Steps to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Being Known

Steps to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Being Known

Steps to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Being Known

NetgenzTechnology | The blue tick is a feature that WhatsApp makes as a sign that the message can be read. This feature is considered important for some people. While the majority of others view the blue tick as disturbing privacy. Here are the steps to read WhatsApp messages without being caught. The tick mark on WhatsApp has several meanings. One tick on WhatsApp indicates the message has been sent to the direction number, but the message is not received or received by the direction number. Generally, this is due to the state of your internet connection or your WhatsApp number has been locked.

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At that time, two gray ticks indicated that the message was successfully sent or delivered to the receiving phone, but could not be read. However, it doesn't always mean that two gray ticks indicate that the message can't be read, if the feature to hide the tick is active, the checkbox remains gray once the message has been read. While the two blue ticks indicate the message has been received and has been read.

Steps to hide the two blue ticks on WhatsApp

Reading WhatsApp messages without being caught can be done by hiding the two blue ticks. The trick is not difficult, you can do it from the WhatsApp settings menu, as follows:

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Tap the three vertical dots icon in the right corner of the cellphone monitor
  3. Make an option Set
  4. Then go to the Account menu
  5. Next, select the Privacy option
  6. Tap the option Turn off reading report
  7. The blue tick has been successfully slipped.

Referring to WhatsApp, the blue tick can still be seen when you read messages in groups or retrieve voice messages sent individually. Even so, there is another way to read messages without needing to open WhatsApp. The trick is to display a notification in the form of a pop-up message on the cellphone monitor. The WhatsApp notification pop-up feature must first be replaced in the WhatsApp settings menu.

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Steps to Enable Pop-up Notifications in the WhatsApp Program

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Tap the three vertical dots icon in the top right corner
  3. Select the menu option Settings or Settings
  4. Select Notification options
  5. Select the Expected pop-up notification option (you will find several options namely, message notification, group, call, ring sound, and vibration).

If after activating, the notification is not on the phone monitor, you can try other steps.

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Steps to Enable Pop-up Notifications in Phone Setup

  1. Open the Settings or Settings menu
  2. Scroll the monitor until you find the Notifications and Status Bar options
  3. Tap the toggle bar to enable pop-up notifications. The active toggle is followed by blue or green color. If the toggle is gray, the toggle is on or off.

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