List of New Feature to Make Money on Twitter

Illustration. A list of some of the new features that Twitter will release to make money

Illustration. A list of some of the new features that Twitter will release to make money

Netgenz - Technology | Twitter is developing new features that users can use to make money on this social media platform. Twitter currently has more than 206 million users. That figure makes Twitter one of the social media with a large commune. Social media Twitter in Indonesia had experienced a period of glory until it gave birth to creators who were called 'Selebtwit' by netizens. The growth of social media users has given birth to new creators.

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The increasingly massive content production from these initiators spurred Twitter to give interest to those who have made more efforts to grow followers. "We are focusing on turning followers into fans, and fans into funds," said Kayvon Beykpur, Twitter's Head of Consumer Product in a journalist broadcast on Thursday (23/9).


In the introduction of this new feature, monetization is the focus of Twitter. This social media company with the bluebird logo introduced the 'Tips' feature. The Guide feature allows users to send money to their desired initiator via money transfer channels such as Patreon, Gofundme, and Cashapp.

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Besides, Bitcoin could be another alternative for sending money to some of these initiators. "Cryptocurrency, like Twitter, works globally and without boundaries," says Esther Crawford, Head of Product for Monetization. But for now, the new Guide feature is available for iOS users to sample.

Twitter initiator

This guide icon can later be found by the user from the side of the following button of the initiator account.


Twitter's various monetization features will make initiators need to monitor their earnings. That's why Twitter gave it a Dashboard feature to give it the flexibility for initiators to monitor their earnings from one place.

Space Hosts

Twitter's new feature, Spaces, which was launched earlier this year, has become a new medium for speaking on Twitter. Spaces become a place for initiators and other users to create engaging content, some even become regular events. Therefore the Twitter faction feels the need to compensate these content creators.

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Twitter will launch a program called 'Spaces hosts' in a few weeks. This program is planned to obtain financial, technical, and marketing support for several initiators who are interested in making regular programs at Spaces. This program is followed by the Spaces ticket feature which allows the host or host of a Spaces program to apply a ticket to the program. In addition to features to earn money, Twitter adds several new features for users.

Super Follow

Super follow was launched earlier this September for iOS users. This feature allows Twitter users to subscribe to the initiator account they like. When users subscribe, users can see content marked 'subscription only' in their period line. Unfortunately, there is no further information regarding when this feature will be on Android phones and

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280 characters

Each tweet on Twitter today can only contain up to 140 characters. Twitter is upgrading so each user can write up to 140 characters. This was done by Twitter to provide support for users to be more gestured in each of their tweets. Besides, it will accommodate some initiators when writing some of the content they provide on Twitter.

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