Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitles

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 1 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 1 Part 1 

The drama begins in the morning on a large TV screen in a city there is news that tells about a trend that is currently entering has just spread and is called the plastic surgery wave, about a plastic surgery wave because of the many Asian countries that come. to Korea for plastic surgery. Because of this wave, plastic surgery doctors chose 100 women through a survey as representatives of facial beauty in Asia. The selection was not only chosen from a very beautiful face but also about a mysterious aura and character. not long ago there was a taxi there was a very beautiful girl sitting quietly in the passenger seat while looking to the right and left doing back and forth,

“Wow, there are already a lot of shops here. There have been a lot of changes” said the woman in a very happy tone. "Are you coming from America? You look different," replied the taxi driver, smiling at the girl. “Yes, I work at an ABC TV station in America. And I came back after HBS was founded” replied the girl “Manager may I stop here? I'm going for a walk. I'll see you later at the show." Said the girl to her manager who was sitting in front of the driver who was working...:v

The girl got out of the taxi and walked down the sidewalk. Thousands of people's eyes in that place were fixed on her beautiful figure. Even the beautiful girl was followed by several people with various professions: Soldiers, painters, office people, factories, etc. But the girl continued to walk and did not really care about the stares of those who were watching her. Until finally he stopped at a coffee shop. And suddenly there was a middle-aged man who suddenly came up to him and sat in front of him.

“Miss, are you a celebrity artist?” asked the man
"Recently, I started a new program on HBS." While smiling coquettishly the girl answered
"I've never seen a face like yours before," said the man
"I?" asked the girl smiling happily. “Not long ago, I started a new program on HBS.
“Like Cleopatra, Seo Shi, and Hwang Jin Hee. You have the face of rare beauty in hundreds of years.” After sighing.. the man continued his words.
“But strange, Like General Lee Soon Shin and Kim Jwa Jin, you also have the face of a general.”
"Beauty, the face of a general?" asked the girl feeling strange“Not a normal face. But the face of a general to save the country. Soon the country will pay attention to you." The man replied, pointing at the girl's face.

But there is a problem, her being too kind will be a problem, she says men are after her for sure because she is beautiful, but the problem is she is involved with the wrong guy. The man gave the warning to be careful with his nature and beware of bad men. If he can be careful with those 2 things he will achieve great things...

The girl just smiled, and after a few questions and answers, the girl went to the shopping mall to buy underwear. But while she was trying on the underwear a man peeked at her and entered the dressing room. The unknown man approached and stroked the girl's hair and said "I got you". But the girl threw the clothes in her hands at the guy's face and went outside wearing only underwear. *ajiiiibbbbbb :v
The guy is still chasing the girl and some of the servants don't dare to stop the guy because the waiter is just a girl yesterday afternoon .. :3 the guy still approached the girl and held the girl's hand but the girl slammed the guy's body on the floor and the girl couldn't believe she was the one who does it “did I do it??” while rejoicing. Soon the officers came to arrest the man.

The gadsi was asked to wait a while by the fishermen. I don't know why. Maybe because of what happened. many people were talking about the program being broadcast on the television in front of them. Sigadis also stood up and wanted to know what was going on.
"What's that?." Ask the girl
"Change .." replied the woman in front of him
“Oh... That physical changing event... I know..?? with a cheerful tone the girl answered
"This is fun to look at." the woman pointed at the television
The woman immediately reflexively looked at the TV .. but she clearly looked confused. He mumbled to himself, "I think I've seen it before.

the girl watching the show "change"

the girl watching the show "change"

And the flashback happened.. this flashback tells of a fat woman like in the drama picture...
*BTW This is my favorite scan...hehe
There was a conversation between the big woman and the fishmonger.
"I should have bought a female for an offering, this one looks male," said the girl
"Just split it then. You'll know if it's a male or a female." replied the merchant
"May I?" asked the girl.. then they both laughed and the girl took the fish from the bucket under it...
He lifted the fish up to his chest. "Oh my gosh".. he said .. because the fish he was holding couldn't stop still and kept moving. And the girl fell into a bucket filled with eels, all her clothes were almost wet. "I'm okay," she said with a shy smile. She wanted to be skinny. Why? Because he has a hard time controlling his body and there are other reasons too...

He stopped the oncoming bus and got on after the beautiful girl in front of him got on. He stood among the passengers who were sitting. The fishy smell from his body was smelled by other passengers. The person sitting below him immediately looked away. The bus was going .. but because there was a car that followed from the side suddenly. The bus stopped suddenly and the fat woman rolled over until her luggage fell apart. But when he saw the beautiful girl who was guarded against falling by the men around her. 

He was surprised. Maybe that was the reason she wanted to be slim… but after a while, she stood up the bus made a sharp turn. And he fell again. And there is no one to help him and he knows that they won't help him, it's better for them to laugh at him, be ridiculed.. than be pitied.. .. sorry for being racist like that.

