Steps to Use Care for Protect at the Station and STRP Commuterline

Steps to use the Pedulilindungi program at stations and travel requirements using the commuter line

Steps to use the Pedulilindungi program at stations and travel requirements using the commuter line

NetgenzTechnology | Commuter line users can now use the Pedulilindungi program to use electric train services. Through the official Twitter account @commuterLine, the PeduliLindung program experiment as a requirement for using the mass transportation model has been running at 11 stations since Monday (6/9). One of them is Depok Station, Pasar Minggu, East Bekasi, Serpong, Jurangmangu, Jakarta Kota, Juanda, Sudirman, Palmerah, Kebayoran and Manggarai. "And gradually increasing," as noted in the official account @commuterLine, Monday (6/9).

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Even though they have used Pedulilindungi, Communterline users are still required to show their SRTP and other supporting documents. "The SE of the Ministry of Transportation Number 58 of 2021 is still valid. All travel document requirements such as STRP/employment letter from the company/information letter from local government or other documents are the same according to the provisions, they must still be brought and shown by the user."

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Previously, the Covid-19 Overcoming Work Unit (Task Unit) took the determination of the Work Registration Certificate (STRP) as a travel requirement, one of which was using the Commuter Line. Thus, the task force replaced it with the PeduliLindung program. Each transportation model operator is required to use this program to check the results of the RT PCR test or the community's rapid antigen test that shows negative results, and show whether the community has been vaccinated.

The following are ways to use the PeduliLindung program which is being carried out at 11 Commuter Line stations, as one of the requirements for using mass transportation.

First, Scan the Barcode

When entering a station that applies the PeduliLindung program experiment, prospective passengers are advised to scan the QR code at the station via their respective devices. To do barcode scanning, program users just open the PeduliLindung program and select the 'Scan QR Code' feature located on a special page.

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After the feature is opened, the program automatically asks the user to place the cellphone on the barcode that is already at the station entrance. Thus, some prospective passengers can check-in at that location so that their trips using the Commuter Line can be seen by the PeduliLindung program.

No Need to Check Out

The 'check out' feature in the PeduliLindung program is generally decided after the residents have visited one place. Like for example when you visit a shopping center or mall in Jakarta. However, KAI Commuter explained that now the check-out feature does not need to be implemented when several passengers have arrived at the destination station. "Users are advised to scan the QR code at the station via cellphone to check-in and at the direction station there is no need to check out," he said.

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That way some passengers don't have to re-open the PeduliLindung program when they arrive at the final Commuter Line station, to check out. For users who do not have the PeduliLindung program, they can pick it up at the official software store on their respective mobile phones, be it the AppStore or PlayStore.

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