also wash the dishes while you're making them. Your father-in-law will be home at 5:30. Prepare dinner. Let's see your cooking skills. Don't make white rice. Mix it with wheat or lotus leaf... Lee's mother said and left..

Chae just sighed.. that's how it is, Lee's family..

  Go back to Lee's office. There was Geum Ran who made lunch for Lee.

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"Are you kidding?" Ask Lee

“Between men and women… there are usually problems. Kang Joon... have you ever... experienced it? Kang Joon… I want to be your woman.” Say Geum OUTSTANDING..

"I'm a married man." Lee said

"Of course I know. But still… I want to see you again.” Answer Geum..

“Even though… you're my secret woman… is it alright?” Ask Lee

“If you ask… it's because I love you. I will be waiting for you. Come to me anytime.."

Then that night Chae came to Lee's office

"Kang Joon. I came to see you. Your cell phone battery is dead?” they talk on the phone..

Then SARA passed and hit Chae's shoulder..

"Why are you here? Who do you think you are? How dare you come here?” Chae said

“I brought the vaccine to fix the virus. Because Kang Joon needs it. Of course,... that's just an excuse. Actually,… I want to meet… Kang Joon.” Geum said

“Since the two of you had a relationship before marriage,… why are you still acting like this? Now he's a married man." Answer Chae

"Isn't this fair? Gyo Chae Yun... You teased Kang Joon when he was married. There are comments in the Change bulletin. That you guys... had an affair. You did it yourself. Why can't I?" Reply GEUM

Then Geum flashback when she chatted with Chae at a cafe before plastic surgery

"Then break up with my husband. End it all with him. You are young and beautiful. It doesn't have to be with my husband. He's the only one for me. For me, he is my first and last love. He's my whole life."

"At that time I begged.. now it's your turn.." said Geum

“What right do you have though? What's your real goal? What do you want?" Ask Chae

“I will… get you a divorce. In 3 weeks. Just like you got rid of his first wife. This time… I will get rid of you.” Geum said..

“I'm more… compatible with Kang Joon… than you. In that case." Geum said while leaving

But was restrained by Chae

"Wait. So... you're taking revenge for Sa Geum Ran? You know him?" Chae said.

“Basically… I'm nosy. I accidentally found out the situation. It pissed me off. I joined the first wife's club... and ended up getting involved. Of course,... the main reason... I like Kang Joon.

Then Geum left but was arrested a second time by Chae. Geum forcibly released his hand and Chae finally fell..

"You haven't been home in days. Eat home cooking. I also brought a shirt for you.” Geum said

"Sarah. Why are you doing this?” Ask Lee

“Kang Joon… I want to see you again.” Answer Geum

And at Han Tae's grandmother's place. The grandmother was looking at the newspaper that said she was looking for her grandson, Dong Geul. When the grandmother talked to her assistant.. Han Min's mother listened to their conversation.. and there was also Han Min..

In Lee's room.. There is Chae who is fighting with Lee and Geu listens with a bug

“Why are you avoiding me? We're talking about Sara. He taunts me about the first wife club and stuff. He even pushed me. How can I stop?” Kta Chae

"Nothing happened unless he gave me the vaccine. Stop it, I'm tired." Reply Lee

"If you're tired,... what should I do?" Ask Chae

"I want to get some wind." Lee replied while leaving

"Kang Joon." Chae calls

Geum, who heard that Lee was looking for air, went out too.. so they met in a park and chatted.

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