Panjshir Troops Ready to Negotiate with Taliban End Conflict

Pajshir Troops Ready to Negotiate with Taliban End Confict

Ahmad Massoud's NRF troops ready to negotiate with the Taliban

Netgenz - Politic International | The anti-Taliban opposition group, the Afghan National Resistance Front (NRF) said it was ready for talks with the Taliban to end fighting in Panjshir province."The NRF has agreed in principle to resolve the current issue, and immediately end the fighting and also resume negotiations," NRF chairman Ahmad Massoud said on his Facebook page, as reported by Reuters on Sunday (5/9). "To achieve lasting peace, the NRF is ready to stop fighting on the condition that the Taliban also stop their attacks and military movements in Panjhsir and Andarab," Massoud continued.

The NRF statement came after receiving proposals from scholars for the two sides to negotiate to end the fighting. Earlier, local Afghan media reported that the clerics had also asked the Taliban to accept the negotiations. However, so far there has been no response from the group. A large meeting of all parties can be held with the involvement of the clerical assembly, said Massoud. Yesterday, Sunday (5/9) the spokesman for the NRF, Fahim Dashti, was killed. He was an asset to the strength of the northern alliance when the Taliban suppressed them.

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Meanwhile, Taliban spokesman, Bilal Karimi, said their troops managed to advance to the provincial capital of Panjshir, Bazarak, and seized some weapons and ammunition. The NRF then issued a defiant statement and has vowed that the resistance will continue. Previously, Massoud had also called for negotiations before the fighting broke out.

Several attempts at talks were held but to no avail. Each side blamed the other for what happened. The Battle of Panjshir is the clearest example of the fight against the Taliban. Another resistance, seen from some protests held by a group of people demanding women's rights or defending Afghanistan in various cities.

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The Taliban have controlled Afghanistan since August 15. Now, they are busy putting together a new government. The group said it would be different from the notoriously authoritarian 1996-2001 government. This time, they claim to run an open and inclusive government, which will involve women.

Some names of officials in ministerial positions have already emerged to the public, but they have not made it official yet. Moreover, conditions in the country have not been stable after the takeover of power. In fact, the US military warns of the possibility of civil war and the growth of terrorist groups, if the Taliban cannot consolidate power.

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