Super Typhoon Chanthu Approaches Philippines-Taiwan, Races Big Waves

Typhoon Illustration

Typhoon Illustration

Netgenz - Politic International | Super Typhoon Chanthu, which was created rapidly in the last 48 hours, was sent from the Philippines to Taiwan. The typhoon risks triggering storms, heavy rain, and high waves of up to 10 meters. in the next few days. Currently, Chanthu is moving about 580 km from southeastern Taiwan with winds reaching 234 km on Friday (10/9) morning. At that time, the Philippine Weather Service said the typhoon was predicted to hit the northeastern side of the country on Friday evening local time.

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The body warned that typhoon Chanthu was likely to wreak havoc on Santan Ana town and isolated areas in the eastern part of the Babuyan Archipelago. Winds from the typhoon are said to cause high waves ranging from 2.5 to 10 meters. Cagayan Info Officer, Rogelio Sending, explained that the regional governor in the Philippines has given instructions for employees in the government and private sector to always stay at home, except for some employees in the fundamental field. High-ranking officials have urged the public to fortify their homes so that they are less affected by the typhoon.

Some factions predict Typhoon Chanthu will continue to swing northeast and batter Taiwan throughout the weekend. "(The typhoon) will approach Taiwan on Saturday and Sunday. People should be aware of hurricanes and heavy rains," said Taiwan weather forecaster Hsu Chung-Yi as quoted by AFP. Meteorologists said they were amazed by the transition from Cyclone Chanthu, which became stronger than when it first hit Guam and the Philippines, earlier this week.

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"Chanthu is different from being in the low group to the same typhoon as group 5 in 48 hours," Sam Lilo, a researcher at the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said on Twitter. Lilo explains that there have only been five other hurricanes during this era, which differed so rapidly. In just a period of 2 days, Chanthu's wind speed differed from 30 miles per hour to 160 miles per hour. Super typhoons are also known as group five hurricanes in the United States. Earth generally experiences about five storms of such strength each year.

Researchers have long warned that Cyclone Chanthu will become stronger rapidly as temperatures on Earth become warmer as a result of climate change. "This week, Super Typhoon Chanthu presented another example of the problem of how fast storms can be strong," notes NASA at the Earth Observatory. The Hong Kong Observatory's forecast classed Chanthu as a severe typhoon at the end of last week, as it approaches Taiwan's southeast coast.

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Taiwan is regularly hit by tropical storms in the summer months. However, last year, for the first time in 56 years, not a single typhoon hit Taiwan. The natural event helped spur the worst drought in recent decades in Taiwan before finally, heavy rains lashed the area sometime yesterday.

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