Squid Game Estimated To Be The Best Selling Series on Netflix

Netflix Chief Content Officer (CCO) Ted Sarandos says Squid Game has the potential to be the most popular series of all time on Netflix

Netflix Chief Content Officer (CCO) Ted Sarandos says Squid Game has the potential to be the most popular series of all time on Netflix

Netgenz - Netizen buzz Travel | Netflix's Chief Content Officer (COO) Ted Sarandos said Squid Games has the potential to be the most popular series of Netflix's lifetime. This was said by Sarandos at the Code Conference event in Beverly Hills, United States on Monday (27/9) US time. "Nine days after launching, the trend (the Squid Games series) is still running," said Ted Sarandos as quoted by the Sports Kyunghyang website on Tuesday (28/9). Sarandos views the Squid Games series as the most successful non-English original Netflix content. On the show, he showed the ranking data of Netflix's popular programs that were launched initially.

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In the data, the streaming service took 10 broadcasts each from movies and soap operas on Netflix. The broadcasts were ordered based on two requirements, namely the number of loyal consumer accounts who watched the broadcast for at least two minutes, and the total viewing time was 28 days after the soap opera or film was launched.

In the soap opera group, the first season of the Bridgerton series was the most viewed series in 83 countries, including the United States, England, Brazil, France, India, and South Africa. This series occupies the top position as the series with the most views over time. The series viewed 82 million accounts in the first 28 days of broadcast.

Meanwhile, the film group, Extraction, played by Chris Hemsworth, ranks first as the Netflix original film that has the most viewers. And Bird Box is the Netflix original film in the largest number of broadcasts. Based on this scheme, media company CNET believes the Squid Games series can surpass Bridgerton's achievement as the most popular soap opera on Netflix.

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It has bolstered the fame of the Squid Games series in recent times. The company Flixpatrol explained that Squid Games is at the top of the TV program group in 76 countries including the US, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Oman, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

Flixpatrol is a company that oversees the achievement of broadcast ratings on OTT services. The Squid Games broadcast that erupted in the market prompted the arrival of several Squid Games-themed products, starting with the appearance of Squid Games t-shirts that were selling well on online websites. This includes Netflix founder Reed Hastings. In an upload on Netflix Korea's Instagram site, Hastings wore the same green tracksuit worn by the players of the Squid Games series.

The Squid Games series tells of several people who experience failure in life due to various arguments. They suddenly received a mystery invitation to participate in several games with a prize of 45.6 billion won or Rp. 567.3 billion (1 won = Rp. 12,4). The game runs in an unrecognized location. Some participants were detained until there was a final champion. They cannot suddenly stop in the middle of the road or ignore the rules of the game because it can harm their lives.

This series is played by Lee Jung-Jae and Park Hae-soo. They take on the role of two childhood friends who are involved in the game and know more is at stake than the prize money can be. The Squid Games series is aimed at Hwang Dong-hyuk who was the Best Document Writer for the film The Fortress at the Blue Dragon Awards. Squid Games has had nine viewable scenes since September 17, 2021, on Netflix.

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