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He arrived at his house and saw his brother was eating together. And because he didn't want to be fat, his brother gave the food to Geum Ran (a big and fat girl). And he also ate the leftover food from his brother. While eating he saw a photo of someone in front of him. She says the only beautiful gift she says is her appetite. And now Geum Ran wants to refuse that gift…she wants to be skinny like the beginning...

Back to the beautiful girl whose name is still unknown. He chatted with the people around him talking about Geum Ran which was being broadcast on TV. But soon he was called by 2 people in neat suits and said he heard there was an accident and the girl asked: "What happened to that man".
"Don't worry, he has been handed over to the police." Answer the person in a neat suit...
And they asked the girl to leave, even though she still wanted to see the broadcast of the “change” program. 

But a woman said that she could see the rebroadcast of the program. And the girl smiled. When he got home he told his jump at home about the person who targeted him at the shop earlier. He said his eyes were like prey. So scary... He told his ahjum to lock the window before leaving and closed the curtains. And change the door code with a new one

He turned on his TV and watched the "change" show that had been delayed earlier. On television, Geun Ran appears doing a recording intended for her husband. About the dress, she's wearing and the hair clip. He says to make it yourself. And then apologized for not making a video yesterday because I was busy with my great-grandfather's rituals.
After a few minutes of talking to the camera, her sister-in-law looked through the doorway and laughed at Geum Ran.
"Younger sister-in-law..?" said Geun who was surprised.
"Just go ahead, brother-in-law." Answer sister-in-law 1 and then continued by sister-in-law 2.
"nice to be watching. just continue" while laughing they left.
"She's dressed up with flowers in her hair, is she crazy?". Said his sister-in-law talking outside the room, laughing out loud.
Geun Ran felt sick and her cheerful face turned into a frown. And then his grandmother came to invite him to eat rice cakes. "I want to be skinny" in Geum Ran's heart...

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"I understand, I hope ahjumma wins the change and gets surgery, she should live happily with her husband." The girl talking to herself in front of the TV...
"Okay, I'll read the result, that change episode 45. the winner of all body changes. Is.." the voice from the TV...
"And the winner of an episode is...change episode 45 is...Lee So Hee."
"What! how did he lose... It killed him twice!” replied the girl in front of the TV who was annoyed...
 He who feels sad decides to help Geum Ran. And he called the producer from change and complained about the winning results from the change program...

But the girl is surprised to hear that Geum Ran doesn't want surgery. The tv producer said he couldn't tell the details and he could read it on the show's website.
He also rushed to open the website and read the email that was there. The email tells about Geum Ran. And his friend why he sent that email he told him why he wrote the story about Geum Ran because he was so upset.
Flashback again lurker...
"Why are you answering my husband's phone? Are you in America?” answer Geum Ran on the phone
"Seoul? My husband is also in Seoul??" he was surprised to hear that
"She returns??"
"He didn't come home? Where? my husband..”

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And she also went to meet her husband she called her husband he said he was coming and whether his husband was here. But when he saw the messy table and clothes lying on the bed. It turns out that her husband is here." What happened?" he said with a sad face. But a male voice called "Kang Joon" many times. And Geum Rampun went to hide in the wardrobe and she saw her husband with another woman on the bed in front of the wardrobe where she was hiding. Turns out her husband was having an affair. Geum Ran was crying in the cupboard. And decided to go meet her husband's mistress.

"I don't want to hurt you, Unni," said the woman
“Unni? Hurt?” Reply to Geum Ran
"I was wondering what to call you. 'you' sounds rude and 'hey' sounds confrontational." After sighing he continued his words

"I know whatever I say won't cheer you up, but I'm worried about the details, I think it's regrettable."
"About what?" Geum Ran held back her tears
"Everything" he quickly answered.
"Well then, break up with my husband. End it all... I waited for 7 years while taking care of my in-laws" after gulping his saliva he continued his words
“You are young and beautiful, Gyo Chae Yeon. It doesn't have to be with my husband. I can't live without it, every day I think about it. For me.. my husband is my first and last love.. he is my whole life.”

"If I broke up with him, do you think you two would still get married?" asked the woman
"Why not? We're married" Geum Ran replied still holding back her tears
“At first, I felt bad for you, Unni… after meeting you. Now I feel sad for him."
"What do you mean". Geum Ran asked surprised.

"I knew he was normal when you married him. I knew he was able to study abroad thanks to your support. Kang Joon also thanked him. However... everything has changed since America. He was successful at Newsweek after succeeding in the newspaper.. he was formally invited to be the CEO of HBS. Do you think you guys are acid-friendly?” After a few seconds of silence, he continued his sentence
"Have you... ever looked in the mirror?

Geum Ran just held back her tears and pretended to be strong, not long after that the woman left, leaving Geum Ran alone at the table...
Geum Ran looked very annoyed. The feelings may be mixed like.. ah, I forgot to look forward to part 2, bro...:v...

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