Seeing the Ancient City in Jordan Allegedly Sodom-Gomorrah

One of the archaeological sites in Jordan, Tall el-Hammam, is thought to be the site of Sodom-Gomorrah

One of the archaeological sites in Jordan, Tall el-Hammam, is thought to be the site of Sodom-Gomorrah

Netgenz - Politic International | One of the archaeological sites in Jordan is considered to be the site of Sodom-Gomorrah, the ancient city mentioned in the Bible or the Koran. According to the Old Testament, the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are said to have been crushed by fire and brimstone. Professor of Bible Studies and Apologetics from the Trinity Southwest Campus, Steven Collins, explained that the Tall el-Hammam site in the South Jordan Valley was in line with the requirements of the city of Sodom. However, until now there is no research that can show the city like Sodom and Gomorrah as described in the scriptures.

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"When we explored the area, the option of Tall el-Hammam as a Sodom site hardly needed to be reconsidered, as it was at least five to 10 times larger than all other Bronze Age sites in all areas," Collins explained in The Independent. Now, Jordan is held by King Abdullah II. In 2011, he carried out political reforms including an attempt to change the social contract to a contract that prioritizes citizen involvement in making decisions.

The reforms ensure that government agencies are more open and accountable, according to USAID. Since 1970, Jordan has been quite calm. However, now the country led by Abdullah II is facing the terror of terrorism and Al-Qaeda. Jordan faces the problem of overcrowding communities that have grown to 10 million, while their natural resources are limited.

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According to a hydrogeologist at Jordan College, Elias Salameh explained that the country's water resources are running low and they have no additional water sources to develop. Another problem facing Jordan is the high unemployment rate, especially for women. The economy is declining. The tourism business, which used to be a priority, inevitably closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Recreation Destinations in Jordan

According to the Jordanian Tourism Authority, some travelers can find some remains of temples and water mechanisms in a special place of the Rum Desert, witness the carvings and site markings made by some traders earlier. in Petra and Wadi Rum.

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Wadi Rum was once one of the shooting locations for the film Aladdin, played by Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott. While Petra, as a UNESCO world heritage and became one of the new World Phenomenon. This area was formerly occupied by the Nabateans, Edomites, and Romans.

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